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Submitted by Douglas Newsom on 19 April 2021

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Guest Occupation: Musician, Teacher, Flutist
Guest Biography:

As a professional musician performing as a flutist, pianist, and Celtic harpist, Catherine Thompson has performed over four decades with numerous ensembles (orchestras, ballet companies, radio, TV, and film) in the cities of New Orleans, New York, Boston, Detroit and in the greater Los Angeles area.

In addition to living her life as a musician, she is passionate about sharing the life-enhancing and healing aspects of music and art, as well as teaching the next generation of musicians. She has been very fortunate to have studied with some of the best musicians in the world at The Juilliard School, Loyola University’s College of Music (New Orleans, LA), and the Royal Conservatory of Music in Toronto, Canada.

Her earlier work as an accompanist at New Orleans Center for the Creative Arts (NOCCA) was her first experience working with a vast array of urban youth and noticing how music and dance changed their lives for the better. Because of that experience, she was motivated to earn her master’s degree in Expressive Arts (Lesley University, Cambridge, MA) so she could work using the healing aspects of art modalities with various populations such as: veterans, hospice patients, disabled children, as well as people with addictions and psychological challenges which was an intense awakening to the power of the arts to transform lives.

Due to life-changing events in the mid 1990s, she moved into the demanding business management environment of the music manufacturing industry and artist promotion for 13 years in the cities of Detroit and Los Angeles. In 2004, she returned to teaching, performing, lecturing and providing workshops. She has witnessed how connecting people to the arts; no matter what their level of skill, has a deep impact that empowers them.

Currently, she brings her authentic experience as a musician and music business professional to the community, classroom, or any setting to help people connect to the power of beauty. In addition to playing Classical music and accompanying other musicians she enjoys improvising ceremonial, healing, and ambient music to assist people to be present in the moment, or support them in life transitions, and embrace the healing principles of beauty and arts in their lives.

Catherine is an active member of the Music Teacher’s Association of California (MTAC), The American Federation of Musicians, The National Flute Association, as well as other music and spiritually affiliated organizations. She also is an instructor of music appreciation and art history classes at Pasadena City College’s Continuing Education Center (Pasadena, CA) for more than 15 years.

Guest Category: Arts, Performing Arts, Education, Entertainment, Health & Lifestyle, Music, Psychology, Self Help, Society and Culture
Guest Occupation: CEO & Founder StreetLigion Productions LLC, StreetLigion Nation Radio, StreetLigion Nation TV, and I Am The Change Nonprofit Organization
Guest Biography:

As the visionary CEO/Founder of StreetLigion Productions LLC, StreetLigion Nation Radio, StreetLigion Nation TV, and I Am the Change Nonprofit Organization, Cedric provides a platform for independent artists to make waves in the industry. Additionally, he serves as the Marketing Chair with Putt A Way Cancer, a nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting individuals battling cancer.

Cedric 'Legacy City' Bellamy is an unstoppable force in the music industry, leaving an indelible mark as a multi-platinum executive producer and artist. With an innate talent for words and a passion for battle rapping, he laid the groundwork for his extraordinary career. Boasting an impressive discography of seven officially released albums and a vast collection of songs, Legacy City has solidified his position as a prominent figure in the music scene.

His latest single, "Perfect Timing," is a testament to his continued growth and boundless creativity, captivating listeners on all streaming platforms. But Cedric Bellamy's impact extends far beyond his musical achievements. Having experienced the hardships of homelessness as an Army Veteran, he transformed his struggles into a driving force for positive change.

Legacy City's success as an Executive Producer is unparalleled, earning him six Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) platinum certifications and two platinum albums of his own. His talent has also garnered recognition on the iTunes Top 100 Hip Hop Charts, where he has charted an impressive four times.

Cedric 'Legacy City' Bellamy's journey is a testament to his unwavering determination, resilience, and unwavering passion for music. Through his artistry, production prowess, and philanthropic endeavors, he continues to inspire and uplift others in the industry, leaving an indelible legacy that will stand the test of time.


