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Darryl E Berry Jr

I'm a long-time researcher of the out-of-body experience and contactee, an accomplished student of A Course in Miracles, and a budding physicist and astronomer. I've helped people to their first out-of-body experience, to a better clarity on and practice of A Course in Miracles, and to better understanding of math, astronomy, and physics. Talk show guests and hosts have found me helpful, informative, genuine, and entertaining. I have two books in print with more on the way.  

United States

My name is Darryl E Berry Jr, founder of Next Density Center. I have a long-time interest in the out-of-body experience, and I orchestrate practical courses and research studies on the topic. My first book, Travel Far, contains several of my out-of-body experience journals (including extraterrestrial encounters). Moreover, it is a comprehensive “how-to” on OBE (also called astral travel). Furthermore, I’ve been a student of A Course in Miracles for about twenty years. I host an ACIM class and study group on Sundays at 2 PM and 8:30 PM (email me for details), and publish books and recordings on the same, including Classes on A Course in Miracles. I’ve been praised for the clarity and accuracy of my teaching.

I’ve graduated Palo Alto College with two summa cum laude Associate degrees. I’m now studying physics and astronomy as a double major at the University of Texas at Austin – class of ’25, and work part-time as a Learning Assistant at UT. I anticipate entering graduate school in 2025 in astronomy/astrophysics. In 2023 I gave my first science talks, on dark matter and dark energy. My future profession will be a math and science tutor and professor, and an astrophysics researcher. I may expand my writing to fiction and other subjects, as well as continuing out-of-body and A Course in Miracles writing and teaching. 

I’ve participated in nearly 50 interviews and speaking engagements, and I’ve worked as a Tutor and Learning Assistant at the college level. I offer in-person and online lectures, workshops, and question & answer sessions. I can be contacted at or via the contact page. I might also be interested in “debating” (which is to say demolishing) more flat Earth believers in flat Earth “debates.”

For STEM matters, including math and science tutoring, please visit this page for more information. To join future practical out-of-body courses, classes, and research studies, please visit Next Density Center at You can support my work at my Patreon or through Paypal at


1984-Out-of-body experiences and other higher sensory interactions began

2007-Transcendant experience as universal mind

2015-Publishing of Travel Far, included in 34th Annual Kentucky Book Fair

2016-Publishing of Classes on A Course in Miracles and Forgive and Be Free

2020-poetry published in the Eleven Rivers Review Vol. 6 (2019-2020)

2020-Fifty Percent (50%) who completed the Basics course, and one hundred percent (100%) who completed the entire course, had OBEs

2022-Summa cum laude Associate of Science degree; summa cum laude Associate of Arts degree

2023-First public talk on astrophysics/astronomy

Darryl E Berry Jr and first two books Travel Far and Classes on A Course in Miracles
Dan Granger

Teacher of 15 Years Who Suffers From SAD, Shares Insight, Hope & Help In A Children’s Book   

I wanted to pique your interest in this topic as well. Former teacher and SAD sufferer gives both inspirational and practical suggestions on how both Children and adults can open up communication to discuss SAD, and other mental health concerns.


“Kids will connect with Sam's need to "recharge" during winter-and wish to have superpowers to escape to a place of endless summer-while drawing inspiration from his willingness to open up about a disorder that too many are reluctant to share.

 Takeaway: Easy-to-follow introduction to Seasonal Affective Disorder, from a kid's perspective.”
— Publishers Weekly Booklife

"A former teacher pens a book aimed at sparking dialogue about SAD & child depression."

Dan Granger crafts  the novel "Why is Sam SAD" to foster communication among parents and caregivers regarding child depression and Seasonal Affective Disorder

In honor of "Mental Health Awareness Month", former teacher Dan Granger crafts  the novel "Why is Sam SAD" to foster communication among parents and caregivers regarding child depression and Seasonal Affective Disorder


Sam has seasonal affective disorder or SAD. He will tell you all about it from a child’s view. Sam feels the winters are long and dark. The weather saps your energy.

What causes it? Lack of sunlight.

What season is the worst for people with SAD?

What happens when you are SAD? You become lonely.

Who do you talk to when you are SAD? No one.

Are there things to do when SAD takes over? You bet!

Come and learn what you can do during the SAD season.

After all, just because you suffer from SAD doesn’t mean you have to stay sad.



