Pricing and Payment for Hosting Your Own Talk Show and Podcasting on BBS Radio

Pricing and Payments


Professional Live Broadcasting - $69/hr. weekly or $79 bi-weekly
Includes live broadcast on BBS Radio, and directly streamed live on over 100 stations located in over 36 countries (to include: iHeart Radio, SoundCloud, Spreaker, Google Play, Apple/iTunes, Tunein, etc.) You will receive a high quality mp3 stereo audio file and a video mp4 created automatically with the imagery you choose to go with it.

Add Live Board Operator - $20/hr. additional
Included live audio engineer handling all aspects of your show from screening callers to running audio files, commercials, bumpers, editing problems out on the fly, calling you and your guests while facilitating and micromanaging the program for optimal quality. Interactive broadacasts require a board op unless airing reruns/archives or delivered files

Add Podcasting - FREE to scheduled broadcasters
(NOTE: If you are not a scheduled broadcaster than the price for podcasting is $59/mo. for Audio, $79/mo. for Video, or $99/mo. for Audio & Video)
Includes on-demand professional global podcasting and syndication via your own podcast feed. We start you out by continuously podcasting your shows to over 10 of the largest podcast portals in the world (to include: iHeart Radio, SoundCloud, Spreaker, Google Play, Apple/iTunes, TuneIn, Spotify, YouTube, CastBox, etc.), however, you can easily add other locations (there are over 50 other places you can podcast to automatically).

Free Audio to Video Conversions
Convert your Audio program (mp3) to Video (mp4), with an image of your choice! You no longer have to be in front of a camera to syndicate your radio production to video networks around the globe. This can be done for any prior production too.

Free Text Transcript of Production
Simple auto-Transcripts of all your talk shows are created, automatically. You no longer have to pay someone else for transcriptions, a "text copy", of your production. This can be done for any prior production too. You'll be able to edit them too! (coming soon)

Add Live Video Production - $39/per hour long show additional
Includes a live video production, engineered, recorded, and posted in high definition. Your show will be streamed live to any location you desire and then syndicated through BBS Radio, and also to YouTube. Basic editing of your show is included.

Add Extra Video Editing - $29/per hour long show additional
Basic editing of your entire video production is included free with your video production, including removing any problems encountered during the production. Although basic editing is free any major edits requested will require a small additional fee, due to the time involved in editing.

There is no set up fee!
And, we create your talk show banner, show intro and outro, show liners, 1 commercial, show page, user page and content materials FREE!

Free setup of your universe. This includes:
1. Creating your permanent biography page
2. Creating your permanent program page
3. Creating your permanent podcasting universe
4. Creating your globally syndicated feeds
5. Creating your show audio introduction (intro) and outro (outro)
6. Creating your show banner and syndication banner
7. Creating you audio commercials
8. Creating your bumpers and liners
9. Tying it all together - giving you the keys to the kingdom!

Professional Social Network Marketing: Pre-marketing, syndication and posting your shows
- Broadcasters / Podcasters can easily do this with our system = FREE

Other Professional Services offered by the staff and by capable students
- Extra Audio Creations and/or Audio or Video Editing Services = $89/hr.
- Extra Audio Editing Services by a College Student = $39/hr.

The MANY FREE Services offered to our Broadcasters & Podcasters, Complimentary
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Podcasting is included free to all broadcasters, for as long as they are on the network. If you are not broadcasting live with BBS Radio and wish to use our world class global podcasting system to syndicate your shows worldwide to the largest portals on the planet, please give us a call and we'll set you up in our system. FULL SETUP is free! ($59/month for Audio syndication - $79/month for Video syndication - $99/month for Audio and Video syndication)


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