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Jill Mattson - Award winning author, composer, healer and leader in the field of Healing with sound.
Guest Occupation: Musician, Composer, Author, Healer, Channel
Guest Biography:

Jill's Wings Of Light is dedicated to the sharing and advancement of Sound Healing. We strive to spread awareness and knowledge of the many novel uses of Sound Energy for the benefit of mankind. This website reveals Sound Healing techniques that have been used for growth and enlightenment throughout the ages. Uniquely, Mattson combines information of ancient origins with modern scientific findings to present innovative paths to restored health and vitality, emotional strength, balance, intelligence, and higher consciousness.

Guest Category: Health & Lifestyle, Alternative Health, Sound Healing, Philosophy, Science, Technology
Summer Rona
Guest Occupation: Dynamic performer who has traveled the globe singing and writing Pop & Soul music
Guest Biography:


“Summer Rona is a dynamic performer who has traveled the globe singing and writing Pop & Soul music. Summer creates original music that weaves ambient electronic sounds over old school hip hop beats, ominous timpani’s, and rich harmonies while she delivers powerful, heart felt lyrics with contagious melodies and catchy beats. She pulls you into her real life stories connecting to the human desire to overcome adversity and to celebrate a triumphant life with her sultry vocals ranging from a clear-toned coloratura soprano, to a raw bluesy alto with smooth as butter trills. Summer incorporates her accomplished piano playing skills into her tunes as well her natural vocal ability inspired by her classically trained pianist father and her opera singing mother.

With her curly locks, olive skin and Bohemian funky style she is reminiscent of a young, soulful Teena Marie with some Sade sophistication and Christina Aguilera sass. In touch with her Jewish & French heritage she likes to sing in other languages including Hebrew and French and includes a vast array of worldly instrumentation to expand her ever growing fan base. Summer sets the stage for theatrical performances from epic ballads and haunting melodies to “get up and dance” vintage be-bop pop grooves inspired by The Jackson 5, Stevie Wonder, Pharell, Timberlake, Sia, Rihanna and Lana Del Rey. Growing up singing Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey and MJ songs, Summer is a true vocalist capable of hitting any range and style. Summer performs with a twist of Gaga-esque artistic presence and vision and proves to be a well-rounded artist capable of moving a world wide audience.”

With a passion for life and a drive to connect with people on a deeper level, Summer Rona puts every ounce of her energy into creating and performing music. She hopes to inspire others to express themselves as fully as she does. She is influenced by music that “moves me to tears or makes me dance, from Motown to Classical, if it touches my soul, I love it!” Summer says. Her parents met in a band & brought Summer to every rehearsal & gig as an infant. “I had a mic in my hand before I could stand.” Summer says as she flashes a picture of her in a diaper holding a silver vintage mic to her mouth. Her mother was a beautiful singer and her father was a classically trained pianist who’s sudden death last year caused Summer to question her purpose on this earth. “Serve others with your talents, work hard, love and…DREAM” she says. “Dream as big as you can and never, ever give up! That’s what my dad told me.”

As an accomplished singer and piano player herself, Summer has the sound of experience. She performed a duet with the legendary Jermaine Jackson, singing the hit song, “I’ll Be There”, among other Jackson favorites at Planet Hollywood in Vegas. She had the opportunity to perform at the infamous Hollywood Bowl with Evan Ross opening for Diana Ross to a crowd of 20,000. It was a dream come true for Summer to sing with Stevie Wonder at the House Full of Toys Benefit Concert as part of the International Colors of Love Choir in December 2011 at The Nokia Theatre. Summer also wrote and produced a house track for Michael Costello that played for thousands at the NYC Lincoln Center for the Project Runway Finale Show! You can hear her voice on the radio, the American Idol video game, television shows & commercials, jingles, as a guest artist on albums such as: Big Swedes “BS in Da Club” and the new album by UK hip hop sensation, Antix. With over 13,000 entries, Summer took 1st place for her song “Soul Static” on ourstage.com and won the Grand Prize.

