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Words Women and Wisdom ShowGuest, Clarissa Burt
January 04, 2022
Award-winning actress, international media personality/producer/director, writer, author, public speaker, super model

As Founder/CEO of In the Limelight…

Chuck and Julie ShowGuest, Ted Trimpa
December 31, 2021
CEO of Trimpa Group LLC,national political consulting, government relations, progressive public policy advocacy, political strategy

Information from Trimpa Group website: …

The Sports DoctorGuest, Lisa Goldenthal
December 29, 2021
VIP Fitness, Wellness & Weight loss Coach, Speaker & Podcast host
The Sports DoctorGuest, Dr Paul Wichansky
December 29, 2021
Motivational Speaker on Disability, Anti-bullying & Resilience
The Sports DoctorGuest, Emmie Keefe
December 22, 2021
Plant-based nutritionist and founder of the Slim on Starch Program

December 23, 2021
An author, witch, and priestess who sees and communicates with fairies and elementals. Morgan Damilier writes about Irish myth and magical practices, fairies, and related subjects.

The Sports DoctorGuest, Dr Pat Sanaghan
December 22, 2021
Author “How to be a Better Procrastinator”, Organizational consultant

Author “How to be a Better Procrastinator”, Organizational consultant.

Shadow PoliticsGuest, Kymone Freeman
December 19, 2021
Activist / artist and co-founder of We Act Radio

Chuck and Julie ShowGuest, Mark Pfoff
December 17, 2021
Former El Paso County Sheriff investigator, owner of Rocky Mountain Computer Forensics

Mark Pfoff

Chuck and Julie ShowGuest, Dave Williams
December 17, 2021
Colorado Representative House District 15

Dave grew up in a military family where hard…