Cedric Bellamy can be reached at or

Guest Category: Business, Entertainment, Military, Music, World News, Non-Profit, Inspirational, Motivational
Guest Occupation: RN, Mind, Body & Nutrition Consultant & Author of ‘Why am I Eating This’
Guest Biography:

As a Board-Certified Holistic Nurse, a Certified Medical Intuitive Practitioner (CMIP), Certified Healing Touch Practitioner (CHTP), Advanced Mind-Body-Spirit Energy Coach, and Mindful Eating Coach, Sandy brings more than twenty-five years of experience to her practice. She offers a variety of sessions to assist in restoring balance and energetic flow in the body, creating the opportunity for the mind and body to heal naturally. Sandy also has training in mindfulness-based stress reduction, guided imagery, aromatherapy, breathing/stretching/relaxation and yoga.

Guest Category: Health & Lifestyle, Kids & Family, Self Help, Variety
Guest Occupation: singer, songwriter
Guest Biography:

Presley Tennant 

American country music 


December 22, 2023

Bio 👇

Some artists perform, but Presley Tennant shines whether it be on stage, in the writing room or on your radio. Radiant and fearless, Presley is a quintessential vocal powerhouse – captivating with a golden persona and unequivocal talent. Rooted in the classics, it’s no surprise the Horsetown, USA (aka Norco, CA) native immersed herself in Country Music.

Presley astonished the country with her velvety, soul-filled vocals and ‘it girl’ image as a member of Team Kelly on Season 16 of The Voice at 16 years old; an experience resulting in adoration from viewers who became loyal fans and a direct path to her dream. 

Determined to make her own way in the industry, she teamed up with esteemed producers, including Kent Wells and Buddy Hyatt, to create her own version of California-Country, melding together western lifestyle, traditional roots and a modern energy.

A born entertainer, Presley has not only performed at multiple Staples Center halftime shows in front of 15,000, but has shared the stage with musical heroes like Tim Mcgraw, Kelly Clarkson, Brantley Gilbert, Tyler Rich John Michael Montgomery and more. Making 2022 the best yet, Presley Tennant will not only be opening for artists like Carly Pearce, Blake Shelton and Brett Young, but is slated to release her newest single “Gamble On You” this Spring.

Radiant and fearless, Presley Tennant is the result of unequivocal talent and California ease. Dubbed a “vocal powerhouse” by Taste of Country, People Magazine states Presley is “quickly proving that she is a wild card in the country music industry.”

Rooted in the classics, the Horsetown, USA (aka Norco, CA) native immersed herself in Country Music following her national appearance on The Voice at just 16 years old. 

Guest Category: Arts, Entertainment, Kids & Family, Music, TV & Film
Guest Occupation: Domestic Homicide survivor
Guest Biography:

In 2016 on a quiet Friday afternoon, on a pavement just yards from a busy suburban town centre, Natalie’s ‘safe’ middle-class world, in which she was 8 months pregnant with her third child and about to start maternity leave from her executive role in the pharmaceutical industry, completely blew apart.

So, what do you do when in a blink of an eye, everything you believed in and understood to be your ‘normal’ world is ripped away from you literally, and you are left fighting for your life at the hands of your ‘loving’ partner who left for work as normal that morning? Surviving one of the UK’s worst attempted domestic homicides was just the start of Natalie’s inspirational journey.

Since her attack and recovery from being stabbed 24 times over 9 minutes, mum of three Natalie has gone on to understand the effects of trauma, becoming a qualified specialist in trauma-informed practice and working with gangs and youth violence (OCN Level 3).

Her hard-hitting story has been shared with young people from a variety of backgrounds across the UK, and is always received with the same shock and respect. Young people sit mesmerised as she takes them through the day of her attack, how she was the last person she ever expected to become a knife victim, her extensive injuries both short and long term – physical and emotional, before rounding up with a positive empowerment piece about how any of us can get back from anything, even when the world around us is extremely negative. In addition, Natalie’s true passion now lies around education of young people on the impact of trauma and how they can overcome it.