Her voice and songs have received awards from the HMMA’s (Hollywood Music in Media Awards) for “Best Female Vocalist” and “Best Song in a Film”, and honors from the Paramount Music and John Lennon Songwriting Contests. Summer studied at Middle Tennessee State University, with a major in the Recording Industry Program and a minor in music business. She has performed from Sweden to Finland, Nashville to Vegas, LA to Venezuela, Israel and most recently China, entertaining all types of crowds, some as large as 20,000 with her own music and a live band. She’s had the opportunity to sing with music greats such as Lee Greenwood (God Bless the USA), Larry Henley (Wind Beneath My Wings), Buzz Cason (Everlasting Love), Dobie Gray (Drift Away), Bread, Jay White (Neil Diamond), among others and has written with successful writers such as Grammy Award-winning songwriter/producer Ben Margulies (Mariah Carey), David Frank (Genie in a Bottle) Mike K (David Archeletta), Daniel Luttrell (Nikka Costa/Grey’s Anatomy), & Lars Jansson Kilman (Hall Pass) & many more. Summer has released two EP’s and has a catalogue of hundreds of original songs which she has placed in TV, Film. Her first film placement was with her R&B song, “Ready” in the TD Jakes film, “Woman Thou Art Loosed”. She plans to save a special collection of songs for her first full length album. Summer is a genuine artist who cares about people, music and life. She is well on her way to becoming a mega success in the industry as she keeps her father’s musical legacy alive.

“Congratulations, You are a talented lady.” Paul Williams, President ASCAP. “You sound good. I love your tone” Jermaine Jackson “You are a very talented woman” Debbie Reynolds.

Guest Category: Performing Arts, Music
Diane Adair
Guest Occupation: TV and Film Actress, Producer, Reporter and Writer
Guest Biography:


DIANE ADAIR, born and raised in New England, graduated Magna Cum Laude with a BFA in Communications from Chapman University in Orange, California, and, upon graduation, was accepted as a company member of South Coast Repertory Theatre. She has appeared on stage with June Lockhart in The William; co-starred opposite John Glover in The Traveler at The Mark Taper Forum in Los Angeles and was seen Off-Broadway at New York Theatre Workshop in Top Secret: Battle for the Pentagon Papers with Peter Strauss. A national tour was done of Top Secret starring John Heard, Susan Sullivan and Gregory Harrison.

Diane also had the pleasure of touring as The Narrator in The Great Tennessee Monkey Trial with Ed Asner. She recently completed filming an adaptation of Faulkner’s short story, Elly, produced by and starring James Franco. Her other film credits include the critically acclaimed UFOria with Harry Dean Stanton; and Winner of the New York International Film Festival’s Best Mockumentary, Instant Trauma. Numerous television guest star appearances include being the only woman ever to reject the Fonz on Happy Days, and a recurring alien on Babylon 5. Diane’s voice has been heard on national commercials, promos, as a drive-time co-host, and on the Emmy Award winning mini-series The Wild West, with Jack Lemmon and Helen Hunt.

Diane worked as a producer/reporter for National Public Radio affiliate KPCC in Pasadena, California, and the nationally syndicated public radio show Marketplace with David Brancaccio and as writer/producer for LA Theatre Works’ The Play’s the Thing, a weekly two-hour public radio drama series. She was named a quarterfinalist in the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences Nicholl Fellowships in Screenwriting and has recently signed with literary agent Marie Lamba at the Jennifer DeChiara Agency in New York.

Guest Category: Arts, Performing Arts, Literature, Health & Lifestyle, Kids & Family, Philosophy, TV & Film
Guest Occupation: Telepath, Contactee, Healer, Speaker
Guest Biography:
Adona was 12 years old when she first learned how to telepath with her beloved grandmother, Hester, who passed away.  Hester stayed with Adona for about seven years, helping her to teach and fine-tune her telepathic ability because her mother would not emotionally release her grandmother from this Earth plane of existence.  
When Adona's mother finally released her grandmother, Adona did not see her again because 'Mamaw had moved on to another dimension.
As a child Adona did not “fit in” with the rest of the world. She felt different, a star being incarnated as an Earth human being, walking this beautiful planet that was unfamiliar to her. She felt as a stranger on Earth, but knew that she had to keep going because she was driven to finalize her Earth mission as a Pleiadian incarnated soul from the planet Dakote in the Taygeta star system.
Back in the 1987, while in her 30s, Adona asked the Creator to show her the “wonders of the heavens.”   Immediately she had a positive scout craft sighting up close, directly in front of her house in the country. Since she was practically ‘raised’ on an airport as her parents used to own their aviation business, she knew almost every identifiable airplane of this time.   This scout craft was definitely not a plane.
After this event she remembers how fast her personal life changed and how she began her spiritual awakening journey in maturity, walking this beautiful planet called Earth as a Pleiadian incarnated human being.
She began to recall a positive childhood pick-up experience by her Pleiadian friends & family, visiting with them, inside of their scout craft. They returned her home to bed six hours later.  She was about 7 or 8 years old at the time.   Her star family told her that she would not remember for a time, until later she would as an adult, so that she could to learn about her true mission here on Earth.
During her travels across this country, in 1990 Adona was named "Silver Wolf Spirit" woman by the people of the Wolf Clan of the Seneca Nation.  
Adona says throughout the course of her life she has seen, felt, experienced, and continues to this day, many inter-dimensional and inter-galactic sightings & communications.  Beside telepathy, she has developed sensitivity to light, as well as the sound and vibrations of objects. 

