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From Misfit to Mystic with Lisa Dawn LaJoie
Show Name: From Misfit to Mystic Host Name: Lisa Dawn LaJoie
Lisa Dawn LaJoie

Lisa Lajoie is a high energy captivating speaker who is compassionate about bringing positive change and healing into the world. Her focus is powerful and life altering. She has been connected to the spirit world since she was born. Lisa focuses on the deep, inner connection of the soul, which can be powerful and life altering for the listener. She helps people connect to their angels, spirit guides, higher power, and receive messages from passed loved ones. Lisa helps people connect and heal their inner soul and guides people through transitional times.

More than anything, she has an amazing story to share. And through her story, she can help others grow, move forward and simply feel connected and not so alone in the world.

Lisa did not always tune into her gifts, in fact for many years, she denied its existence altogether. This resulted in darkness in every area of her life. Because of her own personal experience she has the unique perspective and ability to relate to everyday struggles and circumstances. Using her own life  experiences, and spiritual abilities Lisa has helped thousands of people find purpose and strength in their own lives.

Lisa can speak on personal spiritual transformation topics and business intuitive topics, making her radical truth telling perfect for nearly any audience.

The Power of Your Soul – Learning to realign with your Soul’s purpose to ignite a life of happiness and fulfillment. Discover the reason your Soul chose you.

Intuitive Intelligence for Business – Understand and learn to use your own intuition as a tool and powerful guide to build a profitable business and lead you down the road of abundance. Accessing and using your Intuition puts you in a position of leadership which allows you to create the success you want, make leading edge decisions, avoid overwhelm and overcome adversity.

Transformational Tapping – The Tapping Technique helps people take charge of their lives, handle their emotions, open up their manifestational potential, release stress and overwhelm, heal inner wounds and shift limiting beliefs.  In this talk you will gain a tool to take you from mediocre to masterful. Using modern methods to skyrocket your life’s happiness is key to a successful and abundant life.

Bi-Weekly Show
Station 1
Starts :
9:00 am
Ends :
9:55 am

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Station 1 - Monday - Program Schedule - (PT)

11:00 am 11:55 am Weekly Takeover Talk Bobby Cohen
12:00 pm 12:55 pm Weekly Hypnotic Comic LIVE Jenna Grayson
5:00 pm 5:55 pm Bi-Weekly John Barbours World John Barbour
5:00 pm 5:55 pm Bi-Weekly The Joyful Manifestation Show Sugandhi Iyer
6:00 pm 6:55 pm Weekly The Veterans News Hour David C. Cory, Richard Hurley
7:00 pm 7:55 pm Weekly Life Changes Show Filippo Voltaggio
8:00 pm 8:55 pm Weekly Angel Answers Amy Toy

Station 1 - Tuesday - Program Schedule - (PT)

Station 1 - Wednesday - Program Schedule - (PT)

8:00 am 8:55 am Weekly Dr Ginas Radio Chat Dr Gina
9:00 am 9:55 am Bi-Weekly From Misfit to Mystic Lisa Dawn LaJoie
10:00 am 10:55 am Weekly Embrace Your Sphere of Influence Lexa Rollins
11:00 am 11:55 am Weekly Fab and Fem Zone Bonnie Gayle, Mia Saenz
12:00 pm 12:55 pm Weekly Dare To Dream Debbi Dachinger
1:00 pm 1:55 pm Weekly The Sports Doctor Dr Robert Weil
4:00 pm 5:55 pm Weekly Politically Incorrect Social Society BBS Radio
6:00 pm 6:55 pm Bi-Weekly The Peace Brain Show Dr Gail Lash
6:00 pm 6:55 pm Bi-Weekly Wake Up America Kristina Lynn
8:00 pm 8:55 pm Weekly The Voice of the Ashtar Command Commander Lady Athena

Station 1 - Thursday - Program Schedule - (PT)

