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March 30, 2023
Jordan Hampton

I thought your listeners would like  Educator Jordan Hampton and his debut Novel Ignition 2084, it bravely discusses such topics as marginalization  and gives those who are barely heard a voice but does it in a way that will have you at the end of your seat.  Once this book is started it is hard to put down, please let me know if you would like to have Jordan on your program.

                                                                                                                   Best Regards


In A Breakthrough Dystopian Thriller Set In A Post-Civil War 2 America, Race & Freedom Are Explored

Educator Jordan Hampton's new novel "Ignition 2084 "explores.... 

What can be done to help society make changes in how marginalized individuals  are viewed and treated.

It will resonate with your listeners , The unfolding of this novel  is quite engaging and the reader will not be able to put it down.

“In this dystopian thriller set in 2084, uneasy allies in a war-devastated America try to defeat a hostile, oppressive group… This dark, engaging near-future tale teems with action and diverse characters.”

--Kirkus Revews

“5-Stars Recommended” Ignition 2084 is an angry beast with a crazy collide-o-scope plot that bristles with intelligence. A kinetic combination of visual style, amazingly detailed characterizations, and original combat tech in ‘Hanzo Gear’ and the Reiloken ‘Aura Sword’ that practically jumps off the page!”

--Book Viral Reviews

Most Americans would agree that they don’t agree on a lot of issues. The Blue vs. Red factions have become entrenched in American politics. Further, the nation feels torn apart on the topic of race and racism. Could these tribunal debates lead to a civil war?

One young novelist, the son of a career military mom, thinks so. He explores America in the chaotic, post-war period in a new book, Ignition 2084.

“The civil war depicted in my book grew out of recent events and today’s mindset,” says author Jordan Hampton, who is a high school English teacher and a certified preacher. “Racial differences, blind political allegiances, and a failure of our education system conspire and contribute to the world that unfolds in my novel.”

His book, which Book Viral Reviews called: “A bold, brutal escapist thrill-seeking read,” features the collapse of civilization and shows how warring factions are left to battle for the fate of a people. This new world order takes place, some 60 years into the future – far enough to seem like a dream (or a nightmare), but close enough to recognize a connect-the-dots scenario to how things are unfolding in our country now.

“This book is designed to do two things:,” asserts Hampton, “to be a love letter to my military background, social connections, and martial arts training, and to open the door for a truly contemplative discussion of national events too easily dismissed as divisive. Too often in the last few years, difficult yet necessary conversations like race relations, political corruption, and healthcare concerns have been dismissed as divisive and many of those who offer solutions are vilified by those too scared to even speak out. Whereas others are afraid to have the conversation, Ignition spearheads it.”

Hampton is available to discuss the following:

How Americans could be heading towards another civil war.What needs to be discussed about race.How his dystopian thriller shows how a nation of tribes can’t survive.What could be done to help bring about societal changes on racism.Why underrepresented voices in literature need to be heard from.If free speech will remain a cherished right.The challenges of teaching high school English in today’s overly sensitive landscape.How a military brat scripted great political and military battles in the book.

If you are interested in having Jordan on your program please let me know. I look forward to hearing from you.

Best Regards


“Working within a conversational narrative framework,” says Book Viral Reviews, “Hampton proves to be a superb storyteller with Ignition 2084

growing richer with every page. He has a master sagacity of pacing, immersing us into his future world rather than assailing us with non-stop action, and envisioning that world with an architect’s eye for the smallest details with this underpinned by his passion for the martial arts.”

Hampton decidedly wrote a book that would hopefully get people to question the way things are today. in the wake of recent unrest involving Black Lives Matter and the George Floyd tragedy, Hampton, a young Black voice for reason, said he lost a number of friends in 2020.

“I felt betrayed by those who did not understand why I was so fed up with how Black people are treated here,” says Hampton.

“Neighbor turned on neighbor. People distanced themselves from someone like me who dared to engage in a discourse on race. Not talking about something doesn’t solve a problem.”

2020 was a volatile year of rampant disease, political messiness, and the disrupted social plight of minorities. Partisanship interfered with people allowing for the type of open and honest engagement that his book makes possible.

Ignition 2084 features many young black military characters. “Many books still lack representation and diversity, but my story gives them a platform,” says Hampton.

