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Submitted by Q on 4 June 2023

Project Review with Q

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Project Review With Q
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Project Review With Q

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This Talk show is the most anticipated show on BBS Radio TV!

Project Review With Q

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For the Spirit

How to Subscribe to be a participant (which allows you and your ideas to be presented with Q)

IMPORTANT! If you already have an account with BBS Radio TV, please first login to your account before subscribing to more talk shows! If you try to subscribe without logging into your account, the system may not allow you to proceed if you're using the same email address. Therefore, you really need to login to your account and then click on the tab on the top left of every page that says: Subscribe to Premium Talk Shows.

If you already have created a login for website then login first

If you have not created an account, please do so first

Make sure you're logged in before proceeding.........

Once you're logged in you'll notice on the top left of every page there is a link that says Subscribe to Premium Talk Shows. Click that link

Then scroll down to the search box where it says Please input Name of the "Talk Show" you wish to subscribe to?  Type Project Review into that box and click blue Search button.  Project Review will pop up and it will have a subscribe link there

BBS Station 1
Weekly Show
5:00 pm CT
5:55 pm CT
Host of Being Inspired With Q and Project Review with Q

Host of Being Inspired With Q and Project Review with Q


If you wish to leave Feedback for the hosts, please email the Feedback by using the CONTACT form, then select Feedback from the drop down menu! We will post the feedback on your behalf. Once the Feedback is posted (usually in a few hours), other people can post Comments to your Feedback! Each Feedback post (in essence) starts a threaded conversation, whereby others can post a Comment to the Feedback post. Only the LAST comment to a feedback post will be displayed! See the PATH link for other comments in thread!


Sending love and light to the person who helped me find Q's project platform.  I found it, and my project is now sent to the right place!

Thank you,

Cathy Thompson


Will you please direct me to the platform folks are using to submit projects to Q?  I sent mine to the Email on Q's website, but I am not sure if that was the right place to send it.  I have looked all over your website, and Q's, and I cannot find any other place to send it.  Please advise.  Thanks!!!

Cathy Thompson


Hi, could you please give me the email address where I can submit my project to Q. My email address is

username: atornera


It's very difficult to find the link for submitting projects. During the show, Q indicated that they have received many projects, yet I can't seem to find how to submit a project. I must be blind or something. Please help. Thx. 

username: Dave Sharp


Hi Q

Maia from Logstor, Denmark

I have bone the folder one, as good as i can, where do i upload it and send it to you ?

Hugs and kisses

Maia Rudi Bjerring

User: MaiaRudi72