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Dare To DreamGuest, Shekinah Ma and Sanandaji
May 19, 2022
Lady Shekinah and Master Sanandaji are World Teachers, Wisdom Keepers and Golden Age avatars.

The Sports DoctorGuest, Shelly Slocum
May 18, 2022
Sports Mom, Speaker, Author of 'Love & Inspiration from Mom'

Shelly Slocum is the author of Love and Inspiration…

The Sports DoctorGuest, Sifu Slim
May 14, 2022
Life & Wellness Coach, Author of “The Aging Athlete

NSCA-CPT. Professional Speaker; Wellness Coach; Researcher; Author;…

New Reality SolutionsGuest, Ann Papyroti
February 18, 2022
International Life, Leadership and Relationship Coach.

Ann Papayoti has endured some of life’s most brutal blows—…

New Reality SolutionsGuest, Dan Hanneman
March 11, 2022
Counselor, Hypnotherapist and Healer

Daniel John Hanneman has an extensive background as a…

Shadow PoliticsGuest, Robert Contee
May 15, 2022
Chief of the Metropolitan Police Department
Chuck and Julie ShowGuest, Ron Hanks
May 13, 2022

Biography taken from: …

Chuck and Julie ShowGuest, Robert Spencer
May 13, 2022
Author, Director of Jihad Watch

Robert Spencer, author of Rating…

Dare To DreamGuest, Lisa Haisha
May 12, 2022
Life coach, author, transformational speaker, TV host and avid traveler, with an MA in Spiritual Psychology

Lisa is a life coach, author, transformational speaker, TV host and avid…

The Sports DoctorGuest, Karen Baker
May 11, 2022
Clinical Psychologist & Founder of Delta Foundation for Spiritual Studies.