Guest Category: Love & Relationships, Philosophy, Psychology, Emotional Health and Freedom, Mental Health, Personal Development, Inspirational, Society and Culture
Guest Occupation: Founder of The Naked Voice,
Guest Biography:

Chloë Goodchild is the founder of The Naked Voice, a pioneering experiential vocal training programme, providing a sound awareness toolkit of conscious core practices, music, audio-books and spoken meditations that empower you to find and to embody your authentic voice. The Naked Voice Charitable Foundation was established in 2004, to disseminate a deeper awareness of the essential role conscious communication plays in strengthening ethical awareness, social health and wellbeing in all realms of human life. Chloë’s seminal book, The Naked Voice – Transform Your Life through the Power of Sound (North Atlantic Books) was published in 2015.

Chloë’s Podcast series, the VOCE Dialogues – Voices of Compassionate Evolution launched in 2019. It explores and celebrates the transformative impact of compassion, with new paradigm teachers, musicians, authors, artists, social activists, new scientists, and entrepreneurs, who are making a difference in the world.    

Chloë sings, teaches, performs and records on her NakedVoiceMusic label. She is also a presenter and author for Sounds True and The Shift Network. Her music is available from Amazon, Spotify, Apple, and from her websites.

Guest Category: Arts, Performing Arts, Education, Health & Lifestyle, Sound Healing, Psychology, Mental Health, Personal Development, Society and Culture
Guest Occupation: Chairman of the advisory board of the International Peace Foundation
Guest Biography:

Prince Alfred of Liechtenstein is the chairman of Almdorf Seinerzeit – a worldwide unique eco retreat and health center consisting of two villages with 51 chalets, a central building, restaurants, etc. in the middle of the UNESCO Biosphere Park Nockmountains, Carinthia, Austria (

He has a master degree in economics and computer science from the University of Vienna. Since 1976 he is the chairman, CEO or board member in different companies in the fields of engineering, investment, trading, banking and consulting.

He has written internationally acclaimed books and articles about management theory, business, administration, education, media and new technology.

He is the chairman of the advisory board of the International Peace Foundation ( as well a mediator in and co-organizer of conflict resolution summits and intercultural peace dialogues, which led him inter alia to North Korea, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, Singapore and Malaysia.

He received a number of honors and awards for his peace work, including the International Albert Schweitzer Humanitarian Award in New York 1990.

More Information About Prince Alfred of Liechtenstein, Almdorf Seinerzeit, and the International Peace Foundation at:,

Guest Category: Education, Health & Lifestyle, Philosophy, Politics & Government, World, Non-Profit, Psychology, Society and Culture, Travel & Leisure
Guest Occupation: Performer, Entertainer
Guest Biography:

Growing up in a military family that served in Japan, Mississippi and Florida, Thom was exposed to several different genres of music that influenced his songwriting and musical style. As a kid, Thom’s father had an old reel to reel player and a collection of albums from legendary artists such as BB King, Elvis Presley, The Four Tops and Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons. It was those old reel to reel tapes that sparked Thom’s interest in music at a very young age and, as a result, they became the foundation for his own musical journey.

WhiskeyTown is an album based on Thom’s own life experiences and the stories behind the songs are just as entertaining as the songs themselves. For example, the song Outlaw in the USA is a song that talks about standing up for your rights and helping those who sacrificed to give us the freedom we enjoy today. Having a father and a brother that served over 50 years combined motivated Thom to remind our citizens that we the people have a debt to pay for the sacrifices these brave men and women gave for all of us. When you listen to that song, think about those heroes and what they did for our country.

The song Bad Man is a story about Thom meeting a homeless veteran who had lost his wife and two sons in a tragic accident, only to turn to drugs and alcohol to numb the pain. As a result, he lost everything, and when Thom met him on a side street in Las Vegas, he didn’t see a bum asking for a handout. He saw a man that needed someone to simply show him some love and appreciation for what he had been through. After meeting the man and buying him lunch, some clothes and hotel room for the night, Thom remembered how grateful the man was for the opportunity to sleep in a nice, warm bed, take a shower and simply feel like someone cared about him.

