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September 20, 2023
Daniel Kristos

I've been reading and researching topics of history for about decade in an effort to know the truth, but also to know thy enemy and to identify who the heck the THEY are that everyone including myself has referenced in vague ambiguity.  It appears I have an answer to who is doing this to us.  Who is so determined to shape the world as they see fit against the will of the majority.  I see a pattern of behavior reaching back to Sumer and Babylon that, like a sine wave through the pages of history, appears as a constant antagonist to the rest of mankind.  Like a big fingerprint across the story of humanity these actions follow a particular pattern.  It involves mysticism, the esoteric, and the occult meanings behind often public rituals.  Through their symbols you shall know them.  My upcoming book, Priestcraft Beyond Babylon, covers the Freemasons, the Jesuits, the Bolsheviks, and most importantly the Mystery School adepts, their rituals, Canaanite practices still found in modern form today, and the Sabbatain or Sabbatean Frankists.  It's there I believe the Lions share resides.  If you understand their symbolism, you'll get why I brought up the lion.  I believe we're dealing with a common thread that connects all these groups to one another.  It's a very dark and very ancient priesthood that still operates through the infiltration and corruption of many institutions.  I'd like to discuss that a bit.  I go over this and current offenses we call news on my show and attempt to offer alternatives to the trappings of this malicious medical system as well.

United States

I'm a dad to an amazing little girl first and foremost.  I have been the hot sauce guy of San Diego and beyond since 2014, having had a store in Old Town San Diego for 7 of those years.  So I like to create great products for people to enjoy.  I'm a former US Coast Guard, a writer, researcher, and historical analyst.  But going back to the original statement, I'm a dad concerned about my family in this extremely hostile and malicious world we find ourselves in.  I create informative videos and host guests on my channel Baal Busters.  My goal is to inform others of what I've learned from a lot of reading in the hopes it results in a more informed public, able to avoid the many dangers we face.  I've had Dr Bryan Ardis on about 40 times, Dr Peter Glidden, ND, Dr Henry Ealy, Kevin Annett, Freeman of Freeman TV, Scott Schara, Dr Alphonzo Monzo, ND, Dr Tau Braun, Tom Cowan, Kaufman, Mike Adams, and many others.  I'm currently writing a book called Priestcraft Beyond Babylon from my research into the ongoing and still thriving ancient Mystery School cults and how they manifest in modern day institutions of medicine, religions, government, and cultural trends.  I have studied the works of Bill Cooper extensively and incorporate his broadcasts into my show and into the pages of my book.  I recently became a certified personal trainer.

September 11, 2023
Michelle Vandepas

Michelle Vandepas is a highly accomplished purpose-driven entrepreneur who has achieved multi seven-figure success multiple times in her career. She possesses a wealth of experience and expertise in building purpose and legacy-driven businesses, and her insights would resonate with your audience.

As a co-founder of a successful publishing company, Michelle has demonstrated her ability to navigate the entrepreneurial landscape and create impactful ventures. Her expertise extends beyond business success, as she also leads retreats and coaches professionals in creating revenue streams while leading purpose-filled lives.

By featuring Michelle on your podcast, you would have the opportunity to explore various topics, including:

The power of purpose in entrepreneurship: How aligning personal values and purpose can drive business success and fulfillment.
Building legacy-driven businesses: Strategies for creating sustainable ventures that leave a positive and lasting impact.
Navigating challenges and achieving financial success: Insights on overcoming obstacles and achieving multi seven-figure success.
Publishing industry insights: Unveiling the dynamics of the publishing industry and the potential it holds for aspiring authors and entrepreneurs.
Coaching and mentoring for success: The value of mentorship and coaching in guiding professionals toward revenue streams and purposeful lives.

Michelle's vast knowledge and experience make her an ideal guest for your podcast, and her unique insights can provide valuable inspiration and guidance to your listeners. Her presence would greatly contribute to the engaging discussions and thought-provoking content that your podcast is known for.

