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The Lie Runs Deeper than we Know: Acceptable Dissent versus Night and Fog in Canada

Establish Liberty - Republic of Kanata
The Lie Runs Deeper than we Know: Acceptable Dissent versus Night and Fog in Canada
The Lie Runs Deeper than we Know: Acceptable Dissent versus Night and Fog in Canada by Kevin D. Annett
The Lie Runs Deeper than we Know: Acceptable Dissent versus Night and Fog in Canada
by Kevin D. Annett

A few thousand people showed up on Parliament Hill last week to give their support to a guy named Norman Traversy. Norm is suing Prime Minister Justin Trudeau in a Canadian court, charging him with "obstructing justice and taking bribes". I guess nobody told Norm that Canadian courts aren't actually courts, but military-style tribunals outside the Rule of Law; and that they are restrained from and incapable of charging any Crown official with anything.  

I've never met Norm Traversy. I've just heard about him - a lot. He's the flavor of the month in Canadian "activist" circles these days, even though his attempted private information lawsuit against Trudeau is nothing new, unbeknownst to the present Three Second Memory Generation. 

Here in the Great White North, public dissenters have to taste pleasant and not bitter before they can be embraced and championed by the crowd. And Norm is certainly playing to Canadians' cautious, tepid and politically myopic nature. For he's not speaking about Trudeau's most serious crimes, including treason and homicide: specifically, his personal complicity in the murder of indigenous families on the west coast in league with Chinese death squads, and his allowing China to station its troops on Canadian soil. Justin has even publicly admitted that Canada is guilty of genocide. If international law was actually upheld, Trudeau's admission and his open treason on behalf of a foreign power would be enough to lock him away for life.

Revealingly, none of that is entering into the efforts of Norm Travesty - sorry, I meant Traversy. He's distracting from Trudeau's real crimes by restricting the case against him to mere political corruption. And Norm is doing so like every other controlled dissident: on the terms of the status quo, within the carefully managed sandbox of the "Crown's" Pretend Courts. So, at the end of the day, the result of Norm's gesture will be a big fat Nothing, which of course is the game plan: to channel peoples' outrage along managed routes on safe and containable issues, while expending their energies and efforts in the process. It happens routinely in our country, and it always works. It's why the criminals are still in power. Do we really need another example?

In such a controlled system, it's the norm (pun intended) that certain approved "dissenters" get instant play and attention, while others who try the same things from a more independent, threatening position are ignored and erased through what the Nazis called "Fog and Night". The term referred to their method of making any political opponent disappear, not just from the public but from the public's mind. 

Here's a case in point: on two occasions since 2017, our Republican movement has brought legal cases against Justin Trudeau for Crimes against Humanity: not within the circus of Canadian pseudo-courts but in international courts of law and locally-convened Common Law Courts. Our efforts were completely ignored by Canadian "activists" and remain unknown to the very people who gathered so sincerely on Parliament Hill to cheer on The Norm. Why? Because the Acceptable Protestors are not permitted to know about genuine threats to the system. Their thoughts are directed instead on to the latest dead-end gesture by yet another here-today, gone-tomorrow Make Believe Dissident.

This is not sour grapes speaking. I'm sure Norm Traversy is a very nice guy; he's a Canadian, after all. I'm speaking from the experience of having been kicked in the teeth by the system and by my own naivety too many times over the past quarter century. Some of us actually learn from our experiences and mature past the learned dependency of our childhood, that forces us to look to a Father Figure to win for us a quick and easy route to salvation. Many of us cling to our illusions because we seem to have a need for them and it's easier to do so. But in the end, the same people end up controlling the same political outcome. Only the willfully stupid keep wondering why.

It's a hard thing to think, let alone act, outside the box, since often we don't even know what it is we occupy. The Official Lie runs deep in all of us, especially when it comes to what must be done to affect real political change.  But in times like these, when the vestige appearances of "democracy" have fallen away and tyranny stands exposed as a threat to each one of us, clinging to our illusions is nothing less than suicide.

Contrarily, to leave the dead to bury their dead and strike out to find and establish a new nation has become not just a nice idea but a practical necessity, in this madhouse known as the year 2020. We in the Republic of Kanata have declared our independence from the entire murderous mess called Canada and its odious gangsters like Trudeau. The Republic is actively reclaiming the nation with its own local Assemblies and Courts, creating political change and not asking for it. So why not join us? But be warned: the Official Lie and all its attending false comforts will then no longer have room in you to dwell. 

As one of our elders put it nearly two centuries ago, on the eve of his raising arms against the Crown in Canada,

"I have no patience for those who counsel accomodation to the gang of grasping wags who purport to run our public affairs. If we are ever to assume a mature place in the world, we must set aside all trappings of monarchical rule by decree and establish responsible government for all the people: not with well-hewn phrases or empty gestures, but with passion and right action to root out the source of our oppression."

- William Lyon MacKenzie in The Advocate, York, Upper Canada, September 9, 1837

Free Will vs Pre-Destination

For Life Design
Free Will vs Pre-Destination
If we accept that God is no respecter of persons; then fate and/or pre-destination would imply that God chooses certain humans to have certain experiences which is not the case.

My son and I were talking the other evening and we touched upon an issue that I had not thought about in quite some time – although I am sure this age-old question still rages on. My son was speaking with me because he is suffering from a very bad case of wrong decisions.

