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Lance White, aka Zany Mystic

The focus of these inter-connected shows spanning 8 plus years is the practical and metaphysical application of ancient wisdom and future technologies. 

The shift into 'new dimensions' is instant and already is... visionaries have paved 'the way'. Let's unite as a unified quantum field of Consciousness, Light and profound Joy. 

Change the world within, sitting cozy, warm and loved with: A Fireside Chat with the Zany Mystic!

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Headlined, The Sports Doctor, March 27, 2019

Dr. Robert Weil, DPM

Ann Marchetti, Owner of Ann Marchetti Consulting & Consulting Director of Forward Dupage, a leading Illinois Anti- Obesity & Wellness group joins me along with Jackson Tisdell, Australian Performance Podiatrist & Coach for Academy of Sport Speed Australia. Then, it's 'The Sports Doctor's In' with your questions and emails!

Headlined, Shadow Politics, March 24, 2019

Gabriel Acevero

Join us for a conversation with General Assembly of Maryland's Delgate, Gabriel Acevero (District 39-Montgomery County).

New energy around 'DC Statehood' coming from our neighbors across  the District line! Delegate Gabriel Acevero introduced 'USA - District of Columbia - Statehood' in the General Assembly of Maryland. He also introduced in the House the Uniform Citizen Complaint Process or “Anton’s Law.” The bill says that if you file a complaint against a police officer in Maryland, you have the right to know how the investigation was conducted. And if other complaints have been filed against that officer, you get to see those too. 

The Sacha and Bob Tragic-Comedy Hour: Reflections on the Latest Goon Show

Reverend Kevin D Annett
The Sacha and Bob Tragic-Comedy Hour. Reflections on the Latest Goon Show

Headlined, Here We Stand, March 24, 2019

Shaking Hands with the Devil, but which one?  'Pope Francis" makes a deal with Mormon 'Prophet' Russell Nelson March 10, 2019, Vatican City
This Sunday March 24 on Here We Stand:
at 3 pm pacific, 6 pm eastern and 10 pm GMT on www.bbsradio.com/herewestand 
Confronting the Vatican-Mormon Crime Cult as their Empire Strikes Back: 
The Latest Revelations, and A Dialogue with a Mormon Church Insider
This past month has witnessed some extraordinary events: the sidelining of 'Pope Francis' from power, the stopping of another Ninth Circle sacrifice in Rome, the discovery of a secret Vatican-Mormon child killing network, and most recently the exposure of a supposed child abuse inquiry, the ITNJ, as a front for the British and Canadian governments.
Kevin Annett has been at the forefront of these discoveries, and is now being personally targeted for arrest and imprisonment by the ITNJ and their partners in the British secret service, MI5. His funding sources, movements and communications are now under major attack but new support is coming his way and to further the work of the ITCCS.
Kevin continues the battle today on Here We Stand with his special guest: a former member of the Mormon (LDS) Church who has extensive knowledge on the cultic nature, practices and history of that church.
Here is last week's program: https://bbsradio.com/podcast/here-we-stand-march-17-2019 . See all our shows archived at www.bbsradio.com/herewestand .
And follow the latest ITCCS updates and background information at www.murderbydecree.com .

Headlined, The Holistic Health Show, March 23, 2019

Christian Wilde

Christian Wilde will discuss Tumeric research and uses on the Holistic Health Show.

Featured Talk Show Guest Appearances - Headlines & Highlights

Featured, Guest, Rev Michael J Carter March 23, 2019

Broadcasting Date: 
Saturday, March 23, 2019 07:00 pm

Guest, Rev Michael J Carter

Guest Name: 
Rev Michael J Carter
Rev Michael J Carter
Guest Occupation: 
Inter-faith Minister, UFO Researcher, Author, Public Speaker
Guest Biography: 

Rev. Michael J. Carter presently serves as minister for the Unitarian Universalist Congregation in North Carolina.  A long-time UFO experiencer, he lectures on religion and UFOs and has appeared on the  Sci-Fi Channel's Abduction Diaries produced by Steven Spielberg.  He has written numerous articles on religion and UFOs, and appears around the country at MUFON and UFO conferences.  He has also been interviewed by Academy Award winning actress Shirley McLaine, George Noory's Coast to Coast AM, and Beyond Belief on Gaia TV.  He has written four books:  Alien Scriptures: Extraterrestrials in the Holy Bible, A New World if You Can Take It: God, Extraterrestrials and the Evolution of Human Consciousness, God Consciousness:  A 30 Day Meditation Manual to God Centered Thinking, and his recently published book - The Metaphysics of Spiritual Healing and The Power of Affirmative Prayer.   Books are available on Amazon.com, and you can discover more on his website at www.michaeljscarter.com.