9:00 am 9:55 am Weekly Inalienable and Free Johnny Blue Star
10:00 am 10:55 am Weekly Taming The Tida Sharmin Smith
1:00 pm 1:55 pm Weekly Lets Talk Healing Ataana Badilli
4:00 pm 4:55 pm Weekly Living Your Souls Journey DrVikke
5:00 pm 5:55 pm Weekly Signs of Life Bob Ginsberg, Phran Ginsberg
6:00 pm 6:55 pm Bi-Weekly The Joyful Manifestation Show Sugandhi Iyer
6:00 pm 6:55 pm Bi-Weekly Bringing Intimacy Back Dr April Brown
7:00 pm 7:55 pm Weekly Threshold To Ascension Radio Ashli
8:00 pm 8:55 pm Weekly The Allow Love Show Mary Sherritt Russell, Rod Russell
9:00 pm 9:55 pm Weekly Adama Speaks Adama Alaji

Station 1 - Friday - Program Schedule - (PT)

Station 1 - Saturday - Program Schedule - (PT)

9:00 am 9:55 am Weekly Temple of Health Radio Show Dr Susan Kolb
10:00 am 10:55 am Weekly Lon Dorsey On Business and Law Radio Lon Dorsey
11:00 am 11:55 pm Bi-Weekly Eves Corner Prophetess Campbell
12:00 pm 12:55 pm Bi-Weekly The Holistic Health Show Dr Carl O Helvie
12:00 pm 12:55 pm Bi-Weekly Spiritual Emergency Training Lynn Mystic-Healer
1:00 pm 1:55 pm Weekly Dont Panic Its Organic andy Lopez aka Invisible Gardener
2:00 pm 2:55 pm Bi-Weekly Sasha Talks Sasha Laghonh
4:00 pm 4:55 pm Bi-Weekly Peaceful Planet Marcia McMahon
5:00 pm 5:55 pm Bi-Weekly Cosmic LOVE Dr Christopher Rudy
5:00 pm 5:55 pm Bi-Weekly Sound Healing David Gibson
6:00 pm 6:55 pm Bi-Weekly Spiritual Activist Rahasya Uncensored
6:00 pm 6:55 pm Bi-Weekly Divine Intervention Karen Young
7:00 pm 7:55 pm Weekly A Fireside Chat Lance White
8:00 pm 8:55 pm Weekly As You Wish Talk Radio James Gilliland
9:00 pm 9:55 pm Bi-Weekly New Realities alan steinfeld
9:00 pm 9:55 pm Bi-Weekly ET Yoga Charles Green
10:00 pm 10:55 pm Weekly Connect The Dots Tom Edison
11:00 pm 11:55 pm Weekly Rio Bravo Music Live Dougie Crockett Frazier

Station 1 - Sunday - Program Schedule - (PT)

9:00 am 9:55 am Weekly Conscious Creation Dee Wallace
10:00 am 11:55 am Weekly Personal Planetary Healing Meditation Wynn Free
12:00 pm 12:55 pm Weekly Sri and Kira Live sri ram kaa and kira raa
1:00 pm 1:55 pm Weekly Love MY Renovation Project Mike Young
2:00 pm 2:55 pm Weekly Get made... G Blackwhale Harris
3:00 pm 3:55 pm Weekly Here We Stand Rev Kevin D Annett
4:00 pm 4:55 pm Weekly Shadow Politics Maria Sanchez, Senator Michael Brown
5:00 pm 5:55 pm Bi-Weekly The People Speak Mike Kim
5:00 pm 5:55 pm Bi-Weekly Motivate America Kevin L McCrudden
6:00 pm 6:55 pm Weekly Inspire Possibility Show Mark Susnow
7:00 pm 7:55 pm Weekly The Reality Shift Show Dr Mary McKinley

Headlined, The Sports Doctor, September 19, 2018

Dr. Robert Weil DPM

Dan Cirrino, RN, Owner of Pure Force Fitness Sports Training featuring the innovative Rock Steady Boxing program for Parkinson’s returns along with Tracy Schy, Founder/CEO of JAL Fitness Consulting & former Master Instructor for Flywheel  Sports Chicago. Then, it’s 'The Sports Doctor Is In' with your questions and emails!