He found himself embroiled and under the spell of a young lady that has brought him nothing but mental and emotional anguish and financial ruin - the likes of which he had never heretofore experienced. And, as with many of us; he is wondering what he has done to warrant having such an experience. His question to me was did I think his meeting of this young woman was fated and pre-destined and out of his hands; or, was he being punished for some past-life indiscretion of which he has no memory. He is in much pain and this prior relationship has paralyzed him and made him suspicious and gun shy. I fear he is walking away from a potentially sane and beneficial relationship for fear that the new young lady is putting up a false face and will show her true colors when it is too late. I feel his pain.

I came to the conclusion years ago that if I were going to accept that I had been endowed by the Creator of all things with divine free-will; then my life could not be pre-destined or pre-ordained or fated. I think many of us suffer from the consequences of not paying conscious attention to our mental, emotional, spiritual, and manifest surroundings. So many of us are sleepwalking through life and simply do not pay attention until we are drowning in some quagmire of issues and circumstances that we alone have created.

Setting your intention and paying conscious attention is valuable as you make your way through this wonderful thing called life. If you know where and why you are moving in a certain direction; it is much easier to spot those distractions you will meet along your travels and remove them quickly before they create issues for you. This is not to say that you will not have challenges. Distractions in the form of people, places, and things, are consistent in their appearance. But the Universe is not against us and there is no GOD that wants us to suffer in any manner during our lifetimes on this plane. All is about evolution and learning and nothing is about punishment. Practiced, conscious awareness produces strong intuition; strong intuition keeps us from being embroiled, blind-sided or derailed from our goals and intents.

When you know who you are and what you need by way of companionship and you are awaken from your sleepwalking state; you will spot intuitively those people, places, and things you need to avoid in an instant -- not days or weeks or even months. Spirit is instantaneous – intellect can be laborious and time-consuming as you constantly try to weight “this” against “that” – the pro and con list.

I suggested to my son that he think back and recall the twinge of intuition that he got that told him to steer clear of this young lady. I knew he must have gotten it because I got it the very first time I saw the e-mailed picture of the two of them. I guess twinge is not the correct word for me – I got a chill – I knew he was rushing head long into turmoil and discord. I did not; however, interfere – recognizing that this is his life and therefore his lessons to learn. I have three adult children and I have made it my practice to mind my own business and stay out of their affairs. This has paid off – in spades! When they do come and speak with me, I remain non-judgmental and speak to them from a spiritual position of evolution and lessons that are designed to promote growth and healing. I never allow them to beat themselves up or treat themselves in a disrespectful manner. So, in keeping with this policy, I counseled my son. He admitted to me that he did, indeed, feel that something was not right and he should extricate himself and not move forward with this young lady; but instead he let his intellect override his intuition and now he is suffering the consequences of that decision. He is getting a very hard lesson; but I try to keep encouraging him to move through the lessons and to keep his spirits high. I remind him to call upon his Guides and Angels for the strength to make it through.

I told him that I do not believe in fate; but I do believe in free-will unconditionally and without exception. As with all lessons, they will pass and we will emerge on the other side somewhat wiser in a given area. There is never a need to berate ourselves for missed opportunities, or attention deficits and the Creator of all Things does not fate any lessons; there are simply natural consequences to any given action or series of actions that we ourselves set in motion.

Often our Spiritual Guides and Spiritual Teachers allow us to experience consequences so that we may learn. As for me, I firmly hold that life is a series of possibility, probability, and actuality, and each of these aspects comes with a myriad of choices that move you along this path. Every thought we think that is set with intense emotion will become actuality and so we are admonished to watch our thoughts and keep a tight reign on our emotions. Many of us; however, did not get the memo and so we have created some interesting experiences. Such is life.

Divine free-will and the self-responsibility that comes with it is the only way the Creator of All Things operates with respect to our being. Within those fixed Universal Laws of action and consequences; we are given a myriad of choices and each one carries an outcome; but it is not fated or pre-destined; it is merely a consequence and there is nothing punitive or personal for that matter, about the consequence itself. As always; if you want to experience a different consequence set a different course of action.

Deepak Chopra on a tape “The Way of the Wizard”, gives an account about Merlin and the boy Arthur during one of Merlin’s many training sessions. Merlin was giving Arthur a lesson in the merits of living “backwards in time”. As Merlin taught by experience, he told Arthur to dig a ditch. Arthur complied. When he finished, Merlin told him to fill it up again. Arthur again, complied. Merlin then asked Arthur what he thought of this little exercise. Arthur, protesting, said the exercise was pointless. Merlin replied that this was exactly his point. If he (Arthur) learned to live “backwards in time”, he would have seen that digging the ditch was pointless and not began the task in the first place.

For me, personally, this is a lesson in conscious awareness – setting your intent and focusing your attention. You know exactly the outcome you want to achieve; and since you do, you will avoid those people, places, and circumstances, that distract you as you can see ahead of time where a given association will take you. This is what we need to practice until it is a part of us and automatic – living from our desired outcomes – or backwards in time. Once we begin to exercise conscious control we begin to know beyond a shadow of a doubt that we are beings of divine free-will and our lives are not fated or pre-determined.

Here is a final thought for you to take into your meditation. If we are to accept what we are told by the Apostle Paul that God is no respecter of persons; fate and/or pre-determination would imply that God chooses certain humans to have certain experiences which could not possibly be the case. Take a few moments and be with this idea that God does not play favorites. See where your meditation of this takes you.

Divinity in Motion

Divinity in Motion
Know now that you are divinity-in-motion and that every fiber of your core being is divine by design.

