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Music Submission, Cee Boo

Artist or Band Name: 
Cee Boo

She was christened Sibusiso Msesiwe and now has donned the moniker CeeBoo and is brimful with flair and creativity in her latest offering Titled “Not The Same Woman” which is now available on all digital platforms.
CeeBoo is a versatile cross-over artist whose lilting and honey raw voices wafts swiftly between Afro-Soul and RnB. Born and raised in the coastal town of East London (South Africa), she started singing at the tender age of six, as part of her church choir and went on to learn to play the piano on her own.
“I am a self-taught musician. I enjoyed learning a skill without conscious awareness of the underlying processes of what is being learnt. In the process of curiosity you make mistakes, learn and grow because you have no scope or boundary to limit you. It is for this reason that I do not like being boxed as a musician” explained CeeBoo.
CeeBoo’s musical journey from church in later years migrated to poetry where she raided open mic sessions. Later, she would turn the poems into songs about her lived experience and things that she imagined. “The poetry sessions gave me the platform and confidence to be able to bare my soul infront of a live audience to examine what I had to offer artistically. When I turned to music my soul just soared, backed by the confidence that I was in full control expressing my art” chimed CeeBoo.
In 2010 as part of Elements of Soul, a touring venture which she wrote and produced the music, toured South Africa and Namibia. Their album was called Music in Me and helped profile her musical prowess. The musical odyssey culminated with Breaking Dawn her solo debut album. “Elements of Soul was an opportunity to test the market on whether they will receive the kind of music and message I wanted to deliver. It was a platform to hone my skills as an artist and focus on chasing the dream of making music to soothe, entertain and express myself” added CeeBoo.
CeeBoo credits her family and children as her greatest inspiration “I am moved by helping others especially the vulnerable youth. I am preoccupied with ensuring that young people find their purpose in life and blossom in the strengths” charged CeeBoo.
CeeBoo enjoys singing “about life, love, positivity, growth, faith and humility. I write and sing about relatable stuff. One has to be able to related to whatever song and genre they listen to. It is for this reason that I migrate from time to time from RnB, Soul, Deep House and Hip Hop. I do not make music for a particular target market or audience, but express myself for all to enjoy” concluded CeeBoo.
● Was the lead vocalist of a group called Elements Of Soul and they Released an album in 2011.
● Performed alongside the likes of Queens Of Dance, Bantu Soul, Top Mafia, DJ Menace (Beyonce Records), DJ Clock (AMPM), Master Wakes of Kalawa Jazzme Dance, Mwezi Zazi, Msaki and Zama Ntshona.
● Performed on Etv's Sunrise and Club808.
● BEAT Magazine Awards as the Best Female Vocalist Nominee in 3 categories.
● Used to perform on Thursday Nights at Kulcha Noir, an up market Johannesburg restaurant,
● Performed and Toured in Windhoek Namibia alongside Speedy (Bongo Muffin) and several other artists.
● Performed at BCMM Switching on of the Festive Lights 3 years in a row, having been an opening act for Winnie Khumalo and Micasa.
● She recorded her solo album in 2013.
● Performed at several corporate functions in and around East London.
● Performed at the Launch of the 1st English/Xhosa Dictionary in 2014
● Performed at the Bingo Royale Casino as the first Resident Artist in 2014
● Hosted a Live Music Show at the Guild Theatre (East London), in 2014
● Performed for the Eastern Cape Premier at an event for the Official Performed at the 2017 State Of The Metro Address
• Pronouncement of the Audit Outcome in 2016
● Performed at the Buyel’ Ekhaya Music Festival in 2016
• Performed at the 2018 BCMM Women Nomination Awards
• Collaborated with DJ Clock (The Founder of AM-PM Productions), Bantu Soul, Master Wakes (of Kalawa JazzMe Records) and Nkanyiso Bengu (of Joyous Celebration).
• Was a part of a Talent Search and Produced Songs for local artists from Ntabankulu.
• Was recently invited to perform at the 2019 New Orleans Jazz Festival and to attend Educational Workshops, where she would be doing Motivational Speaking as well.
• Does Motivational Speaking at underprivileged schools in and around East London.
• Performed at the 2019 UMTIZA ARTS FESTIVAL.
• Recently released her debut album – Breaking Dawn, (Available on all Digital Music Platforms).
• Many Local And Community Radio Stations Are Supporting Her.
• Cee Boo Was On The Cover Of “Untied Magazine” and Was Given 15 Pages Worth Of Coverage!
• She Had An Interview With One Of America’s Global Giants And House Music – Driven Magazines – (My House Radio FM).
• Another International Magazine from the USA, Took An Immediate Interest On Cee Boos Craft. The “Airplay Magazine” Had a very insightful Q&A Interview On Her Rise To Stardom.
• Songs taken from Her 13 Track - Debut Album – Breaking Dawn, have been trending Internationally and Breaking Barriers for 9 months now.
• She held The Record Of The Week, On Starpoint Radio In The United Kingdom. With Several Of Her Songs, Played On High Rotation.
• Her Songs are also on High Rotation on WHTL, As She’s One Of Their Top Favorite Artists And Has The Most Requested Songs From “Tha Land”, WHTL 95.2 FM, Cleveland – Ohio!
• She Has A Special Banner Made By WHTL on Their Website in Her Honor.
• She Went On To Hold the #1 Spot For The Soulful Music Sunday Charts In Italy, On Soul City The Beat.
• Cee Boo was the Opening Act for the Legendary PJ “Thandeka” Powers and The Rockets, on the 23rd of December - For the Peggy Neste Foundation Annual Event that was held at The Guild Theater in East London.
• She Was Sponsored And Given A Courtesy Car By “Nates Car Sales”. They Are Based In Amalinda, (East London). Where they also designed and customized 2 Personalized Jumpsuits for Her, in support of her Craft and Music. #NatesCarSales #ItsABrand!
• She Performed and Graced, Uviwe Secondary School’s Valentines Day Dinner Gala, where a group of their Scholars were selected to be amongst 500 Other Choirs, to go and represent South Africa in Belgium, this coming July!
• Cee Boo Was Recently On BayTV In Mid February, Shedding A Light On Her Career, Her Path and Challenges as an Independent Artist.
• She Was Also On Page 16 Of The Move Magazine, (February Issue)… Which Was Published On The 5th of Feb.
• On That Same Day, She Had A Few Newspaper Articles Acknowledging Her Global Status, Her Presence in the Music Scene and Embracing her Solo International Climb.
• Cee Boo has Ongoing Invitations To Perform, Record And Possibly Take Residence Abroad.
• Las Vegas, The United States Of America, Italy, Brazil, Germany, Australia, The United Kingdom, (To Mention A Few) … Have All Embraced Her Music And Creativity.
• She Is Looking Forward To Endless – Cultural Collaborations, Making More Music With Producers From All Over The World And Performing For Her Loyal Supporters And Growing Her Global Audience At Large.
• On the 1st Of March, She Made It To The List Of The Best - Top 7 Songs In Italy, For This Month!
Artist Name

