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David C. Cory and Richard Hurley of Veterans News & Talk Radio

News and talk show about military veterans issues, including VA benefits and all related topics.

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Wynn Free

A weekly experiment in group consciousness, service, positive...

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Headlined, The Sports Doctor, February 20, 2019

Dr. Robert Weil, DPM

This week, Rob Andrews, Institute of Sports Performance in Houston, Author, Speaker & Coach returns along with Michelle Melby, Figure Skating Mom/Coach & Fox News TV host at WLUK Green Bay. Then, it's 'The Sports Doctor's In' with your questions and emails!

Headlined, Lets Find Out, February 17, 2019

Jodie Senkynik

Jodie Senkyrik and Elizabeth discuss Karma, how we create it and how we work with what's already there.

Elizabeth Joyce, host of
"Let's Find Out"
on BBSRadio.com
(Station 2)
Sunday evenings - 9:00 pm Eastern - 6:00 pm Pacific
This Sunday - February 17th, 2019 Show
features Jodie Senkyrik
as we introduce the the concept of Consciousness as Infinite.
How we heal karma, dissolve karma, resolve karma and diminish karma.
Call in to "Find out.
Please call only if your question is about tonight's topic,
not for personal information.
What can we learn that will help everyone?
Don't miss this exciting, informative show.
JODIE SENKYRIK - A psychic's view
on BBSRadio.com
(Station 2)
Sunday evenings - 9:00 pm Eastern - 6:00 pm Pacific
February 17th, 2019
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Join us tonight!
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Headlined, Threshold To Ascension Radio, February 21, 2019

Joseph Tajalle talks the spiritual & physical benefits of magnesium and specific amino acids

Ashli welcomes Joseph Tajalle back to the show.  A life-long explorer into all things quantum physics and metaphysical, Joseph returns to share his knowledge and first hand experience of the benefits of magnesium and specific amino acids as they relate to supporting our physical vehicles during this time of spiritual recalibration and emf attack.  Joseph healed himself of psoriasis & eczema over almost his entire body and has dedicated much of his life's work to assisting others in understanding the root cause of many illnesses.  Joseph is not a doctor, but he is an individual who cleared himself of something that 20+ doctors told him was incurable.  Joseph is back to share more of his knowledge in the hopes that we continue to wake up to the benefits of not giving our power away to any authority figures without first doing our own research.  


Featured Talk Show Guest Appearances - Headlines & Highlights

Featured, Guest, John Mayall February 19, 2019

Broadcasting Date: 
Tuesday, February 19, 2019 07:00 pm

Guest, John Mayall

Guest Name: 
John Mayall
Blues Legend John Mayall Chats about his new album 'Nobody Told Me'
Guest Category: 
Guest Occupation: 
Guest Biography: 

J   O   H   N

M   A   Y   A   L   L



Todd Rundgren, Little Steven Van Zandt of The E Street Band, Alex Lifeson from Rush, Joe Bonamassa, Larry McCray and Carolyn Wonderland 


For over 50 years, John Mayall has served as a pioneer of blues music, rightly earning him the title, "The Godfather of British Blues". In 2013, John signed with producer Eric Corne's label, Forty Below Records, and has since been experiencing a true artistic and career renaissance, including a Blues Hall of Fame induction in 2015.

On February 22nd Forty Below Records will release Nobody Told Me, the new studio album from The Godfather of British Blues, John Mayall.​

As with his last handful of albums, Mayall again shares production duties with Forty Below Founder Eric Corne who also handles engineering and mixing duties.  

The album boasts an impressive and diverse list of guest guitarists, all personal favorites of Mayall’s including Todd Rundgren, Little Steven Van Zandt of The E Street Band, Alex Lifeson from Rush, Joe Bonamassa, Larry McCray and Carolyn Wonderland who will be joining the band on tour. Also, on hand are Mayall’s dynamic Chicago rhythm section of Greg Rzab on bass guitar and Jay Davenport on drums, along with Billy Watts (Lucinda Williams) on rhythm guitar and Mayall’s regular horn section, moonlighting from their day job in The Late Show with Conan O’Brien’s house band.  

