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The Mycelium Intelligence: Chain of Life

andy Lopez, aka: The Invisible Gardener
The Mycelium Intelligence. Chain of Life
The Mycelium Intelligence Chain of Life

The Mycelium Intelligence

Chain of Life

We all understand the concept of The Chain of Life. We usually think about how one creature eats another animal which then gets eaten by another creature, which in turn gets eaten by another, until we get to us. We are at the top of the chain, or are we?

We understood that, but did you ever think as to the beginning of the chain? The start of the chain of Life starts with the fungi, bacteria, and protozoa. These are the real Master Gardeners of our planet. As I mentioned before, they have been at this for a very long time, much longer than we have. Their Gardening skills are honed to perfection. All living things depend upon the Mycelium, and its ability to recycle the essential minerals and resources needed for healthy growth.

As a kid, I was always interested in these mushrooms that would pop up almost everywhere. I noticed that after rain, they would appear overnight. Several times, I would sit and watch. Over a few hours, they would be fully grown and right in front of my eyes.

Beautiful. I am not talking about magic mushrooms (this is another story), but of the many varieties that grow in the lawn, in your garden, in the forest. It is these workers that take the minerals and other essential nutrients and convert them into an assimilable nutrient rich in minerals.

As I mentioned before, plants learned that they are better at growing if they grow with their roots intertwined with the Mycelium than if they tried it on their own. As a matter of fact, eventually, all plants evolved so that Mycelium grew in the root hairs of their roots. This became a particular type of Mycelium that is working for the plant, taking the nutrients from the Mycelium Colony and passing it on to the plants. While plants can grow in soil without Mycelium (plants produce the proper waste that helps Mycelium grow), they will use their roots to locate the underground Mycelium colony and make a connection. They plug into the conscious mind of the Mycelium. The Mycelium will then expand its web weave to include the plant! The plant communicates with the Mycelium Mind, and they exchange information. What does the Mycelium get from this relationship? When the plant dies, it will become food for the Mycelium. It will digest and return all the minerals and recycle it back to itself as food, and it also feeds others.

The Mycelium have evolved to farm for their “food source” plants and indirectly insects as well as animals and even humans. Anything that dies and is returned to the earth becomes food for the microbial life.

Mycelium has been around for hundreds of millions of years. They have evolved into a very efficient organism. They can communicate within all of the intertwined roots of plants. They communicate with trees through this network. Trees communicate with each other through this network. Insects and animals are attracted to these areas. Insects will eat other insects especially if the bugs are getting mineral-rich food sources. Animals, in turn, are attracted to other mineral rich animals and plants. Lots of animals only eat plants (mineral rich), and they are prime food for animals to eat them and get the minerals. Whatever dies will be eaten by the fungi.

It’s Alive is the name of one of my radio shows. I started this show way back in 1984 when I first moved to Malibu. In it, I try to express to folks how important this hidden life is. The top soil is the “skin” of the Mycelium. Just as the skin of animals, humans, insects, etc., acts as an interface between the inside and the outside of our bodies, so too does top soil act as an interface between plants, animals, insects, everything!

Plants have deep roots as well as deep roaming roots. They seek Mycelium and Mycelium seeks these roots. There is a definite interaction between the Mycelium and the roots of the plant. As the plant grows, its roots encounter this Mycelium which almost immediately starts to provide nourishment and communication with other plants directly through this network.

Humans, Plants, and Mycelium bacteria have evolved together over the millions of years and have developed many ways of communication with each other. Yes, humans can communicate too with this Mycelium. Together, they provide for each other. The key to healthy life is minerals. Lacking one or more minerals will eventually cause big problems, leading to an unhealthy state. This is not just true for plants but all living things especially trees and animals and humans. Whether plant, insect, animal, or human, being unhealthy is a magnet for pests and diseases.

The Mycelium of the world is one living being

The Mycelium of the world is one living being and is responsible for many things of which the growth of mushrooms is one. Mushrooms digest minerals found in decaying insects, plants, animals (and humans) and convert it to usable forms-which the plants can assimilate and we, in turn, can also assimilate.

You are what you eat is the old saying. The fungi eat the minerals, which is consumed by the plants, which are then eaten by the animals which in turn is eaten by us. Humans also eat the plants directly. These fungi will also eat and convert into the proper minerals (anything that dies and encounters the “skin”) of the Mycelium. In essence we are Mycelium.

Thus, the Mycelium is the very start and end of the food chain. Now how cool is that? I often talk about how we are damaging and disrupting the top soil. By damaging and or removing this “skin," we are destroying the Mycelium and this in turn hurts everything else. The Mycelium is an important ally in the climate change war, one that we cannot ignore. So, it is very important to protect our top soil and in turn protect this amazing organism.

any questions?

email me at

Breaking Global News, January 23, 2020: Historic Trial to Prosecute Canada's Ongoing Genocide

International Tribunal of Crimes of Church and State (ITCCS)
Breaking Global News, January 23, 2020. Historic Trial to Prosecute Canada's Ongoing Genocide
Breaking Global News, January 23, 2020: Historic Trial to Prosecute Canada's Ongoing Genocide

Global Press Statement and Announcement

Issued in Vancouver on Thursday, January 23, 2020 by Rev. Kevin D. Annett

   under the auspices of the International Tribunal of Crimes of Church and State (ITCCS) 

and within the Sovereign Common Law Jurisdiction of the Republic of Kanata

Historic Trial to Prosecute Canada's Ongoing Genocide

For the past sixteen months, a Citizens Grand Jury based in Vancouver has carefully documented the evidence of ongoing crimes against humanity on Canada’s west coast.