Music Submission, Marc Delmay

Artist or Band Name: 
Marc Delmay

Marc delmay is a guitarplayer singer/songwriter originally from the Netherlands. He started to learn and play the guitar at the age of 16, and fell in love with making music ever since. Playing in various bands an in various styles, mostly as a lead guitarist in his early days as a musician, in mostly rock orientated bands. Now days he is traveling the world as a “troubadour”, playing mostly solo, containing cover songs as his own original songs from the ‘60ties, ‘70ties, 80tie and ‘90ties. A huge variety of pop/rocksongs to choose from, bands such as Lenny Krevits, Guns&Roses, Bon Jovi or Chilli Peppers. Songrequests are included, and all for your entertainment only.  So you just sit back relax, and enjoy this ride!!

Music Submission, BUD ELKIN

Artist or Band Name: 

Bud Elkin

Bud Elkin & Company








Bud Elkin & Company recorded two CD Albums in 2016/2017. “Sand In My Shoes”, and “Got The Blues”. “Sand In My Shoes” has so far sold 5034 CD’s, and many more single releases of several songs on the CD.

We are releasing a new CD, “ROCK AMERICA”, consisting of Rock n Roll tunes, and one orchestra oriented pop song, which I wanted to write as a melodic acapella tune that would give the listener reflective insight into their human condition.

The band is loosely put together with Bud Elkin and five female players. When we play our beach tunes the girls come out playing in their bikinis’; helps get the crowd in the mood.  

Drums(Maggie), lead guitar(Stephanie), guitar(Bud), keyboard(Sara), Sax/horns(Lindsey), and synth make up our instrument portfolio.