In Thom’s own words, “I remember the moment I gave him the key to his room at the Palace Station Hotel where I was performing on a weekly basis. As we walked through the property, he saw my show posters and asked me why someone like me would even to stop to talk to someone like him. It was a moment that I will never forget, and as we walked upstairs together, he was crying and thanking me over and over. I told him that it was me that should be thanking him for sharing his story with me. That night, he showed up at my show wearing the new clothes I had bought him, clean shaven and excited to be sitting in the front row as a VIP. I never saw him again after that day, but the feeling I got from helping him made me want to do it again.

The truth is, it was he who inspired me, not the other way around. It was a life changing moment for both of us and I hope that man knows what he did for me that day was open my eyes to the struggle our veterans are facing.” It was this man’s story that became the inspiration for creating the WhiskeyTown Warriors program to help our veterans by providing financial aid and support to help overcome the challenges our veterans are facing every day.

Currently, Thom is working with his management team to tour the USA to bring his music, his message and his mission to the masses. Thom has made a commitment to donate a portion of the proceeds from his live shows, WhiskeyTown Merchandise and WhiskeyTown BBQ sauce to the WhiskeyTown Warriors program to help veterans with mental wellness, PTSD and suicide prevention.

We invite you to become a part of our initiative by joining the WhiskeyTown Warriors and sharing our music and merchandise with your friends and family. Together, we can make a difference in the lives of those who need our help the most. And, if you happen to be hosting a WhiskeyTown BBQ event while listening to the album, we appreciate that too.

Guest Category: Arts, Performing Arts, Entertainment, Games & Hobbies, Military, Music, Self Help, Society and Culture, Professional
Guest Occupation: Founder & CEO of BrainTap
Guest Biography:

Hello, I’m Dr. Patrick Porter, the proud Founder & CEO of BrainTap. My unwavering passion for understanding the intricacies of the brain has fueled my mission to enhance lives through the power of neuroplasticity. This journey began in college, where I personally experienced the transformative effects of rewiring my brain to think, sleep, and perform optimally.

I quickly realized that access to this life-altering technology was limited to practitioners, and I knew that had to change. Today, I have the immense privilege of sharing this groundbreaking science with the world through BrainTap.

I now make over 40 appearances annually. My daily routine incorporates Wake-Up, Afternoon Reboot, and Go-to-Sleep sessions. I even indulge in sessions during flights and hotel stays to stave off jet lag.

The most gratifying aspect of my work is witnessing the remarkable improvements in people’s brain function. At BrainTap, we’re on a mission to make a lasting, positive impact on the world—one brain at a time.

Guest Category: Health & Lifestyle, Alternative Health, Kids & Family, Medicine, Self Help, Society and Culture, Technology
Guest Occupation: Technologist, Relaxation Expert
Guest Biography:

Craig Goldberg is a Technologist & Relaxation Expert on a quest to help humanity achieve a deeper sense of inner calmness through the use of sound and vibration. His work as a Certified Vibroacoustic Therapy Practitioner is backed by 40+ years of research. A patented inventor; Craig is constantly exploring new ways to help people reduce stress and anxiety, improve their health, and transform their lives for the better.

Guest Category: Health & Lifestyle, Kids & Family, Science, Self Help, Society and Culture, Technology, Tech News
Guest Occupation: CEO, Co-Founder of Provenonce, Inc.
Guest Biography:

Will O’Brien, CEO and Co-Founder of Provenonce, Inc. (spelled PROVEN ONCE), stands out in the tech industry for leading a company that innovates in AI, Metaverse, and Web3 with Provenonce Professional. Provenonce also operates Provenonce Studios, a creative services business, and has empowered over 1,000 artists through the Provenonce Creator Alliance. Will’s exceptional leadership was recognized when he was named “CEO of the Year” in the Bitcoin industry at BitGo, a unicorn in blockchain infrastructure. His executive role at Big Fish Games, another unicorn in casual and social games, underscores his ability to scale high-potential companies.

A Harvard and MIT Sloan alumnus, Will’s expertise spans fintech, healthtech, data analytics, blockchain, and cloud services. He has influenced over 70 early-stage startups and blockchain projects in Silicon Valley, Europe, and Korea. His insights and achievements have been featured in the Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Forbes, Fortune, and BusinessWeek, and he is a regular speaker at industry conferences.