Can America save itself from the type of future depicted in Ignition 2084?

“There’s still time to avert disaster, but the clock is ticking,” warns Hampton. “If we can come together and rally around a consensus, rather than around our tribunal factions that will soon no longer serve us, we can rewrite our script.”


Jordan Hampton is a young man with big dreams. Currently a English II teacher in the Arizona school district he wishes to bring more attention on todays society and if things continue how they are, what the future may hold for our nation.  Hampton decidedly wrote a book that would hopefully get people to question the way things are today. in the wake of recent unrest involving Black Lives Matter and the George Floyd tragedy, Hampton, a young Black voice for reason, said he lost a number of friends in 2020.

“I felt betrayed by those who did not understand why I was so fed up with how Black people are treated here,” says Hampton.

“Neighbor turned on neighbor. People distanced themselves from someone like me who dared to engage in a discourse on race. Not talking about something doesn’t solve a problem.” 

2020 was a volatile year of rampant disease, political messiness, and the disrupted social plight of minorities. Partisanship interfered with people allowing for the type of open and honest engagement that his book makes possible.

March 29, 2023
Andriy Sirchenko

The Museum of War Fragments captures priceless artifacts that preserve memories from the 365+ days of Ukraine's war against the Russian invasion. 300 stories of Ukrainian indomitability "frozen" in transparent cubes. 

The idea of the project arose after the beginning of the war, which radically changed the lives of the majority and prompted the search for a new activity. The team's desire to be useful and to combine the technological and cultural spheres created one of the options for recording the course of the war in such an artistic way.

"In one place, objects with the stories of 300 people of Ukraine, who survived the horrors of war, are collected. We put each of these items into a transparent resin. After that we sell the finished art object at an auction to raise funds to help affected children." - in three simple sentences, Andrii, the co-founder of the museum, describes this project.

The goal of the team is to collect from 1 to 10 million US dollars to support the children of fallen soldiers and residents of regions affected by the war. All proceeds will be directed to support three humanitarian aid funds. 

All cubes are united by a common idea - to reveal the phenomenon of the resilience of Ukrainians. This is what the team says: "The main meaning of our project is to show the world who a Ukrainian is."

The museum exists in the format of an online platform, on which all 300 artifacts will be presented. This will provide an immersive and interactive experience navigating the virtual galleries, viewing high-resolution images of the artifacts, and accessing the detailed stories behind each of the 300 artworks. Anyone who purchases a cube will not only make a donation and receive an art object, but also access the emotions and experiences associated with the fragments.


Andriy Sirchenko is a producer and co-founder of the War Fragments Museum. Many years ago being a second-year student, Andrii began to develop in the gaming field and later worked with many world and Ukrainian stars.

Before the start of the full-scale invasion, he participated in developing projects 211ISteps - immersive audio performances and monetization platforms for creators, the development of which was paused. Andriy is now an advisor to many startups in the process of developing business models and scaling.

March 28, 2023
VS Marlowe
SINGAPORE, March 25, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- International author V.S. Marlowe's THE VENUS INTERCEPT: TZINTZUNTZAN -- a sequel to his visionary 2019 book THE SERPENT'S THRONE -- leaks Soviet documents from the 1960s and 70s showing that advanced beings on or near Venus contacted the early Soviet Venera 3 probe before it crashed on the planet in 1966. Because Marlowe's sources cannot be disclosed, the book is published as fiction. 

How Venus beings contacted the USSR in 1966

According to the documents, the contact triggered a 15 year crash Soviet program to learn from the aliens, including efforts in teletransportation, telepathy and parallel realities. The program was reportedly ended in 1981 by KGB head and Communist Party General Secretary Yuri Andropov due to lack of tangible results, and Soviet budget constraints.

Marlowe, who previously surfaced THE LAST MESSIAH in 2013, now says he has new material showing that the Soviets were so intrigued by the messages from Venus that they used the information to shape their space and intelligence operations for two decades. In space, it led to their 15 still-unsurpassed Venera missions to land on Venus and return the first photos and measurements from the surface and atmosphere. On earth, the alien messages led them to covert missions in Mexico, where communications and historical archives suggest the Venusians and possibly other aliens influenced pre Columbian cultures and even seeded biological hybrids reflected in Mexican myth, religion, astronomy and science. This Soviet archival material corroborates the earlier accounts of mass or collective dreaming in THE SERPENT'S THRONE in 2019 which are currently being studied to see if they are truly authentic preternatural visionary experiences, or evidence of external scripting or manipulation.