“Why is Sam So SAD? Seasonal Affective Disorder and Depression from a Child's Perspective, by Dan Granger, provides a poignant exploration of a young boy's experience with Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) and depression during the dark and dreary winter months. Through the eyes of Sam, readers are taken on a journey that delves into the challenges faced by individuals grappling with this often-misunderstood condition.… Moreover, Granger offers practical strategies for coping with SAD, emphasizing the importance of seeking support, engaging in self-care activities, and practicing gratitude. Through Sam's journey of self-discovery and resilience, readers are reminded of the power of resilience and the importance of reaching out for help when needed…. As the title suggests, Why is Sam So SAD? is an informative exploration of Seasonal Affective Disorder from a child's perspective. Dan Granger's sensitive storytelling and insightful narrative offer valuable insights into the challenges faced by individuals living with SAD while also providing hope and encouragement for those seeking to understand and cope with this complex disorder.” – Children’s Book Review


A colorful children's book by a former teacher and childhood sufferer of Season Affective Disorder (SAD) captures the essence of what it is like for a young person to have SAD, which is a form of depression, and can help millions of people.




Dan Granger




Dan Granger has coped with Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) every winter since he was a child growing up in Wisconsin. As a former teacher of 15 years and currently a reading specialist, he combines his professional experiences and personal background to deliver an informative and inspiring children’s book: Why Is Sam So Sad? Seasonal Affective disorder and Depression from a Child’s Perspective (Christian Faith Publishing).


The son of a librarian, he received his Bachelor’s Degree from University of Wisconsin Oshkosh Special Education LD/ED and earned a Master’s Degree from University of Northern Arizona for Early Childhood Education. 


His adventurous side has been served by scuba-diving in Jamaica, mountain-biked down the hills of Park City Utah, jumping out of a plane twice, hiking from the bottom of the Grand Canyon to the top of Mount Humphries and then hiking to the top the top of Mount Timpanogos in Utah. He also jumped into the freezing cold waters during the polar plunge.

Michael Levy

Michael is an international radio host, a keynote speaker on cruise ships, radio and TV. He still is available for a few select seminars, events and talks. His books contain mystical poetry, business, investment, wellness, healthy living, mind body spirit, truth, philosophy, metaphysics, wisdom and everything society needs to live a wholesome life in love n joy. His works can be found on numerous websites throughout the world.


Michael, has become world leader on the philosophy of truth and wisdom although not many people know it. His 17 inspirational books have never been advertised or marketed for he feels authentic works will eventually find their place in humanity by word of mouth over time.

Cutting Truths
Letao Wang
Good afternoon,
Throughout ancient history, researchers and astronomers have been fascinated by how and why our planets above affect our fate below. Today this beautiful synchronicity between the sky and us is seen as a core principle in astrology.
In his new deck Oracle of the Celestial Deities, Letao Wang invites us to dance in the astrological echoes of the planets, asteroids, and constellations for a deeper understanding into our lives. By infusing guidance from the cosmos with ancient wisdom from mythical deities, we can uncover insights into each of life’s unique experiences.
As a spiritual counselor and professional astrologist, Letao can speak on:
ancient mythology and human psychology, reading your zodiac from moon phases, crystals for dreamwork and spiritual healing, and
much more when it comes to understanding astrological synchronicities.
If interested, I'm happy to share more information or a copy of Letao's new deck with you for an interview on BBS Radio.
Thank you!
Hong Kong

Letao Wang is a professional astrologist, tarot specialist, and the founder and spiritual counselor of the Healing Kingdom. He has been offering astrology, tarot, and numerology readings to clients in Hong Kong and abroad since 2015. In addition to his services, he shares his insights through’s astrology column, where he is a regular contributor. Learn more at

Oracle of the Celestial Deities cover
Zen Benefiel

Unveiling New Dimensions of Consciousness and Collaboration - From Trauma to Triumph

United States

Zen Benefiel is a captivating figure whose life and work are a profound testament to the power of self-discovery and cosmic exploration. An author, coach, facilitator, and transformative leader, Zen holds a deep commitment to bridging the understanding of the material and metaphysical worlds, striving to uplift humanity's consciousness through practical wisdom and insightful guidance. Zen brings a unique blend of wisdom, humor, and profound understanding to every conversation.

Zen's journey began in the heartland of America, where he was adopted at 6 weeks and raised in a traditional Christian household. His quest for deeper understanding took a dramatic turn following a near-death experience at the age of 18, which expanded his consciousness and intensified his curiosity about the nature of existence. 

This transformative event propelled him to explore various spiritual traditions and philosophies, integrating this knowledge into a cohesive framework that emphasizes the interconnectedness of life. After a divorce, he re-framed the experience in a live metaphor.

