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Jail Parole Probation Survival with G Blackwhale Harris
Show Name: Jail Parole Probation Survival Host Name: G Blackwhale Harris
G Blackwhale Harris

This is a show for people, families and loved ones, on the fringe of going to jail. If you are in trouble with the law, facing jail time, parole, probation or sentencing for a crime you did or did not commit, this show is for you! 

Important things to know (which we will discuss in depth on this show):

- How to go to jail with as little bullcrap as possible

- What to expect during incarceration, jail, parole and probation

- What to do and what NOT to do

- Unwritten rules in jail

- Communication with other inmates, what signs and symbols mean

- Activities available to inmates

- And a host of related matters...

If you are forewarned you are better off and more capable of surviving jail! Toughening up is not the best solution for every situation... 

If you have questions and want help, call in during our live regular weekly broadcast on Sundays at 2:00 pm PT on BBS Radio Station 1.
Weekly Show
Station 1
Starts :
2:00 pm
Ends :
2:55 pm

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Station 1 - Monday - Program Schedule - (PT)

4:00 pm 4:55 pm Weekly Creation Lightship Healings Ron Amitron
5:00 pm 5:55 pm Bi-Weekly John Barbours World John Barbour
5:00 pm 5:55 pm Bi-Weekly The Joyful Manifestation Show Sugandhi Iyer
6:00 pm 6:55 pm Weekly The Veterans News Hour David C. Cory, Richard Hurley
7:00 pm 7:55 pm Weekly Life Changes Show Filippo Voltaggio
8:00 pm 8:55 pm Weekly Angel Answers Amy Toy

Station 1 - Tuesday - Program Schedule - (PT)

10:00 am 10:55 am Weekly Lets Talk Relationships Derek Hart
11:00 am 11:55 am Bi-Weekly Wish Upon A Star Anndell Banks
12:00 pm 12:55 pm Bi-Weekly Loves Curriculum Jenny Hogg Ashwell
1:00 pm 1:55 pm Weekly Spouting Off Karen Kataline
4:00 pm 4:55 pm Weekly From Shelter Dog to Service Dog Janice Wolfe
5:00 pm 5:55 pm Bi-Weekly The Peace Brain Show Dr Gail Lash
6:00 pm 6:55 pm Weekly Relationship Help Show Dr Rhoberta Shaler
8:00 pm 8:55 pm Weekly Paradigm Shifters Veronica Entwistle

Station 1 - Wednesday - Program Schedule - (PT)

8:00 am 8:55 am Weekly Dr Ginas Radio Chat Dr Gina
11:00 am 11:55 am Weekly Business and Money Mentors Bonnie Gayle, Mia Saenz
12:00 pm 12:55 pm Weekly Dare To Dream Debbi Dachinger
1:00 pm 1:55 pm Weekly The Sports Doctor Dr Robert Weil
5:00 pm 5:55 pm Bi-Weekly Happiness Hangout Lori Peters
5:00 pm 5:55 pm Bi-Weekly The Ray Shasho Show Ray Shasho
6:00 pm 6:55 pm Weekly Ascended Masters at Work Shirlene Reeves
7:00 pm 7:55 pm Weekly Creation Lightship Healings Ron Amitron
8:00 pm 8:55 pm Weekly The Voice of the Ashtar Command Commander Lady Athena

Station 1 - Thursday - Program Schedule - (PT)

11:00 am 11:55 am Weekly All Paws Pet Talk Various Hosts
12:00 pm 12:55 pm Weekly Body Talk Live Jeremy Gateman
1:00 pm 1:55 pm Weekly Lets Talk Healing Ataana Badilli
5:00 pm 5:55 pm Weekly Signs of Life Bob Ginsberg, Phran Ginsberg
6:00 pm 6:55 pm Bi-Weekly The Joyful Manifestation Show Sugandhi Iyer
7:00 pm 7:55 pm Weekly Dr Linda Psychic Talk Dr Linda Salvin
8:00 pm 8:55 pm Weekly The Allow Love Show Mary Sherritt Russell, Rod Russell
9:00 pm 9:55 pm Weekly Adama Speaks Adama Alaji

