Music Submission, Glen Foster Group

Not Far Away album cover
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Glen Foster Group
Glen Foster Group of Nanaimo, BC Canada has released a new Praise Song called Fruit Of The Spirit, from their album Not Far Away on Rescue Records.
We are hoping your praise and worship leaders will have a listen and consider using it in their worship services. The scripture reference is of course Galatians 5:22-23, and 1 Cor. 13:13.  
The Full Piano Score, Lead Sheet, and a Lyric page with Chords are included here in the original key of C. The key of A for easier singing is also available to you at no charge, upon request.

Music Submission, Lori Jean Finnila

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Lori Jean Finnila

Lori is a singer and songwriter recording original tracks. She heals through music from an autoimmune disease and head injuries.

Music Submission, For Lua

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For Lua

BRUISES - RELEASE DATE 11th of June, 2020.

For Lua takes you on a journey through the deep northern forests of Sweden. Intimate whispered vocals over fingerpicked guitars create soothing lullabies and invite the listener into their stories. Their new single Bruises, recorded in the heart of Hollywood, is a haunting ode to doomed love and blends the warmth of folky harmonica tones with atmospheric movements.

The lead vocalist Malin Wiklund joined forces with musicians Gustav Sverin and Johannes Hörngren in a period of creative hunger, and began having writing sessions late into the night.

For Lua released their first single In Their Minds in the beginning of 2019, followed by Believe in Something the same year. Their third single Bruises is soon available for listeners around the world.

Music Submission, Eddy Chapman

Artist or Band Name: 
Eddy Chapman

Eddy Chapman is an independent, young  and upcoming alternative rock artist from sunny South Africa. His sound is a unique blend of genre's including rock, folk rock to a modern spin on pop rock.

He released his debut album in 2020.
Eddy grew up in a musical family where the melodies of CCR, Roxette and Neil Diamond used to echo through their house. He played piano but showed his  interest in guitar when he stumbled upon Bon Jovi's "It's my life" on MTV at the age of 15. His love for music grew and he started playing guitar soon after. 
He wrote his first song at the age of 16.  

​After being home schooled, he knew that he wanted a career in music. He started a band when he  was 19 and they did very well, making entertainment headlines of many news papers and some radio stations, being labeled as trendsetters of Afrikaans Rock music in South Africa with their unique sound and song arrangements.  

Eddy wrote and arranged all the songs in the band and they played countless gigs and toured in South Africa. Unfortunately, the band decided to pursue different paths in 2009.

Eddy went solo and continues to entertain large crowds at festivals and gigs around the country. He writes and records his own music and is very excited about his upcoming album. Over the years Eddy was influenced by many renowned artists such as Bon Jovi, Coldplay, Oasis and Foo Fighters.

​As a musician Eddy is a dedicated and passionate individual who will rock your socks off during his shows. In his personal life he is grounded and coming from humble beginnings, he knows how to work hard, overcome obstacles and persevere to make his dreams come true. 

Eddy Chapman remains excited in regards to his musical and personal ambitions, hoping to leave his mark in the music industry.

Music Submission, Starveya

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This is Aaron from the band Starveya. Our new single "Moontide" is set to release at the end of this month and I hope that someone at BBS might be interested in featuring it. I have included the official press release below. Thank you for your time.

Aaron Martinez-Starveya

STARVEYA is set to release “Moontide” on May 29th, 2020, their first new single since 2018’s “Olde Crow”. Available here:

STARVEYA is a psychedelic, alternative rock band from the fringes of Los Angeles, California. Originating around the turn of the millennium, their music can be described as a fusion between the classic studio recordings of the late 1960’s, and that of the heavier grunge movement of the early 1990’s. The band exemplifies both of these elements in their 2013 EP Stellar Womb, coming together to showcase its own fresh, modern sound.

