Music Submission, Jägerborn

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Independent Music Submission: Jägerborn (Berlin) - 'Recon By Fire'

Hi guys at BBS Radio,

sorry to bother you! I’m taking the liberty of sending you the press release for my new release 'Recon By Fire‘. I hope you find the time to check it out.
This is a one-man DIY operation so forgive me for anything unprofessional. I don’t write these things very often.
Anyways, thanks for your time.

Have a great day,
all the best from Berlin to California

Jägerborn - 'Recon By Fire'

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Jägerborn is Berlin-based Songwriter and Producer Tobias Gnüchtel.
After life, late capitalism and a PhD in Literature stalled the production of the second album of his band "museum", Gnüchtel retreated to his Berlin apartment to record songs that had piled up over the years, some of them dating back to when he was just 17. Over the next two years he recorded and mixed what would become "A Jäger Is Born“, his first album as a solo artist with every single instrument played by himself.

"Recon By Fire" is the second release from the upcoming album. "'Recon' is a very special and important song for me", Gnüchtel says, "I wrote it even before museum started recording 'traces of'. I carried it around for years and never found the right direction to take it. When I finally found it, it was the song that took the recording of the album off the ground and gave me confidence for my somewhat solipsistic journey. It was tough balancing the layered arrangement with the sense of yearning and the feeling of having to get the hell out of a terrible place and situation that are conveyed by the lyrics and the melody. But I think the song is the best thing I’ve done so far and I’m quite proud of it."

There is no masterplan for Jägerborn yet, no label, no management, no booking, just the need to put music out there.
First shows are planned in Berlin for late summer.


Tobias Gnüchtel is a Songwriter and Producer from Berlin. He was born in Hamburg quite a while ago. He is the singer and guitarist of the band 'museum‘ who had a minuscule hit called ’The Law’. After releasing the album 'traces of' in 2013 they were invited to play SXSW. Gnüchtel studied music, literature and philosophy and holds a PhD in literature.

Jägerborn is his solo project. The first album 'A Jäger Is Born' recorded by himself in his Berlin apartment will be released in 2019.


For pictures and more info see the EPK:



Music Submission, Bish Bash

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Bish Bash
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We are Bish Bash, a fun oriented indie pop-rock trio, based in Tel Aviv. The band sings in English with a heavy-but-proud Hebrew Accent.

The trio was emerged in early 2018 from the ruins of a former band, in which the all of us three were members.  

After few months of working on new materials in an underground bomb shelter, the band released a self-titled, self-produced EP.  Bish Bash are now Preforming all across Israel, setting their gaze abroad.

Bish Bash are: Almog Ben Harush (drums),  Merav Tzour (Bass) and Ronen Braten (Guitar)

all of our EP songs are available for you to download HERE

and here is a link to our 3 Live Session Videos that we've released last week.

Music Submission, Scott Beaton

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Scott Beaton
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Hailing from the small, seaside town of Gourock on the West coast of Scotland (& currently living in Doha), Scott has travelled well, playing his original music.  Personal triumphs include two nights at the world-famous Whisky A Go-Go in West Hollywood (supporting 60’s rockers Iron Butterfly), The Cavern Club in Liverpool & several television appearances in the UK.

Drawing on influences from Lennon/McCartney to Bowie, Scott’s music has a classic feel, with an experimental sonic twist.  

Growing up, his father (a self-confessed Beatles fanatic) exposed him to the music of the “Fab 4” & since then, Scott has wanted to little else. Despite having picked up a guitar at the age of 4 and trying to play along with his favourite records, it wasn’t until his teenage years that he truly immersed himself in The Beatles’ experimental album “Revolver” & subsequently more psychedelic music from the 1960’s & 70’s – which has shaped his sound in so many ways since.

It was also around this time that Scott began to experiment with recording. Being able to play drums, guitar, bass & keyboard meant that he could record a full-band track by himself & didn’t have to teach anyone else the parts to his songs – something that he has continued to do ever since.

Always experimenting, it’s exciting to hear just what musical ground this man will cover next…

Music Submission, Alp

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My name is Alp. I am a Toronto based independent artist. Mostly i compose indie rock music. Here is my latest song which is going to be on the market on May 17. Hopefully you like and play it. 




Alp Bilgin 

Music Submission, Rick Shaffer

"Let Go" is track 3 on Rick Shaffer's album Creatures Of Impulse.
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Rick Shaffer
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CONTACT: Theresa Marchione, Manager, Tarock Music,

Music Submission, The Reds

The Reds end their 10-year hiatus with the single "High Point"
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The Reds
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CONTACT: Theresa Marchione, Manager, Tarock Music,

Corduroy Spaceship

Corduroy Spaceship
Delicate vocal melodies, reverb soaked guitars and crunchy drum recordings are the work of Torsten Gustavsson, whom established Corduroy Spaceship in 2018
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Corduroy Spaceship
Playing on BBS Radio between talk shows
CD Information
Corduroy Spaceship, song titled, About Everything
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About Everything - single
Song Names: 
About Everything


Czech Band Teepee, new single, About It, is very fragile and intimate - exactly how it should be.
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Playing on BBS Radio between talk shows
CD Information
Teepee, song titled, Around It
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Around It - single
Song Names: 
Around It

Music Submission, Chimpanbee

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Chimpanbee Story.

Chimpanbee are essentially a trio of musicians and songwriters , namely Mike Fox on Drums and percussion Paul Barry on Bass and Ger Reid the songwriter , guitar player and vocalist.

An eclectic fellowship with dreams and ambitions of being the next great rock band.

The band recently released a debut album , a collection of songs that explores the cliche themes and notions of young love and how that plays out under the constraints of music life and under the influences of heavy drug taking.

The songs where wrote when we were 18 yrs old in 2008 and so we set about re-writing , re-mixing and re-recording them in 2017.

We released 'Cant Stop or Rewind' in February 2018.

We then began almost immediately to work on a second album entitled 'Perfectly out of balance'

The band were set to start touring in Ireland in 2018 when our piano player Damien O'Brien was attacked in Waterford city that July and killed.

Since then we have been exclusively writing and recording in the hopes of delivering a second record with far more ambition than the first and more in line with who and what we are now..

Music Submission, Raspberry Jam

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Raspberry Jam

Raspberry Jam brings a new spin to alternative music. They blend intricate rhythms with melodic guitar work heavily influenced by The Strokes. Over the past four years, they have grown to be a staple band of the Pioneer Valley area. Members: Mac Almeida (Guitar) Milou Rigollaud (Drums) Alouette Batteau (Vocals) Josh Gibson (Bass) Rufus Seward (Guitar)


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