Station 1 - Friday - Program Schedule - (PT)

4:00 pm 4:55 pm Weekly For the Love of Dog Janice Wolfe
5:00 pm 5:55 pm Weekly The Metaphysical Hour Julia Cannon
6:00 pm 7:55 pm Weekly Why Life Is... Niles MacFlouer
8:00 pm 8:55 pm Weekly Camerons Sports and Life Cameron Datzker
9:00 pm 9:55 pm Bi-Weekly Universal Soul Love Dr Lana Love, Universal Soul Love

Station 1 - Saturday - Program Schedule - (PT)

9:00 am 9:55 am Weekly Temple of Health Radio Show Dr Susan Kolb
11:00 am 11:55 pm Bi-Weekly Eves Corner Prophetess Campbell
12:00 pm 12:55 pm Bi-Weekly The Holistic Health Show Dr Carl O Helvie
12:00 pm 12:55 pm Bi-Weekly Spiritual Emergency Training Lynn Mystic-Healer
1:00 pm 1:55 pm Weekly Dont Panic Its Organic andy Lopez aka Invisible Gardener
4:00 pm 4:55 pm Bi-Weekly Peaceful Planet Marcia McMahon
4:00 pm 4:55 pm Bi-Weekly The Gray Brain and the Golden Soul Blake Rubie
5:00 pm 5:55 pm Bi-Weekly Cosmic LOVE Dr Christopher Rudy
5:00 pm 5:55 pm Bi-Weekly Sound Healing David Gibson
6:00 pm 6:55 pm Bi-Weekly Spiritual Activist Rahasya Uncensored
6:00 pm 6:55 pm Bi-Weekly Divine Intervention Karen Young
7:00 pm 7:55 pm Weekly A Fireside Chat Lance White
8:00 pm 8:55 pm Weekly As You Wish Talk Radio James Gilliland
9:00 pm 9:55 pm Bi-Weekly New Realities alan steinfeld
9:00 pm 9:55 pm Bi-Weekly ET Yoga Charles Green
10:00 pm 10:55 pm Weekly Connect The Dots Tom Edison
11:00 pm 11:55 pm Weekly Rio Bravo Music Live Dougie Crockett Frazier

Station 1 - Sunday - Program Schedule - (PT)

Headlined, The Sports Doctor, May 23, 2018

Dr. Robert Weil DPM

Aaron Bigelow, Co-Founder & Developer Ampcoil Bioresonance Wellness System joins me along with Dr. Jay Wrigley, Functional Medicine & Hormonal balance specialist. Then it’s 'The Sports Doctors In' & your emails!

Headlined, Shadow Politics, May 20, 2018


Currently there are about 9,500 lobbyists registered at the federal level. That means there are about 18 lobbyists for each member of the House of Representatives and U.S. Senate. USA Today reported this week that lobbying firms managed by former campaign aides, fundraisers and others with ties to President Trump and Vice President Pence have collected at least $28 million in federal lobbying fees since Trump assumed the presidency. What are lobbyists? What do they do? Is the common perception of lobbyists accurate? Join us as we figure this out and other topics!

Headlined, Camerons Sports and Life, May 20, 2018

Cameron Datzker hosting Cameron's Sports & Life radio show
We have a lot of interesting guests invading our studio. Danny Cruz, Candy Loya and special sexy Ladies and UFO Sightings.
It's quite a huge show planned for Friday Night. We'll also talk about the royal marriage!!

Headlined, John Barbours World, May 28, 2018

DAVID DAYEN and TIM SHORROCK join host Joe Sottile while John Barbour is away.