Colorado, USA

Michelle Vandepas is an accomplished professional who captivates with her empowering message and unwavering support. As a seasoned author, speaker, and coach, she has a wealth of experience and profound insights into publishing, online marketing and living with purpose. Michelle lives in the mountains of Colorado, where she lives with her family, 40 goldfish, and the occasional mountain lion or bear (oh my!). Michelle is often walking through nature thinking of new ways to help her clients live their most authentically successful lives, and also grounding herself in the beauty of the world around her, whether at home or through her travels.

September 6, 2023
Dr Stephen Ezra West

Dr Stephen Ezra West is one of the most intuitive minds of today, who believes we are all capable of becoming geniuses in our own way.

His contributions are vast and include Master Keys to Zero Disease; Prenatal Empowerment as the leading edge of education; and The Laws of Empowerment, which reveals how Integration of Truth = Life, while Disintegration of Truth = Death.

So from your greatest pains, anything you're most afraid of and everything you feel is most out of alignment with either your personal life or World Peace, Dr West offers us a stronger foundation to talk about it and shift it into health, wealth, peace and prosperity!


Dr West is a top researcher, developer and teacher of the cause, prevention, and reversal of the most painful, crippling and killer diseases, such as COVID-19, heart disease and cancer.  He is one of the world’s most knowledgeable, inspirational, life changing, health and empowerment experts.

With 30 years of experience, focused primarily on applied physiology of mental, emotional, physical and spiritual healing and empowerment, he has empowered countless people while speaking throughout the world and consistently generates legendary successes and empowerment of audiences as he performs many live demos of more than a dozen new techniques, including his exclusive Instant Mass Healing™.

He has been featured on the Discovery Channel, FOX, NBC, ABC, CBS, in film, and on many stages across the world.

He has always been a high performance athlete and has experienced some very serious injuries; from torn and bulged discs in his spine, a grade 2 labrum tear, and a completely severed PCL in his knee. Yet he has always healed himself, without drugs or surgery of any kind and has over 30 years of experience in teaching ordinary people how to heal themselves!

August 31, 2023
Megan Mary

I am passionate about helping other women connect with the inner guidance and wisdom in their own dreams. I believe the symbolic imagery in our dreams is a key, once unlocked we can tap into our own innate wisdom, evolve our consciousness and ultimately discover our life purpose. I created my unique DreamMirror Method to help women decode and decipher their dream language for personal growth and self-discovery. It is my mission to teach the method to all women so they can harness the transformative power of their dreams. As I work exclusively with women, I am most aligned with shows whose host and audience are women.


Megan Mary is a dreamworker that specializes in the analysis of women's dreams to promote transformative personal growth and enlightenment. Founder of Women's Dream Analysis and the Women's Dream Enlightenment podcast, she is an intuitive, introvert, mystic and writer. After being diagnosed with three chronic illnesses, she experienced a spiritual awakening. She now works with women all over the world offering dream interpretation, transformative journeys and enlightened guidance. She lives in Idaho with her rockstar drummer husband and two cats.

August 9, 2023
Padma Aon Prakasha

This Book is being released Oct 1, 2023 worldwide through O Books. This transformational wisdom has beenkept within the Saivite Indian lineage for millennia, and has not been released to the general public until NOW

The Maheshwara Sutra is the ultimate guide to sound consciousness in the Vedic tradition, given by Shiva over 2200 years ago after his iconic Dance of destruction and creation. It is the clearest exposition of the world being created by sound vibration ever recorded. 

The Maheshwara Sutra was revealed by Shiva through his Drum. Each beat weaves the matrix of life, dynamically creating the universe and human being in 42 sound vibrations. Each sound unfolds the universal creative process, from the quantum field and Big Bang to the mind, breath, sexuality, chakras and all elements of creation.

