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Guest, Tisch Aitken

Guest Occupation: 
Astrologer Tarot Reader Intuitive

A Fireside Chat, March 24, 2018

Belle Crow DuCray

Belle Crow DuCray shares a few highlights of her unusual path to realizing her dreams; being an interior decorator, a talented illustrator for children's books winning awards.  Now, she's working on an adult book series weaving Druid and pagan paths in "Legends of the Grail".

A Fireside Chat, March 17, 2018

Barbara Hand Clow

Barbara Hand Clow returns to talk about her latest trilogy:  the "Revelations" series.  We begin tonight with Revelations of the Ruby Crystal.  Barbara returns April 21st to talk about the release of the 2nd of the trilogy:  Revelations of the Aquarian Age.

Guest, Barbara Hand Clow

Guest Occupation: 
Author, astrologer, cosmologist, ceremonial teacher, researcher

A Fireside Chat, March 10, 2018

Timothy J. Glenn   The Zephyrus Archives

Timothy J Glenn returns with more updates on global, galactic and inter-galactic developments.  Topics include Antarctica, webbots, Sophia A.I. in Saudi Arabia, Maldek, Tiamat, Michiu Kaku, the New World Disorder, false flags, Ole Dammegard, Jay Weidner.  Fun show!

Guest, Clementina Marie Giovannetti

Guest Occupation: 
Author Intuitive Spiritual Mentor Healer TV Host


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