THE VENUS INTERCEPT is now available as an Amazon Kindle ebook for $9.99 at

THE VENUS INTERCEPT is available as an Amazon paperback for $19.99 at

"My sources are still trying to reestablish contact with the intelligent beings who are now or once were on Venus, and may still be here in some form on earth," says Marlowe. "The Russians have apparently revived their long-stalled efforts, and the US is watching what they find and accomplish. An expatriate US energy trader who seems to be in contact with the aliens is being used by both sides."

For more information, or to request an interview with V.S. Marlowe, call him on Skype at VSMarlowe, by phone at +1 347 509 4221 or by email at

VS Marlowe interview on THE LAST FREQUENCY:


Preview YouTube video Messages from VENUS (Leaked Soviet Documents) 3-19-23

Messages from VENUS (Leaked Soviet Documents) 3-19-23 

VS Marlowe is the pseudonym for a decorated diplomat and award winning author who has been recognized by heads of state in North America and the Middle East.

March 25, 2023
Lillian Zeltser…

Lillian Zeltser – Author and Speaker Pioneer of Unique Aphrodisiac Techniques & Applications

Lillian appeared on Radio, Television, Magazines, Podcasts, Entertaining and Charity Events, the Educational, Commercial and Non-Profit Organizations. She is known as a capable and flexible speaker, able to engage any audience by adapting her subject to their needs. In all capacities, as a speaker, captivating presenter and author, Lillian brings the ‘it factor,’ delivering valuable key messages through entertainment, elevating the audience’s mood and offering a distinctive point of difference that would remain with your audience long after the event.

With her perpetual energy and optimism, Lillian easily engages the audience with scientific facts and myths, amazing stories and legends, practical tips, and real cases. 


In October 1986, Lillian accidentally stumbled on an old love potion recipe, which changed her life and sparked her interest in aphrodisiacs and natural stimulants. Together with her husband, a medical doctor, she researched, experimented with, and hunted for them around the world for over 30 years. In the process, Lillian personally experienced hundreds of effective time-tested legendary ethnobotanical stimulants, often called aphrodisiacs, which she shares with others for the betterment of their lives. With help of her husband – Dr Zeltser, Lillian developed unique technics and recipes for those, who want to restore and maintain feelings of love, desire, and pleasure between partners. Lillian’s expertise covers many sensitive issues, from emotions and desire to hormones and mental health, from the effects of bad habits to the ability to escalate feelings of pleasure. With knowledge, ethics, and professional skills Lillian has helped many people improve their failing relationships, and to find a perfect partner for building a long-term relationship filled with love and desire. Lillian and her professional team created unique functional food and beverage recipes and other senses-stimulating offerings, which had been adjusted to modern tastes and technology to deliver an ultimately enjoyable experience. Only the best ingredients from reputable sources are used in the preparation processes that ensure effective delivery of the valuable bio-active elements of the stimulants. Incredible legends, historical facts, and light sexy humor add a finer edge and detail to Lillian’s events, and teachings. Along with her team, Lillian runs Aphrodope company, which offers publications, training services, and enjoyable public events including ‘A Feast for Senses’ – an interactive aphrodisiac dinner experience, during which participants have a chance to experience things they never knew they were able to experience. Her happy fans and followers, who discovered the power of aphrodisiacs, have a better understanding of her favorite saying “To Health, Long Life & Pleasures”.
March 23, 2023
William Anderson

Communication - The gateway to a collaborative multicultural society

            Communication From All Perspectives

I am working with William Anderson and besides being an accomplished author, William also has his degree in Journalism as well as his Masters in Marketing at the University of Georgia. I think his new book, The Price of Perfect", may be a good fit for your audience.                 

“Anderson intrepidly takes aim at the most incendiary of topics—race relations in America—and deftly limns the many ways in which even the best intentions can descend into the counterproductive. Anderson deserves great credit for tackling such a sensitive issue so foursquarely… [The Price of Perfect is] a didactic lesson for readers … ambitious and intriguing.”