She has had interdimensional sightings of scout crafts (UFOs) in Sedona, Arizona, Shiprock New Mexico, and hundreds of places throughout the southwest and all around this country.   She also has forensically examined, photographic evidence, proof of the interdimensional portals.

She has sensed, felt, cleared out & brought in higher energies into various areas of Sedona, Arizona and on Hopi lands... helping to attune, heal & balance the energies of this beautiful planet the Creator, Wakan Tanka, has made.
Though her body was born on this planet, her spiritual star essence originated on the planet Dakote, Taygeta star system in the Pleiades, approximately 1,100 years ago.   She is the literal younger sister of Tolec, also from Dakote.   Adona has been instrumental in telepathically communcating with Tolec over the past 6 years to ensure the correctness of all the intricate details... being shared with all of humanity.
Adona says that after not speaking in public for many years, she is now rededicated to doing her mission, helping people here on Earth.   In late October 2016 she publicly spoke at the 2016 Transformational Shift Conference in Tucson, Arizona... to great acclaim.   It was the first time she has spoken in public since 1996, 20 years.
In doing this telepathic work for you, Adona is helping in her own way, informing Earth people of their star ancestry...

reassuring humanity, encouraging humanity and giving them hope for their future on Earth and in the Heavens… as a direct telepathic communicator with her Dakote, Pleiadian star family members, Ambassadors, Diplomats and other Officers directly working with the Andromeda Council, known in deep space as the:  Galactic Council.

Guest Category: Earth & Space, UFOs, Clairvoyant & Telepathic, Shamanism, Psychic & Intuitive
Nalini MacNab
Guest Occupation: Life-long Intuitive, Clairvoyant, Writer/Author, Teacher
Guest Biography:

Nalini MacNab is the luminary behind Chalice of Wisdom. She is internationally known as a transformational seer and wisdom carrier, an ‘incarnate’ or embodiment of the Great Mother. Her ability to access multi-dimensional information comes directly from Source. The focus of the transmissions and alignments that come through Nalini is that we all have the same Source connection.


We came here to express divinity in a symphony of amazingly beautiful, yet diverse, harmonies. Look to nature for your examples: snow flakes, leaves, cherry blossoms no two are ever the same, and they are all ‘perfect’.  She has written a selection of ebooks, to empower those on the journey.  


You can find out more on her website, and she is also on Facebook!



Guest Category: Access Consciousness, Medium & Channeling, Meditation, Clairvoyant & Telepathic, Mystic & Seer, Psychic & Intuitive
Life Transformation Specialist.
Guest Occupation: Energy Healer and Teacher. Macaya Miracle is an inspired energy healer, teacher, business coach, musician, aspiring kundalini yogi and entrepreneur.
Guest Biography:

Macaya Miracle is an inspired energy healer, teacher, business coach, musician, aspiring kundalini yogi and entrepreneur. After spending over a decade helping businesses and corporations create web sites, Macaya let go of his web design business and became an internationally renowned teacher and facilitator of energy healing and mentor to energy healers who want to spread their message to the world and fill their practice. Macaya is the CEO and founder of Being Joy! Which works with energy healers, coaches and spiritual seekers to transform their life, business and spirit. He also trains spiritually inspired people in advanced energy healing tools all over the world. In his sessions he uses Accelerated Light Healing to create the greatest change in the shortest amount of time.  His business Being Joy! donates a portion of its profits to the Change the World Through Healing Scholarship, an award given to college-bound students in the U.S. who desire to become alternative healers by studying the healing arts at an academic level. Macaya’s web site is: http://MacayaMiracle.BeingJoy123.com

Guest Category: Arts, Business, Education, Medicine, News, Physics & Metaphysics, Psychology, Self Help, Spiritual
LaNesha DeBardelaben
Guest Occupation: Senior Vice President of Education & Exhibitions, Charles H. Wright Museum of African American History
Guest Biography:

LaNesha DeBardelaben is a fourth-year doctoral student in the Department of History at Michigan State University.  She studies late 19th and early 20th century United States history with interdisciplinary interests in African American history and Women’s History/Gender Studies.  Her research interests include black women’s intellectual history, history of African American higher education, black life during the Nadir, and the civil rights struggle in the North.

