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Music Submission, R.G.E 1G

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R.G.E 1G

Music Submission, JEZTIKAL

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I read on your website that we could email this mp3 and cross our fingers for airplay.
GO 95.3 FM in MN is currently spinning this song. We hope you will too.
Genre: Hip-hop
Song: "Terminatrix feat. Oscify"
ISRC: ushm21894117
ISWC: T9252847679
Barcode: 192914613831

Salt Lake City, UTJEZTIKAL is an independent lyricist attempting to break the cycle of infinite loops, breaks and samples in hip-hop music. Right now, JEZTIKAL is a Frankenstein of resurrected synthesizers connected to drum machines, lyrically wandering around like Micheal Myers through the house that Jack built. 

“I've known MN hip hop innovator Jordan Miche since 2006 Twin Cities Celebration of Hip-hop. Always happy to support whatever he puts out, especially when it's this dope. This is his latest project: Oscify and Jeztikal, 'Terminatrix.'”

We're also #1 on the ReverbNation Hip-hop charts in Salt Lake City.

Music Submission, Ronbon

Team on Fire cover
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Hi, I'm Ronbon an artist from Greensboro, NC. I first started rapping around 18 and I recently as of this year, started singing and doing a combination of both on a few songs. I was born in 1993, April 8th. People have come to love my songs and I want my songs to get out there to a lot of listeners. Give my songs a listen your bound to love one or more. Thanks

Music Submission, Don Jaymor

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Don Jaymor
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Whether it's Hip-Hop and R&B or Pop and Electronic Soul, singer-songwriter/rapper Don Jaymor has done it all. From collaborations with producers all over the globe, both major and upcoming, to performing in various nightclubs within his hometown of New York City, the 27-year-old baritone-crooner is truly an up-and-coming vet! Since 2006 Jaymor's music has totaled over 1,000,000 downloads, including sales, streams, spins, and free downloads. Visit www.Donjaymor.Bandcamp.com to hear some of Don Jaymor's latest releases! 

Music Submission, Reh Dogg

Hip-Hop by Reh Dogg
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Reh Dogg

Realist emcee that fans relate to because of the reality of the lyrics composed by this hip-hop,reggae artist.

Music Submission, brody.

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brody. is a Boston based artist who has recently hones his sound and began experimenting with his love for poetry, rap, and guiding guitar. An album, Jellyfish Stings and Sunburns, is on the way and there is much more to come. The music is for fans of spoken word poetry, hip hop, and artists like La Dispute and The XX.

Juice WRLD

Juice WRLD
American rapper, Chicago-area hip-hop musician Juice WRLD delivers introspective lyrics atop melodic production, echoing Travis Scott and Post Malone.
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Juice WRLD
Playing on BBS Radio between talk shows
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Juice WRLD - song titled, Rich and Blind
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Rich and Blind - single
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Rich and Blind
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Music Submission, DatClockBoy LosC

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DatClockBoy LosC
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Carlos Daniel aka “DatClockBoy  LosC,” was born and raised in Norfolk Virginia. Growing up LosC would listen to rap music and use it as motivation to get him thru his day. Artist such as Lord Finesse, Cool G. Rap, Biggie Smalls and Jay-Z were easy to relate too because their messages and stories was very much alike what LosC experienced everyday in Virginia.            Along with music LosC has also produced and starred in a movie called “Pain&Music”. He is currently writing, producing and directing a Web Series called the “ClockBoyZ”. But with a new Mixtape that he is about to release and a very strong team LosC is looking to take his music career to the next level and become the next rap artist out of Virginia to make history.


Music Submission, Digital Digga

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Digital Digga
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Good day Sirs and Madams,

My name is Ben El Amin, managing Digital Digga (Sprite) along with mulit-platinum producer Rhano Burrell, who by the way, produced Aaliyah’s first album. I would like to submit some music for your scrutiny. I will list the links below:






If you would, take a look at this emerging diverse artist who we believe has a bright future in the music industry.

Thank you for your time and consideration,

Ben El Amin, Mgr. RhanoVision Records

732 410 1746

Cc: Rhano Burrell, CEO RhanoVision Records

201 240 2954


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