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Guest, John Edmonds

Guest Occupation: 
Radio Show Host, Rancher, Natural Intuitive, Therapist


Guest Occupation: 
Mystic Healer: Few people possess the gifts of Sonja Grace. Her heritage (part Native American, part Norwegian) provides her with the extraordinary ability to transport anywhere. She sees, hears, smells and feels the places she visits. Spirit Traveler.

Galactic Connection:A Rancher's Life: Hosting a Horse Sanctuary and Uninvited Aliens, April 11, 2017

John Edmonds

This interview is audio only, since John Edmonds' computer and other electronics were 'taken out' shortly before the interview got underway.

John Edmonds is an Arizona rancher whose Stardust Ranch has experienced bizarre and threatening alien invasions, and now hosts an extraordinary sanctuary for abandoned horses.

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EquiSport News with Les Salzman

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