The Maheshwara Sutra is Shiva’s holographic Creation of Everything, the original yoga of sound. Its 42 Sound Keys create 42 vibrational shifts within you, which can align you into the quantum blueprint of creation. Shiva’s Hologram: The Maheshwara Sutra is a science of consciousness, explaining the sounds that form yourself, opening doors into using sound never revealed before. Shiva’s Hologram: The Maheshwara Sutra translates this ancient wisdom into contemporary relevance and practice through quantum physics, sacred geometry, the union of masculine and feminine Shiva-Shakti, and the wisdom of India’s greatest masters. 


Padma is a 21st-century wisdom author and transformational teacher, who brings sacred wisdom and modern sciences of consciousness together to create transformational journeys and experiences. He makes the inaccessible simple, and the ancient contemporary and practical for today. Padma’s 8 books and 5 music albums are drawn from the sacred traditions he has been initiated into.He has taught in over 22 countries, spreading wisdom from western and eastern sacred traditions. Padma lives and breathes what he writes and teaches, and when he is not unraveling the mysteries of the universe, he is a devoted father.

August 2, 2023
Yasmin Azad
I'd like to interest you in Yasmin Azad and her book Stay, Daughter in the book recounts what it was to be a Muslim girl in the Sri Lanka of the 50s and 60s was to have to stay inside once you hit puberty; where even a glimpse of flesh was forbidden; and where things were done the way they'd always been done. 
But Azad's family is full of love, humor and larger-than-life characters, despite the strictures half of them were under. And almost despite himself, Yasmin's father allows her an education - an education that would open the whole world to her, even as it risked closing her off from those she was closest to. An extraordinary portrait of a time and a community in the midst of profound change, Stay, Daughter vividly evokes a now-vanished world, but its central clash - that of tradition and modernity - is one that will always be with us.

“The resurgence of austere orthodox practices in the Islamic world, has, no doubt, its roots in complex geo-political issues,” says Azad, who now lives in Massachusetts. “But it's hard not to wonder whether such regression is also not, to a large extent, a push back against what is perceived as the evils of modernity.”


As Muslim women have become more educated and economically independent, they have also adopted new ideas about marriage and family. They are marrying later or not marrying at all. It is no longer unusual for them to marry outside their faith and community, nor to initiate divorce, the rates of which have skyrocketed in Sri Lanka as elsewhere in the Islamic world today. As the dual pressures of orthodox Islam and political fervor bear down, parents face the same challenge that came up three generations ago in the Galle Fort, when girls were first allowed to go to school.


How does one give a daughter her freedom while still upholding the traditions that sustain stable families and close-knit community? that is answered, with touching insight and deeply felt emotion in Stay, Daughter.


“A very raw, and personal look… The book looks at the complexities of the Muslim community.”

--BBC World News


"A loving and approachable coming-of-age story about generational change.

- Kirkus Reviews


"Yasmin Azad's Stay Daughter is a profound reflection on the dilemmas that Muslim women faced and are facing as orthodoxy and identity come up against freedom.”


- Radhika Coomaraswamy, Former Under Secretary-General of the United Nations


Azad is available to discuss the following:


·       Why Muslim communities that were once moderate and liberal turned to Islamic fundamentalism with such force in the late-20th and early-21st centuries. The headscarf that one mother and grandmother discarded has been willingly assumed by some of their daughters and granddaughters. 


·       What happens to conservative Muslim communities when women are educated and become more economically independent. For example, marriage rates have gone down, and divorce rates have gone up in many formerly very orthodox Muslim countries. 


·       The challenge of balancing the rules of orthodox Islam with the freedom and innovations of the modern world especially as it relates to how girls and women dress, travel, interact with boys and men, etc. 


·       Loneliness, isolation, and the lack of connection, and how it has impacted mental health in the modern world. The real epidemic in the world is now said to be depression. There is a marked increase, for example of girls deliberately injuring themselves.  


