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Submitted by Douglas Newsom on 19 April 2021

Broadcast Live Worldwide and then Syndicate your Podcast everywhere. We Do Talk Shows Right!

BBS Radio TV

Host Your Own Talk Show. Professional Talk Shows Done Right!

Host Your Own Talk Radio TV Show. Professional Talk Shows Done Right!

Host Your Own Talk Show 
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We are reliable, well established, extremely knowledgeable and we have the sophistication. Our service, our website and our software are legendary.

If you want to become a professional live broadcaster and/or podcaster with their own talk show, then you are in the right place. If you simply wish to globally market, syndicate, and manage your current podcasts, then you are in the right place! Since 2004 we have been broadcasting and podcasting original live talk shows to the world, and we do talk shows right!

Many of BBS Radio's Affiliate Broadcasters and Partners

Experience Talk Shows Done Right! 
Payments & Pricing!

  • Fully interactive professional live broadcasts anyone can do from anywhere!
  • Globally Syndicate all information entered throughout the world wide web!
  • Get Statistics on your listeners & visitors in your personalized dashboard!
  • Highly visible, professionally customized web site, platinum level features!
  • Free Intro + Outro Creation using "commercial royalty free" music underlays!
  • Free Creation of two commercials, up to 45 seconds each, with musical scores!
  • Free Conversion of Audio shows (mp3) to Videos (mp4) with any Image!
  • Proper Embed codes & Shareable Links for every Audio & Video production!
  • Rich editable and customizable auto-transcripts for every show, as desired!
  • Monetize your programs. Monetize any or all production files (mp3 or mp4)!
  • Restrict or Allow access to any specific production(s) and/or all production files!
  • Every Production file (mp3 and mp4) is fully edited before being available!
  • RSS and MRSS feeds for all posts and production files for maximum syndication!
  • Advertise upcoming shows before going live and/or headline upcoming guests!
  • Have your own Professional Audio/TV Engineer "board op" when broadcasting!
  • Broadcast live & Podcast to over 185 locations and to several locations of your choice!
  • Broadcast from anywhere using analog or digital phones, Zoom, Streamyard, Skype, etc.
  • Distribute your shows to the world's largest stations and portals, automatically!
  • Syndicating to BBS Network's social networks: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Tumblr!
  • Powerful new FollowMe Alert Function (a Facebook "Like Button" on Steroids)! (NEW Feature)
  • No Gimmicks. No Limits. No Restrictions. No Censorship. No S#!%.
  • Fully Interactive System. Toll Free Lines! Take video and audio calls from your audience!
  • World-class Customer Service! We answer our phones and are always here!
  • Pay as you go. No Setup Costs. No Contracts. We earn your business every step of the way!
  • Complete integration with your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn Accounts (coming)!

Professional and engaging talk radio and web tv is where it's at today, and we deliver! BBS Radio TV provides the very best in professional talk radio and tv/video broadcasting services and podcasting services! We are a well-established leader in remote engineered talk radio!

BBS Radio TV can be heard live on over 185 of the World's largest live Broadcast Stations, the three largest Social Networks and the biggest Podcast Stations on the planet! We are worldwide! When you broadcast and/or podcast with BBS Radio you're exposed to an audience of millions of people all over the world! Why go anywhere else! BBS Radio TV Global Distribution and Syndication locations.

Have you experienced real talk radio, real interactive web tv, real live and engaging productions you can do from the comfort of your own place? Talk show hosts that come to BBS Radio TV don't just come here to broadcast or podcast, they come here to enjoy the experience and revel in web radio tv done right! Engaging and exciting, always!! Let us treat you to the magic. We are a world-class premier talk show network and you'll be in excellent hands.

We make it simple! We make it exciting! We guarantee it!

Originally starting in 2004 as Bloginservice, and renamed to BBS Radio in 2005, this broadcasting network became one of first networks in the world to provide remotely engineered, live radio broadcasts over the Internet! BBS Radio TV has launched its Web Radio TV platform where we also live engineer interactive talk shows on tv / video (mp4). How do we do this? BBS Network, Inc. has many dedicated servers located in the United States and the Netherlands including 7 'top-of-the-line' computer systems that handle the engineering operations, along with a full studio compliment of audio and video equipment. Our quality services and performance systems are legendary! We take the guess work out of talk show broadcasting, podcasting and global syndication! We do talk shows right!

