Guest Name, James McInerney

James McInerney
James McInerney
Author and Poet
About me:
James grew up in an area in Northampton aptly named ‘Poets Corner’, unbeknownst that poetry was to become a huge part of his life.
Having no prior interest in the subject matter in his younger years, James discovered the wonders of writing in his twenties.
Mixing his own thoughts and emotions with classical and instrumental film scores, he realised for the first time in his life that there was more to writing than met the eye.
With no real influences or coming from a writing background, James’ enthusiasm grew and grew and it was full steam ahead – with no turning back!
Not content with writing words for his own amusement, he continued to test the boundaries - to great effect.
Using his new found love for writing and his in depth knowledge of social networking sites, his resourcefulness resulted in success.
As his work is becoming more popular, his numbers are growing on his social networking sites; James has 34,000 followers on Instagram and 11,000 on Twitter.
Attracting a lot of attention over the years, James and his works have covered a wide range of different media platforms.
With his works, he has been featured in various UK and International magazines and newspapers and has been featured on various radio stations in the UK and the Netherlands including the BBC (where he is a part of the newspaper review team).
His words have been adapted and performed by many musicians and vocalists, with many of them gaining a lot of airplay on multiple radio stations. His first book was also used in a sci-fi American TV show.
With various US/UK Actors and Actresses voicing his poetry, James is taking his words to a whole new level.
His books ‘In between the Lines’, 'Bloom' and 'Red' are currently available to buy via Amazon Worldwide and are also available to read for free in various schools, colleges, universities and libraries in the UK, Ireland and America.
His fourth book is due out Winter 2018.


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NATASHE CHE is a PhD-economist-turned tech entrepreneur and personal growth coach. She has a personal and valuable story to tell for anyone going through career transition and trying to find their north star. Natasha helps coaches and experts to podcast.

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