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Prince Bishop F

Born in Chicago, Illinois and raised in both Chicago and Gary, Indiana, Prince Bishop F is a new versatile artist. Coming from two of the most crime-infested cities in the country, he used music as an outlet to express himself. Having ties with both the cold-hearted streets and the church, he brings a new sound from all genres. He seeks to reach the people in this world who are said to be outcast or imperfect. His greatest determination is using music to heal and relate to all so that no one has to feel alone.
Gulie Barz

New Orleans Artist Gulie Barz New High Energy Single “Bounce That”

The BarBarian, New Orleans artist/songwriter Gulie Barz, is back with another high energy single, “Bounce That”. This New Orleans original has one of the most extensive vocabularies and a quick, witty and lyrical delivery as any rapper in modern music and trust us, it shows. 

“Bounce That” is the follow-up to “All About the Benjamins” and is set to be a widely acclaimed single. Gulie Barz has already performed the song in several recent concerts and let’s just say, he has a hit on his hands.

Hey my names J’Jai I’m a soldier in the military and a hiphop artist/lyricist. All I needs a good beat and it’s a rappp!

Anyway all I care is to get my message out to everyone, for them 2 love and relate 2 in hard times. Leme know what you think.

sc- therealjjai1
Cozy J

Cozy J is an artist out of Toronto, Canada and is mostly known for his work in mixing and mastering but has joined with C Way to release One Kiss.