“Moontide” is inspired by Bob Dylan’s take on folk music, particularly the historic, "My Back Pages". STARVEYA guitarist and primary songwriter Aaron Martinez, adds that the subject matter of the song was originally inspired by the tragic death of Pink Floyd’s Syd Barret. Gradually, the focus shifted to include all people throughout the millennia that were considered crazy or foolish in their own time, but later looked back on as geniuses, innovators and prophets. “A madman today is just a hero tomorrow” and “the saviors, they never get saved” are a few lyrics from “Moontide” that illustrate the lives of such visionaries as Giordano Bruno, Galileo, Socrates and Jesus Christ, who had the misfortune of being ahead of their times, and whose importance in history is only fully realized posthumously.

STARVEYA is currently in the studio working on their upcoming, full-length album Abandon All Muses, which is slated for a 2021 release.

Music Submission, Bertrands Wish

Artist or Band Name: 
Bertrands Wish

Influenced by the style and attitude of Sixies and Seventies Rock and Folk music, and placing an emphasis on strong melodies and relatable lyrics, Bertrands Wish is a musical project led by Michael Boynton, based in Hull, Yorkshire.

'Keep Dreaming' is his debut single, a folk song about staying positive in difficult times.

Music Submission, Phil Matthews a.k.a. the Village

Artist or Band Name: 
Phil Matthews a.k.a. the Village
Introducing England’s best kept secret............
The Village
The Village is the brainchild of eccentric music-maker Phil Matthews.
And, if you’ve never heard of him then it’s probably the fault of the UK’s
music press - although some far-sighted journalists (and thousands of
music fans) have been shouting his name for years. In fact he’s spent
around one whole year at the top of the UK’s folk charts........
A familiar sight in the North of England, Phil has begun to seek out new
musical territories to conquer with his original music - music that has been
compared to Robyn Hitchcock, Syd Barrett, Neil Finn, Paul McCartney, Bob
Dylan.......the list just goes on ! But The Village is so much more than
comparisons to other stars. The Village is quite simply the voice of
middle-aged England - and there’s a lot of us out there !

Music Submission, SOSPESOA

Artist or Band Name: 

Biografia SospesoA

Andrea nasce a Roma il 22 maggio 1979.

Si avvicina alla musica grazie alla madre, pianista di musica classica.

A soli 6 anni studia violino e pianoforte;ha fatto parte del Coro dell'Aureliano di Roma diretto da Bruna Liguori Valenti grazie al quale si è esibito nei più importanti teatri stabili d’Italia e d’Europa.

Dopo aver militato come bassista nella sua prima band, gli Effetto Kirlian, decide di mettersi in solo adottando lo pseudonimo SospesoA (“un cantante sospeso tra il sogno e la realtà, e come ponte ideale fra le due cose, le sue canzoni”)

In questi anni ha collaborato con Christian Ice (Prophilax), Paolo Baglio (autore delle colonne sonore delle Winx), Matteo Portelli (Yuppie Flu) e Daniele Bova (Micecars, Carpacho), ha pubblicato diversi cd autoprodotti e realizzato 2 video per la regia di Marco Marchesi (Bugo, Statuto, Tyng Tiffany, Client, etc…).

Nel 2016 pubblica "Immaginario", registrato e prodotto da Alessandro La Padula (Masoko).

Nel 2020 prende vita la sua nuova raccolta di canzoni dal titolo “Considerando la Notte”,insieme di pezzi registrati in completa solitudine ed in fedelissima bassa qualità.


Songs about not fitting in and being yourself, by Lilith
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Playing on BBS Radio between talk shows
CD Information
Lilith, song titled, Deep Water
CD Name: 
Deep Water
Song Names: 
Deep Water

Music CD, Before, Lilith

CD Information
Lilith, CD titled, Before
CD Name: 
Song Names: 
Silver and Gold

Music CD, Monsoon - single, Lilith

CD Information
Lilith, song titled, Monsoon
CD Name: 
Monsoon - single
Song Names: 

Crandall Creek

Crandall Creek
Crandall Creek is a Bluegrass band that plays a mix of folk, acoustic country, gospel that is influenced by the Appalachian music based out of Moundsville, WV
Artist or Band Name: 
Crandall Creek
Playing on BBS Radio between talk shows
CD Information
Crandall Creek, song titled, Drivin Me Insane
CD Name: 
Drivin Me Insane - single
Song Names: 
Drivin Me Insane


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