Yes, we can time your live talk show to any clock including AM/FM timing. If you need your program syndicated to the mainstream media sources, we will time your program to match their requirements.

No Adult Programming Allowed. We do not broadcast obscene programming of an adult nature. Call us if you have any questions about this policy.

We have a diverse variety of thought-provoking shows ranging from Yiddish art to clean energy, metaphysics to divination, non-mainstream political commentary to alternative health. It really is a network of powerful personalities providing illuminating information.

Exciting and interactive talk shows!

BBS Radio TV invites you to personally host your own radio show or tv show on our worldwide platform! You will experience talk shows done right. In fact, you'll have a very sophisticated and powerful system developed just for presenting and syndicating talk shows. You'll be able to create a universe of information around each and every episode of your talk show, which includes syndicating some of that information to all (yours and ours) social networks. That information will include: Video Productions (created or delivered); Auto-Converted Video Productions with image; Audio Productions; Episode Titles; Episode Subtitles; Broadcast Time & Date; Main Episode Image; Your Program Banner; All Guests Biographies (including images, book images, links); Descriptions; Headlined Information; RSS & MRSS Feeds created for both Audio & Video Syndication portals with Descriptions; All Documents and Program Handouts or PDF files; Multiple Additional Images; Show Tags; Sponsors Names & Links; Categories relevant to podcast portals; Music Track Acknowledgements; Episode Links including Play & Download Links; Information about the Program & Hosts; Listener & Visitor Statistics; and more. You can host a daily, weekly, or even bi-weekly show and it doesn't matter if you've done a talk show before or not! It doesn't matter who you are or where you live or work! You can be a talk show host promoting your information, products, services, as well as your guests throughout the world with no special equipment necessary.

If you're looking for the Experts in Podcasting and Talk Show Broadcasting, you've found them! We are professionals in engineering live talk shows, handling over 100,000 live production hours since 2004. When it comes to syndicating live programming and on-demand podcasts all over the world we are the machine!

Your Shows, Your Guests, are worth it!

Why we are unique, and what makes us different.

Radio TV 
Live Radio + Web-TV

Radio TV is a new experience where you can simulcast live on web-tv stations, broadcast stations and live podcast portals all at the same time! You can interact with listeners and callers by way of video and audio, being plugged into both the video production system and the radio production system at the same time.

We remotely engineer all talk shows, with full service. In other words, we do away with the studio necessity or requirements. You can do your talk show (Radio or Web-TV) from the comfort of "wherever you are" and get extreme quality, with a delicious ambience "environment" for your talk show. Quality you can't get from a DIY 'Do-It-Yourself' system. We take the guess work out of the equation and allow you to do a professional polished production. You can take callers via Video and/or Radio. That's Right! A qualified studio engineer is micromanaging your entire show, every second you are live! You are NOT paying studio prices, as we are a network that requires no studio and therefore does not need to charge you studio production prices. Nothing truly compares to our live, extremely interactive, fully engineered, worldwide live service, dialed right into everyone that matters. Syndication and Distribution locations. When you broadcast, or live podcast, with the BBS, you've covered everything! Various affiliate partners carry the live broadcasts while other affiliate partners carry the syndicated podcasts. Quality is excellent!

Broadcast, Podcast or both?

Podcasting is free to our Broadcasters! The difference between a podcaster and a broadcaster is that a broadcaster is doing a live streamed broadcast (interactive sometimes). This broadcaster is a regularly scheduled talk show host that airs live programming on either BBS Radio TV Station #1 or Station #2. The broadcaster is held to a set schedule. Podcasts are 'on-demand' audio files. These podcasts are syndicated globally via various mechanisms, including feeds, with details about the program and episode. They are distributed all over the world! On BBS Radio TV, all broadcasters are automatically podcasters and receive all podcasting features complimentary. If you are not a live broadcaster then you are a podcaster, where audio files are being globally syndicated and offered to the worldwide public.