She completed her B.A. in history at Kalamazoo College, M.A. in history/Museum Studies at the University of Missouri-St. Louis, and M.L.S. in Archives Management at Indiana University-Bloomington.  Her professional affiliations include the Association of Black Women Historians, Association for the Study of African American Life and History, American Alliance of Museums, and the Organization of American Historians.

Email: LNDebard@msu.edu


Guest Category: Arts, Education, History, Society and Culture
Guest Occupation: President & CEO of Choose Chicago® the official destination marketing organization for Chicago, Illinois
Guest Biography:

David Whitaker David Whitaker is President and CEO of Choose Chicago.

Choose Chicago® is the official destination marketing organization for Chicago, Illinois. It mission is to bring regional, national and international business and leisure visitors to Chicago for the economic benefit of the City, the community and its membership.

Whitaker is an industry veteran was former Brand USA CMO, appointed by Mayor Rahm Emanuel and Choose Chicago Board Chair Desiree Rogers,  David Whitaker is a tourism champion with the vision and leadership With more than 25 years in the industry.  

Whitaker most recently served as chief marketing officer for Brand USA, the nation’s official destination marketing organization based in Washington D.C., where he oversaw the fully integrated marketing campaigns in 14 international markets as well as Brand USA’s international trade offices.  “David Whitaker is a tourism champion with the vision and leadership.

Prior to joining Brand USA, Whitaker served as president and CEO of Tourism Toronto for eight years. During this time, he implemented an aggressive and successful strategy to reinvigorate Toronto as an exciting leisure and business travel destination, which included marketing and advertising focused on attracting high-value travelers from major U.S. cities, the United Kingdom, Germany, China, Japan and Brazil. Whitaker also spent 17 years with the Greater Miami Convention & Visitors Bureau, where he most-recently served as executive vice president and chief marketing officer helping shape Miami’s international image.

Guest Category: Arts, Business, Music, News, Society and Culture, Sports & Recreation, Travel & Leisure
Michael Lee Hill
Guest Occupation: Experiencer, Contactee, Musician
Guest Biography:

Michael Lee Hill is an award winning musician, filmographer and UFO experiencer. His footage of the Lake Erie UFO’s has created a Billy Meier like buzz and Michael seems to have developed an intuitive relationship with these craft. In his home state of Ohio, Michael has been cataloging video after video of UFO’s over Lake Erie. The phenomena consists almost entirely of ‘Pulsating orb’s of light”—unusual lights seen changing colors, converging, and separating over the lake. Stories of the unexplained phenomena date back over 150 years to the indigenous North American Indian Tribes.

Imagine this, if you will…

You experience strange ET Contact & happenings your entire life. “They” begin to communicate through telepathy leading you to Cosmic Spiritual Truths regarding how Thought Create Reality subject matter. They begin to reveal themselves in the Physical in Orbs Of Light/Plasma
over Lake Erie. They allow you to film them. Your footage goes viral gaining worldwide attention.

Your footage lands you on a prime time TV show called UFO Hunters on the History Channel. On the episode, They decide to test your blood and it is revealed you do not have normal human blood, The UFO Hunters uncover a very rare blood anomaly/bloodline that the world’s best military and civilian doctors are at a loss to explain? The host of the show, legendary UFO Researcher Bill Birnes, goes on to say, “I’ve got a funny feeling that you are being recruited and there is a branch of the government that you’re being recruited for – that somehow, some way, you are a hybrid between “ET” and humans. And they are giving you a course of study preparing you to meet your ET higher self.”

Soon after the airing of this show You are indeed contacted by this branch of the government called the Labyrinth Group and offered a course of study. Then you are met by beings claiming to be ET’s and these beings announce themselves as the Anunnaki, which is a term at that point in time you didn’t even know the meaning of. These Anunnaki tell you that you yourself are an Anunnaki incarnated into the Nephilim “Royal” Human/Anunnaki Hybrid Bloodline? And then this secret branch of the government begins to inform and guide you to information to make sense out of all of this?

Welcome to my world!

