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Life With The Girlfriends with Christine Marie Peters and Julie Peters
Show Name: Life With The Girlfriends Host Name: Christine Marie Peters, Julie Peters
Christine Marie Peters and Julie Peters

Join Christine Marie and Julie for a slice of Life with The Girlfriends. This mother/daughter coaching duo shares their everyday thoughts on relationships, family, hot topics and current events, and anything that tickles their fancy with warmth, wit, and wisdom. They welcome a wide range of guest to their den for some juicy conversation. So grab a cup of anything and put your feet up on the ottoman next to the fireplace. And join the girlfriends up close and personal for some daily chat that’s humorous, wholesome, and heartfelt.

Christine Marie and Julie are the quintessential gals for making big changes through a series of small actions! Their contemporary podcast features special guests, spiritual guidance, grounded life theories, and a positive message. Christine Marie and Julie believe one small change can yield big results.

A podcast can be many things, come experience how Life with the Girlfriends can enrich your path in life and effect how others see and treat you. The conversations are candid, honest, and more so - fun! Never preachy and always peachy, Christine Marie and Julie bring substance to an over-saturated "advice" market.

At their core, they consider themselves to be from that proud and long lineage of Householders, and love sharing their folksy wisdom so that everyone can have a better, happier, and more joyful, playful and prosperous life.

Weekly Show
Station 2
5:00 pm
5:55 pm

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Station 2 - Monday - Program Schedule - (PT)

Station 2 - Tuesday - Program Schedule - (PT)

3:00 pm 4:55 pm Weekly Galactic Connection Alexandra Meadors
6:00 pm 6:55 pm Bi-Weekly The Balanced Millionaire Eileen Mendel

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Station 2 - Thursday - Program Schedule - (PT)

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10:00 am 10:55 am Bi-Weekly Randirobics Randi Chenkin
1:30 pm 6:55 pm Weekly The True History koran999
7:00 pm 7:55 pm Weekly Creation Lightship Healings Ron Amitron
8:00 pm 10:55 pm Weekly The True History koran999

Station 2 - Sunday - Program Schedule - (PT)

Headlined, Threshold To Ascension Radio, August 23, 2018

Naomi Cook

Ashli and Naomi discuss the importance of Inner Disclosure - and how that is truly the key to lifting the collective consciousness to a vibratory frequency that will align with our Galactic Brothers and Sisters.  

From the Project Starseed website: There are currently many groups here on Earth rallying for “Disclosure” – that is to say, lobbying for the release of secret information held by Governments and the world Elite that prove we humans are not only ‘alone’ but have a history of regular contact with Intergalactic beings.

Headlined, Sri and Kira Live, September 2, 2018

September Predictions & Revelations

The August roar is a call to AWAKEN every more and September will call forward a new experience of intensity while offering solace to the sincere seeker! Always spot on, Sri & Kira share valuable insights and predictions for the month ahead!

Be sure to gather your friends, take some notes and prepare for the culminating months of this extraordinary year!!!  Wow!

This show is LIVE and the phone lines are open!  Your questions and mini soul reading requests are welcome! 


Headlined, Sri and Kira Live, August 26, 2018

Navigating your Inner Matrix for Success!

What happens when we look honestly within as we grapple with the projections being shown as “real”? Acknowledging our Inner Matrix invites true awakened presence to come forward and our lives to expand well beyond the fear and polarity of the illusion!

Sri & Kira share divine insights that have steadily held open the doorway of success and abundance for 1000’s over the past 15 years.  This is your amazing opportunity to peak inside the inner world and learn how to call forward your greatest potential!

This show is LIVE and the phone lines are open!  Your questions and mini soul reading requests are welcome!


Headlined, John Barbours World, September 17, 2018


Investigative Journalist, Author and Media Commentator joins John Barbour

Headlined, John Barbours World, August 20, 2018

KELLY JONES former wife of Alex Jones speaks with John Barbour.

Headlined, John Barbours World, September 3, 2018

John Perkins - author of Confessions of an Economic Hitman rejoins John to talk about his books and travels.