·       The challenges faced by a child who must straddle two cultures.  She is embarrassed and ashamed when the traditional culture she was born to does not meet the standards of more modern societies. Her relatives, for example, do not speak fluent English. 



·       The truth about women’s lives in traditional Muslim societies. They are not all oppressed and leading miserable lives. It is much more complex. Such societies also support the deep need most women have for community and connection. 







United States

Yasmin Azad is the author of Stay, Daughter, an engaging memoir of how a young Muslim girl grew up in Sri Lanka in the 1950s and ‘60s, and how she came to America after seeing what happens when cultures collide. Kirkus Reviews named her book as one of the best of the year.


Azad was among the first group of girls in her Muslim community in Sri Lanka to go away to university. Stay, Daughter draws on her experiences growing up in a close-knit, conservative society which had to deal with the challenge of reconciling the rules of Islamic orthodoxy with the freedoms and innovations of the modern world.


Born and raised in the Galle Fort, Sri Lanka (previously Ceylon) by a traditional Muslim family, she lived in what was a former colonial fortress, inhabited by Muslims, Buddhists, Hindus, and the Christian descendants of the Europeans who had colonized the island. Muslims are a 10% minority population in Sri Lanka, which is a Buddhist-majority nation. Her primary education was at Catholic schools run by Irish nuns, but her favorite teacher was a Hindu.


She came to America in the late 1970s and lived in Connecticut. She and her husband moved to Massachusetts and raised their three children there.


Azad had worked for over 20 years as an award-winning mental health counselor. She has a deep interest in the special and emotional repercussions on societies (both positive and negative), when women are raised in highly individualistic cultures as opposed to those that stress the importance of family and community.


She has been interviewed by, or featured in, numerous media outlets, including BBC World News, The National Magazine, Perspective Magazine, Daily News in Sri Lanka, and Sunday Island, in Sri Lanka.


Azad earned her BA in English from University of Ceylon, MA in English from University of Connecticut, and MA in Psychology from Fitchburg State college. She lectured in English for three years at University of Kelaniya, in Sri Lanka.



When she’s not writing essays and articles, she is gardening or practicing mindfulness meditation.

August 2, 2023
David Alan Benson

Greeting Q, I am David Alan Benson. I was born on May 7th 1947 to Richard John Benson and Pauline Swisher Benson at the Bridgeport General Hospital in Bridgeport, Connecticut.  I have received two years of college education as a preparation veterinary school of medicine student at Kansas State University in Manhattan, Kansas from 1965 through 1967.  I left my college dream while on academic probation and joined the USAF on February 1st 1968.  I was trained as a veterinary technician specialist and began my first assignment in Adana, Turkey at Incirlik AB in September of 1968.  I am also a Vietnam Veteran that served there from December of 1970 through December of 1971.  I have been married three times, divorced from first wife and widowed from second wife with her passing from ovarian cancer after a 25 year marriage.  I am estranged from her family members except from her brother who also was a USAF Veteran.  My present wife has been widowed twice before and is member of the Purple Heart Veterans Wife's Organization.  I have numerous life experiences that could never be used in the medical field of discipline since I only held training as a Hypnotherapist while studying at the International College of Hypnosis Studies in Miami, Florida paid for by the GI Bill while I was on active Air Force duty at Homestead AFB in Homestead, Florida.  I have received an Esprit de Corps Award from classmates in 1979 while attending the Tactical Fighter Command's NCO Academy at Bergstrom AFB in Austin, Texas. My ability to communicate with a broad variety of humans from various cultural backgrounds and careers or occupations has brought me great satisfaction and assisted me in earning my daily bread throughout the 70 years of my life prior ot retirement.