Headlined, Lon Dorsey On Business and Law Radio, September 22, 2018

Jim Goodenough, CEO of iGlobal Marketing Group
Hi Folks. Coming up next Saturday, September 22nd is Jim Goodenough, CEO of iGlobal Marketing Group with great info about the Human Growth Hormone (HGH) and new discoveries regarding the medicinal properties of Cannabis Oil. Find out how both of these can help your health AND make you money. That's this Saturday 10 a.m. Pacific, 12 Noon Central on BBS Radio Station #1. 

Headlined, Lon Dorsey On Business and Law Radio, September 22, 2018

Jim Goodenough CEO of iGlobal Marketing Group
My next guest on Lon Dorsey On Business & Law will be Jim Goodenough CEO of iGlobal Marketing Group, who is heavy into the Human Growth Hormone (HGH) and the newly discovered medicinal effects of Cannabis Oil. All of this on the next Lon Dorsey On Business & Law on the BBS Radio Network, Over 100 internet stations. There is also money to be made. Listen to the show with Special Celebrity Guest Lou Rawls, Jr.
Jim Goodenough has coached thousands into earning great residual incomes! To join his team now, Go to

Headlined, Threshold To Ascension Radio, September 20, 2018

Neil Gaur Portal to Ascension

Ashli chats to Neil Gaur - Sound Alchemist and founder of Portal to Ascension - about his waking up to his soul mission and how a year of challenges is an opportunity to dig deeper into who you truly are.  Neil and his partner Sol create transcendent multi-dimensional journeys through sound.  Neil has also created an affordable 21st century online Esoteric Library of teachings from a variety of consciousness modalities through Portal to Ascension.

Headlined, Sri and Kira Live, October 7, 2018

Durga Blossoms: Shift IGNITES!
Already filling us with the bounty-full presence of the empowered feminine, the energy of Durga is getting ready to “pace” with the full peak of the September energy THIS WEEK starting Oct 09 and carrying us all through Oct 18.

What is ahead and why it is important…almost vital to know???

Join Sri & Kira as they share the energy of the next week and the deeper understanding and importance of the “rise of the empowered feminine.”

This show is LIVE and the phone lines are open!  Your questions and mini soul reading requests are welcome!


Headlined, Sri and Kira Live, September 30, 2018

October Ascension Energy Predictions

With October just one day away, Sri & Kira continue the journey of the rising feminine and reveal the MASSIVE ENERGY SHIFTS ahead!

Every month Sri & Kira are “spot on” and given the energy that is continuing and the September experiences, this is a MUST LISTEN SHOW!

This show is LIVE and the phone lines are open!  Your questions and mini soul reading requests are welcome!

Headlined, Sri and Kira Live, September 23, 2018

Equinox! Claiming Benevolent Queenship!

Broadcasting LIVE on the Equinox, Sri & Kira will offer a special attunement to the massive energy pouring onto the planet today!  Learn the gift of Benevolent Queen-ship and how to claim that blessing into your life regardless of your gender identity!

This is a VERY SPECIAL and highly energetic show!  Gift yourself and create a lovely sacred space before the show begins and claim even more of the energy right now!

This show is LIVE and the phone lines are open!  Your questions and mini soul reading requests are welcome!

Headlined, John Barbours World, October 29, 2018

Mickey Huff of Project Censored joins John Barbour and JP Sottile.

Headlined, John Barbours World, October 15, 2018

Controversial Author Michael Hoffman joins John Barbour and JP Sottile.

Headlined, John Barbours World, October 1, 2018

Pete Santilli Radio host joins John Barbour and JP Sottile.