Headlined, John Barbours World, June 11, 2018

JON ROBBERSON - producer of The Hagmann Report joins John Barbour and JP Sottile.

Headlined, The People Speak, May 20, 2018

EDWARD JONES - Self Transformation author/speaker and past guest on The People Speak takes the driver's seat and hosts the show!

Headlined, Sri and Kira Live, May 27, 2018

Claiming YOUR bigger Picture!  Fear-lessly!

The 3-D is doing its best to throw as much your way as it can!  Whether it is “news” from any source, friends in distress, or simply the challenge of navigating being awake on a daily basis, there IS A BIGGER PICTURE and it is YOURS TO CLAIM! 

Inviting yourself to flourish as you step into the bigger picture of your life in mastery is simple…and it may not be easy!  There are steps you can take to claim this expanded recognition into your life TODAY and with each step feel the fear release!  Sri & Kira have been there and today they share how you can take these steps with Peace, Love and Joy!

Headlined, John Barbours World, June 25, 2018

Melinda Leslie - Psychic and UFO researcher talks to John Barbour.

Featured Talk Show Guest Appearances

Featured, Guest, Edward Jones May 20, 2018

Broadcasting Date: 
Sunday, May 20, 2018 05:00 pm

Guest, Edward Jones

Guest Name: 
Edward Jones
Edward Jones Self Transformation
Guest Occupation: 
Guest Biography: 

Edward Jones is what you might call an ordinary man although he insists he is not a man, as the word man is a label attached to the male of the species. He says, “If you declare yourself a man, then you’ll have more labels attached such as a real man or a  real good man or an upstanding man or a dozen other labels, and then you’re lost in the trap of labels, of words. All these labels colour your perception and you will end seeing not the real person but an image of your own thinking, and this is the illusion we live in.”

So, if you are to meet Edward and call him a man, the first thing he will tell you is that he is not a man. Edward is meticulous with the words he speaks because this is a world trapped in words, and the words we use create the manner in which we create our lives.

Edward experienced a life altering event at the age of 36 which he later came to call a transformation in which he says he died. Everything he had been–a son, a husband, a businessman–collapsed at his feet in complete failure. It was the death of everything he had been in his life. Unlike others who have had and speak of a transformation, Edward hand no idea of what happened to him during his four hour death experience. He’d had never delved into mysticism or any kind of Eastern thought, but what he experienced was exactly what millions have searched for millennia . Edward calls it ecstasy–living with a new consciousness, one void of violence, stress, fear, and worry, one that is free.

In facing all his failures without excuse or reason and with truth, he came upon the source of all things. Because he had no previous knowledge of what had happened to him, he realized that he was the source of what had become. “There is a new consciousness born on the planet and it is available to you now.” Edward relates this message in workshops, meetings, business, online forums and to all who come into contact with him. Edward carries this one message in his daily life: “There is no love on the planet, and that is good news because in realizing that, we can dispose of what we have been calling love, which is not love at all, and create the possibility of bringing forth Love, Truth, Intelligence and Creation to our war-laden manner of existing on this earth.”

Edward in his talks recorded in his books, tells the one thing he did that brought him face to face with himself and the events that lead up to his transformation. Transformation is a possibility for everyone living on this planet, and it can be brought about by what he says is a “method that is not a method,” for it is something we use in our everyday lives–our language. We are creating our lives with the words we speak.

Edward’s books are not exactly fodder for the lazy mind or one which is seeking success, money, stature, or security in this insane world. They are for the ones who care for a transformation of self, internal peace, and world peace for the planet.  They are “where the rubber hits the road.”

