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Music Submission, COSTIE PAYNE

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CHECK OUT the New Single, “DROWNING” by Costie Payne. TAKE A LISTEN TODAY!

Costie Payne is back, and delivering a powerful message for the young & old in his new single “DROWNING.” This is unlike anything we’ve heard from Costie. It is on FIRE and RIGHT ON TIME! Take a listen and add this amazing track today! One of your listeners needs to hear this message today! MP3 & EMB WAV attached.  Costie is available for interviews! Check him out on social media too, handles below.

ARTIST’S WEB PAGE: https://costiepayne.com/

The “DROWNING” music video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vX7w058GZZw&app=desktop


instagram: @costiepayne

Twitter: @cpayneworldwide

Facebook Fan Page: @Costie L. Payne

YouTube Channel: Costie Payne


UPC/EAN: 0742832186643 




Music Submission, Ben ace

Artist or Band Name: 
Ben ace

An Akure born Nigerian Ben Ace’s R&B and Afro pop plus mix genre singer and songwriter have garnered acclaimed by mediablackstars, music king organization and lu helping hands. His single “Angelina” earned him an award nomination and also his album “sky and stardom” when he uses the name kidoben_ace gained a lot great reactions by fans due to his versatility type of music. He headlined Akure, ondo state biggest music carnival with over 4000 people in attendance and also attended shayopro and friends music concerts.

Music Submission, Maryjessie

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Welcome to September! Welcome to the Fall!

My name is Maryjessie, a neo-soul low-fi artist based in L.A. I’m here to introduce you to my debut EP, “Welcome to September." This EP is centered around a feeling of beginnings as well as of nostalgia. A combination of my reflections on the past, my love for the present and my hopes for the future. 

Why September? Well, school starts in September. My birthday is in September. “September” by Earth Wind and Fire is my jam. Autumn is my favorite season… the list goes on… you get the point. In short, September is the month for me.

And this past September, I turned 21, entering my junior year of college. As I embraced this process of becoming an adult, I wanted to make music that was reflective of this journey. Through the course of a day in September, this EP touches on themes of self-actualization, childhood wonder, existential melancholy, love and acceptance. 

You see, I’m just an ant out here trying to learn something. Trying to learn about STEM as I pursue my engineering degree at Harvey Mudd College; to learn from my friends and family; to learn from my extracurriculars--whether that be running or teaching STEM; and to learn from hardships and opportunities. I take all that I have learned to shape my worldview. A worldview I explore through my creative writing and music. 

Having lived in the Bay Area, the Northeast, the DMV, and L.A. (as well as having Haitian-American and Cape-Verdean-American parents), I draw upon diverse and eclectic musical inspirations that influence my sound. A sound I use to articulate my worldview. 


RedLight is one of the many mutant groups that oscillate between rock and electro and shake their cocktail of influences with a shaker, ELectroRockHipHopBlues from Marseille!
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No Longer Playing on BBS Radio between talk shows
CD Information
Redlight, CD entitled, Astronauts
CD Name: 
Song Names: 
Charlie Chaplin Disco Mobile

Music CD, Jukebox Vol 3, Redlight

CD Information
Redlight, CD titled, Jukebox Vol 3
CD Name: 
Jukebox Vol 3
Song Names: 
All Misery
I'm Elephant

Music Submission, AZAF

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My name is Cedric Wembe G. a.k.a AZAF, I am a young recording artist from Cameroon, living in Johannesburg. I love soccer and I am not married. I am 32 years old and music is my passion.
The song is in French and the title is Je dois finir (ZA-ZNJ-20-00001) meaning I have to finish.
About the song
The song is an encouragement to never give up regardless of what people say, think, see, feel, about us and do to us. It also does not matter how much life throws at us, we must keep our heads up and never give up for we are engaged in a race which we ought to finish; this mindset is what will give us the strength necessary to finish the race.
Social Media handles: 
Facebook: Asaph Kenania Wembs
Instagram: AZAF_Officiel

Music Submission, Harry Edohoukwa

Artist or Band Name: 
Harry Edohoukwa

Dallas native, Harry Edohoukwa is rooted in melody and committed to innovation. Raised on Jamaican smooth stylist Beres Hammond and Afro-reggae messenger Lucky Dube, Harry follows his mentors by using tuneful, personal deliveries to convey his purge of emotion and insight, whether it be hyped or brooding energy. His lyrics paint a vivid canvas of his life’s journey through triumph, agony, and personal lessons.

Family and immersion in the present moment with others are focal points for Harry’s daily life. His parents emigrated from Nigeria many years ago in pursuit of creating a different landscape for their children than what they were presented with. A very tough move for them to make and adopt to a completely different lifestyle, language and general societal expectations. Even though he was born and raised in Dallas, Harry holds true to his roots and family values.

However, his road to becoming an artist has not been an easy one. His parents, having sacrificed so much for their kin, expect a career path of stability and respectable wages, such as a doctor or engineer. For Harry, his heart has brought him down a different road. While it has been a struggle not only internally, but also with his parents, Harry knows that these challenges of life purpose and parental support exists in many other people. He is here to share his story and triumphs, hoping to inspire and challenge others to face their moments of growth head on with fierce energy.