The album was recorded at The Foo Fighters’ Studio 606 on the same legendary Sound City Neve console his one-time protégés from Fleetwood Mac used to record parts of the best-selling Rumors album.  

“This project has been a true labor of love for me and I can’t wait for people to hear the fireworks that took place,” beams Mayall. Nobody Told Meis an apt title for the blues icon who suffered a recent unexpected health scare shortly after recording the album. But, the seemingly ageless road dog, who famously takes no days off and carries his own gear on tour, has been given a clean bill of health and plans to return to his usual grueling touring schedule to support the release. 

John Mayall has actually run an incredibly great school for musicians. …Eric Clapton

John Mayall, he was the Master of It. If it wasn't for the British musicians, a lot of us black musicians in America would still be catchin' the hell that we caught long before. So, thanks to all you guys, thank you very much! …BB King

I had this friend in London, John Mayall of the Bluesbreakers, who used to play me a lot of records late at night. He was a kind of DJ-type guy. You'd go back to his place, and he'd sit you down, give you a drink, and say "Just check this out." He'd go over to his deck, and for hours he'd blast you with B.B. King, Eric Clapton - he was sort of showing me where all of Eric's stuff was from, you know. He gave me a little evening's education in that. I was turned on after that, and I went and bought an Epiphone. So, then I could wind up with the Vox amp and get some nice feedback. …Paul McCartney

Purchase Nobody Told Me, the new studio album from Blues Hall of Fame member, John Mayall boasts an impressive and diverse list of guest guitarists, all personal favorites of Mayall’s including Todd Rundgren, Little Steven Van Zandt of The E Street Band, Alex Lifeson from Rush, Joe Bonamassa, Larry McCray and Carolyn Wonderland who will be joining the band on tour.  Nobody Told Me will be available Feb 22nd at amazon.com

For more information about John Mayall and the latest tour information visit www.johnmayall.com  and www.facebook.com/JohnMayall/