In addition to his professional pursuits, Will is a passionate musician with three albums, including the solo piano album “IĀNUAE.” He is also a devoted father to two boys and a world traveler. Holding dual citizenship in the US and Ireland, Will combines a global perspective with his innovative approach to technology and business.

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Guest Occupation: MD, Transformational Coach & Life Alchemist
Guest Biography:

MY NEXT GUEST on Tuesday on the Words Women And Wisdom Radio Show is Ralitza Spassova, MD - Transformational Coach & Life Alchemist, sharing her tragedy to triumph story!

From burnout to abundance, Ralitza has embraced authenticity as a path to creating mind, body, spirit balance. Combining her education in Medicine, experience in education and Coaching Certification, she has created her Signature P3 Alchemy Mastery Method.

As an MD graduate, she has evolved into an intuitive, heart-centered transformational coach with a wealth of teaching, coaching, and mentorship experience. Her path has led her to collaborate closely with individuals, groups, and organizations, all with the shared objective of amplifying authenticity and fostering personal growth. 

To receive her special Listeners Gift, click here:

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Guest Occupation: Professor
Guest Biography:

Bruce Gilley is a Professor of Political Science. His research centers on democracy, legitimacy, climate change, and global politics, and he is a specialist on the comparative politics of China and Asia. He is the author of four university-press books, including The Right to Rule: How States Win and Lose Legitimacy (2009) and China's Democratic Future (2004) in addition to several co-edited volumes. His articles have appeared in Foreign Affairs, Comparative Political Studies, environmental politics, Politics and Policy, Democratization, and the European Journal of Political Research. A member of the editorial boards of the Journal of Democracy and the Journal of Contemporary China, Professor Gilley has received grants from the Smith-Richardson Foundation and the Taiwan Foundation for Democracy. He was a Commonwealth Scholar at Oxford University from 1989 to 1991 and a Woodrow Wilson Scholar at Princeton University from 2004 to 2006.

Guest Category: Education, History, News, Politics & Government, Society and Culture
Guest Occupation: 911 Call Taker Law Dispatcher and Founder of Latinas of 911
Guest Biography:

I am currently a 911 Call Taker /Law Dispatcher for the last 13 years for the Broward Sheriff's Office. I also started my own business Latinas of 911 to help promote diversity, equity and inclusion under emergency services. I would also like to bring awareness of mental health for 911 call taker/Dispatchers.

Guest Category: Health & Lifestyle, Psychology, Emotional Health and Freedom, Mental Health, Personal Development, Self Help, Inspirational, Motivational, Society and Culture
Guest Occupation: Founder of ‘A Mind to Care’, programs for the cognitive challenged & their caregivers.
Guest Biography:

Simon Gidney is the founder of A Mind to Care.

After a successful entrepreneurial career, in 2019 Simon Gidney sold the last business he founded and sought out a new business venture that would allow him to not only experience more quality of life, but also contribute more quality of life to others.

During his pursuit of this vision, Simon crossed paths with Scott, a man who, deeply moved by his father’s early-onset Parkinson’s diagnosis, left a high-powered role in the oil industry. Returning home, Scott witnessed the tremendous strain on his mother, after dedicating two decades to caring for his ailing father. Motivated by empathy and a desire to alleviate such challenges, Scott developed and patented an innovative activity therapy system in 2014, comprising games and entertainment designed to engage his father. This provided valuable respite for family members.

Unfortunately, in 2017 Scott was diagnosed with bladder cancer and suspended his new business. Fortunately, Scott is now cancer free. But the illness took its toll and he decided not to revive his business.

Recognizing the potential of Scott’s activity system to positively impact many lives – both those with disabilities and their caregivers — Simon approached Scott. With Scott’s approval, Simon took on the task of redesigning and marketing the system, rebranded as A Mind to Care.

Beyond their entertainment value, puzzles and games possess therapeutic qualities that enhance memory and overall brain function, particularly in the realm of short-term memory. For individuals grappling with dementia or Alzheimer’s, puzzles offer relief from symptoms, providing a comforting and stimulating experience that instills a sense of control.

