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A Fireside Chat with Lance White, April 8, 2017

Eric Raines

Eric Raines shares a wealth of information on the true nature of the matrix of control, and how we're tricked into our consent.  Numerous parasites, entities and attachments easily enter our field.  Eric teaches people how to tune into their own energy, recognize blockages, and remove them.  He removes blockages, implants and parasites from our multi-dimensional field.

Guest, Joanna Prentis

Guest Occupation: 
Author researcher, Past life regressionist, teacher

A Fireside Chat with Lance White, April 1, 2017

Sienna Lea

Sienna Lea returns to empower the sovereign within.  This is one of the most powerful shows to date - not to be missed.  Sienna is creating a new model with George Kavassilas at Findhorn, a "sovereign process" that is stunning in its breadth and scope, harmony, organic frequency and sacred connection to Gaia Sophia and the zero point field.

Growing up Indigo, March 23, 2017

Growing Up Indigo with Adena Bannick
Growing up Indigo with Adena Bannick

Growing up Indigo with Adena Bannick  On this show we  discussed The Pleadian series of books by Barbara Hand Clow  and Barbara Marciniak.

Guest, Calvin Witcher

Guest Occupation: 
Bestselling Author, Spiritual Crusader, Intuitive Counselor


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