Guest Category: Earth & Space, History, Military, Politics & Government, Spiritual, Theory & Conspiracy
Guest Occupation: CEO & Executive Director, Marion County (FL) Veterans Helping Veterans
Guest Biography:

Mr. Hank Whittier is the CEO and Executive Director of Marion County (Florida)'s Veterans Helping Veterans.

Marion County Veterans Helping Veterans, Inc. (Vets Helping Vets) is a 501(c)(3) not-for profit organization serving veterans and their families. The organization was established in 1997 and later incorporated in 2002 to serve veterans and their families in need of assistance. Specifically, our organization works on the following:

  1. We provide social service contacts to veterans and their families including counseling, referral, advocacy, and direct social service assistance, including food and limited financial assistance for such items such as rent, utilities, special dietary needs.
  2. We assisted veterans in finding employment, through counseling and networking on their behalf.
  3. We coordinated with the Marion County School District and legislators to bring veterans into the classroom to educate both staff and students as to the contributions of veterans to America.
  4. We educate the public and community at large through the media, speaking engagements, workshops, and a weekly radio program informing veterans and their families as to their benefits as well as services available to them through other agencies.
  5. We utilize approximately 100 volunteers who perform office work, make hospital and home visits and make minor repairs to veterans’ homes, grocery shopping and errands, as well as wellness checks.
  6. Through a cooperative understanding with a DAV service officer, we educate veterans and their families as to their eligibility for compensation benefits and assist them in processing their claims.
  7. We’re working with local law enforcement, the courts, public defender and state’s attorney to provide "Marion County Veteran’s Treatment Court".
  8. We’re working with a variety of social service and civic organizations to bring services and information to veterans and their families. As an example, we’re working with Habitat for Humanity to establish a housing initiative where veterans will be highlighted to participate in the Habitat for Humanity program.
  9. We’re working with organizations such as the Elks Club, and others to deliver hot meals to homeless and shut-in veterans in Marion County.
  10. We are partnered with the SummerGlen Veterans Club to provide Thanksgiving and Christmas meals to those veterans and their familes that need it most.
Guest Category: Military, News, Politics & Government, Self Help
Sienna Lea
Guest Biography:

Sienna Lea founded Rise Multiversity after working 50 years in transformational psychology.  She produced over a hundred radio shows, exposing the secret agendas of domination and control currently impacting humanity - on and off-world. Called to birth a next step, she and Adrian Batour created Rise Multiversity.  Rise has become a sanctuary in the storm of polarization and disinformation; a space to share, care, and speak one’s authentic truth in a “judgment free” environment.  In three short years, Rise has hosted over 40 webinars, courses and events for those ready to step into their sovereignty.  Sienna wrote Stealing the Moon, which dives headfirst into the Deep Shadow; rediscovering, reclaiming and reintegrating the hidden aspects of Self.

Rise’s mentors include George Kavassilas, Anaiis Salles, Lynn Williams, Carla Fox and other transformational guides, exploring our path to sovereignty on multi-dimensional levels.  Currently, Sienna is expanding Rise to offer more in-depth courses and retreats centering on weathering the current A.I. imposition and increased targeting.  Rise empowers those doing the inner work while creating community and connection with embodied truth.



Guest Category: Courses & Training, Energy Healing, History, Inspirational, Access Consciousness, Mystic & Seer, Shamanism, Psychic & Intuitive, Theory & Conspiracy
James Clarkson
Guest Occupation: Author/ UFO Researcher
Guest Biography:

James Clarkson is an Investigator who has stood in two worlds for many years – a career professional investigator in the criminal justice field and as a lifelong researcher of the UFO Mystery. He has been a plainclothes military police investigator, a 20-year career city police officer and fraud investigator who has had many titles: patrol supervisor, detective sergeant, fatal accident team manager and training officer. After retiring with 20 years’ service, he became a child abuse detective and then he completed another decade of service as a fraud investigator for a Washington state agency.

Meanwhile, for the last 30 years he has studied the mystery of UFOs with the same attention to detail that he applied to criminal investigations. In 1986 he joined the Mutual UFO Network. Applying the same passion for solving mysteries to the world of High Strangeness, James Clarkson serves as the Washington State Director of MUFON and the Special Assignments Team for MUFON. He has lectured at many UFO events across the country and in Paris as well as appearances on radio and TV. He is the author of TELL MY STORY- June Crain, the Air Force & UFOs as well as the Westport UFO Crash Retrieval Event.