A Mind to Care’s versatile game and activity therapy system facilitates social interaction, engagement, and evoke positive emotions. The activity system is tailored to address cognitive challenges and motor skill limitations. And since  the system operates without the need for a power source, it can be readily used in nearly every environment.

A Mind to Care’s commitment to enhancing the lives of individuals facing cognitive challenges propels us to expand our offerings. We invite your thoughts and suggestions as we strive to incorporate more games, puzzles, and caring aids into A Mind to Care, fostering a community dedicated to improved well-being.

A Mind to Care puzzle provides cognitively stimulating activities for those with dementia and other challenges
Guest Category: Health & Lifestyle, Kids & Family, Self Help, Variety
Guest Occupation: Founder & CEO of ‘Hurdle Apparel’ sock wear and a Public/Community Affairs Leader
Guest Biography:

Taylor Matter is the Founder of Hurdle Apparel.

Taylor is an experienced strategy and management consultant for various Fortune 500 Corporations, specializing in corporate reputation. He founded Hurdle to overcome an overuse injury he developed in his left foot.

Guest Category: Health & Lifestyle, Kids & Family, Self Help, Sports & Recreation, Variety
Guest Occupation: Singer-Songwriter
Guest Biography:

Kaya Rhee is fifteen years old and is debuting as a singer-songwriter with the live performance of “One Day at a Time”, a song she was inspired to write during a magical music course at Coherence Education.  

When apart from her guitar, Kaya can be found maneuvering a catamaran, revising another version of her novel, giving a hand to her sparring partner, or kneading sourdough.

Guest Category: Arts, Performing Arts, Entertainment, Music, Society and Culture
Guest Occupation: Author
Guest Biography:

Doris M. Ellis was born in her Maternal Grandfather’s farmhouse in Surry County, Virginia. She is the youngest of four children born to Lawrence L. Ellis and Grace L. Flowers Ellis. Doris was educated in the public schools of Surry County, where she met and fell in love with Joe Ellis, their relationship began because they both played varsity basketball for Luther P. Jackson High School, they were both Ellis’, and they both wore uniform #24.


Doris received a BS Degree from Virginia State University in Petersburg, Virginia, and completed The School of Bank Management at The University of Virginia in Charlottesville, Virginia.


After serving the community for almost 35 years, Doris retired from SonaBank, formerly The Bank of Waverly, as Vice President/Branch Manager. Because of her love for the children of her beloved Surry County, Doris began to work as a Substitute Teacher for Surry County Public Schools, and she currently remains in that position.


Doris has three (3) children; Kimberly, Keisha, and Joseph, Jr. (Joey). She also has six (6) grandchildren; Keion, Keionna, Joseph, III (Tre), Keivon, Joelle, and Jaedan.


“Going Out a Champion: The Coach Joe Ellis Story”, the biography of her late husband, Joseph A. Ellis, is Doris’ first published work.

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Guest Occupation: Actor, narrator
Guest Biography:
Guest Category: Arts, Literature, Business, Entertainment, Kids & Family, TV & Film
Guest Occupation: Multidimensional Healing Practitioner, Gridworker, Light Language Channel, Spiritual Coach
Guest Biography:

Ina Naveyah Lanara is a Multidimensional Healing Practitioner, Gridworker, Light Language Channel, and Spiritual Coach who works with Lightworkers, Starseeds, and Creatives who are boots-on-the-ground emissaries for the shift in Consciousness. 

Awakening to her purpose in 2012, Ina has been exploring the relationship between the Human and Cosmic for the last 10 years. 

As a 30 year Educator, Mentor, and Visionary for the collective awakening, her energy fuels others to see themselves as powerful, singular Creators of their own Reality.

Her clients include professionals and service providers who are serving Humanity in the workplace and home, and who are ready to go to the next level as a Spiritual entrepreneur and leader. 

She assists them in retrieving, clearing and healing aspects of the Creator Self so they can fully embody their missions and live with alignment and joy.

Connect with Ina Lanara on Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, and Patreon, as well as via her website. 







Guest Category: Arts, Entertainment, Kids & Family, Paranormal, Philosophy, Physics & Metaphysics, Spiritual, Access Consciousness, Medium & Channeling