— Kirkus Reviews

“A of his works are based on people's lives in transitions, not of their making, but caused by larger events. How we react to forces we can't control is a recurring theme. In Praise of The Price of Perfect: William Anderson has written a powerful story that chronicles the conflict between a modern-day Atlanta developer and the preservation of a historic site rooted in the city's dark history. The Price of Perfect addresses our modern-day racial issues with a deft hand opening for discussion about today's culture wars. It is a story you will remember for its balance of both sides of the issue.” --Jim, Harvey, author of Grayton Beach Affair

Civil Rights Movement, Black Lives Matter. Slavery. Critical Race Theory. Affirmative Action.

Just mentioning any of these things could spark a debate, a fight, or even a riot in today’s sensitive, divided society. Our nation still struggles with how to view or discuss matters of race. Does anyone really listen to a viewpoint other than their own? A new book explores, through a creative novel, The Price of Perfect, a way to launch our country into a peaceful and honest dialogue on race and racism.

Once a journalist with the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, an advertising agency founder, and author, William “Dub” Anderson has managed to craft a best-selling novel that encapsulates the points of view of all races. His thought-provoking and candid discussion of our racial divide in an extraordinarily balanced tone allows for others to launch into meaningful dialogues.

Please let me know if you would like William on your program. 



Anderson is available to discuss the following in an interview:

Why race need not be an issue discussed with anger and division.

Why an older, white, male southerner should write such a book.

How we can move past thinking our opinion is the only truth.

Why social and traditional media have failed us on the race debate.

What can be done to resolve racism.

How he handles the backlash from writing on the most incendiary of topics.

How he has been active working toward solutions for Atlanta’s inner-city minorities.

“America is a divided nation today over culture and race,” says Anderson. “When millions of citizens differ in their opinions on this or other major matters, how they communicate their ideas between one another is critical--the words used, their nuances, metaphors, what they emphasize, and how well they understand the effect their words will have on those who differ. The most critical ingredients if we are to come together through language are first to listen, then have the freedom to speak our own truths.

“Today that freedom of language has been stifled in some instances where a host of words are considered taboo and offensive. 

“The Price of Perfect addresses this challenge to free expression through the frank, often very personal, conversations of the novel's characters. Some readers may think one side of the novel's racial discussions are offensive, or the opinions favor one side of the debate over another. This is not a story seeking comfort in its reading, but as an example of learning by listening. The goal of our nation to address today's racial issues should be to bring understanding and find commonality with each other while holding on to one's basic beliefs. This novel invites all readers to find common ground where all opinions are allowed and respected.”

Book Summary

Southern politics has rarely been so carefully revealed as in this contemporary novel. In The Price of Perfect, Atlanta’s oppressive racial past rises up to threaten the reputation of controversial architect Jack Collier. He feels he and his friends are the best of people living in Buckhead, Atlanta’s most prestigious suburb.

Jack is determined to create his greatest achievement in life--a magnificent building in the community of Vinings that defies the imagination by literally opening and closing like a flower. Jack will dedicate the building to Atlanta, a city that believes in the future more than its past. But social justice advocate Shandra Berry discovers a Black man had been hanged on a towering oak tree that still stands on the property in the community of Vinings. She demands Jack save the oak as a memorial to the thousands of Blacks hanged during a dark time in America’s history.

Jack refuses. Saving the tree would mean redesigning his “building for the ages.” Shandra accuses Jack of being a racist, hiding behind years of financial support he has given Atlanta’s Black charities. Jack's reputation is attacked by woke social media. And something even more damaging is at stake. The loyalty of his wife and best friends is being tested by the anger in the accusation of racism being hurled at Jack. They fear their reputations can be ruined if they remain loyal to this man they love. Their agonizing over the price of loyalty becomes a metaphor for the current struggle over race in America.

Can Jack and Shandra reconcile over the explosive racial issue before Jack’s dream is destroyed?

Their challenge is America’s challenge.

What price are we willing to pay for our truths? And how much should we allow the past to rule the present?

Media Contact: Brian Feinblum 914-462-2038

United States

William “Dub” Anderson


William, "Dub" Anderson is an author, journalist, and advertising man. His newest book is a controversial bestseller, The Price of Perfect.


