Music Submission, Sub Cultures

Sub Cultures
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Sub Cultures
Sub Cultures are an indie/ alt-rock band with members from South Wales, The Forest of Dean and Gloucester. Originally formed under the name of 'Plush', the band changed their name and sound after losing two members of the group.
Sub Cultures now consist of Lewis Parks (Lead Guitar), Charlie Foster (Bass), Eric Karvic (Drums) and Kane Raynor (Lead Vocals and Rhythm Guitar).

The band has been compared to the likes of Title Fight, Pinegrove and DMA's and over 2019 honed their craft by touring across the UK, supporting The Pines and Violet.

Their first single, "Far Behind" is released through Prank Monkey Records (Younghusband, JellyCopter) on 20/03/2020

Music Submission, John Greska

Artist or Band Name: 
John Greska

One of Those Days is one of the singles from Aiming At The Stars, John Greska’s debut vocal EP that uses instrumental concepts explored in his previous albums to bring a new edge to modern indie pop and alternative music. The EP itself tells the tale of the choice every person has between falling into the pattern of everyday life or risking that routine to follow their dreams.

John Greska previously has released work as an instrumental artist, specializing in the fusion of electronic and classical music. Other works include the instrumental albums Day to Day Thoughts and Life as an Ocean, which can both be found on all major music streaming sites.

Music Submission, American Scarecrows

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American Scarecrows

  • Triple Rock - Minneapolis, MN (Album Release show) 10/25/11
  • Cracker/Camper Van Beethoven (Tour ) 1/2012
  • Red Wanting Blue Triple Rock - Minneapolis, MN 9/20/12
  • Plain White T’s Varsity Theater - Minneapolis, MN 7/16/13
  • 4onthefloor  First Avenue - Minneapolis, MN 12/21/13
  • The Spill Canvas - Orpheum Theater - Soux Falls, SD 5/24/13
  • Collective Soul Sioux Empire Fair - Sioux Falls, SD 2014
  • AM TAXI Beat Kitchen - Chicago, IL  5/24/14
  • Ike Reilly First Avenue - Minneapolis, MN 11/26/14
  • First Avenue - Minneapolis, MN  (Album Release) 6/19/14 (Sold Out)
  • Cheap Trick - Sioux Falls, SD 2015
  • The Wallflowers Sioux Empire Fair Sioux Falls, SD  2015
  • Stone Arch Bridge Fest - Minneapolis, MN 2014 & 2015
  • Soul Asylum (Fly Over Tour)  4/2015
  • Art-a-Whirl festival - Minneapolis, MN 5/16/15
  • SummerFest Milwaukee,WI  7/1/15
  • Basilica Block Party Great Cuts Stage (Headliner) - Minneapolis, MN 7/11/15
  • BoDeans Music In The Zoo - Apple Valley, MN  7/25/15
  • Live/Fastball Vetterstone Amphitheater - Mankato, MN 8/16
  • Welshly Arms Beachland Ballroom - Cleveland, OH  10/15/15
  • Ike Reilly First Avenue - Minneapolis, MN 11/25/15
  • Art-a-Whirl festival - Minneapolis, MN 5/16/15
  • White Wall Sessions (Season 3) Sioux Falls, SD 2015
  • SXSW - Austin, TX  2013,2014,2015
  • Daytrotter Sessions - Iowa 12/19/15
  • Turf Club - St Paul, MN 4/1/16 (Sold Out )
  • Icon Event Hall - Sioux Falls, SD 4/2/16 (Sold Out )

: Extra: *Alternative Press Magazine 8/1/11

          The Current 89.3 FM 2015

Music Submission, Gabrielle DeRosa

Artist or Band Name: 
Gabrielle DeRosa

Gabrielle DeRosa (Full name: Gabrielle De Rosa) is an Italian singer-songwriter. She was born in Gallipoli (Italy) 14th June 1998.

At the age of 21 years old, she has released 3 singles, one album and two official music videos. In 2020 Gabrielle DeRosa continues to release her songs as an unsigned artist and her latest single is “Bluewolf”.  Music and art are not her only interests in life. She has always been interested in Science, and she is currently studying Environmental Sciences and Technologies in Italy.

