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Hi Q

Maia from Logstor, Denmark

I have bone the folder one, as good as i can, where do i upload it and send it to you ?

Hugs and kisses

Maia Rudi Bjerring

User: MaiaRudi72

I follow the show and have my project, I want to submit it for review, please let me know how to get it to you and what type of subscription I need to have to access the features needed?


Thank you in advance 

Alejandro Castro/John Peniel 

Agne Talmantaite

18 July 2023

Hello, dear Q , how and where upload  project for review? 

I have several projects within LWS and  a Quantum Healing Center project which is an ongoing research project within QHS,  (non profit organisation Divine Scripture ) I am one of the volunteers there. My email is thank you very much!


29 January 2024

Will Being Inspired by Q being starting up again soon.... Or was there an announcement I missed?  Thank You