Guest Category: Paranormal, UFOs
Grant Cameron
Guest Occupation: UFO Researcher
Guest Biography:

Grant Cameron is the recipient of the Leeds Conference International Researcher of the Year and the UFO Congress Researcher of the Year. He became involved in Ufology as the Vietnam War ended in May 1975 with personal sightings of an UFO type object which locally became known as Charlie Red Star.
These sightings led to a decade of research into the early 1950s work done by the Canadian government into the flying saucer phenomena. Cameron became the authority on the Canadian government program and Wilbert B. Smith who headed it up. This led to an investigation of the role in the UFO cover-up by the former President of Penn State University. The results of this research became the book “UFOs, Area 51 and the Government” in 1991.

Cameron proceeded to do almost three decades of research into the role of the President of the United States in the UFO mystery. Most of that research can be found at the Presidents UFO Website – www.presidentialufo.com and in the recently published book “The Clinton UFO Storybook.”

After experiencing a mental download event on February 26, 2012 Cameron turned his research interests away from “nuts and bolts” research to the role of consciousness in the UFO phenomena. This new research has expanded out to the possible involvement of extraterrestrials in modern music, and in the phenomena of inspirations and downloads in science discoveries, inventions, Nobel Prizes, music, art, books, near death experiences, meditation, and with individuals known as savants and prodigies. This research is detailed in two recent books “The Paranormal World of Music,” and “Inspired: The Paranormal World of Creativity,” which is the basis for a new series on Gaia TV.

Cameron has lectured widely in Canada, the United States and Europe. He has appeared on many television documentaries on UFOs, and been interviewed by nearly a hundred radio shows including a number of appearances on Coast to Coast AM.

In 2013 he was one of 40 witnesses that testified in front of six ex-Senators and Congressmen in Washington for the “Citizen’s Hearing UFO on Disclosure.” In 2016 Cameron was one of 6 UFO experts who testified in front of a panel of reporters in Brantford Ontario for the first public hearing on UFOs.

His other books include his just released book, “Alien Bedtime Stories” with 72 articles on UFOs as they relate to the Presidents, consciousness, abductions, and musicians. He is preparing to release the books “Managing Magic: The Government’s UFO Disclosure Plan” and “Tales of Charlie Red Star” which details one of the largest UFO flaps in history.

Guest Category: Paranormal, UFOs, Physics & Metaphysics
Amy Toy
Guest Biography:

My name is Amy Toy; Intuitive Counselor, Past Life Regression Therapist, Integrated Energy Therapy® Practitioner, Angelic Healer, Oracle Reader, Psychic Medium, Reiki Healer, and Radio Show Host.

I have been doing readings and corresponding with the angelic realm for over 30 years, and very adept at channeling angelic energy in a healing. I've had clear cognition of connecting to source energy since the age of three, and by fourteen I was proficient with tarot readings. My connection to the Divine was further heightened by not one, but TWO Near Death Experiences (NDE).

The second NDE re-opened my transcendental gifts. However, I suppressed these spiritual gifts because it was ingrained in me, that it was evil and not from the God. Later in life I discovered through my life's journey and soul searching that religion is used to bring us closer to ourselves, purpose, and Source. It was during my profound second NDE, I recognized that I was truly surrounded by God’s messengers; the Angels. From that point forward I harnessed my power enhancing my super natural gifts, and continually expend my knowledge through connecting with the angelic realm.

I consider it nothing less than an honor and a privilege to help those in need, have no doubt this is my very purpose in life. It gladdens my heart to be of service to those individuals from all walks of life! I have a unique way of looking at things, which enables me to understand any problems or issues that you may be currently facing, and to work with you towards finding a resolution that is in harmony with the greater good for all concerned.
Looking for a BRILLIANT MARKETING TOOL...check this out: My vCard: http://amytoy.123look.com

Guest Category: Health & Lifestyle, Alternative Health, Energy Healing, Paranormal, Spiritual, Access Consciousness, Angel Communication, Medium & Channeling, Psychic & Intuitive
The Ganda Boys (formerly known as Da Twinz)
Guest Occupation: UK based singers
Guest Biography:


The Ganda Boys (formerly known as Da Twinz) was formed during 2008 through an exciting collaboration on the highly acclaimed 2009 BBC-TV drama series, MOSES JONES. Denis Mugagga, Daniel Sewagudde and Craig Pruess immediately found that they had a special sound and style together – and that they could write lots of songs as a team (so easily) and the result was immediate, soulful, amazing and rewarding.

