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Submitted by samba on 19 April 2021

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Headlined Show, The New Reality Show September 24, 2021

For two decades Sherry Stirling Fernandez has taught hundreds of people the profound success principles she learned in her own true life rags to riches story. Those people went on to apply her teachings and found the success, and happiness that follows.

Sherry has been a speaker, a teacher, a mentor, and is now a bestselling author. Her new USA Today and Wall Street Journal bestseller Life Mastery: Personal Progression Toward an Infinite Potential tells her amazing story and explains the principles and tools she used for success. 

Join The New Reality Show, this Friday, Sept. 24th at 6pm PST / 9PM EST, as Dr. Art Emrich and Dr. Christina Winsey interview and discover Sherry’s amazing secrets to success.  Better still – call in and ask her your questions right on the air!   
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Call in numbers: in the U.S.A. call toll free 1-888-627-6008
From outside the U.S.A. dial direct 1-323-744-4831

Headlined Show, The Sports Doctor September 22, 2021

Lou Vickery, former Yankee’s & Cardinal’s pitcher, TV & Radio Host  & co-Author of the NEW book  “Winning the Head Game” returns with book co-Author  Sonny Smith, Famed former head basketball coach at Auburn, Virginia Tech & East Tennessee & now color analyst for Auburn basketball. Then,  it’s 'The Sport Doctor is In' with your questions and emails!

Headlined Show, Chuck and Julie Show September 22, 2021

Guest, Wayne Allen Root

Nationally syndicated talk show host and author Wayne Allen Root joins the show to talk cancelling the cancel culture… The Great Patriot and Protest Boycott Book.

Headlined Show, Paradigm Shifters September 21, 2021

Paradigm Shifters presents "Zeta by Night" Judy Carroll

This week on Paradigm Shifters:

Paradigm Shifters presents Judy Carroll, a favorite guest who made the changes from her 3D self, to becoming conscious of her being a Zeta "GREY", representative of a very conscious group of ET healers. She made huge adjustments just to accommodate the many awakenings to her nervous system, her awareness of levels of dimensions, her ability to use these always unfolding realms. She is quite the wonder woman and is deeply, deeply Spiritual and conscious.

I wanted to use her interview to remind us of the many levels your intuition can take you to and through. We want that flexibility of being able to KNOW beyond the political and competitive striving we experience, into the self empowerment and increasing love of awakening to our own knowing and sensing.

Tonight tune in at 8 PM to, Station 1, to hear her.
Paradigm Shifters ~ with Veronica Entwistle
Tuesday, 8pm (pst) ~ September 21st.
Special Guest ~ Judy Carroll
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~ if you are unable to listen on Tuesday, not to to worry - you can listen several days later on:

A Message from Veronica --

Hi Everyone.

This Thursday 9/23, we are starting our own intuitive search, a free sampling class on Thursday at 6:30 PM on zoom. Call me and leave a message mentioning that you want to attend on my voice message line 510 595-5564. Then, in the succeeding classes, we continue the awakening of our own intuition, making it useable and in your own hands, (the hands of your etheric mind!)

The actual classes are starting this Saturday at 11 AM PT Please do sign up. Again, just call me and leave a message saying that you want to attend on 510 595-5564 and I will send you my zoom link. AND answer your questions. I know so many of you are asking how you get to be an intuitive and this will be a fun and lively opportunity to break free and practice on one another. Trust me when I say, you have strong intuition, and you can tune it to be a key to your personal evolution.

I look forward to seeing you there on Thursday at 6:30, and hopefully enticing you to join us in the series of classes being launched on Saturday at 11 AM Your goal may not be as wild as Judy Carroll's but I know you will love it.

See you soon and much love

510 595-5564
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Radio Schedule
Tues in ~ Sept. 21st. ~ 8pm pst
Paradigm Shifters
special guest:
Judy Carroll
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Purchase Veronica's New Book:
My Near Life Experience: Or How Do I Know When I am Really Me?
Find it on her website:

Veronica Entwistle is an intuitive energy counselor whose guides take her into a deep and loving exploration of the inner conscious, the universe, and the realms beyond. She is known for her wit, love and compassion, and ability to unhook realities from limiting patterns.

Call 510.595.5564 to schedule your session.

Headlined Show, Chuck and Julie Show September 20, 2021

Guests, Peg Cage and Casper Stockham

Grassroots efforts win one and lose one over the weekend and the effort to save the Colorado GOP continues. Organizer Peg Cage has the latest today on the Chuck and Julie Show.

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Young Creatures CD : With Eyes Too Blind To See - single Songs : With Eyes Too Blind To See Indie
The Sports Doctor Guest, Sonny Smith September 22, 2021 Famed former head basketball coach at Auburn, Virginia Tech & East Tennessee

Roan Mountain, Tennessee native Sonny Smith was a head basketball coach for 22 seasons where he mentored and coached NBA Hall of Fame player Charles Barkley and NBA legend Chuck Person.

Smith served as a basketball head coach for 22 seasons. Best known as the head coach at Auburn from 1978 to 1989, he also coached at East Tennessee State (1976–1978), finishing with a 30-23 record and VCU (1989–1998).

He was hired by Auburn University in 1978. Under Smith’s leadership, Auburn secured its first NCAA Tournament appearance in 1984, led by player Charles Barkley. Smith was named SEC Coach of the Year in 1984. In 1985, Smith led Auburn to win the SEC Tournament championship, winning four games in four days for the first time in tournament history. He then coached that team to the Sweet Sixteen of the 1985 NCAA Tournament. Smith would go on to lead Auburn to three more NCAA Tournament appearances. His streak of five straight NCAA Tournament appearances is the longest in Auburn history. Smith was again named SEC Coach of the Year following the 1988 season. To date, he is the only coach in Auburn men’s basketball history to have three consecutive 20-win seasons (1984-1986).