From DRT:: https://www.digitalradiotracker.com/

Music Submission, Flip Damon

Artist or Band Name: 
Flip Damon

*All selections were written by P.F. Damon & J. R. Matthews

*All songs are performed by Flip Damon on Isle Royale Records

Music Submission, Davor Jordanovski

Davor Jordanovski
Artist or Band Name: 
Davor Jordanovski

Davor Jordanovski has always known music would be his life; indeed, from his earliest recollection, it was his only choice. Fortunately, he was able to seriously pursue this path at the University of Music Arts (Saints Kiril & Metodij University) in Skopje. And while most musicians learn their trade by first listening to rock’n’roll records and then joining rock bands, DAVOR honed his already impressive skills in a full-blown 150-piece symphonic orchestra. By the time he was in his teens, he was already the featured keyboard player with Macedonian National TV network’s Big Band Orchestra, writing, arranging, performing and playing for some of the biggest and best-known musical acts in the country. This exceptional opportunity was not wasted on this extraordinary musician who was born with a depth of talent far beyond the range of many other artists.

DAVOR’s musical training was traditional: classical followed by pop and jazz, then branching out into film, mood, jazz fusion, ambient, dance, groove, symphonic, contemporary jazz and R&B. Now adeptly accomplished in all musical genres, DAVOR’s original compositions and arrangements display a rich level of sophistication while remaining simply powerful — yet never powerfully simplistic — and often served with wit and humour, as befitting the artist himself.

DAVOR grew up in Macedonia and has since made Canada his home, though he did spend a few years in Libya when he was a young child. The early impressions of living in a desert culture stayed with him as he grew and studied in his hometown of Skopje, where he was influenced by music from the Balkans and surrounding European regions. The synthesis of musical cultures has evolved into a unique style of world fusion, which successfully unifies an infinite range of disparate and varied sounds, instruments, arrangements and sensibilities.

Music Submission, A.K.A.-47

Artist or Band Name: 

y name is Carey Bruce moniker A.K.A.-47. I'm from the Washington DC area. I'm writing to you cause we think we have a jem here. Enclosed are the tracks we are releasing as a debut single with EDM remixes on http://fensterrecordings.world on 04/30. We have are in the midst of recording an album we should have out by this winter if all goes well. Would would greatly appreciate a review or broadcast of the main single The Rush (the first link). Thank You for listening. Social profiles can be found on the website. 

Music Submission, Christopher Purple

Christopher Purple I Don't Love U Any More
Artist or Band Name: 
Christopher Purple







Available 1st April 2020 at all digital retailers and streaming partners.


I DON’T LOVE U ANY MORE” marks an exciting debut for this brilliant singer-songwriter, and showcases the writer/producer who wrote, produced and performed the track from start to finish.

 “I DON’T LOVE U ANY MORE” - laments the heart wrenching decision to end a relationship but hating the idea of hurting someone who still means so much to you.

 Its sombre pace and George Michael-esque vocals run over hauntingly beautiful strings.

 Christopher Purple – an accomplished live performer and seasoned songwriter debuts this track NOW!!!!

Music Submission, Faith Bardill

Artist or Band Name: 
Faith Bardill


My name is Faith Bardill. I'm an independent singer/songwriter from Sanford, NC.  

A little bit about me: I'm the 2018 Carolina Country Music Awards Female Artist of the Year, the 2016 Carolina Music Awards Female Country Artist of the year, and the 2015 Carolina Music Awards Teen Artist of the Year. I perform solo shows and full band shows throughout the country, as well as Belize. I am currently on Music Mafia Radio with my original “When The Dust Settles” which placed in the top 30 several weeks this year - recently placing in the #1 #2 and #3 spots. Current music can be found on Spotify, Amazon, Reverbnation, and other streaming sites.

I've attached my latest original, “Not So Broken”, recorded at OmniSound Studios in Nashville and released 04/01/2020. I am looking to get radio play and any exposure that I can get on this song.

About this song: I wrote this song for anyone who has ever felt broken. This song was written over a 3-year period because it was so important to me to tell this story right since it’s the story of my life. My mother left me when I was 4 years old. So, in dealing with the aftermath of that I became far too familiar with that broken feeling. However, I was blessed to have grandparents who not only adopted me but have supported my dreams since they first heard me sing. Through music, the Grace of God and love of my family I now know the beauty in overcoming that brokenness. This is my story and my hope is that anyone who feels broken for any reason can find a sense of strength through the words of this song. Maybe you’ll find that you’re “Not So Broken” after all. 

Please give “Not So Broken” a listen. Any airplay you could give me would be greatly appreciated. I'm open to doing radio interviews in person or via phone call or Skype. This song will be playing on 93.9 Carolina Country, Myrtle Beach, SC this month, as well as 94.7 WQDR in Raleigh, NC. I'm just looking to get as much exposure as I can with “Not So Broken” and several additional Nashville recorded songs that will be released over the next several months. Thank you for your time and I look forward to hearing from you.



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