Pricing and Payment for Hosting Your Own Talk Show and Podcasting on BBS Radio

Pricing and Payments


Professional Live Broadcasting - $79/hr weekly or $89/hr bi-weekly

Includes live broadcasting with a professional audio engineer / board operator managing your live, interactive broadcast! When broadcasting requires no live engineer the fee is $20/hr less. This discount applies when broadcasting reruns of prior shows and/or airing delivered productions. For more info...
NOTE: Professional Global Podcasting is included free for all Professional Live Broadcasters

Professional Live Video Productions: Live and Interactive Televised Talk Shows
Engineered, Streamed, Rrecorded and Edited video production - $99/hr
Videocast Live to YouTube, Facebook Live, LiveStream and more
Receive both files (.mp3 stereo 128K audio file and .mp4 HD video file)

Professional Global Podcasting - $129 per month for a weekly podcast

NOTE: Professional Global Podcasting is free to all Professional Live Broadcasters
Includes full system access, global syndication of podcasts, live statistics panel and more. System allows podcasters to syndicate audio and/or video productions, properly! Each live broadcast becomes a live on-demand podcast, with its own syndicated episode containing all types of information. If you are not a live broadcaster you'll need to have your own audio productions to podcast, however you can easily create new audio or video podcasts via our on-demand live & interactive broadcasting service at $89/hr. For more info...

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