These crimes include the rape, torture and trafficking of women and children, the harvesting and trafficking of human organs, the cult ritual torture and murder of men, women and children, the terrorizing, despoiling and dispossessing of indigenous communities, and the targeted killing of traditional indigenous people and political dissidents by domestic and foreign powers.

It is clear from this evidence that a continuity of genocide exists in Canada. The crime has never ceased and involves the same forces of Church, State and Business that historically led this genocide but is now is being led by Chinese corporate, military and governmental forces in collusion with the Canadian government.

On the basis of this evidence, and in my capacity as the North American Field Secretary of the ITCCS, on January 16 I petitioned the Tribunal to convene a Common Law Court to indict and prosecute the persons and institutions responsible for these crimes in Canada, according to the provisions of the ITCCS Mandate of June 15, 2010.

In response, on January 21 I was notified that the ITCCS has assented to this request.

Accordingly, I have been authorized by the ITCCS to announce the following decisions pertaining to this trial:

1.   The West Coast Common Law Court of Justice will convene under the auspices of the ITCCS on Monday, March 30, 2020 at 10 am in the City of Vancouver.

2.   The Court will consist of five judicial magistrates, a Chief Prosecutor and a citizen jury of twenty four people.

3.   I, Kevin Annett, have been appointed to serve as a Special Advisor to the Prosecutor, as I did in the two previous ITCCS Common Law court trials in Europe between July 2012 and September 2014.

4.   Special extra-jurisdictional Subpoenas and Summons to Appear will be issued to over fifty defendants, including officials of the Canadian, British and Chinese governments, private corporations, the RCMP and the CSIS, and the Roman Catholic, Anglican and United Churches.

5.   The Court will operate according to the norms, principles and procedures of International Law and the Common Law.

6.   The Warrants, Summonses and Orders of the Court will have the full binding authority and effect of the Law, and will be enforced by deputized police and sworn Court Sheriffs.

7.   The Court will operate under the political jurisdiction and protection of the sovereign Republic of Kanata which lawfully supplanted so-called Crown Authority on January 15, 2015. Neither the criminally-convicted Crown of England nor the government of Canada will have any authority regarding our Common Law court proceedings. Both powers have been notified by diplomatic communique not to interfere with the Court proceedings on pain of international censure and sanctions. 

8.   The governments of select nations as well as judicial and human rights agencies have been formally asked to send observers, peacekeepers and forensic specialists to Canada to assist in and monitor the investigations and proceedings of the Court.

To facilitate the Court’s proceedings, I have provided to the ITCCS and its legal advisers a complete dossier of the evidence of criminality that has compelled the formation of this West Coast Common Law Court.

In addition, I have been notified that a major European film company will be present at the Court and in the field to document its proceedings as part of its production of a television series on the history of genocide in Canada and its ongoing cover up.

This documentary effort will include a featured film on my own quarter-century struggle to surface this national crime. The film will seek to recover the fading memory of the movement I launched that forced the genocide to light and to highlight the targeting and attacks I endured personally. Such information will also comprise part of the evidence in the docket of the Court.

On a personal note, let me say that it is altogether fitting that this historic announcement is being made today, on the 25th anniversary of my firing without cause by the United Church of Canada after exposing its murder of children in Port Alberni.

The movement that I subsequently led eventually exposed the Canadian Holocaust, toppled crowned heads and popes in Europe and uncovered global child killing networks. It also showed how the ongoing genocide in Canada is being conducted by the very same individuals who sought my destruction along with their accomplices in Canada and abroad.

My message to all of you today is that I am the living proof that the truth, when armed with human persistence and resolute action, can overthrow the oldest and strongest systems of evil in the world. But to make this miracle real we need the active participation of many people, as Court officers, jury members, investigators and eyewitnesses.

We need you the people to provide us with the hard evidence with which we can stop the child killers at every level of government, church and business. We need you the people to protect the Court with your presence and enforce its verdict and sentence. You must take responsibility for the world you wish to see made real.

In that regard, there will be more announcements soon about how to volunteer for the Court and serve as jurors. Follow these notices at under “ITCCS Updates” and Sundays at 3 pm pacific at, or write to or to .

In closing, let me recognize some of the people who made this historic step today possible: eight of the indigenous members of our ITCCS network who were murdered for confronting the Catholic, Anglican and United churches for their genocide of more than 60,000 children across Canada between 1891 and 1996:

Harriett Nahanee, Harry Wilson, Johnny Bingo Dawson, William Combes, Ricky Lavallee, Ron Barbour, Edna Philips and Louis Daniels.

Earth and Heaven, cover not their blood! 

