Pricing and Payment for Hosting Your Own Talk Show and Podcasting on BBS Radio

Pricing and Payments


Professional Live Broadcasting - $69 per hour (add $20 for live audio engineer)
Includes live broadcast on BBS Radio! (There are no fees, except those desired, as outlined below)
Product Sold: A digital broadcast put on a CD, and made available to you.
For more information click Experience Talk Radio Done Right!

There is no set up fee!
And, we create your talk show banner, show intro and outro, show liners, 1 commercial, show page, user page and content materials FREE!

Free setup of your universe. This includes:
1) Creating your permanent biography page
2) Creating your permanent program page
3) Creating your permanent podcasting universe
4) Creating your globally syndicated feeds
5) Creating everything else you will need, and tying it all together - giving you the keys to the kingdom!

• Live broadcasting with a professional audio engineer "the board op"
    — Interactive broadacasts require a board op unless airing reruns/archives or delivered files = $20/hr.

• Professional Podcasting and Global Syndication
    — Broadcast is edited and then delived as a podcast, with all the episode details given = FREE
    — Professional Podcasting and Insertion into iTunes and Google Play = FREE
    — Insertion into 18 more world-class portals (free podcast portals like Tunein) = $199 + $10/mo.
    — Insertion into iHeart, Spotify, SoundCloud, Podbean, Spreaker and/or Audioboom = $20 each + $99/mo.

• Professional Live Video Productions: Live and Interactive Televised Talk Shows
    — Engineered, Recorded, and Posted Video Productions = additional $39/hr.
            ° Receive both files (.mp3 stereo 128K audio file and .mp4 HD video file)

• Professional Social Network Marketing: We take care of pre-marketing and posting your shows
    — Broadcastesr can easily do this themselves with our system = FREE
    — Professional Marketing of your shows weekly to all major social networks = $99/mo.

• Featured Placement of your Banners or Advertisements with BBS Radio
    — Creation of 1 commercial (30 to 45 seconds) airing on Station 1 & 2, airing minimum 6x per day = FREE
    — Audio Commercials (30 to 45 seconds) airing on Station 1 & 2, airing minimum 6x per day = (call us)
    — Banner + link to home page, main station & schedule pages and 800+ program station pages = (call us)
    — Banner + link plus 300 words emailed out to our newsletter (9,650 double opt-in subscribers) = $199
    — Creation of Audio Commercials or Expressions and/or Graphic Banners / Adverts = $89/hr.
            ° Creation of most audio bytes or images generally take no longer than 1 hour
            ° Banners or graphics ads should be no larger than 560px wide by 200px high

• Other Professional Services offered by the staff and by capable students
    — Audio Creations and/or Audio Editing Services = $69/hr.
          – Where services are performed by students = $39/hr.

• The MANY FREE Services offered to our Broadcasters & Podcasters, Complimentary
    — Click here to Experience Talk Radio Done Right
    — Click here for the Reasons to Broadcsst on BBS Radio
    — Click here for the Reasons to Podcsst on BBS Radio

Professional Global Podcasting - $129 per month (5 hours of programming per)

NOTE: Professional Global Podcasting is free to all Professional Live Broadcasters
Includes full system access, global syndication of podcasts, live statistics panel and more. System allows podcasters to syndicate audio and/or video productions, properly! Each live broadcast becomes a live on-demand podcast, with its own syndicated episode containing all types of information. If you are not a live broadcaster you'll need to have your own audio productions to podcast. However, being a podcaster allows you to easily create new audio or video programs via our live & interactive services = $89/hr for audio broadcast or $129/hr when video broadcasting. For more info...

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