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Submitted by Douglas Newsom on 19 April 2021

Broadcasting Information

BBS Radio TV Broadcasting Information and Getting Started


One Broadcast Hour is 55 minutes = 1 time slot. If you broadcast more than one hour, in a row, only the last hour needs to be cut down to 55 minutes. The live engineer requires this final 5 minutes to kick one program off the air and get the next program started, all within that narrow window. Programs air daily, weekly or biweekly. Some programs air several times per week. Our system is profound and can deliver you to the world, effectively. You can do this as a broadcaster or as a podcaster.


Before you begin you MUST read our on air Broadcast Policy. There are NO contracts to sign, and you pay as you go. Cancel anytime you want with no strings attached. There are NO setup fees nor any additional fees to broadcasting, except if an auto-transcript is requested for the show. If you wish to have a transcript of a particular show the price is $5 per 1-hour broadcast. Your show is usually edited, podcast and then archived within 12 hours of the live broadcast. See Host Your Own Talk Show, Experience Talk Shows Done RightPricing and Payments for a complete list of services offered.


Pick a SHOW NAME! Choose the day and time that you would like to broadcast your show live on one of our two stations. Please also include a start date for your debut show on the network. Each station has available times where you broadcast a daily, weekly or bi-weekly talk show (bi-weekly meaning airing every other week). These open times can be found by viewing Available Time Slots 1 or Available Time Slots 2.

Submit your full name and your contact information (Address, cell phone, telephone numbers, Skype handle if desired, email address, and website URLs, if any).

Submit a Photo of yourself and/or your co-host(s) Note: You do not need to use your own photo(s) if you wish to remain anonymous.

Submit a 35 to 50 word "catchy" description of your program, to entice readers to become listeners. This is what we call an "Attention Grabber". This information is used on our website during your live broadcasting hours.

Submit 12 Key Phrases we can use to target Search Engines to your program. These key words/phrases will also be used in your podcast feeds to help promote your shows better. Key Phrases should be 3 to 5 words per phrase (you should not go over 5 words per phrase).

Submit any biography text and information for the host(s) and co-host(s) that you wish to have on your personal biography page(s). Please include any website links, social network links, donation button codes (like PayPal donation form code), videos, products, books, services, hand-outs, pamphlets and documents you wish to provide to your fan base. 

Submit at least a couple paragraphs, or more, that explains a bit about your talk show. This text should basically be the program information you wish to have on your interactive profile program page.

Submit any music files that you want to use during your program, as well promos to open and/or close your program, bumpers, liners and any commercials or advertisements you wish to play during your show program breaks (if you don't have any, don't worry, we can create them for you - at no cost).

Schedule a time to do a professional walkthrough with our staff. This is where we'll test your sound quality and the audio dynamics between the various hosts. Further, the board operator can get to know how you like your productions engineered. Many times, just a few minor tweaks to your software settings can make all the difference in the world to audio and/or video quality and clarity.


We accept all forms of payment and will usually automate this process through our merchant account. You can cancel your show at any time. Further, you can change your time slot, change your broadcasting frequency or even change whether you're broadcasting live on a talk show schedule or simply globally syndicating your podcasts. Our system allows you a lot of flexibility! You'll come to love that about this network.

Important Note: Before we spend 3 to 4 hours coding you into the system, creating your bio pages, program page, blogging section and podcast environment, and sending you the "keys to the kingdom", you'll need to pay for your debut show up front. This insures us that you have the means, desire, and ability to begin a regularly scheduled broadcast on the BBS Network. Your next payment will then be due the day after your second broadcast.

If you miss a program, or we cannot reach you during your scheduled broadcast, we will air a podcast from your archives (a rerun from a prior broadcast). You will only pay the broadcast fee when you do not need a live engineer! These reduced rates apply when airing podcasts, broadcasting delivered productions, and/or syndicating programming via live station streams.

If you ever have any questions, please give us a call! We are in during studio hours, which is usually when scheduled broadcasts are airing from 10am to 10pm Central time.

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