For more information on becoming a 
Broadcaster or Podcaster 
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on BBS Radio TV 

Progress in to the 21st Century with BBS Radio TV


Why Radio and Web-TV?

Talk Shows are your best choice to express and communicate all manner of goods and services to a lucrative market with a global presence. The audio tools created by radio and video can be called upon again and again, for use as training tools, book materials, blog content, advertising clips, etc. Indeed, how better to build upon your business then by building a target market audience in ways that focus the power of your ideas? Ideas in motion receiving instant feedback!

The Talk Show Effect!

- Authority: is the belief in your prowess! This is inevitable when you speak on a platform that reaches millions! Social Credo!

“You are the alpha, the omega. The proof in the pudding!”

- Revenue: create cash flow opportunities! Increase existing revenue streams, and ultimately get more people to your store with minimal effort.

- Influence: when others hear you communicate, you gain influence and momentum. You become a friend! A voice! A guide!

“Internet Listeners are among the most loyal, active, vocal people on the planet!”

- Notoriety/Fame: the only way that most people will ever be known is through media!

“Don't you want to go where everybody knows your name?”

- Knowledge: wisdom from insightful guests, and access to known luminaries, can provide a dizzying showcase of information, breaking news stories, and cutting-edge commentary; ultimately opening doors, answering questions and solving problems.

“Ever wanted a backstage pass? Ever wanted to go behind the curtain?”

- Leadership: Take Charge! Direct the energies of a worldwide audience! Start a movement! Stand Out and Stand Up for something!

- Connections/Networking: because everyone has a story to tell, you become an important person in other peoples' lives. You are the one they want to connect with, communicate with, and befriend, because you can now give them a platform to tell their story.

“Meet the man, behind the man, behind the other man, or start at the top!”

- Branding/Awareness: bring products and services to the masses with permanent exposure of audio ads, banners and links.

“Good Impressions take time to forget! Permanence is possible! Leave a mark upon this earth, the best than can be struck!”

- Content: the audio tools created by radio can be called upon again and again for use as training tools, book materials, blog content, advertising clips, promotional materials, etc. Focus the power of your ideas! Ideas in motion receiving instant feedback!

“Ever forgot to write that down? Or wished somebody got it on tape?”

- Platform: an interactive medium utilizing audio and visual components, can achieve answers, visibility, connectivity, and interactivity all from the comfort of home! It's marketing genius!

“There's no business-like show business!”



Engage with some of the most dedicated and proactive listeners in the world by hosting your own talk show. As a business offering products and/or services, it's essential to connect with people online in a manner that is both efficient and cost-effective.

Internet talk shows present an unparalleled opportunity for businesses to establish a commanding online presence that resonates with a global audience. In the world of show business, every company has the potential to thrive with an online show. By cultivating an internet presence and infusing it with flair, you'll be astounded by the impact it can have on your profitability. Harness the power of social networks and online media to catapult your business into the limelight, either by design or serendipity.

Embrace the digital age and utilize the internet to forge connections on a global scale. Online Web Radio TV offers an interactive platform that delivers visibility, engagement, and connectivity, all from the comfort of your own home—a marketing masterstroke!

If your business provides a product or service, an internet talk show is a must-have. Publishing firms can showcase authors and editors in weekly radio broadcasts, breweries can spotlight employees discussing their exceptional brews, and talent agencies can attract top-notch clients through a talk show. In fact, businesses from real estate to organic goods can reap the rewards of incorporating an interactive social media platform into their strategy. It's simply smart business for everyone!

Internet talk shows are the premier choice for promoting and communicating a wide array of goods and services to a lucrative global market. Web radio TV-generated audio tools can be repurposed for training materials, book content, blog posts, advertising clips, and more. What better way to expand your business than by building a targeted audience that amplifies the power of your ideas with real-time feedback?

Seize the opportunity to discuss your business, products, services, aspirations, and future. Share your story consistently and passionately to elevate your brand to new heights!

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Host Your Own Talk Show 
Experience Talk Shows Done Right! 
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