He was born in Athens GA. He received his degree in Journalism as well as his Masters in Marketing at the University of Georgia. Dub started his writing career at Vogue Magazine and later contributed a political column to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. He also became a copywriter for several advertising agencies. Over the years, he founded three ad agencies of his own, positioned at each one as Creative Director and Senior Writer.


Dub's first book was The Wild Man From Sugar Creek, a biography of notorious Georgia governor Eugene Talmadge. It became one of the definitive histories of southern politics in the 1930's.


His first novel, God's Arm, was a historical fiction imagining Jesus as a man, searching for and finding His destiny. It was heavily researched as to what life in Jesus's day was like, and how His ministry was partially formed by the harsh world of Roman rule.


Jesus at 65 is Dub's second novel, placed in Atlanta in contemporary times. The premise finds two golfers searching for the meaning of life, as one of the men is dying. The main character goes on an urgent search to discover, in his mind, if Jesus was Christ or is this a life without purpose. His conclusion was life-changing. 


He has been active in working toward solutions for Atlanta’s inner-city minorities. Dub co-founded the Good Samaritan Scholarship, which provides funds and mentoring to promising young Black leaders. he was elected Chairman of The Atlanta Homeless Children Shelter, which serves urban homeless families. He is a member of the organization seeking racial reconciliation called Hopeful and Honest. He is a member of Leadership Atlanta, which also seeks dialogue and understanding of racial and other urban issues. He also helped develop the marketing program for 100 Black Men’s first major Black college football fund raiser.


Dub recently appeared on a political interview show on WGUN in Gainesville, Ga, to discuss his newest novel. He had write-ups in the Smoke Signal and Dawsonville News. He was also interviewed on PBS radio about the Atlanta Children’s Shelter as its Chairman.


Professional / Phone: (404) 825 - 4034 


March 21, 2023
Dr. Alvin Pam

Psychotherapist,  Dr. Pam, shares provocative insights into today’s society from his new novel

​​​​Dr. Pam, a psychotherapist by trade, writes with a unique perspective on a subject matter that is both historical and ever so timely for today’s world. The book is informative, analytical, and enlightening – and sure to stir a debate both for its contents and its author

Several generations before the Black Lives Matter movement took hold, there was a bigger, more controversial group fighting for civil rights and equality in America. A new book, When Black Panthers Prowled Amerika, offers a unique look at the Black Panthers Party through the eyes of an author who marched in the south in the 1960s under Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Though Dr.Pam’s book (that is how the author wants to be known) is historical fiction, it features mostly real figures from a tumultuous era, and meditates on race relations that offer insights into today’s society.

The book has stirred controversy because the author is not a young Black woman, but rather an older white guy. Dr. Pam is the last name of the author – not the first.

“Because of accusations of cultural misappropriation, I wasn’t able to get published under my real name,” says Pam. “We live in the time of a hyper-sensitive cancel culture that many people wonder if it is racist and sexist in itself.”

Dr. Pam is available to discuss in interviews the following:

• How history views the accomplishments of the Black Panther Party.

• What can be done to improve racial equality in the U.S.

• Why racial relations are still terse, half a century after the Black Panthers were dismantled.

• A new perspective on J. Edgar Hoover’s role in suppressing the Panthers.

• Why several publishers refused to publish Pam’s book.

• Who gets to tell the story of the Black Panthers.

Dr. Pam, a psychotherapist by trade, writes with a unique perspective on a subject matter that is both historical and ever so timely for today’s world. The book is informative, analytical, and enlightening – and sure to stir a debate both for its contents and its author

United States

Dr. Pam, who has been a psychotherapist for over half a century, is the author of three books, including the historical novel, When Black Panthers Prowled Amerika.

In 1964, Dr. Pam joined a thousand college students to participate in the “Mississippi Freedom Summer,” under the aegis of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Three civil-rights workers were lynched by the Klan right at the outset of the project. Following his life-changing experience down south, Dr.Pam returned north to lead a civil rights group in Buffalo.

Dr. Pam’s career as a clinical psychologist includes 34 years of service at Bronx Psychiatry Center, including a 10-year stint as the Director of Psychology Department. For the past 21 years, Pam has engaged in private practice.

As an adjunct assistant professor (psychology) at the Albert Einstein School of Medicine, Dr. Pam also taught at several colleges and graduate schools, including Fordham and Yeshiva Universities, the New School for social Research, and was an adjunct associate professor of psychology at Bronx Community College for 24 years.