Featured Talk Show Guest Appearances

Featured, Guest, Kelly Jones August 20, 2018

Broadcasting Date: 
Monday, August 20, 2018 05:00 pm

Guest, Kelly Jones

Guest Name: 
Kelly Jones
Guest Occupation: 
Radio Host/Author/Divorce and Custody Activist
Guest Biography: 

About Kelly Jones

As seen in Rolling Stone, Newsweek, Inside Edition and more, Kelly Jones is an outspoken Family Court Justice activist.

Despite winning a Jury verdict in 2017, her ex-husband, Alex Jones’ ceaseless Abuse of Process and Vexatious Litigation continues to infringe on Kelly’s family’s Human and Civil Rights.

In June 2018, Newsweek covered Kelly Jones’ legal outreach for representation in her $130 million personal injury lawsuit against her ex, Alex Jones, including requests to Michael Avenatti and Gloria Allred. Citing Defamation, Intentional Infliction of Emotional Distress and Interference with Custody, Kelly is asking she be awarded as part of her General Damages.

When awarded, Kelly Jones pledges to sell it of to pay reparations to Alex Jones’ defamation victims and to fund lobbying and legal efforts to forever alter the landscape of America’s broken Family Court System.

Kelly draws a parallel between the story of Dumbo the Elephant’s Mom, who was thrown into a cage and called a Mad Elephant for trying to defend her baby from bullies, and good mothers who are routinely gaslit by corrupt experts in Family Court.

Kelly lost her children for years off the lies of corrupt experts who have admitted perjury and destroyed their files. They didn’t care about Alex Jones, who has a Narcissistic Personality Disorder, but sought to stress Kelly out and traumatize her into a reaction, by taking her children.

Kelly is devoted to extinguishing the Victorian Family Court gaslight to bring America’s Family Court system into the 21st Century.  It is a national crisis that cannot continue in the era of the #metoo movement.

Kelly has been forced into to four concurrent lawsuits by her ex, Alex Jones, including both a State and Federal Appeal, her Personal Injury Tort and a new Custody Modification Alex recently filed.  She fully expects to prevail in all four suits. is dedicated to providing non-legal client-based support, to help those dealing with emotional abuse or divorcing a narcissist, and to advocacy and activism about Family Court injustice.

Media and interested attorneys, please contact or call Kelly at 512-572-9440

You can donate to Kelly here.  Alex Jones has eight lawyers, including a former Supreme Court Justice and Randy and Alison Wilhite, who are representing him against the Sandy Hook parents.

Randy Wilhite charges over $600/hr.  Alex Jones is collectively paying eight attorneys thousands of dollars a day on a daily basis.  He has used fundraisers/donations/funds to litigate cruelly against Kelly Jones for years.

Kelly spent all her liquid assets and was financially devastated in the Jury trial that culminated with her victory.  Kelly Jones is Pro Se (or self-represented) in her Federal Appeal and Tort case.  If 100,000 people donated $5 dollars, Kelly would be able to fully fund her injury lawsuit and #unpluginfowars when she prevails.

Featured, Guest, JP Sottile August 20, 2018

Broadcasting Date: 
Monday, August 20, 2018 05:00 pm

Guest, JP Sottile

Guest Name: 
JP Sottile
JP Sottile
Guest Occupation: 
Freelance Journalist, Radio Host, Documentary Filmmaker
Guest Biography: 

JP SOTTILE is a freelance journalist, published historian, radio co-host and documentary filmmaker. His credits include a stint on the NewsHour news desk, C-SPAN, and as a newsmagazine producer for ABC affiliate WJLA in Washington. Joseph “JP” Sottile is a two-time Washington Regional Emmy Award Winner. Documentary film credits include: writer, director, producer of The Warning and various production and photography credits on other public interest films. His weekly show, Inside the Headlines w/ The Newsvandal, co-hosted by James Moore, airs every Friday on KRUU-FM in Fairfield, Iowa. He is the Newsvandal.


Featured, Guest, Annette Stanwick August 21, 2018

Broadcasting Date: 
Tuesday, August 21, 2018 12:59 pm

Guest, Annette Stanwick

Guest Name: 
Annette Stanwick
Annette Stanwick
Guest Occupation: 
International Speaker, Best-selling Author, Freedom Facilitator, Coach and Health Care Professional
Guest Biography: 

Annette Stanwick is FREEDOM personified.  She has an amazing background of achievement, challenge and exciting adventures, but she has also risen above trials, trauma & tragedy. Despite those difficulties she is a confident, happy and passionate woman.