Named by the Austin Chronicle as one of this year’s Must See Artists at SXSW, Harry headlined the Hotel Vegas stage with Jackie Venson and White Denim, as well as headlining KUTX’s premiere Austin Hip-Hop showcase’s SXSBREAKS and Love Lockdown. Becoming one of Austin’s premiere artists in under a year, Harry has expanded nationally with shows at Los Angeles’ Peppermint Club, nearly sold out show in Dallas' Double Wide and at Denver’s biggest music festival called The Underground Music Showcase.

On December 11th, his debut album titled, Fire on the Mountain was released. The album, speaks about the human mistakes he has made, in fact the mistakes that we all have made. He voices the small light of hope that exists in each of these mistakes that propel us into being excited about the present moment and the future moments to come. Harry falls into this feeling after his mindset shifts from focusing on the mistakes made and self-disgust to learning and self-love.

Music Submission, Kwame Hanna

Artist or Band Name: 
Kwame Hanna
My name is Kwame Hanna and i am the President of 3rd Dimension Media, The Bahamas Now and Heroes Bridge Studios. I'm also a 38 year old rap artist, i started off as a Manager for Whitehouse Music and managed El Padrino and helped him with his first solo project Inauguration Day (i am featured on both of his skits), I had to leave Whitehouse to finish my Degree at Dalhousie University in Halifax Nova Scotia where I began making films, rapping, and managing two artists as I finished my Bachelors degree. I came back home to the Bahamas in  2011 and continued to work for Whitehouse where i worked on myself as an Artist. In 2014 I began 3rd Dimension Media and I also began working with Track Road Theater where i was a stage manager for the play the 39 steps, I acted in Anton Chekov's the Boar, and helped in other areas. I built The Bahamas Now in 2014 and focused on building my businesses, writing films, comics, and attempting to be a social activist. In 2018 I decided to create my first album but it never came to fruition. As I built my films and comics I knew my projects needed their own sound and that is now what i am trying to do. I will be featured on the Heroes Bridge Album called megabīti ye tayitani which roughly translates to; March of the Titans. The Album will feature Alexis Hanna, Aquil Hanna, Def Ninja and other artists. My younger Brother Def Ninja aka Kiron Hanna also makes beats and I will Feature 3 of his beats on the upcoming March of the Titans Album for Heroes Bridge Studios. Most of my beats are made by Zoltan Johnson who has been making waves in the Bahamian Music industry for years.

Music Submission, Born Soul

Artist or Band Name: 
Born Soul

Born Soul, born name Kelly Hancock from Austin, Texas, came into the music industry head first as a recording artist, song writer, producer, and sound engineer. Born Soul is Influenced by groups such as Souls of Mischief, A Tribe Called Quest, and Outkast. He was discovered by a record executive while playing his demo for a friend. The executive agreed to fully finance any recordings for Born Soul to piece together his first album. Born Soul released his first album titled From the Beginning to the End. He, along with two partners, established the publishing company Musik Innovator / Hip Hoffee House.

Steadily gaining comparisons to Andre 3000, his oxymoronic, melodic indie-hop sound is induced by distinctive kick drums, clear annunciated vocals and smooth synthesized sounds. Born Soul is the product of the modern age. Born Soul is the sound of musical evolution. Born Soul is the embodiment of the post-genre world. Born Soul is music styles being meshed, music and prose finding new ways to work together, the rule book being torn apart and previous tribal lines of demarcation being crossed, ignored and erased. Latest album, BadLandz, is set to release January 10, 2020.

Music Submission, MN Moder

Artist or Band Name: 
MN Moder
Born on the first day of June in the beautifully diverse port-city of Duluth, Minnesota; Zachary Moder (aka MN Moder), is not your typical 26 year old. In addition to sharing stages with members of Bone Thugs N Harmony as well as Tech N9ne, Twista, Project Pat, DJ Paul, Mystikal, Devin the Dude, Obie Trice, Lil Wyte, JellyRoll, Kutt Calhoun, Chris Webby, CES Cru, ¡MAYDAY!, and Rittz (amongst others); he has also acquired educational experience from multiple collegiate business programs and independently recorded a collective of over 300+ songs with guest verse appearances across numerous mixtapes and albums.  After years of hard work and dedication, he released his first full-length LP titled “Modervation” in June of 2019 along with an EP titled “Continuum” in September of 2019 through his company MidCoast Music.
Moder served 4 years in the United States Army as a 19D Cavalry Scout (Combat Reconnaissance) in addition to working many odd jobs and at one point even drug dealing prior to fully investing into his personal musical and entrepreneurial dreams as well as his own potential. Through trials, tribulations, and challenging life obstacles these experiences have helped mold Mr. Moder into the person he is today. These experiences help strengthen his willpower, re-fuel his determination, and urge him to always rise above the situation to this very day.  Each hardship survived has contributed to the awakening of a passion within his heart. His passion burns hot; focused on helping everyone by means of motivational messages within and outside of his music, he delivers it with what he refers to as “Optimistic realism” or “Modervation”.

Music Submission, StanVik

StanVik Dusted Free Album 2019
Artist or Band Name: 

Stanley Adurukaha aka StanVik, trapper, Singer - Songwriter,
Drops new album titled Dusted Free


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