A veteran of the United States Army, Pam has been an active member of the American Psychological Association, American Group Psychotherapy Association, and New York State Psychological Association.

Dr. Pam’s earlier two books addressed issues in  therapy and science; in addition, he has published numerous articles in professional journals such as Psychiatric Quarterly, American Journal of Psychiatry, Psychological Reports, Archives of General Psychiatry, New Ideas in Psychology, International Journal of Group Psychotherapy, American Journal of Psychotherapy, Journal of Mind and Behavior, and Professional Psychology, Research, and Practice.

Dr. Pam earned his Ph.D. in Psychology from the State University of New York at Buffalo and Pam’s M.A. in Psychology came from New School for Social Research. He also earned another M.A., in Modern European History, from New York University, and a B.A. in History from Brooklyn College.

Dr. Pam, raised in Brooklyn, New York, now resides in Westchester, New York.

Suggested Interview Questions For Dr. Pam

When Black Panthers Prowled Amerika

What is your book about? What inspired you to write When Black Panthers Prowled Amerika? How hard was it, when penning your novel, to get back into the frame of mind of where our nation was 60 years ago, in terms of race relations and where we are today? You joined 1000 college students to participate in the Mississippi Freedom Summer protest back in 1964, under the spiritual guidance of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. in non-violent resistance. What did you learn from that? In looking back, 50 and 60 years after the Civil Rights Movement peaked, do you feel there is hope for our country to resolve its racial prejudices?  Are things swinging too far the other way now, where we went from encouraging people to be color blind to only seeing color in everything? What does it mean to be an antiracist today? Did the Black Panthers serve an important purpose in the evolution of race relations at the time? Were the Black Panthers more like Malcolm X, who preached getting racial justice by any means necessary? How did that conflict with the peaceful teachings of Dr. King? Your book takes place in another era, a time when our nation was in turmoil. Vietnam was being waged. Women sought equal rights. Blacks fought against segregation, racism, and injustice. It was a tumultuous and violent moment in our country, wasn’t it? After MLK was assassinated in 1968, and violent riots and protests ensued, what did you think was going to happen to America? Have police relations with the Black community improved over time, especially since the death of George Floyd? What do you make of the Black Lives Matter movement? The United States may still have a color problem, but rather than it being black and white, it is blue and red. What can be done to bridge the polarizing gap in a nation that is terribly divided by politics, race, and identity? What challenges did you overcome in writing your book? You start each chapter with a quote from people in the 1960s that captures the anger, fear, suffering, and violence of those days. How did to come to select those quotes? Why does your book’s plot focus on Eldridge Cleaver and Huey P. Newton? Who were they in history? Is your portrait of them in the novel accurate?  Did Black Panthers bring the races together – or deepen the separation? In your book, the main character, Nef, loves Newton and the Black Panther Party, but she also bears witness to how females, who were valiant activists and fighters for the cause, were often subjected to a demeaning male chauvinism. How does she reconcile the pursuit of justice while seeing the very movement to bring it about being compromised on other fronts? At the end of the book, in an author’s note, you issue a surprise. Can you now reveal what that secret is? Wait, so you are an older, white guy who tried passing himself off as a younger, Black woman to tell a story of racial injustice? Why?
March 21, 2023
Kathy Forti

(Int Opp) Can a secret group be controlling access to information? Debut Sci-Fi Thriller Series by Kathy Forti

I'd like to interest you in Kathy Forti and her Debut Sci-fi Thriller!

What would you do if you discover a hidden, inter-dimensional portal within the Library of Congress, and that a massive database of all knowledge and records of all people is controlled by a secret society that uses the information to manipulate humanity? A debut sci-fi thriller, STACKS Library of Truth, explores this very situation with spine-tingling chills that makes us question not only if such a thing could exist, but wondering what it could mean for the world.

Author Kathy Forti, Ph.D., a former clinical psychologist and journalist, came to craft this mysterious story after suffering a near-death experience. The event left her with a greater creative capacity, inspiring her to write books and to invent a patented energetic healing technology for health.

“It’s hard to explain what happened to me, how I survived, and the amazing creativity that came about as a result of almost dying,” says Forti.

