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EquiSport News with Les Salzman, February 24, 2017

Equisport News with Les Walker Salzman

EquiSport News with Les Walker Salzman

Guests, Tom Biederman, Mark Webster, Todd Wojo

Guest, Andrew Harvey

Guest Occupation: 
Author, Spiritual Counselor, and Sacred Activist

Guest Name, Mr. Malcolm J. Brenner

Mr. Malcolm J. Brenner
Mr. Malcolm J. Brenner

Born in New Jersey in 1951, grew up outside Philadelphia, moved to Florida in 1967, graduated from New College with a degree in communications, 1974. Worked in a variety of menial and professional jobs including dishwasher, busboy, construction worker, photo lab owner-operator, wilderness tour guide, public information officer, freelance wrtite/photographer. Officially retired in 2013 to devote myself full time to writing and publishing.

Guest Name, Rev. Melody Bailey

Rev. Melody Bailey
Rev. Melody Bailey
New Thought Minister

Rev. Melody Bailey started at the Centre for Spiritual Living in Kelowna in 2003 and was drawn to living the spiritual live as a Practitioner.  She was inspired to become a Minister and has been licensed now since 2008.

Rev. Melody loves to be of service through Spiritual Coaching in all four quadrants of live:  Creative Expression, Health, Wealth and Loving Relationships.  Currently Leading Sunday Meditation and just starting Pet Ministry, Recently ordained, Rev. Melody has also provided Ministry in the South Okanagan through Services, classes and workshops.

Guest Name, Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

Jennifer Elizabeth Masters in the desert of California
Jennifer Elizabeth Masters
author, coach, healer and hypnotherapist

The product of a dysfunctional family, Jennifer spent over thirty years re-learning how to love, rather than follow in her parent's footsteps. Married and divorced four times, relationships taught Jennifer valuable lessons about herself. She found permanent happiness alone in the desert. She awakened in 2012 and has had many mystical experiences since that time. She is a hands-on healer, mystic and channel. 

Transforming pain into joy is what Jennifer does for her clients. She did it and teaches her clients to see their lives and selves with a softer focus. She assists women find the love within and in their lives. 

Her journey has taken her around the world, living in London, England, Toronto, Canada, Maryland, Boulder, Colorado, Atlanta, Georgia and now California.

Guest Name, Jimmy Mack

Jimmy Mack
Jimmy Mack
medical intuitive, spiritual life coach

Jimmy Mack is a renowned medical intuitive and spiritual life coach who has taken, completed and even mastered a variety of healing modalities. After a near death experience, he was shown and developed a simpler way to create healing and profound changes now known as My Liquid Fish® Change Made Simple®. He works with clients in person, on the phone and over Skype worldwide accessing energetic powers and co-creating changes that you can actually feel.

Giant Pandas, November 22, 2016

The Peace Brain Show with Dr Gail Lash

The Peace Brain Show with Dr Gail Lash and guest Dr Songrui Liu

Guest Name, Sonia Novick

Sonia Novick
Sonia Novick
I am a healer, or "curandera" in my native tongue!

I would like to be interviewd about my Curandera/Healer skills and the 5 simple steps to becoming disease FREE, the so-called miracles I can perfom within people bodies chaning their physiology and ridding them of the following dieases:

  • Cancer
  • Malignant Tumor(s) Removal
  • Systemic Candida
  • Leaky Gut Syndrome
  • Autoimmune diseases
  • Bone Spurs - removal
  • Heart Conditions - remove plaque from arteries, rebuild arteries, rebuild cartilage, rebuild collagen
  • Fractures - healed
  • And many other diseases.


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