My dream is to create a consulting and ,mental relaxation clinic using my skills at inducing Progressive Relaxation through simple hypnotic verbal inductions and presentation of suggestions which subjects will find inclusively adapted within their daily lives for calming and centering.  I am also a practitioner of Genius Insight Applications which use frequencies similar to Rife's to center the expenditure of bodily energies within the chakra centers by making analyses within an algorithm based upon scans done from subjects voice reciting their name and the vowels; as well as from a recent photograph.  I do not need to perform the collection of required data in person but can use an application found here : this application is called Insight Quanta Capsules.  The subjects can be provided with a capsule for free or by purchase and then from their cellphones send a request to my email for an analysis as well state the problem symptoms that they believe might be causing them stress.  Note, this Genius Insight App is not a diagnostic tool but using its algorithm data bank to select frequencies to lower areas that are expending too much energy and to raise other areas that seem too low and needing more energy to function more effectively.  I am also associated with another community of persons that believe that they have been taken/abducted into covert projects and made into Super Soldiers and are having memories of 20 and Back experiences on other planets, asteroids and universes.  So, I am free to be used for past life regressions through hypnosis without the use of mind altering drugs.  I have personally had telepathic communications with a passed over relative who in the 1970's was publishing under the name of Aram Church Publications and while I was serving in Vietnam he used a new value for Pi.

3.1565656 multiplied by 3.5555555 (parsec value) times eleven (11) = 123.45678

Then the source of Aramath (area and radius mathematics) passed in October of 1986 I went into an altered state of consciousness in October of 2008 while reading Wired Magazine; as the to my visual perception the center pages of the magazine went blank.  Then four ones appeared on the left and four more ones appeared on the right and I asked silently what do I do with these; then a thought to make the center fold a decimal  point.  Okay. so now what?  Another thought was to square the expression.

(1111.1111.)(1111.1111) = 1234567.8 was my product.  I could see the similarity of the first equation's result using Pi was 3.1565656 and a ParSec value of 3.5555555 times each other and then times eleven.

Playing with a scientific calculator I squared (11111111)(11111111)=123456787654321 an octave harmonic valuation of integers. no zeros nor 9s.  

Mathematics was never consciously my best subject and had to take college algebra to raise a failing grade while going to Kansas State University during my off-duty hours in Vietnam at the University of Maryland Extension on Bien Hoa AB, RVN.

So, my passion is to work with the art of hypnotic inductions and presentation of positive suggestions within the subconscious minds of the subjects seeking relief from stress, confusion about our ascending into higher dimensional realities that newly awakened souls heretofore have been cognitively dissonant about and therefore the shock of its actual presence within their sensory receptors of mind and sight need calming as their subconscious deals to heal them.

Thank-you for your time Q.

David Alan Benson 


Born male in 1947 on May 7th in Bridgeport, Connecticut.  Parents were both WWII US Army Air Corps Veterans.  I was the second of three children.  I disarmed a traffic cop while being held in my fathers' arms as he talked to this policeman in the middle of a busy four lane avenue in Bridgeport, Connecticut.  I knew that after watching Jules Verne's 20 Thousand Leagues Under the Sea movie at age 5 that we were living on a prison planet.  Moved from Connecticut to Illinois around 1954 while I was in second grade.  Moved to Saginaw, Michigan in 1957 when in 5th grade.  Moved to Huntington Long Island, New York when I was in 8th grade (1960)  and in 1961 during my freshman year of High School I moved to Rockaway Borough, New Jersey and attended Morris Hills Regional High School graduating in 1965.  My father's mother, Clara K Benson came to live with us about a year before we moved to New Jersey and I learned of my family's Austrian Hungarian Empire's background.  I had my parents sponsor an exchange student from Switzerland in 1963-64 school year.  I suffered my first emotional shock while a sophomore in High School when my pet dog was run over by a car on the street in front of our house and when I was given his body by my father to bury in the yard. This drove me emotionally to want to become a veterinarian; but I was not academically equipped to compete with other students as was seen by scholastic records.  After enlisting in the USAF and waiting for induction I went to Killington, Vermont on a skiing vacation and extended it several weeks by becoming a Bed and Breakfast Host making beds and serving breakfasts.

