Music Submission, Hard North

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Hard North
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I’m not quite sure when I realized God wanted me, but I know I’ve been running all my life. But, everywhere I went, there was a rep for my Lord and Savior waiting for me! I ran, drugged, loved, and made my life all about me! Big mistake...if God wants you, he’s gonna get you. And now he has me, ALL OF ME!!! My music is given to me from Him and it’s made to bring glory to Him. I don’t have all the answers, but the songs He’s given me, hopefully, give you questions or even answers. All I can say is look to the Cross. Enjoy the music God has given through me!!! God bless!!!

Music Submission, Sasha Raven

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Sasha Raven
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He was a very quiet child and very an introverted person. His passion was music and it’s still. His mother was a classical guitarist, but he didn’t show any interest in learning or playing guitar. He has started learning to play guitar when he was almost twenty years old. His friend convinced him into that, he showed him four chords and that was it. With that four chords, Sasha composed his first song. He was impressed by that and until today, Sasha has composed over four hundred songs. Some of his songs can be heard on music social platform Soundcloud, Spotify, Deezer, Amazon, iTunes and so on, but a very few on YouTube. In the year 2005, he and his friend, created the band Dharma. His friend met those days Paul Godfrey from worldwide band Morcheeba. His friend first didn’t know who is he (Paul Godfrey) or who is Morcheeba. Paul gave to his friend a business card, and he showed to Sasha that card. Sasha was excited, and he said to the friend whom he met. A coincidence was that his friend met Paul Godfrey again the other day. And he showed to the Paul their song Winter’s Day (a.k.a. Afterglow). Guess Paul liked that song, so he wrote the lyrics for Afterglow. But Dharma didn’t last long, because of different music taste in the band. So they simply split the band. Sasha went on his solo music career. He has released the songs like Kiss Me, Moonrise, Indian Summer. Beside music, he writes also poetry. He has also released two poetry books and four e-books. Poems are about social problems, love, pain, sadness, sorrow, death and also about the crypto world… He wrote also a fairy tale for the children. Besides guitar, he plays also bass guitar, he sings and writes lyrics. His music influence are Radiohead, Muse, Nirvana, The Vines, Royal Blood, QOTSA, Suede, Placebo, The Kills, Jack White and many other bands.

Music Submission, Penn Johnson

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Penn Johnson
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I'm a 27 year old song-weaver. I just released this healing acoustic medicinal folk song today. I think your audience and the general public are gonna dig it and I hope it resonates with you. I've been living in Florida for the winter up near St Pete. Would love to talk more about my life and travels. I'll be releasing more music shortly. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions. I operate my music career independently and will get back to you promptly.
in service,
Penn Johnson

link and story behind the song:

Penn Johnson - Echo :
"this song came to me in Austin as I was passing through. i was thinking about what connects us all and how it's sorta unspeakable. it felt like an Echo. being deep in the forest or high on a mountaintop we are aware of this endless echo throughout space and time and it's always with us and inside us, wherever we go. we all feel and hear existence and our connection to our fellow beings and the cosmos as an echo. my buddy Mike Chafin recorded this analog (without digital equipment) in Tunkhannock, PA. that means it hasn't been edited and comes with all the rawness of my old music. one of many songs i'm excited to release to the world in 2019. full blood wolf moon in Leo and i sense a shift... xx Penn (1/21/19)"
*Available soon on iTunes, Spotify, and everywhere else digital music is sold or streamed. Feel free to share with anyone who needs, feels, or hears the Echo*

Music Submission, Adam Rose

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Adam Rose

Adam Rose is a multi-instrumentalist and vocalist living in Pittsburgh, PA. He avoids categorization, simply playing what he loves, and his compositions reflect a wide variety of influences in which he has immersed himself. His musicianship shines most notably through his guitar playing, as he is an experienced guitarist of nearly three decades. Whether delicately fingerpicking his classical guitar, tapping harmonics and percussive sounds out of his steel string, or ripping a dynamic solo on the electric, his playing is sure to reach you at an emotional level, as above all, he displays with exceptional musicality.

