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Alicia Power
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"SPIRIT INSIGHTS" from 40+ years Spirit Teacher and Soul Coach. 

From over 30 years as a professional Energy Healer and Spirit Communicator, Alicia holds knowledge from high Spirit Encounters that few can claim. From Global Dynamics, to the mystery of Consciousness, Alicia brings extraordinary teachings and 'Spirit Insight' to your audiences. 

Her training as a journalist gives her a unique skill to communicate in simple terms the secret world behind everyday challenges and problems.

An expert on Soul Purpose, Consciousness Evolution and Energy Healing, your audience will receive tools, experience transcendence, and feel new hope to inspire their hearts and minds.

Alicia has authored over 20 courses, has had 1.5 Million views on her YouTube channel and is a regular guest on Consciousness Tele-Summits.


After four decades of spiritual mastery training and teaching, Alicia Power passes on her knowledge of 'Awakening Deliberately'. 

Alicia's channeled courses and tele-seminars activate your inner divinity, your ascension - while teaching your logic to understand your journey.

With a journalism background, Alicia translates high spiritual knowledge into everyday useable tools that anyone can use.