The Metaphysics of Spiritual Healing and the Power of Affirmative Prayer

Featured, Guest, Gabriel Acevero March 24, 2019

Broadcasting Date: 
Sunday, March 24, 2019 04:00 pm

Guest, Gabriel Acevero

Guest Name: 
Gabriel Acevero
Gabriel Acevero
Guest Occupation: 
General Assembly of Maryland's Delgate
Guest Biography: 
Gabriel Acevero is a community organizer and activist with a passion for people and public service. A resident of Montgomery Village, Gabriel is a proud public school graduate who went on to earn his Associate’s Degree in International Relations from Montgomery College and holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science and Public Policy from the University of Maryland Baltimore County. Coming from a low-income background, Gabriel pursued higher education with the hopes of giving back and serving his community one day. His family immigrated to the United States from Trinidad in search of opportunity. Gabriel’s upbringing, struggles and achievements has shaped the way he fights for social and economic justice issues and advocates for his community. Gabriel has been on the frontlines of progressive fights such as criminal and juvenile justice reform, marriage equality, the Dream Act, automatic voter registration and environmental conservation. In addition to his advocacy, Gabriel is committed to building a strong Democratic Party in Montgomery County. He’s currently the President of the Association of Black Democrats of Montgomery County and serves as a District 39 precinct official. In 2016, he became a fellow with New Leaders Council Maryland and currently serves on its Advisory Board. He’s an active member of Phi Beta Sigma, Fraternity Inc., a social service organization, where he serves as its Director of Social Action and mentors young men through its youth auxiliary group, the Sigma Beta Club.
Community Leader and Legislative Advocate
A citizen activist, Gabriel has been a fixture at County Council hearings and Committee meetings in Rockville and Annapolis advocating for new resources to help close the opportunity gap within Montgomery County Public Schools, raising the minimum wage to a livable one, investing in a renewable energy future, reproductive rights and criminal justice reform. In 2012, in support of House Bill 438 and Senate Bill 241 Gabriel worked with Marylanders for Marriage Equality, a coalition of individuals and statewide community organizations to get Marriage Equality passed. That same year, he served as a Lead Organizer, bringing together members of the faith and nonprofit community to support referendum Questions 4 and 6 (the Dream Act and Marriage Equality).
For his work on criminal and juvenile justice reform in Maryland, Gabriel was recognized by The National Black Justice Coalition (NBJC) in 2015, naming him as one of “100 Emerging Leaders to Watch.” During the 2016 legislative session, Gabriel partnered with State Senator Roger Manno (District 19) to introduce SB350 (Universal Voter Registration) that would’ve automatically registered every eligible Marylander of voting age through a cost-effective statewide system. Later that year, Gabriel actively worked with the coalition of activists and stakeholders, led by Renter’s Alliance, that successfully lobbied for and passed Montgomery County’s first Renter Protection legislation. Gabriel is committed to fighting for the hardworking families like his own whose issues aren’t always represented. For his tireless advocacy, Gabriel was the recipient of the Dorothy Davidson Award in recognition of his tireless work on issues of justice and equity.
Professional Life
Gabriel is a Union Representative and Organizer with the Municipal and County Government Employees Organization (MCGEO). In this role he represents working men and women on labor related and workplace safety issues and lobbies for the right of workers to collectively bargain throughout Montgomery County.
Previously, Gabriel worked as a Legislative Analyst in Federal and State Government Relations. As the Business Development Manager for a Baltimore based commercial real estate firm for over two years, Gabriel helped build a minority owned and operated business from its early startup stage to a thriving small business that now employs a staff of fifteen. He created the firm’s social responsibility program that partners with nonprofits in Baltimore City to offer free workspace to budding entrepreneurs, startups and nonprofits.
Why I’m Running….