With decades of experience as a health care executive, possessing a deep understanding of human behavior, she recognizes the value of relationships and emotional wellness. She understands how painful experiences, negative feelings and emotional issues impact life, health, relationships and success.

Her ability to tell stories and apply principles will connect with your issues and will give you confidence and hope that you too can overcome difficult situations that may keep you stuck.

Along with a vast array of audiences, she has spoken to women across Canada and the US and was privileged to address a Global Women’s Summit in Uganda.  She is cited in numerous books, was a featured host on the Women’s Information Network for 2 years, has been interviewed on TV, numerous radio shows and is recipient of the prestigious Integrity Award presented by Rotary International.

She says “Forgiveness changed my life and has given me a passion to inspire, encourage and uplift others - especially women – as they deal with their life struggles.”

Her enthusiastic & dynamic keynotes, seminars & coaching programs are transformational. Her award-winning and best- selling book, FORGIVENESS: THE MYSTERY & MIRACLE is having a global impact.

Her strategies will help you find freedom, peace and joy that has the power to help you step into your next level of confidence.



Forgiveness - The Mystery and Miracle

Featured, Guest, Prairie Prince August 21, 2018

Broadcasting Date: 
Tuesday, August 21, 2018 07:00 pm

Guest, Prairie Prince

Guest Name: 
Prairie Prince
Journey/Tubes/Todd Rundgren 'Drumming Great' Prairie Prince
Guest Occupation: 
Musician and Graphic Artist
Guest Biography: 

P  R  A  I  R  I  E     P  R  I  N  C  E






During the course of 40+ years, while continuing to record, perform and tour the world with The Tubes (15 albums and world tours) Prairie Prince performed and recorded with many of his heroes and fellow artists alike, and fulfilled many desires to execute various drum techniques in a wide variety of musical styles.

In the early 70’s Prairie worked with legendary pianist, Nicky Hopkins, recording two albums with musicians such as George Harrison, Mick Taylor, Ron Wood, Ray Cooper and Klaus Voormann, among others. Prince started the band Journey with Neal Schon and Gregg Rollie shortly after and recorded the demos that got them their first contract. Prince opted not to join the band on a permanent basis for his dedication in The Tubes. After session work with Tommy Bolin, Brewer and Shipley and others in the 70’s, the 80s’ brought work with Chris Isaak and he played drums on his first four albums.

Prince was honored to record with Brian Eno and David Byrne on the innovative album “My Life in a Bush of Ghosts” in the early 80s. Prince worked extensively with Todd Rundgren recording 7 albums and touring the world with him several times. He played drums on XTC’s “Skylarking” LP in the mid-80s, then again on their 2 CDs “Apple-Venus Vol I” & “WaspStar Vol 2” which was released in 2000. Also, in the 80’s Prince recorded with Glen Frey, David Pack, three albums for Richard Marx and taped a Showtime Special with John Fogerty.

The 90’s brought live performances with Tom Waits. Prairie was the drummer on legendary “King of the Surf Guitar” Dick Dale’s 3 CDs. Then Prince became the full-time drummer for the re-formed “Jefferson Starship” featuring original members Paul Kantner, Marty Balin, Jack Casady and Papa John Creach. After 4 CDs and several world tours he bowed out as their full-time drummer in 1998 but continued to perform as their international gig drummer.

In 2006 Prince toured with The New Cars featuring Todd Rundgren as the lead singer, bassist Kasim Sulton, and original The Cars guitarist Elliot Easton and keyboardist Greg Hawkes.

Prince continues to perform and tour with The Tubes and Todd Rundgren.

Visual Art has always been a huge component In Prairie’s life. He’s painted murals, designed stage sets and have a thriving business creating custom finishes on drums, guitars, motorcycles and vehicles.

Early in his career he teamed up with Michael Cotten (former Tubes member) to create Cotten/Prince, an artistic design partnership. They combined their art expertise and worked with The Tubes choreographer Kenny Ortega (Dirty Dancing, High School Musical) to collaborate as the artistic team responsible for devising the production design and theatrical staging for The Tubes live shows and videos. They also designed the album covers and graphic design for the band.

They also came up with a style and air-brush technique which allowed us to design and paint some of the world’s largest murals. 