Zen's professional journey is marked by diversity, including roles in aerospace, education, music, and special event management, demonstrating his versatile skill set and ability to navigate complex systems and organizations. As a project manager and liaison for various high-profile ventures, he has honed his skills in mediation, problem-solving, and strategic planning.

As an author, Zen has penned several thought-provoking books that delve into topics ranging from extraterrestrial encounters to the nature of reality itself. His works, including "The GOD Participle" and "ZERO to ONE - Making Our Way Toward a Conscious Civilization," offer fresh insights and perspectives on age-old questions, challenging readers to expand their understanding of the universe and their place within it.

In addition to his literary contributions, Zen is a sought-after speaker and presenter, captivating audiences with his engaging storytelling and profound wisdom. Whether sharing his own experiences or distilling complex concepts into easily digestible insights, Zen has a unique ability to inspire and empower others on their own journeys of self-discovery. His podcast, "One World in a New World," recently hit one million views.

Beyond his public appearances, Zen is also deeply engaged in grassroots initiatives aimed at fostering greater harmony and understanding among people and planet. His work as a servant leader and advocate for peace reflects his commitment to creating a more compassionate and equitable world for future generations. “Navigating Holistic Growth: The Servant Leader’s Guide,” was recently published to assist with the organizational transformations in the ‘new normal.’

Zen's eclectic background, including music, and multifaceted expertise make him a dynamic and compelling guest for any podcast or interview. Whether discussing the intersection of science and spirituality, exploring the mysteries of consciousness, or sharing practical insights for personal growth and transformation, Zen brings a wealth of knowledge and insight to every conversation.

With his trademark blend of wit, wisdom, and warmth, Zen Benefiel invites listeners to embark on a journey of exploration and discovery, challenging conventional thinking and inviting them to embrace new possibilities for themselves and the world around them. As a guest, Zen is sure to leave a lasting impression, sparking thought-provoking conversations and inspiring listeners to cultivate greater awareness, understanding, and connection in their own lives.

Stubbing My T.O.E. on Purpose Book ad
Elin-Margareta Nordin

Hauntingsand curses on film/tvsets.  


Elin-Margareta Nordin was born on October 22, 1986, in Eskilstuna, Södermands län, Sweden. She started to act in Theater, Commercials, and TV still in her teens. After a year studying at Santa Monica College, Los Angeles, Elin-Margareta returned back home to Sweden and continued to act, she never forgot about Hollywood and still visits and is planning to move back. It was in Stockholm that the short movie The Bohemian was born, with friend and filmmaker Linda Sjöberg, the silent movie was created. Both inspiring filmmakers had become friends while working together in theater play Spritfesten (The Alcohol Party) between 2008 - 2010. The Bohemian was released first in 2009 and then again in 2010. Since the work on The Bohemian, Elin-Margareta has continued to act, perform, edit and directed films, series, and theater. Between 2010- 2018 she lived and worked in London, UK. She has worked on Call The Midwives, Holby City, Angels of Brick Lane, The Ritual, Me, Myself and I, Toy Box Killers and many other films, theater and series. In 2018 Elin-Margareta filmed and edited musicians Claire Hamill & Andrew Warren music video Secrets by Summer. In 2017 Elin-Margareta started to work with the director, producer, and writer Mark Denham on his short film Love and Warheads. They have since then worked together on The Ritual, Toy Box Killers, El Cucuy, Sibling Rivalry, The Untitled Show:. The Interview and After Claire's Funeral.

When not acting and directing, Elin-Margareta runs a Supernatural/Mystery web show called The Untitled Show by E-MN, where she talks about cold cases, ghosts and the unknown. It's released on Acast, Soundcloud and Spotify. Elin-Margareta is also writing a horror tvscript with writer and journalist Paul Bagnall. 

Kristin Bruce

How To Be Happy successfully empowers teens to experience their true goodness and unlimited power!  Teens are loving it as they overcome fears, experience relief from anxiety, depression, and negative thoughts.  They learn communication skills they need to speak their truth confidently, feel their feelings, make positive decisions, and find their inherent worth within themselves.  Teens who have started with severe anxiety are finding calmness within their body and are smiling!! 


I taught in the public education system for over 20 years.  During that time I saw students could not concentrate on academics because emotional issues and low self esteem got in the way.  I decided to write a curriculum that helped students get out of this struggle.  

I am currently a school counselor and my curriculum is being used in the school system.  I also work with teens online to help them find their happiness.  This is my greatest acheivement.  

In my free time I enjoy my cat Co-Co, traveling, and spending time at the beach!