I was an excellent airman during my military career but did suffer from chronic depression while on assignment with the USN at Rota Naval Air Station in Spain and was hospitalized and returned to the states for treatment.  I regained my composure and continued to excel within my career field but after returning from Okinawa, Japan while on an unaccompanied tour of 18 months my wife's mother met me at the airport in Dallas, Texas.  The marriage was on the rocks and I was in the process of cross-training to the computer operations field so I had little time to work out any home life problems since I thought my military career was a  primary source of income for the family.  After graduating from Computer Operator School in Kessler AFB, Boloxi, Mississippi I was assigned to Eglin AFB in Fort Walton Beach, Florida. It was during my accelerated training to obtain a 7 level proficiency rating and advancement to the grade of Master Sergeant I received my petition for divorce from the Court House in Lamar County of Texas.  So, while I was in Okinawa our household goods was held within a storage facility until my return and could acquire my family, but that was not going to happen and I rented a UHaul Truck and drove these household goods to Paris, Texas for my ex-wife, stepdaughter and son to have furniture and necessary things for a normal life.

After returning to Eglin AFB my roommate decided to have a marijuana and drug party in the woods off from where we where living in a concrete bricked cabin on the shore of Choctawatchee Bay.  Most of his party members were also assigned to the Site C-6 Radar Installation and shortly afterwards my roommate left for a TDY to Kessler AFB to interview for an Instructor job at the Electronic School.  I called the OSI to come to the cabin and check out his stash of tobacco looking substance.  I was told by the OSI officers that I might need to move to a new location as things could get uncomfortable, so I looked for a new place to live and hunting the ads in the local paper I found a roommate wanted ad for living in an apartment on Santa Rosa Island in Fort Walton Beach..  I also turned down a reassignment offer to go to Offet AFB in Nebraska.  My new roommate was a veteran of Vietnam,and served in the USA Army and had a brother in the Air Force here at Eglin.  I found out later that he was charged with murdering a fellow Army GI over a poker game in which he claims the man cheated so he shot him from under the table.  The US Army tried to cover up the killing and to rid themselves of him through assigning him duties that were beyond his training and put him in mortal danger of dying .

July 24, 2023
Sage Dye

    After my divorce, I developed a deep connection with God and myself and experienced more understanding of my purpose, and the areas in my life that needing healing. However, I also began to recognize, my weaknesses and my strengths. That's what ignited my passion for conservation, and wanting to impact the world in a positive way. I've spent the past 2 years, seeking clarity, becoming a better mother, a better listener, and having more appreciation, even in my struggles.

    My advice can go beyond raising awareness; I can empower individuals to take meaningful action. I'll share practical tips for reducing their self doubt, making conscious choices in their daily lives, and bringing to the light their self worth and their ability to transform their lives. If we all took time to enhance the natural born gifts we have, and use it for good, how much more healed people would exist?

    I believe in fostering genuine connections with people. During the show, I'll encourage listeners to share their own experiences, challenges, and successes , and how they to can add to this suffering world. Together, we'll explore innovative ideas and celebrate the positive impact each individual can make. It will be an enriching and empowering experience for all.

United States


Born and raised in the vibrant city of Bakersfield, CA, my life was marked by stability and the love of my close-knit family. Growing up with my parents and siblings provided me with a strong foundation and a sense of belonging that would shape my character in years to come.

At the age of 20, seeking adventure and a sense of purpose, I made a life-changing decision to join the Army. Serving in the military for 8 years was a transformative experience that allowed me to travel the world and immerse myself in diverse cultures. The encounters with people from all walks of life broadened my perspectives and enriched my understanding of humanity.

In the midst of my military career, at the age of 24, I found love and got married. Two years later, I welcomed the most precious gift into my life – my daughter. Motherhood brought new meaning and purpose, but life had more twists in store for me. At 28, I faced the challenge of divorce, a turning point that ignited a journey of self-discovery.