When Smith transferred to VCU, he led the team to win the Colonial Athletic Association regular season and tournament titles in 1996. He was named CAA Coach of the Year at the end of the season.

Smith retired with an overall head coaching record of 339-304. Post-retirement, Smith joined former Alabama coach Wimp Sanderson for a sports talk radio show, “The Sonny and Wimp Show” on WJOX-AM in Birmingham, Alabama. The show ran for more than six years. Smith currently works alongside Andy Burcham, providing color commentary for Auburn men’s basketball games on the Auburn Sports Network radio broadcast.

Welcome to the Tennessee Sports Hall of Fame Class of 2020, Sonny Smith.

The Sports Doctor Guest, Lou Vickery September 22, 2021 Former Baseball Major League Pitcher with Cardinals & Yankees, Author, Speaker & Radio Host

Lou Vickery is a former professional baseball player, stock broker, motivational speaker, radio and TV show host, and author of fifteen (15) books on a variety of topics (books in print can be reviewed at and}.

After graduating from Escambia County High School in Atmore, Lou signed a professional baseball contract with the St. Louis Cardinals. Over a ten-year career, Lou also played for the New York Yankees organization and coached in the Cincinnati Reds organization.

 Lou got his B.S. degree from Troy State University (AL), graduating after his baseball career. He coached a year in Troy, then spent four years with Merrill Lynch as an Account Executive. Lou moved into the training and development field with Pat Ryan and Associates of Chicago, Ill. in l974.

After 1980, he did contract training for numerous national organizations and over a thirty (30) year period worked with over 2,800 companies in 44 states and two foreign countries. Lou has spoken in every city in the USA with a population of over 150,000 people. Lou spent almost fifteen years as a radio show host before retiring in 2017.

Lou is the author of fourteen books on a variety of topics. Books in print are available at Amazon and

Lou resides in Fairhope, Alabama where he plays tennis three to four days a week.


Paradigm Shifters Guest, Judy Carroll September 21, 2021 Author, Lifelong Contactee, Telepath, Galactic Messenger, Teacher

Judy Carroll was born in Queensland, AU, in 1952. Her family background is Creole, English, and Romany (Gypsy). She left school to become a professional Flamenco dancer, following in the footsteps of her grandmother, who was a dancer and clairvoyant medium in the Romany tradition. Judy feels that this background helped her to assimilate the encounters she's had with Grey ETs since early childhood. Sixty years of these ongoing and at times fully conscious encounters has given her a deep insight into this phenomenon that is happening to many thousands of people world-wide.

The ET Visitors advised her to meditate so as to facilitate easier telepathic communication, and to study Tai Chi and natural healing. In 2011, Judy attended a meeting on an ET ship that involved a discussion on the past and present situation on Earth, including the hijacking of the planet many millennia ago. In light of this, she wrote a book on the ET history of Earth, the hijacking of the planet by a rebel force and the subsequent manipulation of scriptural accounts of events that took place in the distant past.

She has written three books; Human by day, Zeta by Night, the Zeta Message, and her new book which is just out, The Extraterrestrial Message.

A Night At The Roundtable Guest, Sherri Bausch September 23, 2021 Multi-Dimensional Healer, Intuitive, Ascension Guide, Light Language Channel, Artist

Sherri Bausch is a Multi-Dimensional Healer, Intuitive, Ascension Guide, Light Language Channel, and Artist who is leading individuals towards the remembrance of their original blueprint and who they really are.

Accessing and working with the higher realms, galactic groups, the quantum field, and more, Sherri assists in uniting fragments that were lost during the Soul’s journey and clearing darker energies, in order to bring insight to the earthly experience.

As mentor and coach to Starseeds, she guides those who are stepping into their purpose, through private and group session work, and her YouTube channel. 

Sherri also channels artwork from the Galactic Federation of Light in the form of Star Maps.

YouTube Channel: Sherri Bausch


Opening To Light Language: Your Soul Frequency Signature:


Instagram: sherribausch & light_language_galactic


Dare To Dream Guest, BOB DOYLE September 30, 2021 Bob Doyle is known to most as a Law Of Attraction teacher, who has been featured in the movie 'The Secret'.

This episode is about understanding how our brain is processing our experience of reality, and how we can see results by creating our lives by design, rather than by default. My guest is Bob Doyle who is best known for his contribution to the film and book “The Secret”, as a law of attraction expert and coach. He has been teaching these principles through programs, live events, podcasts, live streams, coaching, writing, and even virtual reality, since 1998. He is driven by his passion for creative self-expression and his work is heavily focused on helping people decide who they want to be and how they want to express themselves. Recently, Bob’s attention has shifted from the metaphysical aspects of the Law of Attraction or “reality creation” process, to a more grounded and biological look at what controls our experiences, our brain. 

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Chuck and Julie Show, September 22, 2021 Guest, Wayne Allen Root, cancelling the cancel culture Wayne Allen Root
Chuck and Julie Show, September 20, 2021 Guests, Peg Cage and Casper Stockham, saving the GOP and more Peg Cage
Discover Your Potential, September 19, 2021 Guest, Melissa Peil, being a psychic and how it works essentially for the psychic Melissa Peil
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