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Headlined, Sri and Kira Live, April 2, 2017

Walking through the Void!

What is it about the “void” that can trigger panic in one person and delight another? Are we all about to walk through the void and can this be averted?

What does this even really mean?

Moving forward from the April Energy Revelations and Predictions episode aired on March 26, Sri & Kira continue with a greater depth of the April experience and spiritual responses that will offer you reassurance, success and deep divine connection!

Another fast-paced live show and be sure to call in for questions, and mini soul reading requests

Headlined, The Metaphysical Hour, March 31, 2017

Debra Kauble

We will discuss Debra's "famous" abduction case 34 years ago and her journey since.

Headlined, Spiritually Naked, April 1, 2017

Rob and Trish speak to us about the difference between precognition and synchronicity. Both Trish and Rob talk to us about many ways we can create an inner climate in a sense to begin to experience precognition within our lives. Trish and Rob are very entertaining and easy to speak with as they share with us many experiences they have had with precognition and synchronicity. We discuss the idea of trusting the signs and symbols we receive in our every day life to understand our own gifts of precognition.

Headlined, The People Speak, March 28, 2017

JOHN BARBOUR returns with host Sophia Rae to discuss his new documentary The American Media & the Second Assassination of JFK.

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Headlined, Sri and Kira Live, April 2, 2017 Walking through the Void! What is it about the “void” that can trigger panic in one person and delight another? Are we all about to walk...
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Headlined, Shadow Politics, March 26, 2017 This week our guest is Andria Thomas, a mom from DC who organized a community action group in Capitol Hill while on maternity leave called...
Mary Magdalene by Marcia McMahon
Headlined, Peaceful Planet, March 25, 2017 The Peaceful Planet Newsletter and show ! SAT March 25th calls welcome By Marcia McMahon, M.A. author psychic and channel Reiki Master and...
Headlined, The War Report on Public Education, March 26, 2017 Teachers, Teachers Unions, and the Charter School War Part 2 Please join Internet radio host Dr. James Avington Miller Jr. for the second...
Headlined, Why Life Is..., March 24, 2017 Advanced Consciousness Series The Newly Revealable Plan for the Next 45 Years
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New Indie Music