I was listening to my favorite singer the other morning. Being a writer and poet, I am always paying attention to lyrics. Although I have heard this song countless times, this particular morning his description of a young lady he happened upon produced an “ah-ha” response. His words, divinity-in-motion, jumped out at me and I immediately placed it in a different context. I began to think about these words and what it meant subliminally. This is such a perfect description of what we are – just think about that for a second – divinity-in-motion. It made me feel all tingly inside when I really got to thinking about what that encompassed.

I have always interpreted the biblical statement that “God breathed life into Adam’s nostrils and man became a living soul” to be God, being first cause, infusing Adam with a spark of its own life force – a force that is self-perpetuating energy, evolutionary in nature, and eternal. This divine spark is the true essence of who we are and our physical covering is in reality divinity-in-motion, moving through this 3-dimensional environment. What will this mean to you once you really get this? Will you still look upon yourself with anything less than awe and appreciation for what you really are? Does this not give you pause to become fully grateful for your essence? This is not blasphemy; nor is it mis-guided arrogance. We all have within us that single spark of divinity, the divine Christ Matrix, as the eternal core of our being. This is what God breathed into Adam. Incidentally, Adam represents collective masculine manifest energy, while Eve represents collective feminine manifest energy – the first marriage of mind (male) and emotion (female). To those of you who may be reading this article and not thought about Eve and Adam in this manner, try it on for size and let it germinate with you for a time. It may produce an interesting shift in your awareness.

The divine spark that God breathed into Adam, is the Christ Matrix; the golden threaded cords that intersect and interweave and form our perfect blueprint of being.  It is what makes us spiritual beings in human expression. It is golden in color and can be recognized and experienced with astonishing results. I have found it to be more powerful that using healing green in times of physical disharmony in my body-temple. Let me give you a small, but recent example.

On a recent trip to Dallas, I walked into an environment surrounded by vibrations of allergies and sinus issues. My son, who was with me, accepted a full-blown sinus infection which required him to seek professional assistance and heavy duty pharmaceutical antibiotics. I, myself, began to experience a constant, dull, headache that I could not seem to shake. It forced me to separate myself on many occasions as the home I was visiting is quite active and loud. I nevertheless, had a wonderful visit as I would not allow the necessity of separation to place a cloud over my visit, and so it did not. During my times of separation, I reminded myself and connected with my Christ Matrix. I would visualize my gold matrix and affirm my connection and perfection. I was able to avoid the full-blown illness that overtook my son and I am grateful for this. When I returned to the safe haven of my own energy (my home), I evoked my golden Christ Matrix with more focused intent and the dull headache was gone within 24 hours. My physical body responded and began to drain off the infection without the necessity of illness or outside intervention. But, to those of you who would try this – you must have a knowing of who and what you are --- not a belief, a knowing and there is a big difference. The Spirit is always whole, perfect, and complete. You are a house divided until you can place your Mind and your Body in sync with your Spirit.

Let me also state here that I am not Pollyanna and I do recognize that the Body can be out-of-balance through both internal and external influences that are believed and accepted as truth. When this occurs, you must use natural remedies and vitalized foods to get the body back into equilibrium; not pharmaceuticals – natural remedies. Your cells are alive and they communicate with each other. Pharmaceuticals place a vibration around the cells it is walling off in its treatment of symptoms and not causes – so that the other cells of your body do not recognize and therefore cannot communicate with these cells. The result – you remove the symptoms of one discomfort and create major issues in other parts of your body-temple;  namely, the liver; which is now asked to process un-natural items and cause more damage to your overall health and vitality. The body is self-healing. It was designed in this manner. If you get out of the way, and place your emotions, mental processes, and body-temple back into balance, you will experience no dis-ease and a rapid complete recovery when dis-ease intrudes from external forces. I have found this to be true 100% of the time – not 99, but 100% and without exception.

I admonish you to try this the next time you feel out-of-sorts. Become still at a time and place where you will not be disturbed. Silently connect with your Christ Consciousness Matrix; it is the color of Gold in vibration. See this vibration fully envelope your body-temple and affirm that this perfection is re-introducing itself upon your physical body and removing anything unlike itself. If you have the courage of your conviction and your set intent; it will work 100%. If it is not working, you can be assured that you are not in alignment on some level of your psyche. Spiritual laws are all or nothing that do not vacillate; nor do they respond to indecision or confliction. You must know to manifest. Remember, belief is subject to change; knowing is not.

Know now that you are divinity-in-motion and that every fiber of your core being is divine by design. Reconnect with this divinity every day in your waking hours and affirm this connection before you retire at night to your dream-life. You are never separate from the love of God, make no mistake about this as the love of God is your very life force and this life force is not severable.

Faith is Sufficient

For Life Design
Faith is Sufficient
We live in a mystical, magical, Universe – surrounded by unseen forces that keep everything in sync.

I was watching a movie the other day with Kevin Costner. You may have seen it yourself.  It is called Field of Dreams. To those of you who may not have seen this wonderful movie, I will not spoil it for you; but strongly suggest that you check it out. I have seen this movie in its entirety at least three times and it fills me with the wonder and the magic of faith in an activity or pursuit. Kevin Costner’s character is put through a series of events that tests his faith throughout the entire movie, and yet, he keeps listening to his inner knowing and moves forward undaunted – without ever being sure why he is being told to pursue his various courses of action.

I am reminded of how many times I have failed to stay my course and allow outward appearances to move me from my determined course of action; only to find out too late that had I not deviated, all would have worked in harmony and according to plan. Each time I interfered, I would set myself back ten steps! How many times did I deviate because I could not see the end result of my present actions and opted instead to change course in the middle of my journey. Faith is magic in motion. In those rare times when I have held fast to my faith that my end-result would be exactly as I intended; I was always amazed at the miracles that occurred! People, events, synchronicities, were nothing short of mystical. There is simply no other explanation. Let me share with you an example from my not-to-distant past and the synchronicities that occurred.