Featured Talk Show Guest Appearances

Featured, Guest, Tracy Schy September 19, 2018

Broadcasting Date: 
Wednesday, September 19, 2018 01:00 pm

Guest, Tracy Schy

Guest Name: 
Tracy Schy
Tracy Schy
Guest Occupation: 
Founder/CEO of JAL Fitness Consulting
Guest Biography: 

Tracy Schy is a boutique fitness studio owner and consultant of JAL Fitness Consulting , whose main focus is on assisting fitness business owners in the building, growth and maturity of their new or existing studio. Not only does Tracy have 10 + years knowledge and experience in the fitness world. She also has built and owned her own successful studio, and is a former master instructor for Flywheel Sports Chicago. Well versed in designing unique fitness programs, recruiting and training new talent, social media marketing and sales, studio floor operations and helping to build a brands community. She is skilled in the ability to be proactive and solution focused, and has outstanding customer service.

JAL Fitness Consulting offers support in the areas of: brand identification, class formatting, instructor training, niche marketing and sales approach. With over 10+ years experience in the fitness industry, including building her own successful boutique fitness studio. Tracy have the knowledge and expertise to help make any fitness business a success.

JAL Fitness

Featured, Guest, Dan Cirino September 19, 2018

Broadcasting Date: 
Wednesday, September 19, 2018 01:00 pm

Guest, Dan Cirino

Guest Name: 
Dan Cirino
Dan Cirino
Guest Occupation: 
RN, Owner of Pure Force Fitness Sports Training
Guest Biography: 

Dan Cirino is a Registered Nurse, Owner of Pure Force Fitness featuring the innovative Rock Steady Boxing program for Parkinson’s, Coach, Level 1 CrossFit Trainer, USAW Sports Performance Coach and CPR/AED Certified.  He founded Force Sports Training in 2007 to help youth athletes learn proper weightlifting, nutrition, agility, and stretching methods. Pure Force Fitness was added in May of 2016 to serve the members of the community who were interested in a deeper level of fitness training. He also provided fitness training and testing for unit personnel as a member of the US Army 12th Special Forces Group Airborne.

Rock Steady Boxing logo

Featured, Guest, Neil Gaur September 20, 2018

Broadcasting Date: 
Thursday, September 20, 2018 07:00 pm

Guest, Neil Gaur

Guest Name: 
Neil Gaur
Neil Gaur Director of Portal to Ascension
Guest Occupation: 
Neil Gaur Founder of Portal to Ascension
Guest Biography: 

I: A message from Neil: How it all started…

I was raised in a Hindu family and I pretty much considered myself an atheist Hindu. I say this because I would do all the rites and rituals that my family told me to, but I never truly believed. I just did what I did because it was expected of me. When I graduated high school in 2000 and went to Cal State Fullerton I began interacting with a variety of different people and exploring a range of music. I began writing poetry that, in turn, became spoken word pieces that I would present at open mics in Orange County. My poetry portrayed a lot of confusion, questions and a spiritual connection to life with an underlying feeling that something is missing or out of place. As a freshman in college I discovered a series of videos from 3 individuals: Nassim Haramein, Jim Self & Jordan Maxwell. I started watching a ton of videos taking me down all sorts of rabbit holes. I found out about the Sumerian Civilization and the ancient Extraterrestrial race known as the Annunaki. This led me to Zachariah Sitchen and Erik von Danken’s work with the Sumerian Scriptures.

II: Transformation

This awareness took me back to the religion I was raised in, Hinduism. I looked at this faith from an entirely new perspective… dissecting all that I could. The information on vibration and connection to quantum physics and the universe that was portrayed in the Sumerian Scriptures were very similar to the Hindu text. The Hindus speak of vibration and frequency and how this connects to meditation and other holistic practices. There were too many coincidences. I then began to realize that a lot of cosmic truths of our existence were hidden within the Hindu scriptures.