How My Death Revealed The Secret To Life, An Autobiography

How my Death revealed the secret to life - book cover

On November 19, 1979, leaving a life of failures behind him, Edward Jones experienced a transformation which completely revolutionized the way he perceived reality. Edward’s former life of misery was now one of exquisite vibrancy. Pain lost its sting; fear no longer ruled his life. Every moment unfolded its potential as a wellspring of delight. He was permanently and irrevocably altered. The change was so complete, so profound, that afterward Edward could only say that he had died. Out of that death, a new consciousness was born. He sees and speaks of a world void of violence and suffering, and assists others in seeing the possibility of transformation within themselves and the world via online webinars, workshops, radio programs, Internet discussion rooms, videos, personal coaching as well as other books he has written. This book is his recounting of his personal journey to, and through, his self-transformation.

Create Creation – The Manner in Which Words Create our Lives

Create creation book cover

This book will present to you things you can do to catch yourself in the moment of truth as you are being it. It may be your anger, your fear, your manipulations, your sorrow, your worries or a dozen of feelings you bring forth every day. That is where your truth lies. It is hidden behind all of your feelings and attachments. This may not be an easy thing to do, unveiling the truth of yourself, as much of it is ugly, but it is the liberating feature that speaking the truth of self brings to you. Mark Twain declared, “If you tell the truth, you don’t have to remember anything.” Speaking the truth frees the mind to live in the moment because you’re not using all your energy to remember and live the lie. Truth is a living, vibrant thing. It lives and dies every second. Lies do not die until the truth of them is spoken.

Raising Sane – Is It Possible To Raise A Sane Child In An Insane World 

Raising Sane

Children are born pristine, and as they grow, they see us and what we do which conditions them the same as we were conditioned. If we loved our children, we would not prepare our children for the world. We would prepare the world for our children and ourselves. Within the pages of this book, you will discover the energy of linguistics when truth is spoken and that we are creating our lives from the words we speak. We have been creating a negative existence with the beliefs and lies we pass down to our children which have been passed down to us and to each generation for thousands of years. In discovering what you can do to raise a sane child, you will also discover what to do to raise the child in you. Our present behavior on this planet shows we are all acting as angry children having a temper tantrum. Within the relationship with ourselves and our children, we can transform the world into a safe and sane place to live.

Self Transformation – A New You

 book - self transformation 3-d 200x269 book 72dpi

From his talks and workshops with others, Edward Jones speaks from the source of the new consciousness. He outlines the action needed to bring forth the first psychological evolution of the human mind. Our present consciousness is responsible for the destruction of our world. The ending of violence begins with a transformation of self, bringing forth a new you and a new world.

A New Consciousness Born – You are the Source

A New Consciousness Born

A hard-hitting, non-fiction book which addresses every aspect of our lives; it shows us the manner in which we are trapped in our thinking processes. The book is transcribed from live conversations with Phillip LeRoy and others. With this book’s formatting, you can be drawn into and become part of the conversation. The new consciousness that Edward speaks of is violence free, and he takes a step-by-step, simple approach that points to what we can do to bring forth peace into our lives and onto the planet.

Edward Jones SelfTransformation

Featured, Guest, Danny Cruz May 20, 2018

Broadcasting Date: 
Sunday, May 20, 2018 08:00 pm

Guest, Danny Cruz

Guest Name: 
Danny Cruz
Danny Cruz
Guest Category: 
Guest Occupation: 
Talk Radio Personality, UFO Follower
Guest Biography: 

CNA, LA TALK RADIO Personality, Tough Mudder/California Constituent/teleportation/USAF/Senator Feinstein/Area 51/UFOs/Grays/Close Encounters/Sales Rep at CHQ

Featured, Guest, Candy Loya May 20, 2018

Broadcasting Date: 
Sunday, May 20, 2018 08:00 pm

Guest, Candy Loya

Guest Name: 
Candy Loya
Actress Candy Loya
Guest Occupation: 
Actress, Model, Writer, Radio Host
Guest Biography: 

Candy Loya a Californian Native from Downey, Ca. a television host and Actress, Model, writer, Radio Host Personality. Over the Past 3 years Candy has worked in a wide variety of professional capacitates both in the private & public sectors. Candy has earned her AA in Liberal Arts & Communications at Los Angeles Trade Tech in 2014 and she will pursue her education to obtain her Bachelors in Broadcasting Journalism.