I was living in Atlanta, Georgia and was working my own motor coach business. I was designing weekend getaways taking busloads of 50 people for gaming events, baseball games, and other special events. I received one of those coupon packs in the mail and was struck by the color and the amount of advertising coupons included. A light bulb went off and I decided that I would like to target an area and participate in this mailer. I contacted and met with a sales person and was told that I would need $5,000 for the initial one-city mailer. $5,000 might as well have been $5 Million! Yet, I filled out the paperwork, committed to the mailer and told the sales person I would have the money by the deadline – 5 days hence. I had no idea where I would get this money – none. Every day I affirmed that I would have all that I desired and required. I spoke this ad naseum! Three days passed. On the 4th day, I was traveling down the interstate when my car radio began making some twilight zone kind of noises. I got off at the nearest exit and went immediately to the Lincoln/Mercury dealer. I had to wait and while I was in the waiting room, I met a woman who had just opened up her accounting business. I told her that I had just opened up my charter business and would be in need of an accountant once things began moving in my business. I asked for her card and we began to speak of our various goals and marketing ideas. I told her about the mailer and the $5,000 price tag. She told me she knew of someone who could give me the money. I told her I could not possibly borrow that kind of money as I was unsure how I would repay it. She told me to be at her office at 6:00 p.m. and gave me the directions. I went, without hesitation and it never occurred to me that she was stringing me along. I arrived 15 minutes early, as is my practice, when I have meetings. At exactly 6:00 p.m., a gentleman walked through the door looking like he had just crawled out of a cement mixer. He warmly smiled at me and said “I understand that you need $5,000”. He handed me the cashier’s check then and there. It was all made out in my name. Before I could utter a sound he said to me “this is not a loan – it is a gift.” A $5,000 gift from two total strangers – at the mid-night hour so to speak. I was reminded of an old Baptist spiritual that said “he may not come when you want him – but he’s right on time.” The money was right in the nick of time! But, even more interesting was my absolute certainty in faith, that I would get the money in time. I was aware of the fact that although I had no idea whatsoever where this money would come from; I never doubted for one second – not one second – that it would miraculously appear. I have had many such incidents in my life. And without fail, when I am in this absolute certainty, I have never been disappointed; whether it was money, property, or some other material thing. The appearance was nothing short of mystical.

And why shouldn’t it be. We live in a mystical, magical, Universe – surrounded by unseen forces that keep everything in sync. Think about it. We know the effect of gravity. We experience it each and every moment; yet we do not know what gravity looks like.  We can experience the effect only. Is this not magical! We breathe consistently and rhythmically ever second of our life expression – as if by magic. Our body-temple is absolutely self-healing if not interfered with or thrown out-of-balance with pharmaceutical drugs or inharmonious thoughts – simply, wonderfully, mystical. The list goes on and on, but I think you get the gist of what I am saying here. Everything that we know of and experience in our small 3-dimensional arena is nothing short of magical and mystical. Faith is sufficient to contact and stay in the flow of such magic. Faith is our certainty that all will transpire as we intend – whatever we intend.

Now, there are those who might say that God dispenses in some arbitrary and mysterious fashion that gives the appearance of either being in or out of favor, depending on come capricious will of God; but I feel nothing could be further from the truth. God is no respecter of persons. Therefore there can be nothing capricious or mysterious in the nature and ways of God. It is your desire and faith in that desire that brings about the manifestation. If that which you desire harms another then you will reap the consequences of that which you and you alone have set in motion – nothing more and nothing less. There is a Universal law that you will always experience the consequences of your actions – always and without exception. Consequences are not in place as punishment; they are responses of your own thoughts, emotions, and actions. That which you send forth, you will ultimately receive back – with benefits! And everything is about soul growth and evolution – not punishment, damnation, or suffering. [If you are suffering right now, become still and allow your thoughts to travel back – sometime you can see where you have set your current life scenario in motion – you – not some capricious or mysterious will of God.]

You are an eternal energy being. I find it difficult to even comprehend that the Creator of all there is, that is rumored to be pure love; could or would provide any type of damnation or eternal punishment for the object of its love and the temple of its transfer. It simply makes no sense to me and what an awful waste of creative effort and energy.

Faith, unshakeable faith, in the magic and mystery of this world and the Universe beyond; and secure in the knowledge that I am loved and fashioned in the image and likeness of the Creator, is sufficient for me to move forward in excitement and wonderful expectation for the next chapter of my life individually and my life expression eternally. Know that you live in a Universe that is for you – not against you. Know that your life is exactly as you have intended. Know that all change is determined by you and can be accomplished by you – at any time that you decide. Know that a portion of the Creator of all things – is expressing as you; and as such simply would not wish you harm – eternal or otherwise. This knowing – this certainty – is an indivisible expression of faith. Practice this certainty. Set your intent today. Know that you are the choreographer and the dancer in this dream you call your life. Faith is always sufficient.

Whose Reality is This?

For Life Design
Whose Reality is This?
I have come to accept as my knowing that we are co-creators. There is no deity that decides what you will or will not express or experience in any particular reality – past, present or future. It is always up to you.

I have come to accept as my knowing that we are co-creators. There is no deity that decides what you will or will not express or experience in any particular reality – past, present or future. It is always up to you. It is always your choice. But, Universal Laws must be obeyed and they are not subject to change or re-interpretation – just recognition and compliance.

Reality simply is – Universal Law simply is. If we learn to flow with Universal law we live a life of abundance and prosperity of every good thing life has to offer. If we, in our ignorance or stubbornness, flow against Universal Law we live a life of fear, lack and limitation in all degree and manner. It is that simple and yet it is not that simple. The important components of how Universal law works that we need to understand, cultivate, commit to memory, and implement are vibration and resonance = harmonics = cohesive energy patterns = reality experienced. The sages and mystics tell us “as above, so below”. The Creator of the Universe spoke its world into existence. As beings created in the image and likeness of the Creator, we manifest our individual world in this exact same way. First we imagine, visualize or picture that which we desire – then, we claim it. In claiming, we are manifesting – speaking our world and subsequent life experiences into manifestation.

Several years ago, prior to retiring for the evening, I posed a question to my subconscious and asked the famous “who am I – what am I – why am I here?” I was awakened to recall the answer that had been given to me. I dreamed of a large tapestry with golden threads running, intersecting and seemingly forming an endless pattern. I intuitively recognized that each golden thread represented a being of Light – and I was one of those golden threads – a being of Light, a part of that wonderful golden tapestry in a Universal indigo sky. I was, to say the least, overwhelmed at this realization that so magnificently answered my question and enabled me to understand some of the choices I had made. I even came to understand the importance of my astrological makeup and why I chose it for this life expression.

My discovery that I was much more than I had ever imagined was a wonderful awakening and at the same time a bit scary. For one thing I finally understood the true meaning of ignorance is bliss. The more you know – really come to know – the more responsibility you have, and the Universe is unforgiving when it comes to the misuse of life energies. You no longer have the luxury of blame. You are awake and therefore responsible for your thoughts and all of the life expression that follows: mistakes, disease, and the karmic laws of cause and effect.

The karmic law of cause and effect has probably been the hardest for me. I can understand the nature of disease as it is much easier for me to refuse to accept an illness and picture myself in a state of perfect health. It is also easy for me to understand and forgive the mistakes I have made in my life due to lack of information and ignorance. But, karmic law of cause and effect is directly linked to our thoughts. After all, as you think so shall it be, and since we are eternal beings with many lifetimes under our belt – that is a lot of unfinished thought-stuff floating around our essences.  And, I don’t think I fully grasp it as I am sure many of us do not. Our reality, the reality we experience is a direct result of the vibrations which coalesce and thus generate the resonance harmonics of the thoughts we think! Understanding this karmic law will provide miraculous changes within that will express without.

I have found that if you keep affirming where you are, you will never reach where you want to go. I have been on a forced sabbatical of sorts and I am beginning to use my time wisely. I have immersed myself in the study of me and I have been able to trace back my current reality to the thoughts produced in the many gossip sessions that I engaged in due to ignorance over these past many years, and those thought-forms have brought me to the place where I now reside in my reality. That’s right, I said gossip sessions. Few of us really understand how damaging gossip is to the psyche in general and our reality in particular. It is one of the hardest habits to break – this constant re-affirming of what you do not want to experience without knowing that you are creating the opposite result by keeping our attention, intention – and your mouth engaged in incessant recalling and re-telling to friends, family and anyone who will listen to you, the sad state of your life, world and affairs.  In a word – shut up!

I have found that since I have been on a gossip free diet (and I occasionally backslide) – I have much shorter telephone conversations and much less patience talking for hours and hours on the telephone. As a matter of fact, I no longer talk to anyone for hours and hours and engage in mindless chatter. I just don’t have that much to say and even more surprising – I have a shorter attention span for listening to the gossip of others as well.

Gossip sessions in actuality are useless conversations that provide no real solutions and only serve to fuel the emotions and continue your resonance with the challenge(s) or difficulties currently being experienced, yet unwanted on a conscious level. You are creating various life scenarios again and again that at their core represent the subject of your thoughts and feelings about your current life expression. In order to rid yourself of those life challenges or difficulties you are experiencing, you must discontinue the habit of talking ad nauseum about them. It has been said that you always have to raise your vibration above the level of your difficulties. In other words, get on a different wave length and this requires that you talk about, focus on, and think about what you want – not what you do not want. And, this really takes practice!

One of the greatest generators for karmic lessons is gossip. I was a great one for telling and re-telling the circumstances of my jobs, relationships, even business ideas to those of my inner circle. I was totally oblivious to the fact that every time I opened my mouth I was speaking a reality into existence – a reality that I did not want to be expressing. You only need to look at where you are right now in your life, world and affairs to be able to see what kinds of gossip sessions you have had (and may still have) going on.

I will say this again – and again – and again – you, me, each of us, creates our own reality – without exception. We do this consciously and most unconsciously by adopting the reality that others are experiencing as our own, thereby creating the same reality that others are experiencing (which is the majority of us, by the way); or by creating our own set of thought-patterns and setting their corresponding realities in motion through conscious awareness.

If you are not engaged in your thoughts, you are on automatic pilot and choosing your reality based on past sociology, psychology, theology, or the evening news. For many of us, other people control what we think and therefore what we create by abdication of our own divine free will. We listen to the news and accept what we are hearing as reality. We then lend our energy to it and it becomes even more of a force to be reckoned with. We jump right in to the sea of mass consciousness and ride the waves of fear, lack, and limitation with the rest of the masses.

I now keep in mind that there is a reality and then there is my reality. I can either create my reality or accept a reality given to me by others. Divine free will gives me that choice once I understand the mechanics.

Like many of you, I spent a lifetime looking back and remembering when and re-hashing old memories, hurts, pains, prior mistakes in judgment and seeming betrayals. I have now come to recognize; however, that I was doomed to repeat the past if I insisted upon re-living it! The eternal moment is now. Not tomorrow – not yesterday; however, if you spend your now re-living your yesterday, your tomorrow will be the same as today. All creation is now. Every thought you are thinking now will manifest. There is no getting around that and no one is exempt, only ignorant of the principle. Thoughts, when articulated into emotionally charged words, set up a vibration that immediately begins to look for resonance with other thought-forms of compatible vibration. These thought-forms coalesce and form collective cohesive thought-patterns that become your own individual life experience if you are vibrating on that particular frequency.

For those of you who may be bible scholars or who are familiar with the Book of Job, you will recognize how Job had decreed all of his own troubles and everything happened to him just as he decreed. His bounty was not returned to him until he recognized the error of his thoughts. You may recall that with all of his abundance, Job was fearful of loss and in reality kept charging the ethers with his fear of reversal of fortune until he actually experienced the reversals. Once Job realized what had happened he went through a series of discussions which I feel caused him to recall his abundance and prosperity as he basically challenged the Creator to find fault with him. He began to re-focus on his prosperity consciousness and his humility and God-fearing posture. In recalling all of the positive aspects of his life he changed his energy vibrations again back to the resonance of prosperity and good fortune. He re-created his reality and once again resonated with abundance and prosperity in an even greater vein than before.  I think the real lesson of Job is completely missed. Job teaches us about our negative thinking and piety as well as the subsequent consequences of maintaining such faulty thinking.

I have found that gossip and attendant and incessant complaining causes us to resonate with negativity. This activity lowers our overall energy signature or vibration to match the negative resonance. The more you gossip and complain and engage in lower thoughts you will lower your vibration until you resonate at the harmonic level of your negativity. When this occurs, you experience a reality in keeping with where you are currently vibrating.

We literally live in a sea of infinite vibration – from the highest to the lowest possible on this plane of existence. The reality that we experience is always of our own creation. There is nothing set in stone, not even our own physical body. If you accept a reality that includes disease and ill health – you will resonate with whatever disease matches your vibration and in whatever area or organ of the body that is the most susceptible.

At all times, our realities are framed in the realms of possibility, probability, and actuality. Each of these aspects has its own subtle vibration. We move through these aspects until we manifest the outcome we seek or resonate with. All life experiences manifestation in each one of these stages. Therefore, understanding these stages can help us hold our desires in our mind until they can become actuality and manifest in our life. This is what it means to direct your own life. What kind of reality you experience depends entirely upon where you choose to place your dominant emotionally charged thoughts. You will also attract one set of life possibilities and repel others. And still others will pass by without a hint of their being even in the general vicinity of you.

You have a smorgasbord of destiny realities. Which reality shall you now experience?

Choose this Day

For Life Design
Choose this Day
Life is all about change – I find it amusing the lengths we will travel just to avoid choice in order to delay change and keep the status quo.

Life is all about change -- choice – the three “ts”: transformation, transmutation and transition. I find it amusing the lengths we will travel just to avoid choice.  We somehow think that if we stand still and put our head under the cover, the choice we need to make will go away. As I started to write this article today, I was interrupted by a telephone call that I knew was coming and a decision that would need to be made that I had been putting off and rationalizing. I simply did not want to have to make the decision and so I had been standing still and treading water for some six months. The vibrations on the Planet now are intensified. We are being required to make a firm decision on the direction we wish to take. We are being asked to decide if we are going to move forward in our evolutionary pattern, or if we want to exit the Planet and pass up this unique opportunity that according to some mystics and sages (including the Mayan) occurs approximately every 26,000 years.

This is indeed a very exciting time to be on the Planet. I know there are some who find this time very challenging; there is so much change going on around us. All of the old familiar patterns and thought structures are folding in on themselves and a new paradigm is asserting itself and demanding our attention. Never before can I remember having to make so many life-altering choices – almost daily!

Free will is all about choice and accepting sole and ultimate responsibility for those choices made. You cannot serve two masters and you cannot have it both ways. Sooner or later you must decide for yourself which path will govern your life – divine free will afforded from the Creator; or “blaming” everything and everyone; but choose you must. Choice determines our life experiences along a given path. One path leads to personal power, courage and fearlessness; the other path leads to a life expression governed by fear, victimization and powerlessness. Choose this day which path you will travel from this point forward.

One of the strongest challenges I have ever faced is resonating with this idea of choice as it relates to creating my own reality. Long ago, I simply could not reconcile the idea of my life experiences being illusion. But, I find, I can be more comfortable with understanding that through the choices I had made previously, I was experiencing the life I and I alone had designed. Although this was not comfortable, I could accept it much better than the idea of illusion. Once I came to terms with my abdication of choice in many instances, I could see where unconscious choosing produces the same profound experience as conscious choosing. It is harder to reconcile all of life experiences that have been brought about by our lack of consciousness even during waking hours. Like many others, I was use to not paying attention to all of the thoughts that crossed my mind and the endless regurgitation of my challenges to friends and family who had an ear to listen. The first choice I made was to be quiet and stop talking about things that I no longer wanted to experience in my life, world, and affairs. The second choice was to begin to pay strict attention to those thoughts that crossed my mind and degree of emotion that was behind each one.

When we can finally learn that thoughts, spoken word and emotional charge equal manifestation, we will become a lot more careful and watchful. I did find that watching my conversations were just as hard because those in our circle want you to constantly keep them apprised of what is happening in your life. There well-meaning prying keeps you complaining, explaining, and defending your various choices which ultimately (due to the law of attraction), keeps you experiencing the results of past choices. What you keep your attention on stays with you. What you push against pushes back. So once I finished my mental house cleaning, I did some friend and family house cleaning.

Granted, it is not easy to stay out of the trap of complaining, explaining and defending. It is a habit, one that many of us have found useful if we want to stay a victim. I mean, everyone wants an explanation from you.

Just recently, I received a telephone call from someone that I know was expecting me to recount everything that had been happening to me again and again. She wanted me to recall the past six months over again – to complain and explain and defend. I have been practicing everything that I preach and I refused to take that walk down memory lane. I told her the deadline I had set with a third party and what I would do if circumstances had not altered themselves; but I flatly refused to participate in a pity party or regurgitate past issues. I was not unkind; but I did not go down that road, nor did I take a victim position. I simply stated what I had decided to do and when I would be doing it if nothing changed.

It is important not to get caught up in victimization. It is important that if you choose to walk by faith, then you must stay in faith and not allow yourself to become faith-less. Choice is what divine free will is all about. The power to choose the life you would wish to express and to hold fast to that choice in the face of any challenges that may come to past. I always keep in mind that life is designed to change and evolve – even adversity is a form of evolution and growth. Through adversity we come to know our own inner strength and courage of conviction. Life would indeed be unbearably boring if it were not for change, challenge, and conquest. Just ask the idle rich just how meaningless life can become if you have no goals or challenges that push you forward.

Life expression is governed by the choices we have made in the past. Since every thought must manifest, the thoughts you charge today will absolutely create your tomorrow. Once I understood this, I began to know the real importance of staying in my now moment, and keeping my intellect, my emotions, and my words under conscious and judicious watch. I know that I am experiencing today what I set in motion long ago through carelessness. I also know that tomorrow will be different as I pay close attention to every “today”. Divine free will is a precious gift – the gift to be a co-creator of our life expression and the real mechanism of choice. Nothing has the power to interfere with you unless you give it permission. There is no exception here because you will only experience that which you bring into your own awareness – that which you focus your intellect, emotions and words upon – that which you lend your considerable life force energy to. This is a Universal law and it does not need your recognition to operate. The mystics and sages have been trying to get this through to us for eons. Guard your thoughts, your emotions, and your tongue. Choose where to put your energies. Choice is the first step in consciously co-creating instead of doing so unconsciously. We are created in the image and likeness of our Creator and just as this principle creates by thought, so do we as its heirs.

Just think for a minute about what we truly are – we are a magnificent composite of energy vibration and light. The higher the vibration the more light we expel. We are beings of thought and as we think, so shall it be. When I really got this in my feeling nature, I began to set my intent every day. I know that just like it took a while to manifest old patterns of thought it will take a minute to manifest the new ones. I need only stay with my intents and not become side- tracked by impatience.

All power is in our now moment of choice. If you can just stay focused on those higher ideals they will become a part of you. Thoughts of poise, harmony, love, joy, empathy, courage, faith and strength just to name a few, are worthy of continued and constant focus. And, if you stay the course, before you know it you will be expressing those traits and any others that you choose. The power is and always will be with you. It is within you and you must go within to embrace it.

Keep ever in mind that when you spend your time and energy talking about everything in your life expression that has gone wrong, or the challenges you may be facing; you will keep them with you. You will draw more and more challenges to you in the same vein. Setting your vibration higher will allow the law of attraction to work to bring some relief from those challenges. The operative word is balance and I do not believe that we are designed to never have challenges in our life expressions. How will you evolve and appreciate if there are no mountains to climb; but I do believe that moving with poise and grace in the foreground makes one understand and move through life challenges easily, comfortably, and quickly. Again, it is in your choice of how you will handle a given life scenario that makes it so. Not the external appearance.

Sometimes, I know that my choice to be a teacher in this life expression is what brings life challenges to me; so that I can be of assistance to others when I cross their path. Having been there, I can appreciate what they are going through and help them move through with grace and focused intent. We are magnificent beings, living in a magical Universe, with eternal and unlimited life expressions for the choosing. Sometimes when I am riding my bike at 5:00 a.m., I just notice the sky.  The stars are still out and it is quiet and still and I think to myself how beautiful and I am filled with a sense of peace and appreciation for my life – warts and all. And, then, there are afternoons when I go outside and look up at the sky and the blue is just striking. There is not a cloud in the sky and all you can see for a good portion is blue. Wow! It takes my breath away and I never fail to stop and notice and appreciate this expansiveness and my sense of that color blue as I gaze at it. It is my understanding that the blue is the color of the will of God. When I see the color blue in the sky I think that it is the very will of God that keeps this Planet in tact. And I choose to rest firmly in that awareness.

Don't Forget to Play

For Life Design
Don't Forget to Play
I have always understood the value of fun, laughter, and gaiety. It is a most vital ingredient if one is to stay mentally engaged, spiritually alive, and physically appealing. The joy of living emits a charismatic aura and charm that makes you irresistible to anyone who comes in contact with you.

I just read something that made me stop and take stock. I have always been a rather joyful, somewhat carefree individual. Of late; however, I have become very heavy in my feeling nature and as this is not a familiar place for me, it has been wreaking havoc. I am painfully aware that I have stopped playing. I have stopped enjoying the little things. For instance, until three years ago, I regularly enjoyed a great evening of water bumper cars, go carts and miniature golf – to say nothing of a full day at Magic Mountain (mid-week, of course). I absolutely love roller coasters! There is no such thing for me as too high or too fast! When did I let my guard down?  When did I become this serious, joy-less person? How could this have happened to me – a virtual female Peter Pan?