I’m running because I love my community;  I’ve spent many years working on legislation and advocating for issues important to working families; working families just like the one that raised me. As your representative in Annapolis, I’ll always listen to the voices in our community and work tirelessly for you, increasing the quality of life many of us share while making sure to include the experiences that aren’t always represented at the policymaking table. I’m running because regardless of who you are, where you’re from or who you love, everyone should have the same opportunities at pursuing success while also positively contributing to the social fabric that is America. District 39 deserves legislators that work for everyone in the community in ways that promote sustainable growth, safe streets, great schools, attracts desired investment and jobs that pay living wages, protects our environment, and a transportation system that is efficient.  These are realistic, attainable, goals that we can achieve. I’d be honored to earn your vote!

Featured, Guest, Carmine Appice March 26, 2019

Broadcasting Date: 
Tuesday, March 26, 2019 07:00 pm

Guest, Carmine Appice

Guest Name: 
Carmine Appice
Carmine Appice one of the premier showmen in rock special guest on Interviewing the Legends
Guest Occupation: 
Guest Biography: 

C   A   R   M   I   N   E

A   P   P   I   C   E





As drummer for Vanilla Fudge, Carmine Appice set the grooves for the groundbreaking band's 1967 psychedelic debut, inadvertently inventing Stoner Rock in the process. The Fudge had no precedent. The band was totally unique. No rock group, up until that point, had ever so lugubriously s-t-r-e-t-c-h-e-d out well-known pop tunes. Vanilla Fudge went on to tour with Jimi Hendrix, Cream, and even had Led Zeppelin as an opening act.

Post-Fudge, Bogert and Appice formed Cactus (seen as an influence on Van Halen & King's X). Post-Cactus, the rhythm section found Grammy-winning Guitar Hero Jeff Beck to form the first supergroup: Beck, Bogert & Appice.

One of the premier showmen in rock, Appice became known worldwide for his astonishing live performances and a highly sought-after session drummer, recording with countless artists throughout his career. In 1976, he joined Rod Stewart’s band, touring, recording and writing two of Stewart’s biggest hits, "Do Ya Think I'm Sexy" and "Young Turks.” He left Stewart to record his first solo album, Rockers, and tour Japan and North America with an all-star band. In 1978, Appice played drums on Paul Stanley’s first solo album.

In the early 1980s, he toured with Ozzy Osborne, Ted Nugent. In the mid '80s, he formed King Kobra for two Capitol albums and international touring. In the late ‘80s, Carmine played on Pink Floyd’s "Momentary Lapse of Reason and formed Blue Murder with Whitesnake's John Sykes and The Firm's Tony Franklin. In the early '90s, he pounded away soul-style for The Edgar Winter Group.

As an educator, Carmine was the first to legitimize rock drumming with his landmark book, The Realistic Rock Drum Method, selling over 400,000 copies (now in dvd and ebook format). He was the first Rock Drummer and Rock Musician to conduct instructional clinics and symposiums around the world, a tradition he continues. In appreciation for his universal appeal, Los Angeles was one of four cities that have had "Carmine Appice Day.”  In 1991, he was forever immortalized via his induction in cement to the Hollywood's Rock Walk (next to his idols, Gene Krupa and Buddy Rich).

In 2016 Carmine wrote an autobiography titled “Stick It” which appeared on Amazon’s “Best Sellers” list.

As a true artist, Carmine stretches the limits of his talents, always pursuing new experiences with a broad spectrum of musicians. His high standards have earned him the respect of the world's most admired performers as well as captivating the loyalty of legions of fans. He has reshaped the path of music education, redesigned the very instrument he plays, and recreates excitement with every performance.

Carmine Appice is, truly, A Different Drummer!

Purchase Carmine Appice's Guitar Zeus

Also Vanilla Fudge Live at Sweden Rock 2016 (Live)

Spirit Of '67 Vanilla Fudge March 3, 2015

And Carmine’s best-selling book



Paperback – April 1, 2018 also available at amazon.com

by Carmine Appice (Author), Rod Stewart (Foreword), Ian Gittins (Contributor)

all available at amazon.com

For more information about Carmine Appice visit https://www.carmineappice.net/  and https://twitter.com/carmineappice1

http://vanillafudge.com/  https://www.facebook.com/VanillaFudgeOfficialSite

Guitar Zeus by Carmine Appice available at amazon.com

Featured, Guest, Ann Marchetti March 27, 2019

Broadcasting Date: 
Wednesday, March 27, 2019 01:00 pm

Guest, Ann Marchetti

Guest Name: 
Ann Marchetti
Ann Marchetti
Guest Occupation: 
Owner of Ann Marchetti Consulting & Consulting Director of Forward Dupage
Guest Biography: 

