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Hi, I'm Nayah, an independent artist from Copenhagen, Denmark with Israeli/Yemenite roots. I've been releasing music as an independent for the past two years. My genre is a mixture of alternative pop production with catchy melodies inspired from 90's R&B artists like Aaliyah and Brandy but with a more modern and oriental tone to it. The two songs i've attached are my latest releases. All Falls Down is slow, sensual and confident with a sassy and jazzy twist to the chords, while Cold Belief is more upbeat and danceable but melancholic.

1ST is a Award winning Indie artist out of Albany New York bringing that hot new sound with songs like fire love,sparring,on one,same energy,realness,take over,1ST have shown he can cross over into different genre with ease.1ST Also entered the meta verse tapping into the future of the music industry introducing the family 1st show coming on all platforms.2023 is going to be a big year for 1st stay tuned in .
Myles Rex

Myles Rex writes and sings catchy pop songs, and he is from Vancouver, BC. The son of two punk rock musicians, he was playing guitar coming up with melodies since birth. He has always loved catchy hooks and is constantly composing new ones and turning them into pop songs. He is inspired by theatre and film, with acting and film score composition being his other interests. The goal of his music is to be enjoyable and addictive and consistently entertaining, so if you're craving some catchy pop sweetness, take a bite of Myles Rex!