Music Submission, SOFIA

Artist or Band Name: 
Songs swirl around in our subconscious much like childhood tales, fables, and fantasies do. Regardless if we only hear them once or on repeat countless times, they leave lasting resonances. Brazilian-born and Los Angeles-based three-piece SOFIA make a similar subconscious imprint via their 2020 independent debut EP, Stories For The Sleepless. Elegant guitar, hyperactive bass, sweeping soundscapes, airy synthesizers, plainspoken lyrics, energetic drums and hypnotic harmonies open up the group’s first chapter with expressive, yet expansive transmissions of alternative rock.
Now, the trio — Alex Novaes [guitar], Leo Bomeny [vocals, bass], and Bruno Lamas [drums] — welcome listeners into their story.
“We all grew up on bedtime stories, old fairytales, science fiction, and fantasy,” says Leo. “When you read a book as a kid, you relate to the characters and feel less alone. You realize others have the same feelings, thoughts, and fears you do. We try to make music that does the same thing. Maybe, you can see yourself in our narrative too.”
The musicians rallied around a unified vision from the moment they crossed paths, drawing on diverse influences ranging from Tame Impala, Muse, Mutemath, and Pink Floyd to Metallica, Led Zeppelin, Twenty One Pilots, and even Soundtracks like The Lord of the Rings.
The guys soon chose the name “SOFIA” as the band’s name after scanning mythology books with the desire “to create a character the music could represent.” Crafting a singular sound, they combined succinct storytelling and artful instrumentation to yield the concept behind Stories For The Sleepless.
“We’re taking snippets of real relationships and infusing them into the songs,” Alex continues. “They’re identifiable experiences of relationships, love, and friendship. It’s like having a bedside book you can tap into.”
SOFIA introduce this collection with the first single and opener “Coconut.” A steady drumbeat drips between echoes of clean guitar, spacey soloing, and ethereal vocals. It builds towards the resounding admission, “I’m out of my mind, I’m so confused, but if my devil inside loves the angel in you, I’m happy.”
“It’s about acceptance,” Leo continues. “You become happy with the little things. You find joy in the madness and the chaos of two complex, emotional, and different people. It’s about being at peace with whoever you’re with.”
Elsewhere, “Sad” takes flight on an off-kilter riff as it urges, “It’s a story of someone frustrated because they see their partners self-destructive habits and can’t do anything about it,” according to the frontman. Stories For The Sleepless spirals to a close on “Stranger.” The track ramps up into a gallop of distorted guitars and one final hard-hitting hook.
“One day at the end of a relationship, you wake up,” Leo goes on. “You’re still the same, but your partner is a stranger to you now. Things were so one-sided. None of the promises at the beginning of the relationship were fulfilled. This isn’t the person you were familiar with. It’s a stranger.”
With this sort of honesty and relatable narration, SOFIA’s music takes up residence in your head like any good old-fashioned tale will.
“It’s almost as if you’re jumping into these songs with us,” Leo concludes. “You’re transported first-person. By seeing those emotions in someone else, you can better understand yourself. We try to build a community. Hopefully, you can be at peace when it comes time to go to sleep and dream because no one can touch you there—and we’re the soundtrack.”

Music Submission, Arliston

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South The Anatomy of a Car-Crash


RELEASE DATE – 13/03/2020


Arliston return with their first single of 2020 which was written while on tour in Canada. The song had the working title of ‘Stranger Things’ until the last days of mixing, as the hazy, crepuscular riff that the song is built around possesses an inescapable 80’s nostalgia. The clean minimal choruses are balanced beautifully between the chaotic downbeat of the verse, creating something unusual but brilliantly compelling.

“The band's playfully experimental take on digital pop is reaping dividends, with the three-piece charging into unknown climes.”– Clash 

Over the years, Arliston have had continued support from the likes of BBC Radio 1, Clash, KALTBLUT, Amazing Radio, The 405 and Resonance FM who have championed the distinctive dark-wave sound with comparisons made with The National and Bon Iver. Alongside top engineer, Darren Jones and long-time collaborator Danny Monk, ‘South’ keeps to Arliston’s melancholy style with its clean reverb guitar line, effortless vocals and crisp drumbeat.

This meaning of the newest single ‘South’ centres around the question - At what point is there too much layered scar tissue to keep moving forwards in a relationship? Lots of little individually insignificant actions, adding up to total catastrophe.

“It’s a melancholy boiling pot, one reminiscent of Editors meets The National with a dash of something more contemporary thrown in for good measure.” – One Stop Record Shop

The video shows a couple taking turns alternately damaging, then repairing a hapless vehicle. The damage: reckless and permanent, and the repair: inadequate and makeshift. Continuing, until the car is a visible wreck. Driving forward seems like a constructive step, but the vehicle, the relationship, the thing they’re both sitting in has sustained too much damage, so crashes spectacularly and terminally. Any one of these things in isolation could have been absorbed or tolerated, but when they occur with the memory of previous transgressions raging away in the background it becomes too much. Everything goes ‘South’.

Each time Arliston release a song, it seems on foot gets planted deeper in the ambient, dark-indie sensibility they have become known for, while the other finds ever new ground to mix their growing palate with. This time referencing the mainstream-pop world with a nod to the powerfully minimal bass drops in Billie Ellish’s ‘When the Party’s Over’. Look out for new material and shows coming soon in 2020.

Music Submission, Downtown Market

Stay With Me Artwork
Artist or Band Name: 
Downtown Market

Downtown Market is the band based in Tokyo Japan.

Sleepingowl and KurumiI Sasaki as member, they were born and raise in Iwate, which is located in north part of Japan. The band has been active since 2012, supported by various members.

They create not too clear sound, it is like a sound shifting from standard of the sound. Sleepingowl's guitar blends naturally into the melody, gently supporting the whole song.

Kurumi's base is catchy but appears to be a natural melody facilitator. The songs sound mellow, and make you unconsciously into the sound before you notice.

A live video of "My Name Is Jonas" by Weezer is the original experience of the music started by Sleepingowl, who writes all the songs of Downtown Market. Sleepingowl got goosebumps when a faded-in guitar sound came in just before chorus, which paved a way for his sound production work.

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