For the past twenty-four years, Ann Marchetti has held leadership roles in several successful nonprofit agencies towards a singular goal-- to improve the health and well being of children, youth and families. Drawing upon her unique combination of public policy, business and creative skills, Ann has assisted these nonprofits in optimizing their business models to build organizational capacity and develop sustainable programs. In 2008, Ann was awarded the Distinguished Service Award for Outstanding Service to Children and Youth by the National Child Labor Committee. This body remarked, “Ann has been at the forefront of action and has been the voice to improve the health, education, well-being and futures of millions of children.”

Most recently, Ann served as the Executive Vice President and Chief Operations Officer for the Cambridge, MA based National Initiative for Children’s Healthcare Quality (NICHQ), which specializes in improving the quality of care for children. Since 2004, Ann provided leadership in building the organization’s marketing, finance, human resources and board governance capacity.

Prior to joining NICHQ, Ann served as Program Director for the Southern Institute on Children and Families (SICF), based in Columbia, SC. There she also served as the Deputy Director of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation’s Covering Kids/Covering Kids and Families National Initiative. Immediately prior, she was Associate Director of the Illinois Maternal and Child Health Coalition (IMCHC). Ann earned her MS degree from Radford University.

Ann founded AW Marchetti Consulting in 2008. Her firm is dedicated to empowering a new generation of leaders to develop effective systems for capacity development and program delivery. Ann believes that collaborative solutions enhance sustainability and build shared and lasting solutions for a brighter and healthier future.

Clients to date include: American Academy of Pediatrics, Elk Grove Village, IL; Compassion and Choices, Washington, DC; Covering Kids and Families Indiana, Indianapolis, IN; DuPage County Health Department, Wheaton, IL; Health Choice Network, Doral, FL; Health Management Associates, Lansing, MI; HIPPYUSA, Little Rock, AR; Illinois Maternal and Child Health Coalition, Chicago, IL; Illinois Department of Human Services, Springfield IL; Illinois Collaboration on Youth, Chicago, Il; Illinois Public Health Institute, Chicago, IL; Seven Generations Ahead, Oak Park, IL; ShoreBank, Chicago, IL; Shots for Tots, New Orleans, LA; The Frana Group, Rockford, IL--Asian Health Coalition, Chicago, IL; Asian Human Services, Chicago, IL; The Children’s Clinic, Oak Park, IL, and Wellness Pointe, Longview, TX; and Within Reach, Seattle, WA.

Ann not only brings infectious energy and determination to her work by developing creative and sustainable solutions for today’s complex social and business issues, but she is dedicated to creating a healthy and sustainable world by example. She regularly volunteers on local and national Boards and at community events, established a Farmers Market in her local community, and serves as a Guardian Ad Litem/Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA) for several foster children in Broward County, Florida.


Featured, Guest, Jackson Tisdell March 27, 2019

Broadcasting Date: 
Wednesday, March 27, 2019 01:00 pm

Guest, Jackson Tisdell

Guest Name: 
Jackson Tisdell
Jackson Tisdell
Guest Occupation: 
Australian Performance Podiatrist & Coach for Academy of Sport Speed Australia
Guest Biography: 

Jackson Tisdell (B. Pod, M. APodA, SMA, ASCA)

Jackson graduated with a Bachelor of Podiatry in 2017 and has been working exclusively in the field of biomechanics and sports podiatry with us ever since. As a junior athlete he succumbed to numerous lower limb injuries, and uses his personal experiences to fuel his passion for injury prevention and rehabilitation.

Jackson has extensive experience working with junior and senior athletes at all stages of the injury process- from acute on field management, treatment in the clinic, and further into rehabilitation and improving sports performance.

Jackson is an advocate for a pro-active approach to injury, and aims to bridge the gap between the clinical setting and the return to sport/exercise. He believes that a thorough biomechanical assessment and individually tailored rehab program is the key to achieving the best results.

He is also passionate about raising awareness and the standard of podiatrists as the lower limb specialists, regularly taking on podiatry students and presenting at events/seminars, as well as being active on various social media platforms.


Academy of Sport Speed Australia logo