My mind was blown. I was reading translations of the Sumerian scriptures that were the exact same stories found throughout other religions in the world. However, these scriptures dated back 1000’s of years before the world bibles spoke of the same stories. I also discovered that these similar stories were talking about a race of Extraterrestrial beings. The Annunaki who came from a planet called Nibiru, which is the 10th planet in our solar system that has an elliptical 3600 year orbit around our Sun. This information lead me to the notion that either the majority of major religions in the world are inherently wrong because they are taken from these texts, or all the world religions are actually talking about Extraterrestrial beings.

This made a lot of sense to me and I went down the rabbit hole of information and awareness. I delved deep into the conspiracies and the corruption. I felt that there was a disconnection in the world and that we as a species are wandering aimlessly allowing ourselves to be manipulated and controlled. I was so angry, feeling that I had been lied to my entire life. That everything I know was wrong; however, I also felt reassured that I had always known something was not right. I stayed in the darkness for a while, a bit scared and very confused. I wanted to do something and help shift the consciousness on the planet.

III: Breakthrough

In 2006, after 6 years of intense research, I created a Facebook group called “2012 Consciousness, Mind, Evolution and Presence”. I created this group because I was interested in knowing who would join and sharing all this information with my friends. Within a matter of months 100’s of people began joining and within a year we had a few thousand members. In 2007, I had a download in which I was called to change the name of the group to “Consciousness: Evolution and Presence”, and then a few months later to “Cosmic Consciousness: Presence”, until eventually in summer of 2008 I had a dream in which I was told that the name of the organization will be “Portal to Ascension”.

That was the same exact Summer I was laid off as a financial analyst and I met a group of individuals that became my soul family. Summer of 2008 was when Portal to Ascension was born in spirit, in physicality and with direction. Soon after we conducted our first event at a holistic center in Costa Mesa, California called “Ginger’s Garden Wellness Center”. From that moment up until today we have been creating revolutionary events that ultimately lead to two conferences (Cosmic Reunion 2012 and Cosmic Reunion: Fourth Density) in 2012 and then into our state of the art online webinar platform we are currently using.

It has been an amazing ride of self-discovery and adventure creating and evolving with Portal to Ascension. Every time I change direction in life and move away from creating events and putting my energy in Portal to Ascension, I am always lead back to this ‘work’ through synchronicity. I now know more than ever that this is my life mission. To bring together great minds and revolutionaries to inspire and increase awareness all around the world so we may shift our reality to one based on the principles of unity and love; as well as create a platform to show everyone on the planet who they are and what their true potential is.

Portal to Ascension Conference 2018

Featured, Guest, Dr Brian Wilson September 22, 2018

Broadcasting Date: 
Saturday, September 22, 2018 12:00 pm

Guest, Dr Brian Wilson

Guest Name: 
Dr Brian Wilson
Dr Brian Wilson discusses Spirituality/Science Connection.
Guest Occupation: 
Professor of American Comparative Religion
Guest Biography: 

Brian C. Wilson, Ph.D

Brian C. Wilson, author of the new book, John E. Fetzer and the Quest for the New Age, is a professor of American religious history in the Department of Comparative Religion at Western Michigan University (WMU). He holds a Ph.D. in Religious Studies at the University of California, Santa Barbara.

After writing an award-winning book on cereal inventor and the leading Seventh-day Adventist of his time, Dr. John Harvey Kellogg, the Fetzer Institute invited Wilson to write a full-length spiritual biography of its founder, John E. Fetzer. The Kalamazoo-based Fetzer was a radio pioneer, media mogul, and long-time owner of the Detroit Tigers baseball team. But what most people didn’t know was that John E. Fetzer was quietly behind-the-scenes a significant figure in the consciousness movement and a spiritual seeker of the first order. For more than 60 years, he sought ways to open the doors of higher consciousness, spiritual empowerment, paranormal insights and energy medicine to humanity through spiritual study, science and the influence of the wealth at his disposal.

In John E. Fetzer and the Quest for the New Age, Wilson not only explores the evolution of Fetzer’s beliefs, but how he put them into action by permanently endowing three funds that will foster research into the scientific/spiritual interface for years to come, and help cultivate a more peaceful, loving and inclusive world founded on the principle that we are all connected through one infinite force.


