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Sheila Thelen
Guest, Sheila Thelen, August 12, 2020, President at Vestibular Training Services & provider of Figure Skating Spin Training Tools & Seminars Worldwide
Dr. Robert Weil, DPM
Headlined Show, The Sports Doctor August 12, 2020
Johanna Mipuri,  cooking personality/author of “Momma Cuisine“, making Healthy everyday meals with simple ingredients & launching  her new cookbook returns along with Sheila Thelen, Figure Skating Master Spin coach &  Owner Vestibular Training products for post concussion ....
Johanna Mipuri
Guest, Johanna Mipuri, August 12, 2020, Cooking personality/author of “Momma Cuisine“
Marc Cohen
Guest, Joseph Mark Cohen , August 11, 2020, Teacher of Sacred Geometry in Crop Circles and the Mysteries
Karen McGregor
Guest, Karen McGregor, August 18, 2020, TEDx Speaker, Author, Trainer
The Chuck & Julie Show
Headlined Show, Chuck and Julie Show August 10, 2020
When Antifa thugs try to disrupt a pro police rally in Fort Collins they get a surprise pushback.  Plus, the First Amendment and justice have nothing to do with mob violence that rampages out of control in Chicago overnight.  Leftist Mayors and voters reap what they sow.  And you have....
Kevin F Montague
Guest, Kevin F Montague, August 13, 2020, Author, Scholar, Artisan, and Scientist
Kevin Annett, Establish Liberty
Upcoming TV interview with Kevin on That Channel in Toronto
Blog by : Rev Kevin D Annett - August 10, 2020
Darrell M West
Headlined Show, Shadow Politics August 9, 2020
Our guest is DARRELL M. WEST, Vice President and Director of Governance Studies and a senior fellow at the Center for Technology Innovation at The Brookings Institution. The Electoral College; the great equalizer or political anachronism? The question is whether this constitutional provision is outd....
Darrell M West
Guest, Darrell M West, August 9, 2020, Vice President and Director of Governance Studies and a senior fellow at the Center for Technology Innovation at The Brookings Institution
Dr. Ralph C. Reed
Guest, Dr. Ralph Reed, August 10, 2020, Founder and chairman of the Faith & Freedom Coalition
Headlined Show, Raising Expectations August 10, 2020
Dr. Ralph Reed Founder of Christian Coalition and author of “ For God and Country”. His latest book is “ The Christian Case for Trump!” You won’t want to miss this powerful and clear message for today! ....
Guest, Jack Casady, October 13, 2020, Legendary Bassist for Jefferson Airplane and Hot Tuna
Reverend Kevin D. Annett
Guest, Kevin Annett, August 8, 2020, Native American, Canadian Human Rights Campaigner, Crimes of Church and State Researcher, Author
Mark Shaiken
Guest, Mark Shaiken, August 7, 2020, Former Bankruptcy Lawyer, Author, photographer, editor
Jan Cook
Guest, Jan Coombs-Cook, August 7, 2020, Co-founder Colorado Freedom Force
Tim McCormack
Guest, Tim McCormack, August 7, 2020, GOP candidate for DA in Adams County
Rep. Patrick Neville
Guest, Patrick Neville, August 7, 2020, Colorado State Representative
The Chuck & Julie Show, Truth Straight Up
Headlined Show, Chuck and Julie Show August 7, 2020
Crime is skyrocketing in Democrat controlled cities.  Adams County GOP District Attorney candidate Tim McCormack joins Chuck and Julie to talk about why this is happening and how we can save ourselves. Rep. Patrick Neville joins the show for the weekly Minority Report. Former attorney Mar....
Guest, John Oates, October 6, 2020, R&B, and soul guitarist, singer, songwriter and record producer best known as half of the rock and soul duo, Hall & Oates (with Daryl Hall) and Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Member


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