Forced to flee Uganda in 2001, Denis Mugagga and Daniel Sewagudde acquired refugee status in the UK having endured a relocation process that lasted several years. As young musicians from a turbulent Ugandan homeland they experienced first-hand the hardship of re-establishing their lives in a foreign system, leaving family, friends, and their budding hopes behind. They found strength while meeting many other refugees along their journey and became committed to addressing the current unprecedented flow of over 60 million displaced people from several troubled countries in the world.

UK based Ugandan singers DENIS MUGAGGA and DAN SEWAGUDDE (formerly of Da Twinz fame) have teamed up with UK world musician, arranger, record producer and film composer, CRAIG PRUESS, to form a new and exciting band, the GANDA BOYS.

A unique and vibrant sound, a big London live show achieved their first album!

On top of that, the three Ganda Boys have started the GANDA FOUNDATION, their charitable organization for raising money for social programs to combat poverty in the Third World – starting with raising funds and providing equipment for Ugandan hospitals and schools in need.

The recorded sound of the Ganda Boys is under the capable hands of cutting edge world fusion expert/performer, CRAIG PRUESS – a versatile American multi-instrumentalist musician, award winning composer, arranger, gold & platinum record producer.

Living in Kenya, East Africa, for some years, he stirred up the music scene there after joining the East Conservatoire of Music in Nairobi as a full time member of the music teaching staff. (he was in constant trouble with the establishment there for becoming well known in Kenya with his rock and soul bands!).

Based in the UK for many years, Craig has arranged and/or produced many of the UK’s top recording artists, including Massive Attack, Def Leppard, Sir Cliff Richard, Bond, and has been a featured session musician for Joe Cocker, Mike Oldfield and the Madonna film, “The Next Best Thing”. This is surely a very dangerous man…

His Indo-fusion expertise and sitar playing can be heard on “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory”, “Harry Potter, The Goblet of Fire”, “The Guru” and the Warner Brothers film “A Little Princess”.

Craig’s number one UK box office composer credits include the soundtracks for films “Bend It Like Beckham” and “Bride and Prejudice”, and his credits for TV music include the 2010 BAFTA Award nominated and 2009 RTS award nominated (for best original music score) BBC-TV drama series, MOSES JONES, and also one of the most successful independent TV drama series in UK history, “Peak Practice.”

But it was during the making of the recent BBC “Moses Jones” series that Craig first met and worked with Denis and Dan, and they have never looked back! It’s a sizzling collaboration, made for an international audience – heart and soul, poetic and full of energy!

Beautifully recorded and performed, with a vibrant and organic sound, the new album is called THE WAR OF LOVE.

Guest Category: Performing Arts, Music
Paul E Amori
Guest Occupation: Founder of the Love Party and three-time Mayor of the Lightning In A Bottle festival
Guest Biography:


Paul E. Amori, founder of the Love Party and three-time Mayor of the Lightning In A Bottle festival, is running for Mayor of Los Angeles to spread love over our fair city.

“LA has not only been my home for the last 16 years, but it is also a very visible stage from which to launch a grass roots movement that we hope to make into a national and eventually even an international movement.

With the nation’s largest homeless population, congested streets and highways, rising cost of living and crime, Los Angeles is in dire need of more love!”
Amori’s first foray into the world of politics came when he was ceremoniously elected mayor of the Lightning in a Bottle music festival in 2012 and 2013. As a token of his esteem for the festival and its multi-cultural attendees he created Amori’s Casino & Burlesque, a late night venue that celebrates love in all its myriad forms and passions. Over the last four years Amori’s has become a beloved institution at the festival and has continued to serve as the festival’s honorary mayor.

Like all descendants of immigrants of this great nation, Amori’s roots can be traced back to the old country. But make no mistake, Amori is 110% grade A – Amorican, and an Angelino thru and thru.

Paul E. Amori and the Vote 4 Love campaign are putting the heart back into politics by creating a new political model that does away with vitriolic smear tactics and examines the issues and solutions thru the rose-colored glasses of love. The campaign also seeks to re engage disenfranchised voters, the vast majority of registered voters in Los Angeles (more than 80%), who are not expected to turn out for the 2017 Mayoral election, calling for Angelenos to not just Vote 4 Love, but to Love their Vote! If you’re tired of the same old politics, it’s time for some Paul-E-Tics!

Amori summarizes the key points of his platform as:

– We embrace love and the creation of more love as the best possible tool for affecting change that benefits all people, across party, socioeconomic and ethnic lines. Our campaign will determine how we can use love to create solutions for many of the issues Angelenos care about most such as: homelessness, traffic, the rising cost of living, and an escalating crime rate.