Issued January 23, 2020 by Kevin Annett under the auspices of the ITCCS Central Office and within the sovereign jurisdiction of the Republic of Kanata

Establish Liberty. Republic of Kanata

Introduction part 2

andy Lopez, aka: The Invisible Gardener
Introduction part 2
Classes - Introduction part 2

Introduction part 2

Continued from last week:

Problem #1

The Plants

Perhaps someone should have told them that there is a big difference between plants grown via different systems and the plants they bought in the nursery were not the same quality plants that you get when you start them from organic heirloom seeds of plants that have been grown organically for centuries. These plants will act differently if grown in dead soil and will not get any nutrients from these types of soil. The same is true for the chemically grown plants. They will start off weak and will never get the proper nutrients and therefore will not show any nutrients difference, other than what was given to them.

Problem #2

The Soil

If these researchers did not amend the soil with compost, the food grown will be different from the food grown in a living soil environment.

Let's say the soil was in good shape, and they picked a piece of land that has plenty of good rich soil. If they planted in that, then the results of both will almost be the same; they both will have whatever nutrients are in the soil. Actually the organic side will be able to uptake more of the nutrients than the conventional side over time as the soil becomes more efficient. But let's assume that they are planted in each plot, and gave one side chemical fertilizers, etc., and the other side organic fertilizers, etc. The results will favor the conventional side because on the organic side, organic seeds or organic plants were not used and the soil is not alive with the microorganisms that make the organic fertilizers work better in making nutrients available to the plants.

In the organic system, one practices sustainability while on the conventional side one cannot be sustainable. In the conventional method, soil depletion is a big factor in diminishing food quality and farmers have to use more chemicals and do more damage to the soil than if they were organic, which is sustainable where one can grow more and better-quality food while doing less and less damage to the environment.

Problem #3

GMO (GEO) Foods

None of the studies mention GMO (GEO) foods. Most conventional farmers are using more and more GEO foods while organic farmers cannot use GEO if they want to be certified organic. We were never meant to eat Round Up, 2,4-d or whatever pesticide.

Yes, I feel that Organic farmers are keeping prices higher than they should be, but as the public wants more organic food, these prices will go down because a good organic farmer can compete with conventional farmers in price, just look at Deaf Smith Valley, over 40 organic acres.

Want to do a proper study? Grow each method for 10 years. Get real farmers on both sides.

I know that as a good organic gardener, I can grow more nutritional food than a conventional farmer. I know that my produce will always test out better in nutrients, and I also know that the land will get more and more productive and sustainable. I know I can grow as much if not more than the confidential farmer.

After 30 years of side-by-side research in a study called the Farming Systems Trial (FST)®, Rodale Institute has proven once and for all that organic farming is better than conventional farming. For years now, the conventional farmers along with their conventional suppliers such as Monsanto have been paying for “studies” that prove that there is no difference between food grown organically and food grown “conventionally." By the way, conventional farming is a nice family friendly way of saying business as usual: chemicals to meet every need of the modern farmer! Monsanto especially would like us to think their food is safe and as nutritious as organically grown food. Just like we are told that Nuclear Power is clean if we ignore the radiated waste and that coal burns clean. We just have to ignore everything it destroys through climate change. Conventional farmers would like us to ignore the chemical damage they are doing.

The public is already confused about GMO (not all GMO’s are bad — it's the GEO’s we must control, and now they want us to eat more GEO products without concern for the obvious damage it will do to the environment, humans, animals.

So I am glad to see that this report is finally out. After 30 years of research, they are saying what I have been saying all along:

Organic yields match conventional yields.

Organic outperforms conventional in years of drought.

Organic farming systems build rather than deplete soil organic matter, making it a more sustainable system.

Conventional systems produce 40% more greenhouse gases.
Organic farming systems are more profitable than conventional.

Soil health in the organic systems has increased over time while the conventional systems remain essentially unchanged. Carbon increase was highest in the organic manure system, followed by the organic legume system. The conventional system has shown a loss in carbon in more recent years. Organic fields increased groundwater recharge, and reduced runoff. “Organic agriculture has the potential to secure a global food supply, just as conventional agriculture is today, but with reduced environmental impact.” This is according to a report that came out of the Food and Agricultural Organizations of the United Nations (FAO) International Conference on Organic Agriculture and Food Security.

Agroecological farming methods could double global food production in just 10 years, according to a report from the United Nations. Agroecological practices, like organic practices, attempt to mimic natural processes and rely on the biology of the soil and environment rather than synthetic sprays and other inputs. Switching to organic methods in communities where people struggle to feed themselves and their families can lead to a harvest 180% larger than that produced by conventional methods. Organic farms are significantly more profitable. The organic systems uses 45% less energy than conventional systems and also produces less greenhouse gases.

The Report ends with this:

We have shown that organic can feed the world. Now it is time to take on the matter of feeding the world well." The only area I wish they had studied as well is the comparison between organic food and conventional food in their nutritional values. I know that if they were tested, it would be found there is more nutritional value to the organic produce than to the conventional. This follows the simple law of what you put in is what you get out.

next week The Mycelium Intelligence - all about the oldest living being on the planet and it lives in our soil.

any questions?

email me at

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