STACKS Library of Truth is a fast-paced, thought-provoking story that is tailored for fans of the X-Files who want to know more of the alien forces that exist beyond our conceptions. The story revolves around a library employee at the Library of Congress who accidentally unearths a dark agenda by those in power.

Uncovered in the Library of truth are the goods on all world leaders, politicians, businessmen, and all those in global power positions. Everything they ever did is on record – even the things done in private that no one witnesses. This unique library also contains a file on every person – alive and dead – that ever walked the face of the Earth.

When Zach, the unsuspecting library employee, attempts to expose the crimes of a power circle in control of the Library of Truth, the power denizens of the nation’s capitol cause mayhem and murder. Zach, by becoming the “Deep Throat” to a Washington, D.C. television reporter, puts himself in grave danger. The more he finds out about the Library of Truth, the deeper the rabbit hole gets.

Forti is available in an interview to discuss:

·If it’s possible a real Library of Truth could exist.

·What would happen if such a library was in place?

·If her book is a warning about big technology companies that acquire a trove of data on everyone and everything.

·The challenges every whistle-blower must confront.

·How the news media and libraries play a vital role in the truths that we hear.

·Why do so many books like Forti’s accuse a powerful inner circle of running and ruining the world.

·What her near-death experience was like and how it spawned the greatest creative period of her life.

To research and write her book, Forti was given rare access to portions of the Library of Congress that few people have. “It was an amazing experience,” says Forti. “I interviewed librarians, workers, and toured the country’s biggest library. No one ever set a book’s story to revolve in and around the Library of Congress.”

Forti is a curious, seeking person who likes to explore. As a side business love, she leads tours of ancient Egyptian sites.

“I have found ways to access ancient sites that are off-limits to the general public,” she says. “I’ve been down under the Great Pyramids where there are water tunnels and a submerged sarcophagus. I’ve also crawled down a small hole under the Sphinx, where tunnels once existed. I was able to weave some of these unique elements into STACKS Library of Truth.

STACKS Library of Truth is an enthralling, suspenseful, adventurous story where the fate of humanity rests on whether it’s too late to learn the truth – and fight back to save it. STACKS Awakening Truth is the sequel (November, 2022) that continues the story of how mankind is in jeopardy and what will have to be done to save it.

*For more on Kathy Forti Ph.D., please request her Bio and I can send it.

Let me know when you'd like to interview Kathy!



United States

Kathy Forti, Ph.D. is the author of the newly released Truth Book Series: STACKS Library of Truth and STACKS Awakening Truth, a sci-fi thriller which takes place in Washington, D.C.’s Library of Congress, where a library employee accidentally opens up an interdimensional portal into a library within a library, where all truth is stored.

Prior to penning her novels, she was a clinical psychologist with over 30 years of experience in the mental health field. Her knowledge of psychopathology adds unusual character depth to her stories.

As a direct result of her own near-death experience in 2003, where her heart stopped, Forti became more creative. This led to the development and patent of the Trinfinity8 and Ascension11 energetic software technology, now used by holistic healing practitioners worldwide. 

With a degree in journalism, she worked for several years as an associate producer for CBS-TV. She also wrote a TV pilot script for STACKS that won a Slamdance Teleplay Award. She launched, with the help of Pacific Rock Productions, which was led by an Emmy-winning producer, an original 11-part web series called STACKS The Truth Can Kill You.

She has authored a non-fiction book as well: Fractals of God: A Psychologist’s Near-Death Experience & Journeys Into the Mystical, and a children’s book series: Freddie Brenner’s Mystical Adventures.

Forti is a blogger and was a keynote speaker for NEXUS Magazine in Australia in 2010 and 2015. She addresses subjects related to health, consciousness, spirituality and the weird and wonderful. For years, she has been leading ancient mystery school groups to Egypt, having explored the water tunnels under the Great Pyramid, as well as closed-off tunnels under the Sphinx. Sometimes referred to as “a female Indiana Jones” after finding alien artifacts in Mexico, she is, at heart, an ancient explorer of the origins of humanity.

Born in Chicago, Forti has called many cities her home, including New York City, Los Angeles, Santa Monica, Kansas, and Prescott, Arizona. She currently resides in Maui, Hawaii. For more information, please consult:

March 20, 2023
Peter de Silva

I am reaching out to see if you would consider an interview with Peter de Silva, about the top 3 leadership mistakes he made during his 35+ years in the financial industry and how he was able to fix them. 

