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Megan Mary
Your Pitch

I am passionate about helping other women connect with the inner guidance and wisdom in their own dreams. I believe the symbolic imagery in our dreams is a key, once unlocked we can tap into our own innate wisdom, evolve our consciousness and ultimately discover our life purpose. I created my unique DreamMirror Method to help women decode and decipher their dream language for personal growth and self-discovery. It is my mission to teach the method to all women so they can harness the transformative power of their dreams. As I work exclusively with women, I am most aligned with shows whose host and audience are women.


Megan Mary is a dreamworker that specializes in the analysis of women's dreams to promote transformative personal growth and enlightenment. Founder of Women's Dream Analysis and the Women's Dream Enlightenment podcast, she is an intuitive, introvert, mystic and writer. After being diagnosed with three chronic illnesses, she experienced a spiritual awakening. She now works with women all over the world offering dream interpretation, transformative journeys and enlightened guidance. She lives in Idaho with her rockstar drummer husband and two cats.