How I Got My Wings by Kristin Bruce
Dr Carla Marie Manly

“Mental health improves when we learn the keys to healthy relationships,” Dr. Manly said. “In other words, the more stable we are in our close relationships, the more we are able to stay calm — free of anxiety — when faced with the chaos in the outer world.”

 In her new book, The Joy of Imperfect Love, she helps readers create new patterns that pave the way toward healthy, joy-filled connections. Through research-backed insights, captivating case examples and empowering exercises, Dr. Manly leads readers through an exploration of how attachment issues and unresolved trauma negatively impact both self-love and relationship quality. Then, Dr. Manly offers sound solutions for creating the awareness and healthy habits that promote lasting love.

Her inclusive narrative makes her insights accessible to all demographics and sexual orientations, and key concepts such as communication skills and emotional intelligence can be applied to romantic relationships, friendships, social relationships, and work relationships.

United States

Clinical psychologist, author, podcaster, and advocate Dr. Carla Marie Manly is based in Sonoma County, California. In addition to her clinical practice focusing on relationships and personal transformation, Dr. Manly is deeply invested in her roles as a consultant and speaker. With a refreshingly direct and honest approach — plus doses of humor — Dr. Manly enjoys supporting others in the ever-evolving journey of life. Working from a transformative model that honors the body-mind-spirit connection, Dr. Manly offers holistic relationship and wellness seminars around the world. Her three previous books, Date Smart, Joy from Fear and Aging Joyfully highlight her empowering approach and profound expertise. She has been cited by numerous media outlets, including The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, The Los Angeles Times, USA Today, Forbes, Oprah, Newsweek, NBC, HuffPost, Reader’s Digest, Psychology Today, Parade, Women’s Health and more. Look for Dr. Manly’s upbeat mental health podcast — Imperfect Love — on all major podcast platforms. Dr. Manly also co-hosts the Familius podcast, Helping Families Be Happy. 

The Joy of Imperfect Love: The Art of Creating Healthy, Securely Attached Relationships
Nancy Chadwick

Chicago-based writer Nancy Chadwick’s inspiration comes from nature and meandering through the woods of any forest. Her essays have appeared in anthologies, blogs and literary magazines; her memoir, Under the Birch Tree, and her debut novel, The Wisdom Of The Willow (published in May of 2024) are both published by She Writes Press. 


Noted as one of 2024's Most Anticipated Books by the Chicago Review of Books, The Wisdom of the Willow is a metaphorically rich and reflective tale of sisterhood and strength—a story of hope and healing, of the choices that shape our lives, and the challenges we all face as we seek to find our places in the world. It’s told from the POV of four sisters in midlife, each dealing with their own life changes and the illness of their mother. The story takes place from Memorial Day to Labor Day in the summer of 1998, making it a perfect Summer Read. 


Nancy can talk about: Why place and home are such important concepts in storytelling; What the personal essay and our natural world have in common; Embedding lessons from the natural world into a fictional story; The symbolism of the willow tree and the inspiration behind it; How trees can keep us, as well as our environment, healthy; Changes to our climate and maintaining our mental health and wellbeing; and the differences and similarities between the craft of writing memoir and writing fiction. 


Sample questions include: 

You started out as a memoir writer, writing personal essays, why the switch to fiction? Your first book was about a birch tree, and this book incorporates a willow tree. Usually when we talk about trees, it’s about the mighty oak. Why a willow tree? The story revolves around the lives of four sisters, yet only three of them face life changes. Why include a fourth sister? How did you get involved in writing about the natural world? Why did you choose to have Margaret, the matriarch, inflicted with a terminal illness? What is your favorite genre to write, nonfiction or fiction? Why?

Timely tie-ins for Nancy’s expertise include her pub date of May 7, Mother’s Day 5/12, National Love A Tree Day 5/16, Summer Reads, National Tree Day (July 28), and Sisters’ Day (August 4.)

United States

Nancy Chadwick grew up in a northern suburb of Chicago where Deerfield was marked by four corners, and making connections to it and to home would later become subjects in her writing. Nancy got her first job at Leo Burnett advertising agency in Chicago and after working a decade in the advertising agency business, she moved to international corporate banking. Nancy’s writing inspiration comes from her years living in Chicago, and in San Francisco, and meandering through the woods of any forest. Her essays have appeared in The Magic of Memoir: Inspiration for the Writing Journey, Adelaide Literary Magazine, and blogs by the Chicago Writers Association Write City, About Write, and Brevity. Her memoir, Under the Birch Tree, and her debut novel, The Wisdom Of The Willow, are published by She Writes Press.

The Wisdom of the Willow book cover