Bokito - CD: Better At Getting Worse - Single - Songs: Better At Getting Worse - Alternative, Indie, Music
Cadillac Muzik
Cadillac Muzik - CD: Mind Play - Songs: Mind Play - Alternative, Funk, Hip Hop, Music, Pop, R&B, Soul
Cafe Musique
Cafe Musique - CD: Circle Of Fours - Recorded live at Studio Noho - Songs: Circle Of Fours - Classical, Dance, Folk
Cajsa Siik
Cajsa Siik - CD: Talk To Trees - Single - Songs: Talk To Trees - Alternative, Music, Pop
Carly Thomas
Carly Thomas - CD: Explode - Songs: Explode, I'll Find An Ocean, Lightening Bolts, Sink Or Swim - Acoustic, Folk, Music, Pop, Rock, Singer/Songwriter
Che-Val - CD: Water Proof - Songs: Oh Darlin, Gone Mad - Alternative, Music, Pop, Singer/Songwriter
Dakota - CD: Leda - Songs: Icon, Tension - Alternative, Indie, Music, Pop, Roots
Elllie Jane
Elllie Jane - CD: Clocks - Songs: Clocks - Music, Pop, Singer/Songwriter
Fire Prince
Fire Prince - CD: Our Love Will Find A Way - Single - Songs: Our Love Will Find - Latin, Music, Pop, Rock, Singer/Songwriter, Vocal
Jim Messina
Jim Messina - CD: Mojito Moon - Songs: Keep Me In Mind, Mojito Moon, Whispering Waters - Acoustic, Country, Easy Listening, Folk, Latin, Rock, Singer/Songwriter, Soft Rock, World
Kellie Rucker
Kellie Rucker - CD: Blues Is Blues - Songs: Blues is Blues, Mississippi Rain - Americana, Blues, Music, Rock, Roots
Daniel Ketchum
Daniel Ketchum - CD: Resonance of Echoes - single - Songs: Resonance of Echoes - Acoustic, Classical, Music, New Age
Miccoli - CD: Idle Stranger - Songs: Idle Stranger - Alternative, Indie, Pop, Singer/Songwriter
Simon Grohe
Simon Grohe - CD: Alle Knarren - Songs: Alle Knarren ft. Slona, Offline ft. Chima Eda - Hip Hop, Music, Pop, Rap, Rock, Singer/Songwriter, World
Someday - CD: This Doesn't Exist - Songs: Clean Couch - Alternative, Music, Rock
Suicide Club
Suicide Club - CD: Accept What You Cannot Change - Single - Songs: Accept What You Cannot Change - Electronic, Music, Pop, Rap
The Ruffcats
The Ruffcats - CD: Shifting Sands (feat. Rapturous) - Single - Songs: Shifting Sands (feat. Rapturous) - Single - Funk, Jazz, Latin, Music, Rap, Soul
Traveller - CD: All This Time - Songs: All This Time, Till the Storms Over - Music, Pop, Rock
Vassie - CD: Victorious - Songs: Victorious - Gospel, Music, Religious, Singer/Songwriter
Zibbz - CD: Undun - Recorded Live at Studio Noho on Life Changes Show - Songs: Undun - Alternative, Indie, Music, Pop, Rock
Whitney Myer
Whitney Myer - CD: Lights - Recorded live at Studio Noho on Life Changes Show - Songs: Lights - Electronic, Music, Pop, R&B, Rock, Soul
Naia Kete
Naia Kete - CD: Beware About Me Recorded Live at Studio Noho on Life Changes - Songs: Beware About Me - Jazz, Music, Pop, Reggae/SKA, Soul
Marisa Ronstadt
Marisa Ronstadt - CD: Blueberry Moon - Recorded Live Studio Noho on Life Changes - Songs: Blueberry Moon - Acoustic, Blues, Indie, Music, Pop, R&B, Singer/Songwriter, Soul, Urban
Liz Fohl
Liz Fohl - CD: Swimming In The Wrong Sea - Recorded Live at Studio Noho - Songs: Swimming In The Wrong Sea - Folk, Indie, Music, Pop
Lantz Lazwell and the Vibe Tribe
Lantz Lazwell and the Vibe Tribe - CD: Do It Again - Recorded Live at Studio Noho on Life Changes - Songs: Do It Again - Dance, Funk, Music, Rock, Singer/Songwriter, Soul
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The Veterans News Hour with David C. Cory, Richard Hurley IF YOU ARE A VETERAN, you MUST tune into this show! IF YOU ARE A VETERAN, you MUST tune into this show! The topics concern veterans, their benefits, their legal rights, and impactful news!...
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Dr Michael Salla - As You Wish Talk Radio - Guest, Michael Salla - PhD, Dr.Michael E. Salla, is a pioneer in the development of ‘Exopolitics’, the political study of the key actors, institutions and processes associated with extraterrestrial life. - Dr.Michael E. Salla, is a pioneer in the development of ‘Exopolitics’, the...
Debra Kauble - The Metaphysical Hour - Guest, Debra Kauble - Abductee/Researcher - Debbie Jordan-Kauble was the central figure in Budd Hopkins’s New York Times...
Lucia Williams - Why Am I So Happy - Guest, Lucia Williams - Telepathic-Medium, White Fire Healing Practitioner, Psychic Development Teacher, TV Show Host, Author, Musician - Lucia comes from a lineage of strong Ancestral healers and shares the gift of...
Trish and Rob Macgregor - Spiritually Naked - Guest, Trish and Rob Macgregor - Writers - Trish MacGregor is the Edgar Award-winning author of 42 novels – mysteries and...
Mike Clelland - The Metaphysical Hour - Guest, Mike Clelland - Illustrator/UFO Researcher - Mike Clelland is an avid outdoorsman, illustrator and UFO researcher. He has...
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