– The Vote 4 Love campaign is committed to dramatically raising the bar on voter turnout. Less than 20% of registered voters are expected to turn out for LA’s 2017 mayoral election, we believe that the citizens of our city do not feel heard or empowered, in turn they don’t feel connected to the politicians who are supposed to be representing them. We want to engage voters by getting them involved in policy creation effectively creating crowd-sourced governance.

“We need politics that serve our cities and politicians that serve our people. It’s time to stop voting for anger, for hatred, for division. It’s time to Vote 4 Love!”

Paul E. Amori is the founder of the Love Party and three-time Mayor of the Lightning In A Bottle festival.

Guest Category: Health & Lifestyle, Kids & Family, Philosophy, Psychology, Self Help, Society and Culture
Guest Occupation: Pediatrician/Social Activist
Guest Biography:

Margaret Flowers, co-director of Its Our Economy, is a Maryland pediatrician. After graduation from the University of Maryland School of Medicine in 1990 and completion of pediatric residency at Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore, Flowers worked first as a hospitalist and then in private practice. She left practice in 2007 to advocate full-time for a single payer health care system at both the state and national levels.Flowers co-hosts, Clearing the FOG radio which airs on We Act Radio, 1480 AM. Her twitter is @MFlowers8.

Flowers served as Congressional Fellow for Physicians for a National Health Program during the 2009-2010 national health reform process. She organized briefings, lobby days and testified before the Senate Health, Education, Labor and Pensions Committee in June, 2009 and before the National Commission for Fiscal Responsibility and Reform in June, 2010. She was co-founder of the Mobilization for Health Care Reform. She is currently a spokesperson for PNHP and is on the board of Healthcare-Now. Flowers serves on the coordinating committee of the Health Care is a Human Right Campaign-Maryland.

Flowers views the struggle for health care as part of a broader social, economic and environmental justice movement. She joined Zeese in March, 2011 as co-director of ItsOurEconomy.us in order to educate, organize and mobilize around social and economic justice issues. She serves on the steering committee of www.october2011.org which organized the Occupation of Washington, DC on Freedom Plaza and continues to report on and help organize Occupy events around the country.

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Wilbur Allen
Guest Occupation: U.F.O. Researcher
Guest Biography:

Engineer/inventor Wilbur Allen is no stranger to UFO encounters. An alien encounter in the UK at the age of 5 left him face to face with a group of grey ET's. He is a former White House/Air Force One engineer and a contract photographer for National Geographic.

Guest Category: UFOs, TV & Film
Herb Freed Author & Hollywood Screen Writer
Guest Occupation: Writer, Director, and Film Producer
Guest Biography:

HERB FREED started his adult life as an ordained rabbi and became the spiritual leader of Temple Beth Shalom in Lake Mahopac, New York while producing and directing three shows at the Maidman Playhouse in New York City. Eventually, he resigned his pulpit to become a movie director. He has directed and produced 15 feature films most of which have had psychological, spiritual and/or social themes in spite of their commercial categories. He is best known for Graduation Day, a horror film, and Tomboy, a teenage romp, as well as the psychological drama Haunts, and CHILD2MAN, a story of survival during the Watts riots.

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Guest Occupation: Deep-Trance Channeler, workshop leader, author, psychotherapist and life strategist.
Guest Biography:

David Watson is a popular channeler, workshop leader, author and life strategist in Toronto, Canada.  David is a gifted Deep-Trance Channeler who has been channeling a Soul Group called the Willows since 1986. David works in the style of Edgar Cayce. From a deep trance state he answers questions and queries about health, relationships, spiritual matters, past lives, career and much more. The Willows are a Group of Entities who claim their numbers from both the physical and ethereal planes. David is also a practicing psychotherapist specializing in stress counseling and soul purpose work. David's learnings have led him to commit to sharing his philosophy worldwide through his book 'The Conscious Omniverse' as well as his many webcasts over the years. His desire is to help others free themselves from the limiting beliefs and fears of an uncertain future and live the life they choose to live. David's new book "Surfing the Light" is a comprehensive guide that brings together his thirty-plus years of Channeling and Life Strategizing experience to help navigate the chaotic waters of life in the world of today. Available in both eBook and audio book format readers find the "Surfing the Light" invaluable for choosing to create a base of peace, calm and prosperity in their personal life journey.

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