Music Submission, Butta B Rocka

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Butta B Rocka

Oleathia “Butta B-Rocka” Robinson is a highly versatile and internationally acclaimed artist and musician. Her career includes work as an actress, composer, and model. She’s also the best-selling author of "Fear of Failure", a playwright” I Cheated So What”, Editor-in-Chief (for Defiant Ones Teen Magazine) and is the CEO and founder of the 501c3 non-profit "Artists Rock the MIC Foundation". Oleathia “Butta B-Rocka” Robinson has been diligently putting in work across all markets and borders.

Butta has redefined the term “versatility” by showcasing her vocals and composed pieces for ears all over the world, across genres from pop, rock, gospel, country, and rap. Between her background vocals, demo recordings, and stage performances her résumé boasts work and assistance with international superstars, Grammy winners and performers like Janet Jackson, Akon, TLC, Kanye West, Nas, Collective Soul, Zac Brown, Dream, Japanese star Namie Amuro, Belgium artist Sandrine and countless other talents across the globe. Butta is a triple threat, your one-stop-shop!

Unequalled in its diversity and flexibility- Butta B-Rocka’s unique and powerful vocal range has allowed her to sing enchanting, soulful melodies in a wide variety of genres- ranging all the way from R&B, pop and rock, to country, rap, and even gospel, from the US, UK, Germany, Holland, Japan, Canada, Portugal, Caribbean Islands, Chile, Puerto Rico, Antigua, and throughout Africa, these are just a few of the many places that have heard her soul-stirring music.

Butta B-Rocka’s mesmerizing and distinctive musical style has allowed her to play in some truly prestigious performances. She performed at the presidential inauguration and has also played before multiple royal families. A few examples include when she played for the CEO Network Bahamas Conference before the Prime Minister of the Bahamas, for the Moradeun royal family of Nigeria, at the City Gala, on BET Hip Hop Awards, for the KY Derby and on Multiple International Cruise Lines. 

 Her singing performances have wooed crowds of all sizes, both domestically and internationally- performing equally well in intimate settings, and in massive crowds that numbered well into the thousands.

Music Submission, Mendel Markel

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Mendel Markel

Mendel Markel is a Jewish Hassidic rocker, producer, operatic tenor and synagogue cantor.

Music Submission, Don Murdock

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Don Murdock

Music Submission, Rachael Owojori

Music Submission, Verskikov

DJ Crowded
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The music from europe to the land of the lion.
No. 1 EDM artist in the Free State from the "heart" of South Africa.

Music Submission, The Gospel General

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The Gospel General

South African based gospel music artist. The Gospel General is a seasoned gospel music composer, performer, preacher and motivational speaker. I love God!

Music Submission, Dennis and Christy Soares

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Dennis and Christy Soares

Artist from Hawaii with 124 releases.

Music Submission, Petrella

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Petrella, First Lady of Country Soul Biography

Petrella First Lady of Country Soul Bio

Petrella Ann Bonner (born in Hot Springs, AR), also known as “Petrella, First Lady of Country Soul” is an American country music artist. Petrella’s accomplishments are on display at the Mosaic Templars Museum in Little Rock, AR, have been donated to the Arkansas History Commission and are on file at the Country Music Hall of Fame, Nashville, TN, and have been documented by the University of Indiana African American Archive of Music and Culture and by the History Makers (Chicago, IL). Petrella is listed in Essence Magazine as one of the “18 Black Country Singers You Need to Know” and is ranked as one of “The Greatest Black Country Singers”

In 1988 as a member of the Los Angeles Songwriters Showcase, Petrella received her first record contract from pitching a demo to Jack Gale of Playback Records an independent record label in Nashville, TN. She signed a contract in 1989 with Ridgewood Records (a division of Playback Records) for a 2-sided single. The song "This Isn't Goodbye" charted on the Up and Coming Chart at Number 14 and "Blues Stay Away From Me", charted on Cashbox Top 100 Country Singles at number 86. This chart action led Jack Gale to form a “Country-Soul Division under Playback Records with the first album release featuring Petrella distributed nationally by Laurie Records. A video of “Blues Stay Away from Me” recorded in California was also released and played nationally. In March 13, 1993 the music Trade Magazine Cashbox featured her on the cover and the cover story. Her single "I Found Somebody" placed her as the #1 Indie at #53 on Cash Box Top 100 Country Singles. In 1994, two other singles, "Go For It" and "Remedy" reached the country charts top 100 and Nashville Tracker magazine nominated Petrella as New Female Vocalist of the Year and her Album was nominated as “Album of the Year”. Petrella’s relationship with Jack Gale spanned almost 30 years until his death in 2018 and included 3 CDs, (“Petrella”, “100 Proof Woman” and “Shine on Me”).

In 2008 she signed a distribution deal with Warner Brothers Records through TMG  resulted in her single "I Want To Know You Forever" from her 2008 CD "100 Proof Woman" charting on the Billboard Hot Single Sales at number 15. ]

In the year 2012 she recorded her 25th Anniversary Album “Shine on Me” with legendary DJ Jack Gale as her producer and filmed a video of her single “Working in the USA” with video producer K.C. Amos (son of John Amos of Television show “Good Times”). Her video can be viewed on Vevo , Youtube  and Daily Motion.

The years 2012 through 2018 Petrella concentrated on putting together her band (Mixed Influence) and playing at venues throughout Southern California and Central Coast California. The highlight from this time period was openeing for The Spinners on Feb 23, 2018 at The Rose Music Venue in Pasadena, CA. In her career Petrella has opened for Gladys Knight, Tracy Lawrence, A.J. Croce (Son of Jim Croce), Billy Vera and the Beater’s and the Delfonics.

Petrella has released 7 studio albums, 5 country albums, one gospel album and one Christmas album.

Music Submission, Oluchi Edmund

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Oluchi Edmund

Oluchi Edmund is a gospel artist from Nigeria but resides in Chicago. My latest single, Ere, is due for release on the 21st of May.

Music Submission, The Jerry Banks Project

Enjoy Your Life cover
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The Jerry Banks Project

Jerry Banks is a prophetic minister who is also a seasoned musician and producer that has performed with a number of bands and ministries for over 20 years. He is known for his hard work, humble attitude, and passionate dedication and commitment to music. His writing style mixes R&B and Jazz with elements of Gospel and Hip Hop. Inspirational Groove is the name of the subgenre that he has created with his music because his goal has always been to use the power of music to uplift and illuminate. This project is a sampling of songs that were composed with the whole purpose of guiding people toward transcendence.


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