Amidst the process of healing and self-reflection, I found solace in photography. Capturing the essence of the world through the lens became my creative outlet and a source of catharsis. As I delved deeper into photography, I discovered an innate desire to connect with people on a profound level and inspire them to embrace their unique stories.

Driven by this newfound passion, I transitioned into the role of a Life Coach. Guiding others through their own journeys of self-discovery became my calling. Empowering individuals to overcome obstacles, discover their true potential, and pursue their dreams filled me with fulfillment like never before.

As I embarked on the path of personal growth, I realized that my calling extended beyond coaching. The experiences and wisdom gathered throughout my life had prepared me for something grander – public speaking. Speaking on a stage, sharing my stories, and igniting hope in the hearts of many became my ultimate goal.

With an unwavering determination, I began honing my public speaking skills. I immersed myself in mastering the art of eloquence and connecting with others. I seek every opportunity to share my journey, knowing that my words could serve as a guiding light for those navigating their own paths.

Today, I stand as a beacon of hope, ready to illuminate the lives of countless souls who cross my path. My journey from a stable life in Bakersfield to the boundless experiences of the Army, from marriage and motherhood to self-discovery through photography and coaching, has led me to this defining moment. As I embrace my destiny as a public speaker, I am committed to being the best version of myself and inspiring others to do the same. My light will shine brightly, illuminating the way for those seeking purpose and fulfillment in their own extraordinary journeys.



July 15, 2023
Anthony McGrath Tooton

Dear BBS:

My name is Anthony M. Tooton (IV) and after communicating with Donald he recommended I make a pitch! About three-and-a-half months ago, the following Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) article blasted out over the Internet, and my life - for better or worse - change overnight:

The relief which came along with ‘going public’ (while not mentioning names, or seeking retribution, when the incident which is mentioned in ‘public,’ there, for the first time) is palpable!

I want to let people know that PTSD, no matter it’s cause, can uproot and derail one’s life in the blink of an eye, however, there is ALWAYS a way out - Always.  Therefore, I would like to share my story to as wide an audience as possible - with the intention to help as many as provided the opportunity to!

There are many things which helped me along the way.. in a nutshell they are: New Friendships/ Unlikely Strangers/ Music/ and that which we don’t know exists. 

I thank you for the chance to share the above amd look forward to sharing much much more!





Hailing from St. John's, Newfoundland, Anthony M. Tooton is a filmmaker and media developer specializing in the documentary format. Tooton graduated OAC from the prestigious Ridley College in St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada and eventually attended film school in Toronto, after winning an entrance scholarship. He cut his teeth with his 2006, 52-minute documentary film, "Restaurants are not Democracies!" which followed the irrepressible restaurateur Michael Carlevale and his esteemed colleagues: Franco Prevedello, John Maxwell, Peter Oliver, Massimo Capra, Aristedes Pasperakis, and Stephen Ricci - at the 'establishment' restaurant Prego Della Piazza. In 2012, Tooton analyzed an aspect of the cultural relevance comedy plays at the Eastern most point of North America - Newfoundland & Labrador - with his 28-minute NTV Comedy Special: "At Humour's Edge!" In addition, Tooton co-produced and edited an NTV Special relating to Obsessive Compulsive Disorder with a piece on Jeremy Bennett. Tooton co-produced, co-directed and edited the documentary short 'Moment of Inspiration' which took a look at the life of Sr. Frederick Banting, in London, Ontario. He is now moving forward the recently completed, 70-minute, Tooton's Photography: In The Business Of Making Memories, which focuses on the story of his great-grandfather (of the same name) who immigrated to Newfoundland from Damascus, Syria; created a renowned relationship with Kodak founder Mr. George Eastman; and established Tooton's Photography - which processed and printed in excess of 100 million rolls of film, over its 90 year lifespan.