I have always understood the value of fun, laughter, and gaiety. It is a most vital ingredient if one is to stay mentally engaged, spiritually alive, and physically appealing. The joy of living emits a charismatic aura and charm that makes you irresistible to anyone who comes in contact with you.  Yet, many of us have caught the infectious dis-ease of seriousness. For eternal beings with the Cosmos as our playground, there is no real need to become so spiritually or emotionally heavy and serious. We are so overly concerned with “consequences”, “what if”, “but suppose”, “2012 supposition and projection”, and “I really shouldn’t” – ad nauseum.  We are missing the very fundamental point of coming into this life expression in the first place -- that of learning to create in love and joy and with intent.

May I suggest, for the sake of discussion, something I was given by one of my Spirit Guides – he said, just think of this particular life expression as a memory in the mind of God. It will understandably feel real (as it is designed to) because you are embroiled in this energy cocoon you call life and reality for this time segment. Your absolute eternal core being has already completed its evolutionary path, and is triumphant. There is no real cause for worry or concern.  I was then told that this was all that I could wrap my head around at this juncture. He was not saying this in a condescending manner; but, quite lovingly and reassuringly. 

At first, I had to think about this long and hard.  I mean – I reasoned, if I have already won, then what is the point of this life I am experiencing now? Do I just give up my plans and goals and rest on my future laurels? I was puzzled to be sure.  I then realized the wonderful gift that one of my teachers had given me …. a gift of peaceful awareness and spiritual freedom. 

This new information did not mean that I should give up my goals and rest, it meant that I should fully experience this life expression as I now create it, with all of its lessons and blessings as it is this life expression, among the myriad that I have yet to recall, that is the reason that I am triumphant.

Relax in your life expression, allow it to unfold naturally. Become more aware and observant to be sure, but relax into your life. Begin to get in touch with the many different aspects of yourself that you can bring to your waking, conscious awareness. Allow these other aspects of yourself to express as well.

It is great to be a jack-of-all trades and a master-of-none. This allows you to experience all of your talents; not just hone in on one and spend your life developing and nurturing that limited aspect. Joy comes from expressing everything you are in love and light.

Many of us come to the end of our lives without fulfilling even one-tenth of ourselves. As Thoreau once said most men live lives of quiet desperation and go to their graves with their song still in them. I often remind myself and those that I speak with, that we are magnificent in our design. There are so many aspects to our being that it is a travesty to all there is to resign ourselves to lives of quiet mediocrity. Now having said this, I do know that there are artistic geniuses who incarnate specifically to bring us joy and laughter and love. They set their intent for a particular life expression to do this for the world; and yet many musical geniuses are also artists, poets, and humanitarians as well. They still live 100% of every fiber of their being. They teach us that we should have the same passions within our own being and give them away.

Getting in touch with your joy will open up the doors of your consciousness. It will put you in touch with deep feelings that you are holding on to like precious gold. Let go of any pain, anger, resentments you may be holding on to. Use the healing balm of forgiveness on these memories and watch them melt away like butter in a hot skillet.  Forgiveness is always the ticket! You do not have to re-live, regurgitate, or re-express old hurts, wounds or pains. Simply set your intent to forgive your anguish known or unknown and move forward in joy and laughter.

As a multidimensional being who traverses simultaneous lifetimes in any given life expression, trust me when I say – nothing has to be completed in this lifetime – you have eternity. To be sure, continue to be the best person you can, but with love and a sense of peace and relaxation and with a sense of frivolity. You have time, and the assurance that it will be completed and in divine right timing and order. Stay in your now moment and allow tomorrow to take care of itself.  When you get there – deal with whatever it is then. Enjoy the life you are expressing now.  Know that you are loved and that nothing in this wonderful cosmic universe has the power to hurt you, or interfere with you – unless you allow it to. You have been given dominion and it can never be taken away from you. But, we give it away every day when we refuse to think for ourselves, to understand ourselves, to love ourselves, or to do what is best for ourselves. When we insist upon giving away our power and our divine right to be, there is no outside force to blame. 

If you are fortunate enough to live near water, go there and find a secluded, quiet spot where you will not be disturbed, be with the lake, river or ocean and when you are centered and focused, begin slowly to put all of the stuff that is interfering with your joy in a paper bag (or a garbage bin if you need to), and visualize sending it out to sea. Feel the sense of lightheartedness come into every fiber of your being and moving through you. Please be cosmically responsible; however, and add this manta as your pile is moving out to sea – I release this to my higher self for purification and dissipation.  Harming no one and depriving no one. Remember, we are all energy beings and telepathically linked. Emotional pain is alive and exists in thought form.  Thought forms individually and collectively inhabit the astral plane, they do not simply dissipate.  If the emotional charge is not removed and then dissipated, they will coalesce on some unsuspecting, yet energy resonant being.

Begin now to play, to do those things that make you live fully. Do those things that make you laugh your head off and learn to forgive everything and everyone – without conditions.  Life is a series of possibilities, probabilities and outcomes. Every choice that you make creates an alternate time-line that follows that choice through to its conclusion, so relax. If your choice was a mistake, you will experience that mistake in an alternate, simultaneous time line so don’t agonize over it and become too paralyzed to make a decision in your now moment. Feel your way through this life expression.  Make friends with your intellect and use its ability to focus; but let your heart, the seat of your intuition and the home of your wisdom, take the lead. Your heart is always more accurate and in keeping with your core self. Keep this in mind and set your intent to be happy. Don’t take life so personally. After all, it is not personal – it’s Cosmic!

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