Thus Far Candy has worked on various projects such as: 2014-2015 Media Consultant and Journalist Rep for hollywood Productions 2014 LA Talk Radio with Host Cameron Datzker as special Co host 2013 Runway Fashion Model for Designer JVONOHAY LUCCI 2013 Carlos Rojas Movie Premiere Event 2012 Groove G Shack Radio as a Co host Candy Loya Can be summed up into two positive words Happy& Adrenaline Candy's personality and character both bring your everyday interaction to the point where you will not get enough of her and her perky personality or she will make you smile and laugh. With amazing and strong ties to her family and community involvement such as volunteering at the Cerritos charity for Abused Women.

Being a lover of animals as an activist for rescued and abused dogs. Candy's goals and dreams are to write her autobiography about her life tribulations to help inspire others and fight to make it in life. Candy is known by many as a Loving Friend, nurturing mother and Professional and career minded woman ready to face her next Challenge.

Featured, Guest, Wanda Wright, Director of the Arizona Dept of Veterans' Services May 21, 2018

Broadcasting Date: 
Monday, May 21, 2018 06:00 pm

Guest, Wanda Wright, Director of the Arizona Dept of Veterans' Services

Guest Name: 
Wanda Wright, Director of the Arizona Dept of Veterans' Services
Guest Occupation: 
Director of the Arizona Dept. of Veterans' Services
Guest Biography: 

Arizona Department of Veterans’ Services Director Wanda Wright is the third generation of her family to serve in the U.S. military.  She has three decades of military experience.  As a 1985 United States Air Force Academy graduate, Colonel Wright began her military career as Deputy Budget Officer with the Tactical Air Command at Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, with a follow-on assignment to Davis-Monthan AFB, Arizona, as the Budget Officer.

Leaving active duty in 1990, Colonel Wright joined the Arizona National Guard.   During the next 21 years, she served in various positions including accounting and finance officer, communications officer, executive officer and, finally, as the Director of Staff for the Adjutant General in Phoenix.  Among her many achievements was to serve as Air Commander of Operation Jump Start from June 2006 to December 2008 during which she commanded more than 4,000 airmen on our Southwest border.

Colonel Wright holds a B.S. degree in Management from the U.S. Air Force Academy, an M.B.A degree from Webster University in South Carolina, an M.P.A. degree from the University of Arizona, and an M.A. in Educational Leadership from Arizona State University.  Colonel Wright’s military awards and decorations include the Legion of Merit, the Meritorious Service Medal with oak leaf cluster, and the Air Force Commendation Medal. 

Featured, Guest, Edel Travieso May 21, 2018

Broadcasting Date: 
Monday, May 21, 2018 06:00 pm

Guest, Edel Travieso

Guest Name: 
Edel Travieso
Edel Travieso of Green Veterans
Guest Occupation: 
Founding member of the Green Veterans and serves as the current chair
Guest Biography: 

Edel Travieso is a veteran who served six years in the US Air Force. While serving his country, Edel performed many roles including logistics, mobility air freight, traffic management and EMT. He served during Kosovo, supporting the Alabama Air National Guard. As a civilian, Edel has been in management with various companies throughout his professional career. Edel’s strengths include innovative planning, project management, business management, consulting, building science, sustainability systems... and always thinking outside the box. He holds an MBA, a BS degree in Alternative and Renewable Energy Management, a minor in teaching, and holds several professional certificates and licenses, including BPI building analyst and HERS rater. He is founding member of the Green Veterans and serves as the current chair. He is always looking for ways to help his fellow veterans by advancing the Green Veteran mission and vision. He is an active member of the U.S. Green Building Council and is passionate about veterans leading the way forward in sustainability at home and abroad.


Video on Green Veterans: