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Headlined Show, Shadow Politics June 20, 2021

Senator Michael D. Brown

CALL FOR ACTION!!!!! For the second time in American history, the Homeland Security & Government Affairs Committee of the United States Senate will conduct a hearing on a DC statehood bill, S.51, on June 22, 2021. I was told by the staff of HSGAC Chairman Gary Peters that I was not welcome to participate in the hearing because the agenda had been set and my testimony was unnecessary –- even though I testified at the very first statehood hearing before this same committee in the Senate on September 15, 2014. I was elected for the sole purpose of representing the 700,000 disenfranchised citizens of the nation's capital in our effort to attain equality through statehood. The voiceless residents of the District of Columbia are further silenced by this action. This is outrageous and the committee should hear from you now!


Canadian Genocide leaflet, poster and image

Children murdered at the Catholic Indian school in Lejac, British Columbia, 1937 “Earth, cover not their blood! Forgive us our gentleness with their butchers!”
Canadian Genocide leaflet, poster and image

Public Notice, June 17: Independent Genocide Tribunal to Commence in Canada

The Canadian Genocide Tribunal
Public Notice, June 17. Independent Genocide Tribunal to Commence in Canada

Headlined Show, Finding Your Peace June 20, 2021

Finding Your Peace with Shelly J Miller

Finding Your Peace with Shelly J. Miller

Copyright 2021, Shelly J. Miller.  All rights reserved.

Episode 4: June 20, 2021

Learn How to Connect with and Receive Guidance from the Holy Spirit.

Join Psychic, Medium Host Shelly J. Miller as she shares the Teachings of Jesus from A Course in Miracles about finding and following The Voice for God. Holy Spirit can also be thought of as your God Self, the part of you that has never left the Source. Holy Spirit exists outside Time/Space, and knows you as your Divine Self, but also recognizes your thoughts that keep you from your experience of that Self, and leads you gently Home to the Eternal experience of Heaven, One with God. Listen as Shelly shares how to know if you are receiving Guidance from your ego or your Spirit. Hear how to get connected and stay connected to not only flawless everyday Guidance, but the greater service of your Inner Teacher, which is to assist you in releasing thoughts of fear through the miracle of a change in your perception to thoughts of Love. As a professional Psychic and a Medium, Shelly will share some practical steps you can follow as a Spiritual Practice that you can use every day.


Headlined Show, Relevant Talk July 8, 2021

Relevant Talk with Athalia Monae
Ph.D. Andi Simon

Andi Simon, Ph.D. (, author of the book Rethink: Smashing the Myths of Women in Business, is a corporate anthropologist and founder of Simon Associates Management Consultants ( A trained practitioner in Blue Ocean Strategy®, Simon has conducted several hundred workshops and speeches on the topic as well as consulted with a wide range of clients across the globe. She also is the author of the award-winning book On the Brink: A Fresh Lens to Take Your Business to New Heights. On the Brink with Andi Simon, Simon has a successful podcast that has more than 125,000 monthly listeners and is ranked among the top 20 Futurist podcasts and top 200 business podcasts. In addition, Global Advisory Experts named Simons’ firm the Corporate Anthropology Consultancy Firm of the Year in New York – 2020. She has been on Good Morning, America and Bloomberg, and is widely published in the Washington Post, Los Angeles Times, Forbes, Business Week, Becker’s, and American Banker. She has been a guest blogger for, Huffington Post, and Fierce Health.

Headlined Show, Relevant Talk July 8, 2021

Relevant Talk with Athalia Monae
Howard Rankin

In this episode Dr. Rankin will talk about his latest book I Think Therefore I Am Wrong: A Guide
to Bias, Political Correctness, Fake News and the Future of Mankind which explores the default
setting of the mind and how that can lead us astray.

