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Dr Gina Prince

"I'll help you move past life's turmoil."

I'm more than a conqueror! And so are you. We all go through challenges in life. Exactly how to move past them is not always evident. Before the whispers in you mind field turn into screams, allow me to assist you in finding freedom, deliverance and peace with yourself and those who require your forgiveness.

Dr. Gina's Radio Chat is Fun! Exciting! And full of laughter! We will keep...

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Dr. Robert Weil, DPM
Headlined Show, The Sports Doctor May 27, 2020
Jonathan Jones, Senior NFL Writer for CBS Sports, former  writer covering Carolina Panthers, Sports IIlustrated & proud TarHeel  joins me along with returning Gordon MacLelland, UK’s CEO  of 'Working with Parents in Sports',(WWPIS), a multi-faceted Youth Sports group & Team ....
Jonathan Jones
Guest, Jonathan Jones, May 27, 2020, Senior NFL Writer for CBS Sports, former writer covering Carolina Panthers, Sports Ilustrated & proud TarHeel
Gordon MacLelland
Guest, Gordon MacLelland, May 27, 2020, CEO of 'Working with Parents in Sport'
Alethia Tucker
Guest, Alethia Tucker, May 27, 2020, HR Consultant Coach
Deanna Burgart
Guest, Deanna Burgart, May 26, 2020, Indigenous Engineer - Speaker and Innovator
QANON Expert, Sean Morgan Interviews SpirtuallyRAW On the Q Community
Headlined Show, SpirituallyRAW The Ass Whipping Truth May 28, 2020
Sean Morgan interviews us on the Q-Community and our recent guests, Praying Medic, Santa Surfing, Gene Decode, Woke Societies, Famous Psychic Medium Utsava, Lee Freeman aka Pimpy Investment Chats, and more. Sean Morgan is the Author of Qanon For Beginners QanonFAQ.com Thank you for wa....
Jeff Allen
Guest, Jeff Allen, May 25, 2020, Chief Operating Officer Glendale Chamber
Commissioner Lora L. Thomas, District III - Douglas County
Guest, Lora Thomas, May 25, 2020, Douglas County Commissioner, Colorado
The Chuck & Julie Show #TruthStraightUp
Headlined Show, Chuck and Julie Show May 25, 2020
Douglas County, Colorado is one of the few Front Range counties where life is getting back to normal.  Commissioner Lora Thomas has been leading the common sense fight to reopen and joins Chuck and Julie today to talk about how her efforts. Also, Jeff Allen, the Chief Operating Officer of th....
SOS - Soulfully Orgasmic SEX!
Headlined Show, SOS May 29, 2020
Soulfully Orgasmic SEX!   Now that you are standing at attention, let's get it on, I mean on the air!    Sex can be fun, pleasurable, and wonderful until it becomes a duty. Why for so many women is it so? How can we bring the fun and intimacy back into the bedroom while we....
Robert McCartney
Headlined Show, Shadow Politics May 24, 2020
Sir Arthur Conan Doyle once said "[t]here is nothing more deceptive than an obvious fact." This week Maria and I will speak with Post reporter Robert McCartney, Senior regional correspondent covering government and politics for 'The Washington Post' about what the obvious for DC statehood reall....
Robert McCartney
Guest, Robert McCartney, May 24, 2020, Senior regional correspondent covering government and politics for The Washington Post
John O'Connor
Guest, John D. O'Connor, May 22, 2020, LEGAL ANALYST, AUTHOR
Patrick Neville
Guest, Patrick Neville, May 22, 2020, Colorado State Representative
Headlined Show, Chuck and Julie Show May 22, 2020
John O’Connor, there lawyer for Watergate’s Deep Throat and author of Postgate… joins Chuck and Julie to talk about Obamagate. Plus the weekly Minority Report with Rep. Patrick Neville. ....
Guest, Joe Perreta, May 21, 2020, Psychic Medium
Guest, Dr Carl Calleman, May 23, 2020, scientist, writer, speaker
SpirituallyRAW Ep 360 How To Not Get Hustled If Your An Author and The Q-Corner
Headlined Show, SpirituallyRAW The Ass Whipping Truth May 26, 2020
Ep. #360 How To NOT Get HUustled If Your An Author! Featured Guest, Wayne D. Mcfarland and, The Q-CORNER with Sean Morgan What is going on in the world of QANON? Welcome to the Q-Corner with guest Sean Morgan, Independent Journalist, Youtuber & Author of Qanon For Beginners. https://www....
SpirituallyRAW Ep 359 MK-ULTRA, Arrival of ET's & What Happens in 2023!! Agenda 21, Starseed Activation, & the Arrival of ET's. N.W.O. Agenda 21, & Starseed Activation with Guest, Salini Teri Apodaca
Headlined Show, SpirituallyRAW The Ass Whipping Truth May 25, 2020
Ep. #359: MK-ULTRA, Arrival of ET's & What Happens in 2023!! N.W.O. Agenda 21 Plan, Starseed Activation, & the Arrival of ET's Guest, Salini Teri Apodaca Author of Emerging From The Matrix https://www.emergingfromthematrix.com Salini details the CIA's satanic child trafficking, vaccin....
Dr. Kiley Hanish
Guest, Dr. Kiley Hanish, May 21, 2020,


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