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Myles Rex

Myles Rex writes and sings catchy pop songs, and he is from Vancouver, BC. The son of two punk rock musicians, he was playing guitar coming up with melodies since birth. He has always loved catchy hooks and is constantly composing new ones and turning them into pop songs. He is inspired by theatre and film, with acting and film score composition being his other interests. The goal of his music is to be enjoyable and addictive and consistently entertaining, so if you're craving some catchy pop sweetness, take a bite of Myles Rex!

Brand New Pappelallee Single „Close to Me“ Featuring Sam Ho Is Out Now!

Nikolaus Werther from Cologne, Germany is the brainchild and the producer under the professional stage name of Pappelallee. A bringer of exhiliration and electricity under the disguise of clubhouse mixed and mastered sound, Pappelallee evokes pure magic just with a touch of his gifted hands. He brings rhapsody and fantasy as he displays dynamic creativity and invetiveness that is driven by his unquenchable passion for both music and technology!
Ngwana on it

Tebogo Wesley Molete, affectionately known by his stage name ‘Ngwana On it’ is a Nelspruit based  entrepreneur, DJ, Producer, Events Organiser and now officially debuted as a Director of a visual showcase. Born in the North West, Ngwana found his way to Mpumalanga in 2014 where he eventually launched his musical career as a Hip Hop DJ a year later. Prior to music he was a rising star in the football community headed to the big leagues when an unfortunate injury essentially ended his career just a week before the soccer trials that would have changed his life.
Luka Marra

Luka Marra is Italian who was born in Brussels (Belgium) in 1975. Very early, at the age of 6, he was immersed in the world of entertainment with his older brothers. He discovered hip hop culture in the street and trained to dance in shopping malls, train stations, subways... His first performances were in the street where he ask monnaie to pay for the batteries of his boom blaster . His first official performance on stage was at the age of 7. He is integrated into one of the mythical hip hop groups of the 80s and becomes one of the youngest professional breakdancer of the time.
Gulie Barz

New Orleans Artist Gulie Barz New High Energy Single “Bounce That”

The BarBarian, New Orleans artist/songwriter Gulie Barz, is back with another high energy single, “Bounce That”. This New Orleans original has one of the most extensive vocabularies and a quick, witty and lyrical delivery as any rapper in modern music and trust us, it shows. 

“Bounce That” is the follow-up to “All About the Benjamins” and is set to be a widely acclaimed single. Gulie Barz has already performed the song in several recent concerts and let’s just say, he has a hit on his hands.