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New Reality Solutions
April 29, 2022
Author – Elite Success Coach – Speaker - Spiritual Teacher

Brent Michael Phillips is a most unlikely healer! He grew up fascinated…

Dare To DreamGuest, CAROLINE CORY
April 28, 2022
filmmaker, author, teacher

Caroline Cory is an award-winning filmmaker and the visionary author of…

Chuck and Julie ShowGuest, Dave Williams
April 27, 2022
Colorado Representative House District 15

Dave grew up in a military family where hard…

A Night At The RoundtableGuest, Mariel Forde Clarke
April 28, 2022
serologist, hypnotherapist, energy healer, spiritual counselor

Mariel Forde Clarke – Bio

Mariel Forde Clarke qualified as a…

Paradigm Shifters
April 26, 2022
Words Women and Wisdom ShowGuest, Stefanie Dumont
April 26, 2022
Executive and Transformational Coach, Author

Shadow PoliticsGuest, Derek Gray
April 24, 2022
Life Changes ShowGuest, Colin Martin
April 18, 2022
Writer and Singer


Colin Martin began his musical journey…

Life Changes ShowGuest, Samuel J
April 18, 2022
Innovative singer songwriter, producer, and conservationist


Samuel J is an innovative singer songwriter…

Life Changes ShowGuest, Alan Arthur Tratner
April 18, 2022
Professor, Consultant, Publisher, Inventor, Serial Entrepreneur


Prof. Alan Arthur Tratner, has served…