Date  Venue        City

Tue 26 Feb 2019  Pakkahuone       Tampere, Finland

Wed 27 Feb 2019 Cirkus        Helsinki, Finland 

Fri 01 Mar 2019   Nalen Stora Salen        Stockholm, Sweden    

Sat 02 Mar 2019  Slagthuset  Malmö, Sweden  

Sun 03 Mar 2019 Rockefeller Oslo, Norway     

Mon 04 Mar 2019 Pustervik    Gothenburg, Sweden   

Tue 05 Mar 2019 Kulturhuset Viften        Rødovre, Denmark      

Wed 06 Mar 2019 Train Aarhus, Denmark

Fri 08 Mar 2019   Rosenhof    Osnabrück, Germany  

Sat 09 Mar 2019  Die Kantine Cologne, Germany      

Sun 10 Mar 2019 Colos-Saal  Aschaffenburg, Germany     

Tue 12 Mar 2019 Die Fabrik in Altona      Hamburg, Germany    

Wed 13 Mar 2019 Columbia Theater Berlin, Germany 

Thu 14 Mar 2019 Georg-Friedrich-Händel-Halle Halle, Germany  

Fri 15 Mar 2019   Forum Karlín       Prague, Czech Republic

Sun 17 Mar 2019 Klub Stodoła       Warsaw, Poland  

Mon 18 Mar 2019 Klub Studio Krakow, Poland  

Tue 19 Mar 2019 Akvárium Klub     Budapest, Hungary     

Wed 20 Mar 2019 Porgy & Bess       Vienna, Austria   

Thu 21 Mar 2019 Dom Im Berg      Graz, Austria      

Fri 22 Mar 2019   Teatro Nuovo Giovanni da Udine     Udine, Italy

Sun 24 Mar 2019 Teatro Delle Muse        Ancona, Italy     

Mon 25 Mar 2019 Teatro Obihall     Florence, Italy    

Tue 26 Mar 2019 Auditorium Parco della Musica        Rome, Italy

Wed 27 Mar 2019 Teatro Politeama Genova      Genoa, Italy      

Thu 28 Mar 2019 Auditorium Santa Chiara       Trento, Italy      

Fri 29 Mar 2019   Campus Industry Music 43123       Parma, Italy      

Sat 30 Mar 2019  Pala Phenomenon Fontaneto d'Agogna, Italy    

Sun 31 Mar 2019 Les Docks   Lausanne, Switzerland 

Tue 02 Apr 2019  La Laiterie  Strasbourg, France     

Wed 03 Apr 2019 Le Splendid Lille, France       

Thu 04 Apr 2019  Zeche        Bochum, Germany      

Fri 05 Apr 2019   Hirsch        Nuremberg, Germany  

Sun 07 Apr 2019 Im Wizemann     Stuttgart, Germany     

Mon 08 Apr 2019 Muffathalle Munich, Germany

Tue 09 Apr 2019  Volkshaus   Zürich, Switzerland     

Thu 11 Apr 2019  Le Bataclan Paris, France      

Fri 12 Apr 2019   De Roma    Borgerhout, Belgium   

Sat 13 Apr 2019  Patronaat   Haarlem, Netherlands  

Sun 14 Apr 2019 De Oosterpoort   Groningen, Netherlands

Tue 16 Apr 2019  Ronnie Scott's     London, UK

Tue 16 Apr 2019  Ronnie Scott's     London, UK

Wed 17 Apr 2019 Ronnie Scott's     London, UK

Wed 17 Apr 2019 Ronnie Scott's     London, UK

Thu 18 Apr 2019  Ronnie Scott's     London, UK

Thu 18 Apr 2019  Ronnie Scott's     London, UK

Sat 18 May 2019 Doheny Blues Festival 2019   Dana Point, CA, US     

Tue 18 Jun 2019  Aladdin Theater   Portland, OR, US

Thu 20 Jun 2019  Tower Theatre    Bend, OR, US     

Sat 22 Jun 2019  Rio Theatre Santa Cruz, CA, US     

Tue 25 Jun 2019  Crest Theatre      Sacramento, CA, US    

Wed 26 Jun 2019 The Siren   Morro Bay, CA, US      

Thu 08 Aug 2019 Iridium      New York, NY, US

Fri 09 Aug 2019   Iridium      New York, NY, US

Sat 10 Aug 2019  Iridium      New York, NY, US

Nobody Told Me, the new studio album from Blues Hall of Fame member, John Mayall, boasts an impressive and diverse list of guest guitarists, all personal favorites of Mayall s including Todd Rundgren, Little Steven Van Zandt of The E Street Band, Alex Lifeson from Rush, Joe Bonamassa, Larry McCray and Carolyn Wonderland

Featured, Guest, Robert Andrews February 20, 2019

Broadcasting Date: 
Wednesday, February 20, 2019 01:00 pm

Guest, Robert Andrews

Guest Name: 
Robert Andrews
Robert B Andrews
Guest Occupation: 
Sports Performance Consultant and Mental Trainer, Author
Guest Biography: 

Robert B Andrews - The Institute of Sports Performance

Robert Andrews works with Olympic, professional, college, high school and junior high school athletes, and attended the Beijing and London Olympics where he worked with USA and international athletes. He works with minor and major league baseball players and MLB All Stars. Robert helps athletes achieve peak levels of performance by integrating sports performance tools to increase mental and emotional toughness.

His area of specialization is helping injured athletes overcome the mental and emotional impact of sports related injuries and teaches the mental keys to peak performance in baseball.

He has worked with Olympic Gold, Silver, and Bronze Medalist, Olympic teams, athletes, and hopefuls; helped USA athletes win 13 medals, including 7 Gold Medals at the 2016 Rio Olympics. Also work with World Champions, NFL All Pros and MLB All Stars, NBA players, NBA All Stars, Heisman Trophy winners, Ray Guy Award finalist, NCAA All Americans & Champions, State Champions, All State athletes, college, high school and junior high athletes. Attended London Olympic Games. Worked with USA and International athletes in gymnastics, trampoline, and track and field. Worked with U. S. A. Men's Gymnastics at 2008 Beijing Olympics.

Key note speaker at 2017 Navy Seal Foundation Impact Summit.

Robert implemented a cutting edge model for treating the mental and emotional impact of sports related injuries. This process accelerates the recovery process dramatically. Athletes return to play confident and free of the fear of re-injury. Especially effective with ACL injuries, Tommy John recovery, broken ankles, and concussions. Seeing athletes before surgery is critically helpful.