One of their most famous murals was the “Flying Records” on the exterior of the A&M Records building in Hollywood, Ca. The mural’s demise was mourned by many in the music community, Jerry Moss, founder of A & M Records. The destruction of the mural was documented in a 2012 NPR interview.

Other iconic murals include “Crashing Waves” on San Francisco’s Cliff House and the interior of The Chemical Bank of New York at Rockefeller Center in New York City.  

Their artistic vision and ability to produce innovative and artistic projects led to working for the world’s top live performers, high-end retailers and companies around the world.

Working with longtime collaborator Kenny Ortega they created set and stage design for some of the world’s biggest musical touring acts (Michael Jackson, Shania Twain, Bonnie Raitt, Gloria Estefan, Bette Midler, The Tubes and Todd Rundgren).

They also collaborated on the Closing Ceremonies of the 1996 Olympic Games and the Super Bowl XXX Half-Time Show, starring Diana Ross, Michael Jackson’s 1997 “History” tour and “This Is It.”

They also painted murals across the United States for companies including Macy’s (Federated Dept. Stores) and The Limited. Also painting murals and interiors for international clients in Spain, England, Italy, Germany, Mexico, Sweden and Japan. Other major mural commissions include grand scale interiors at the Ho-Chunk Casino and the Potawatomi Casino in Wisconsin.

Prince continues to design and paint murals and custom interiors in private residences across the country.

The Tubes 'The Completion Backward Principle'

Featured, Guest, Naomi Cook August 23, 2018

Broadcasting Date: 
Thursday, August 23, 2018 07:00 pm

Guest, Naomi Cook

Guest Name: 
Naomi Cook
Naomi Cook
Guest Occupation: 
Founder Project Starseed, Author, Healer, Remote Viewer, Registered Nurse
Guest Biography: 

There may well be millions of ‘Starseed’ incarnate here on Earth right now – each with a special task to undertake and facilitate. It is Naomi’s intention through creating the Project Starseed database that we gently place our energies away from the ‘push’ for Disclosure to a personal revelation of the truths surrounding our Intergalactic Heritage.

Why? Some of you may ask – the answer is simple: By purposefully keeping ourselves within an energy pattern of ‘pushing for’ or ‘needing’ by the laws of the Universe we create or manifest a tomorrow with the same energies – the same reality unfolds, like groundhog day.

In addition to this is the fact is that being in opposition to what may be perceived as a ‘stronger force then you’ i.e the Elite or Global Governments we are reinforcing Duality and Polarity – not Unity.

How can a Unity Consciousness and Global Integration with the Intergalactic communities even occur with this battle for truth going on here on Earth? When there is a war, be it physical or for information – there is no peace. There is no Unity. Instead the change and change of focus must start within each and everyone of us.

To commence Global Unity Consciousness, we each have a role to play as an Awakened Starseed who simply knows they are a part of a much bigger picture. By ‘coming out’ firstly to ourselves on our Inner Truths, we can slowly then ‘come out’ as a group who feels and knows themselves to have Intergalactic Histories and maybe intergalactic Origins. The knock on effect will be two fold – firstly as conscious entities we are constantly ‘feeding back’ to the greater Consciousness which means our thought patterns will impact upon the thoughts of others – Sheldrake’s ‘Morphic Resonance’. Secondly by placing our Energies into this group and emerging truths as headcount numbers increase our ‘reality’ will change and mold around us: Disclosure won’t be the focus but will occur as a side effect or by product of this.

Note from Naomi:  I know in the Disclosure circles there is, for good reason, a lot of fear and paranoia in discussing and sharing secret ET, UFO and intergalactic information.  The good thing is, there is nothing secretive about Project Starseed, this project or me! I’ve got a huge online history which, if you are concerned about ‘signing up’ as an Awakened Starseed, I encourage you to have a good look through.

In short, I’m a mum of two, Registered Nurse – “Nurse Naomi” and Energy Healer (Reiki Master, Theta Healer, Intuitive Healer) and Remote Viewer. I am an Author: my memoir How She Healed Me is now available on Amazon. I also write children’s books aimed at inspiring and empowering children to harness their own health and wellbeing, check out The Little Bush Nurse. I blog as Nurse Naomi on integrative and mainstream aspects of health and wellness.

Facebook for Project Starseed


How She Healed Me