Before writing the book, Peter was a Senior Vice President at Fidelity Investments for over 17 years, and then became President of Scottrade, Inc. He was also a senior fellow at Harvard University’s Advanced Leadership Initiative. As a c-suite executive, his career was sidelined by two back-to-back corporate acquisitions, and he was forced to go on an unexpected journey of personal growth.  

In his debut book, Taking Stock: 10 Life and Leadership Principles from My Seat at the Table (Gravitas Press, pub date: March 24th), he shares the lessons he has learned from the leadership front lines. 

Please let me know if we can send you an advance review copy of the book or if you would like to connect with Peter for a story. 

Peter de Silva is a nationally recognized and highly accomplished financial industry executive. He is an experienced chairman, CEO, president, executive committee member, and public and private company director. He is also a trustee for national non-profit organizations and national charitable foundations. de Silva is also a former Harvard University Senior Fellow - Advanced Leadership Initiative. 

de Silva has more than 30 years of experience in the financial sector of banking, institutional asset management and servicing, and wealth management. de Silva's experience also includes retirement, retail and institutional brokerage, trading, healthcare financial services and corporate services. He is recognized for his ability to drive outsized results by creating a compelling vision, building the strategy, aligning resources and executing the plan. de Silva shows strong executive leadership and possesses board credentials while being a highly engaged servant leader who is committed to developing talent and effective organizations. 

de Silva possesses board-related experience in strategy, audit and risk management. Currently on the boards of Edelman Financial Engines, Prosper Marketplace, Inc., Infosel, IRALOGIX, Fidelity Security Life Insurance Company, the Robert W. Plaster Charitable Foundation, MRI Global, the CMT Research Foundation (CMTRF), the UMASS Dartmouth Foundation and the Commonwealth Corporation. He is happily married and is the proud father of two wonderful daughters.

March 17, 2023
Tom Shepard

I am reaching out to offer author & CFP, Tom Shepard, as an expert for any personal finance stories you are working on His new book, Money Isn’t Everything, Everything is Money, comes out in April. 

The book intends to lead readers through understanding currencies, multiple facets of finance, including financial natures and levels, how finances evolve, and finally how to apply these principles to both individuals and organizations. This book is different from conventional books on finance, which often take the approach that there is one way to achieve success: “Deny thyself. Be disciplined. Make sacrifices now and all will be fine in the future.” 

You will learn a different approach. A more personal approach that asks the question: Who are YOU?

Shepard organizes everything you need to know into digestible graphics and financial self-assessments with space for notes and reflection. With the goal of helping you understand money and how it works in your life, according to who you are based on the seven natures, or personality types, which include: the Spender, the Earner, the Saver, the Investor, the Lever, the Giver, and the Taker, all with the end goal of finding happiness beyond money.

Shepard’s analysis and explanation of how to navigate time, health, relationships, and stuff, all as forms of currency that play major roles in our day-to-day lives aims to establish a guide for readers to improve their situation and understand their purpose.

Specifically, Shepard shows you how to:

Understand Your Financial Nature. This is the hardwiring that influences how you relate to money, consciously and unconsciously over time, which can hold you back.  Expand Your Awareness about other natures and how to flex into them.  This will transform your behavior and demonstrate more options. Discover a Pattern of Intentional Evolution. This will encourage you to embrace continuous and incremental change over the course of your life and help you achieve your financial goals.    Please let me know if we can send you a copy of the book to look at or if you are interested in booking an interview with Tom. 


Tom Shepard has worked in finance for over 27 years. He both attended and taught at the Institute for Civic Leadership, and produced writings on the Seven Levels of Sustainable Nonprofits. Additionally, he taught personal finance and mathematics at Gould Academy, and is an avid speaker. Now, he leads Shepard FINANCIAL, a comprehensive financial planning and personalized investment management group, as well as Currency Camp, which offers financial advice to groups and individuals. 

Shepard has been a guest on Dr. Lisa Belisle’s “Dr. Lisa Radio Hour” and Debi Davis’s “Mind Your Own Business.” 

In addition to his work in the finance world, Tom is an avid lacrosse player and skier. He lives with his family in Cumberland, Maine.