He was the Lead sports performance consultant for U.S.A. Men's national and world gymnastics team and national, world, and Olympic team coaches as they prepared for the 2012 London Olympics. Also worked with USA Trampoline in preparation for the London Olympics. Worked with top track and field sprinters and other top track and field athletes. Their times have improved dramatically by implementing mental skills training into workout and competition regiments.
Helps college football players prepare for the NFL Combine. Evaluates talent for the NBA Combine and Draft.

Specialties: - Helping athletes reach their peak potential and reach new levels of performance
- Assist injured athletes in over-coming the mental and emotional blocks that limit their confident return to play after injury-Help organizations create a positive winning culture.

Author of 'Champion's Mental Edge: Turning Winners into Champions' on Amazon.

Website: https://hardballacademy.com/robert-andrews-the-institute-of-sportspsychology/

 Champions Mental Edge

Featured, Guest, Joseph Tajalle February 21, 2019

Broadcasting Date: 
Thursday, February 21, 2019 07:00 pm

Guest, Joseph Tajalle

Guest Name: 
Joseph Tajalle
Joseph Tajalle
Guest Occupation: 
Quantum Shamanic Healer, Matrix Energetics, Owner URTHealer
Guest Biography: 

Joseph Tajalle is affectionately known as Chief Joseph.  His journey in this incarnation brought him from his birthplace of Okinawa, Japan - where he interacted with small galactic beings he called "the brownies" - to living in the United States.  Born of an Okinawan mother and a Cherokee father, it wasn't until Joseph was 17 years old that he found out the father he knew as his Dad - who was Guamanian - wasn't his biological father. His initiation journey at finding his biological father (who his mother told him was dead) is a story of Divine Synchronicity.

Joseph's passion for natural health started when, overcome with psoriasis and eczema on 98% of his body, he gave up on the pharmaceutically driven US medical system and their toxic chemicals and started researching the root cause of his ailment.  The long and winding road of Chiron, the wounded healer, brought him to an understanding that it was toxins in his body that was causing his immune system to be on overdrive - not his immune system attacking his body.  And with that knowledge he cleared himself of the psoriasis and eczema that was so bad at times he'd have to wrap his cracked and bloodied hands and feet in bandages.  His investigative journey also introduced him to an Arapaho-Iriquois Medicine Man who was also an Ortho-Molecular Biologist.  

From that introduction Joseph developed his proprietary chelation product called SuperShotz* and the topical StopItch* under his business URTHealer - for YOU are the Healer.  For people called to heal their body naturally, this chelation process (which includes the product, cleanses and awareness of the toxins in your life) provides a pathway out of many conditions if one is willing to do the work. 

In addition to Joseph's passion for natural health, he is also an experiencer, Sun Dancer, energetic healer and avid student of the downfall of the Archon Network.

His new website theskingod.com is under construction but provides introductory information. You can also reach him on Facebook.

*Anecdotal evidence only:  StopItch/SuperShotz are natural supplements which are required to carry the following labeling:  These statements have not been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Consult with your Health Care Practitioner before starting this or any other program.

SuperShotz chelation

Featured, Guest, Ani Anderson March 3, 2019

Broadcasting Date: 
Sunday, March 03, 2019 05:00 pm

Guest, Ani Anderson

Guest Name: 
Ani Anderson
Leader, Speaker & Coach
Guest Occupation: 
Guest Biography: 

Ani Anderson (MS, OT, LMT, CEMP, SBMC) knows that you were born a success and have the capacity to make a meaningful impact in the world, you just need the skills to be able to do it. She is the #1 Bestselling author of Find Your Soul’s Agenda, co-creator of Sensation-Based Mindset, and CEO of NEW Health Inc. (www.NEWwayofHealth.com)

Through her own intense personal trials and working closely with clients, Ani has developed systemized ways of teaching people how to identify and eliminate dysfunctional relationship patterns. Her clients are soulful women who know they were meant for more love in their relationships and careers, but have been unable to access it.

Ani lives in a log cabin in the woods, nestled between the foothills of the Adirondack mountains and Lake Champlain. She, her husband, and their blended family can often be found swimming in the lake, skiing, playing a board game, enjoying the amazing local food, or riding the ferry boat back and forth to school.