Michael Louis Austin

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Michael Louis Austin
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Michael Louis Austin
Americana Folk Singer/songwriter Michael Louis Austin also presents his appealing voice that embraces and his powerful lyrics that empathize and touch hearts
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Michael Louis Austin, song titled, Radio
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Radio - single
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Music Submission, The Reds

Music Submission, Michael Louis Austin

Michael Louis Austin Radio
Artist or Band Name: 
Michael Louis Austin

While accompanying himself expressively on acoustic and guitar, banjo, ukulele and harmonica, Americana Folk Singer/songwriter Michael Louis Austin also presents his appealing voice that embraces and his powerful lyrics that empathize and touch hearts!  

Michael's music career began in Mystic, Connecticut where he was born and raised.  In 2010, Michael moved to Las Vegas, NV and has made himself into quite the entertainer where the city never sleeps. He is currently venturing throughout the United States sharing his talent with more and more music lovers.

Michael has been featured in local Las Vegas magazines, such as Review Journal and Desert Companion.  He has been in original bands that have opened up for several well-known Rock Bands including Everclear, Letters To Cleo, Nada Surf, Eve's Plumb (Vitamin C) and The Spin Doctors. He has performed at the most successful open mic in the city called “Vegas On The Mic”, where he also served as the Artist Relations Liaison.

Mimi Mitina

Playing on BBS Radio between talk shows
Mimi Mitina
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Mimi Mitina
Mimi Mitina is a indie singer-songwriter & ukulele player based in berlin
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Mimi Mitina, song titled, Never Enough
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Never Enough - single
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Never Enough

Music Submission, Mimi Mitina

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Mimi Mitina

2018 I quit Opera Singing and moved to Berlin. I spent 3 years performing my original songs in parks, bars, galleries across diverse crowds. This experience and a lo-fi production together with my professional singing skills are very present in my upcoming release "Never Enough“. It is an upbeat bedroom pop song about unrequited love. My Music Video will be released in June, and I am planning a big Social Media Campaign. So far I have had success as a musician on Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, TikTok (9 million impressions 2021).

Music Submission, God Chasing Angels

Artist or Band Name: 
God Chasing Angels

Songwriter/Singer different genres, currently living in Texas. I record under the name of God Chasing Angels. The creative process is my passion as well as sharing my latest song with the listening audience.

Music Submission, Arklo

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ARKLO, started his career as early as 2004 when he came across some sequencer software and heard his first synthesizer. Influences from reggae, R & B, and also African and Latin rhythms are interwoven in his tracks in the most refined manner. He likes to work on warm, but also on more minimal, or “freaky” Future-House and Techno stuff, as well as on other styles

Music Submission, Victory Vizhanska

Victory Vizhanska - The Rain
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Victory Vizhanska

=== About Victory Vizhanska

Victory Vizhanska lives in Ukraine. Music and stage are her real love and life. She has been singing from early childhood. Victory's voice range is 4 octaves. Constantly studies vocals and acting. Likes to play ukulele. Also, Victory is an actress (roles in 5 theater performances and 6 ads and movies) and model (25+ photo sessions).

Social networks:
 - https://Youtube.com/VVVizhanska
 - http://bit.ly/VVVizhanska-Spotify
 - https://Twitter.com/VVVizhanska
 - https://Instagram.com/VVVizhanska
 - https://Facebook.com/VVVizhanska

=== A Bit More About the Song

The Rain
 - Artist: Victory Vizhanska
 - Music: Alex Boyprav
 - Lyrics: Serge Bo, Olha Vizhanska
 - Drums: Carl Holz
 - Genre: Hard Rock
 - Release: November 14, 2019
 - Art cover: Based on the painting by Valeriia, https://VR-ArtStudio.nl, the Netherlands
 - MP3: Please find it in the attachment to the email
 - YouTube video and detailed description: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c4fpTo_PpUI

 The authors of this song have an age difference so large that the younger ones could be grandchildren for the older ones. What unites these people? And what is their song about?
 Victory Vizhanska: "Love will melt everything, with love even rain is like the sun!"
 Serge Bo: "There are enough people out there whose words sound like nasty cold rain: only lie, hypocrisy and self-PR. But fortunately, there are other people too. Sometimes they do not have big money but they have a big soul. No matter where they live - next door or in a distant country - often just their sincere support is that ray of sunshine that helps dispel the clouds of problems."

=== The Rain
It's raining again and again.
Through the wall of drops
I can't see the sky.
When will the sun be up?
And all these clouds will melt.
I need to feel your love.

The noise is around again and again.
Through the wall of words
I can't see the truth.
When will the sun be up?
And all these clouds will melt.
I need so much
To feel your love.
# # #

Music Submission, Mia Muze

Artist or Band Name: 
Mia Muze

Mia Muze is a self Produced Recording Artist from the Gold Coast,
Australia. Raised in Sydney and born in Japan, she has held the title of
#1 Independent in the Reverb Nation Artist Charts for her region, since
2014. This year she celebrates 15 years of Music and Media via her new small
Record Label Maquis Music which was launched last year to coincide with her
1 year anniversary of her first signed single, Onomatopoeia. The track released
at #1 in Brazil on the Brasbeat Tech House Charts.
This Artist supports the causes of homelessness and mental health since 2018
Mia Muze is known as a World Traveller. In this photo, she is South of the Border. In Mexico.
January 2021
For more details on this Artist, please see miamuze.com/bio
Last year Mia Muze performed at the Surfers Paradise Alliance Sand Safari,
where she was then granted a bigger stage and level of exposure for massive
beach side festival ‘Surfers Live’. The event was cancelled due to covid-19
and Mia Muze instead released a new music collection under Maquis Music,
‘Signs of Sealife’. This 9 track release is the first signing by her label, to new
artist Kirra Sato of Arizona, USA and reveals special songs of Hope and Love.
Mia Muze is known as ‘the Versatile Vocalist’ having begun within the genre of
Hip Hop which was played by radio also under the banner of World Music. Mia
Muze has always been experimental in nature and tends to feature significant
vocals and a unique and often complex songwriting style. Her cd collections
include; Summer Storm, Mia Muze and Elemental presents.. eSeason, 10
Minutes and Twisted Winter. Due to her passionate run of the world around her,
she also claims the tag ‘Nature Queen’ and had originally launched in 2006 as
Mia Muze, The Urban Shaman.
This Artist is known for her social media prowess, and contribution to Art
through ‘Beauty and Culture’ and was once mistakenly labelled a Beauty
Queen by corrupt media channels who misunderstood that she stands alone in
years of digital media publishing. Having combatted a few gross
misunderstandings online, Mia Muze is recognised as a Truthsayer and could
be seen as controversial due to her earnest advocacy for the Honour and
Mia Muze’s vocals have been described as ‘with dynamic and gymnastics’, her
tracks have been stated ‘soundscape engineering’, ‘experimental and
entrancing’ and discuss real life stories in a popular music context.
Hear her work via miamuze.com/audio start with the Full Collection
(Discography). Recommended tracks are Deepness {Twisted Winter}, The
Oceans {Twisted Winter}, I Can Do Anything and Onomatopoeia {via BrasBeat}.


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