Isaac Wright

Isaac Wright
acoustic singer, songwriter and musician based in the small town of Geelong and his influences come from bands such as The Classic Crime, The Icarus Account and Mayday Parade.
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Isaac Wright
Playing on BBS Radio between talk shows
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Isaac Wright, song titled, Breathe Again
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Breathe Again - single
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Breathe Again

Music Submission, Ben Osborn

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Ben Osborn
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Ben Osborn is a British singer, songwriter, producer and multi-instrumentalist based between Berlin, Germany and Bristol, UK. Fast Awake is Ben’s debut single and it is due for release on 23rd November 2018 via Nonostar Records, the label founded by German experimental violinist and producer Alex Stolze. Fast Awake is a taster for Ben’s debut album, Letters From The Border, due for release via Nonostar in Spring 2019. Letters From The Border was produced and composed by Ben and Alex during a residency at Alex’s studio complex on the German/Polish border in Summer 2018. 
Fast Awake has been informed by the music of the many cities where Ben has lived over the years. This includes an echo of the elegiac beauty of Thom Yorke’s solo work which references Ben’s childhood in Oxford; a dubby trip-hop ambience familiar to fans of the Bristol scene, where Ben has composed for the award-winning Fellswoop Theatre Company with French director Bertrand Lesca (Cheek by Jowl, Peter Brooke) since 2010; and a driving kick drum which evokes the classic techno synonymous with Berlin, where Ben is now partly based. Fast Awake is a sophisticatedly woven mix of prepared piano, stuttering percussion and processed strings which blend seamlessly to create a unique and beguiling sound world. 
The lyrics of Fast Awake articulate Ben’s feeling of living in a world that is ever shifting, often in an overwhelmingly rapid manner, “Everything’s changing so why can’t you change? Everything’s strange here and you are a stranger”. Fast Awake juxtaposes its themes of disorientation and anxiety with musical material built of complex, shifting harmonies, polyrhythmic beats and Alex Stolze’s shimmering, haunting violin melodies. 
Ben Osborn is the latest artist to join the Nonostar roster, which has also seen the release of Alex Stolze’s acclaimed solo albums Mankind Animal and Outermost Edge as well as Solo Collective Part One, the highly praised debut release from the modern classical trio of Alex Stolze with cellist Anne Müller and pianist/producer Sebastian Reynolds. Other Nonostar releases include the Mahajanaka EP by Sebastian Reynolds and the Aracus EP by German producer Qrauer. 
Ben's soundtracks and sound designs have won the Cameron Mackintosh Award, the Methuen Drama Emerging Artists Award, the Peter Brooke Empty Space Award and a Manchester Theatre Award.  His critically acclaimed libretti have been performed at London’s National Portrait Gallery, the Bristol Proms, BBC Radio 3’s live concert series and the RCM Britten theatre among other prestigious venues. He is a co-founder of and teacher at the Berlin Open Music Lab, a free school for refugee musicians.

Music Submission, Isaac Wright

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Isaac Wright
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Isaac Wright is an acoustic singer, songwriter and musician based in the small town of Geelong and his influences come from bands such as The Classic Crime, The Icarus Account and Mayday Parade.

Isaac delivers performances that tug on the heart strings of the listener through the message in his songs but then quickly balance out by his comedic on stage shenanigans and down to earth connection with the audience. 

Isaac didn’t start as your typical ‘started at the age of 5’ musician. He didn’t realise what he wanted to do until he was 16 after reassuringly being told that he ‘had a nice voice’, It was enough for him to realise what he was going to make his passion for the rest of his life.

Not being in a position to access music lessons, he decided that the best way would be to self-teach and thusly started exploring singing and learning guitar as an accompanying instrument.
With Google and Youtube only able to teach limited practical skills, being able to finally afford and attend lessons hastily improved his musical development.


Isaac engaged in singing lessons and did so on and off for 3 years, all the while continuing to self-teach guitar and soon enough picking up piano as well.
Isaac hopes to turn his passion into a career and write songs, sing and play music until he’s a wrinkly old prune, until the retirement home staff tell him he’s disrupting the peace, or until he can no longer sing.

Music Submission, &Y Myles

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&Y Myles
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From the ashes of Stone Antica, the group's singer AnWy Myles started to wander in the landscape of alternative/ rock. Myles relocated to Stockholm to seek like-minded musicians for collaborations, including Erik Fernholm and Anton Sällberg from pop/ rockband Atlantic Driftwood. Former bassist of Stone Antica, Jon Liedberg, is also frequently appearing in Myles new loose-knit lineup.

In 2018, AnWy Myles issued the project's first song to be released. A studio was set up in the basement of the house he lives in and the group of musicians have been seen coming there on a regular basis.

After going solo, Myles was picked up by the Swedish indie label StereoEar. ~ Antoine Bisquits, SE


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