  • John E. Fetzer and the Quest for the New Age by Brian C. Wilson, Ph.D.
  • Available at major book stores and online

John Fetzer and His Legacy


  • Be inspired as you learn about the interconnection between Science, Spirituality and John’s Fetzer’s journey

Social Media

For John E. Fetzer


John E Fetzers life and efforts to blend science and spirituality

Featured, Guest, Bobby Goldsboro September 25, 2018

Broadcasting Date: 
Tuesday, September 25, 2018 07:00 pm

Guest, Bobby Goldsboro

Guest Name: 
Bobby Goldsboro
Bobby Goldsboro chats about his legendary music career with Ray Shasho
Guest Occupation: 
Singer-songwriter, guitarist, painter and television producer
Guest Biography: 

B   O   B   B   Y

G   O   L   D   S   B   O   R   O




Bobby Goldsboro's career has been a remarkable evolution. This multi-talented performer started out in the early sixties as a guitarist with the legendary Roy Orbison. During his three years with Orbison he traveled all over the world and even toured with The Beatles.
In 1964 Bobby started his solo career by recording the first of a string of sixteen top-forty hits, "See the Funny Little Clown." He hit the Billboard charts with 29 consecutive singles. One of his first concert bookings had him opening for the Rolling Stones on their first U.S. tour! In fact, Keith Richards credits Bobby with showing him a guitar technique that he later used. Bobby then opened for The Four Seasons on one of his first tours. Bobby also toured and opened for The Beach Boys!

More million-selling hits followed, setting the stage for 1968 and the classic, "Honey," which became the largest-selling record in the world, selling over 5 million copies! "Watching Scotty Grow" was 1971's No. 1 Soft Rock and Adult Contemporary hit and his recordings of "Little Green Apples" and "With Pen in Hand" have also become classics.

1973 brought Bobby his own nationally syndicated television show, which ran for three successful seasons and became the highest rated variety show in syndication in the '70's. His quick wit made him a much sought-after "regular" on the tv talk show circuit as well. Bobby then formed House of Gold Music, which became one of the most successful music publishing companies in Nashville, publishing such songs as "Wind Beneath My Wings" and "Behind Closed Doors."

Bobby Goldsboro, the songwriter has received twenty-seven B.M.I. awards and his compositions have been recorded by such diverse artists as Aretha Franklin, John Denver, Paul Anka, Dolly Parton, Johnny Cash, Dr. John, Conway Twitty and Bette Midler. His compositions, "With Pen in Hand" and "Autumn of My Life" are members of B.M.I.'s exclusive "Million-airs Club," which contains only those songs which have been played on the air over one million times! Bobby's classic composition, "Summer, the First Time" was recently voted the greatest summer song ever in England!

In 1999, Bobby was inducted into the Alabama Music Hall of Fame. He joined fellow inductees Wilson Pickett and The Temptations for a memorable evening of hits!

Bobby has quickly gained a reputation as a world-class artist. The Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum in Tucson now houses one of Bobby's hummingbird paintings. He is being featured in one-man art shows at galleries around the country. His paintings are being purchased by fans and art lovers alike and Bobby and his wife, Dianne regularly donate paintings and giclee prints to charities for fund-raisers. A recent charity auction in Naples, Florida brought $25,000 for one of Bobby's paintings.

Bobby is still an in-demand and popular concert performer and he still enjoys entertaining his many fans. From opera houses in Italy and France to Carnegie Hall in New York City, Bobby has played them all. In a business notorious for chewing up its greatest heroes, Bobby Goldsboro has come through unscathed, as healthy and wholesome as the clean-cut country boy he was in the halcyon days of rock and roll. Like fine wine, Bobby has improved with age. And, the best of Bobby Goldsboro may be yet to come!

For more information about Bobby Goldsboro


24 Country Best -By Bobby Goldsboro released February 19, 2018