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Senator Michael D. Brown
Headlined Show, Shadow Politics June 20, 2021 CALL FOR ACTION!!!!! For the second time in American history, the Homeland Security & Government Affairs Committee of the United States...
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Murdered children, Lejac Catholic Indian school, 1937
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Headlined Show, Chuck and Julie Show June 11, 2021 It’s not “misinformation” it’s the truth the oligarchs don’t want you to hear.  As Biden and Boris agree to double down on censoring...
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New Indie Music

Evangelist Ella Jackson
Evangelist Ella Jackson - CD: Soul Winner - single - Songs: Soul Winner - Gospel, Music, Religious, Soul
Archbishop Aaron Perkins
Archbishop Aaron Perkins - CD: Holy Grail - Songs: Jesus - Gospel, Music, Religious, Soul
Ian Storm
Ian Storm, Nck Martin and Gabriel Ixea - CD: Liar - single - Songs: Liar - Dance, Electronic, House, Music, Pop
Valdis - CD: Breathe - single - Songs: Breathe - Contemporary, Electronic, Music, Pop, Singer/Songwriter
The Damn Devils
The Damn Devils - CD: Gravediggers - single - Songs: Gravediggers - Grunge, Hard Rock, Music, Rock
Smallpools - CD: Simulation - single - Songs: Simulation - Alternative, Dance, Indie, Music, Pop, Rock
Planet Case
Planet Case - CD: Royal - single - Songs: Royal - Alternative, Music, Pop, Rock
Ninety's Story
Ninety's Story - CD: APO - single - Songs: APO - Music, Pop, World
Muca and La Marquise
Muca and La Marquise - CD: Cheap Red Wine - single - Songs: Cheap Red Wine - Alternative, Blues, Folk, Jazz, Latin, Music, Pop, Rock, Singer/Songwriter
Leanie Kaleido
Leanie Kaleido - CD: How To Weight A Whale Without A Scale - Songs: How To Weight A Whale Without A Scale, Kite String Mantra, Someone's Daughter, Sweet Science - Alternative, Folk, Indie, Music, Pop, Singer/Songwriter
Kill Shelter and Antipole
Kill Shelter and Antipole - CD: A Haunted Place - Songs: A Kiss In The Rain - Alternative, Contemporary, Punk, Rock
Just A Jester
Just A Jester - CD: Black Hole - single - Songs: Black Hole - Alternative, Music, Pop, Rock, Singer/Songwriter
Jim McCullock
Jim McCullock - CD: When I Mean What I Say - Songs: Blackstick Boogie, Chorus Of Lists - Acoustic, Americana, Folk, Music, Pop, Rock, Singer/Songwriter
Jeff Beadle
Jeff Beadle - CD: Shadows - single - Songs: Shadows - Alternative, Indie, Music, Pop, Rock, Singer/Songwriter
If By Whiskey
If By Whiskey - CD: Far Known Place - single - Songs: Far Known Place - Acoustic, Alternative, Folk, Grunge, Indie, Rock, Singer/Songwriter, Soft Rock, Southern Rock
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Featured Guest Interviews

Rich Procida - Spiritual Emergency Training - Guest, Rich Procida
June 19, 2021
Author, Attorney - Rich Procida is an attorney and author who writes about Progressive...
- The Veterans News Hour - Guest, Mark Ledlow
June 21, 2021
CEO of Ledlow Security Group - Mark Ledlow is on a mission to put 10,000 veterans to work in the growing...
Susan Hertzberg - The Sports Doctor - Guest, Susan Hertzberg
June 16, 2021
Long time Healthcare Executive & CEO of Brainscope- Medical Neurotecnology - Susan Hertzberg is a highly experienced diagnostics and healthcare services...
Rich Dubin - The Sports Doctor - Guest, Rich Dubin
June 16, 2021
CEO and Publisher of LER Magazine - Richard Dubin has started four successful magazines for the medical, consumer...
Jelani Jenkins 2009 Watkins Award Honoree - The Watkins Award - Guest, Jelani Jenkins
June 14, 2021
NFL Player - Jelani Jenkins is a 2009 Watkins Award Honoree from Silver Spring, Maryland.  ...
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Blogs and Blurbs

Rev. Kevin Annett The historic record of the uncensored evidence of Church-State Genocide in Canada Dear friends,   The links below contain the complete evidence presented at the International Common Law Court of Justice (ICLCJ)...
How To Soothe Your Amped Up Mind What Is Anxiety?   Let’s see what the experts say. According to “Anxiety is the reaction to situations perceived as stressful...
Establish Liberty Remembering William Combes and 60,000 children at the scene of the crime, today in Vancouver - from an upcoming documentary Part A: At the William Combes Memorial park, Vancouver - Memories of our fallen brother
Driving Traffic to Your Website #1 Make Your Content Searchable Sites like Twitter allow you to include tags in your posts, aka hashtags#. Pinterest allows you to...
Limiting Negative Self Talk     Distinguish between negative thoughts and critical thinking.   We need to have a certain amount of self-critique, otherwise, we...
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