New Indie Music

Victor Samalot
Victor Samalot - CD: Speak Softly Love - single - Songs: Speak Softly Love - Ambient, Jazz, Latin, Music, Rock, World
Una Sand
Una Sand - CD: A Little Less Lonely - single - Songs: A Little Less Lonely - Music, Pop, R&B, Singer/Songwriter, Urban
The Aparte Project
The Aparte Project - CD: Nevermore - single - Songs: Nevermore - Folk, Music, Pop, Rock
T3N - CD: Day and Night - single - Songs: Day and Night - Contemporary, Disco, Funk, Music, Pop, R&B, Rap, Soul
String Bone and Nathan McKay
String Bone - CD: Two Stars Collide ft. Nathan McKay - single - Songs: Two Stars Collide ft. Nathan McKay - Americana, Folk, Music
The Manatees
The Manatees - CD: Have It All - single - Songs: Have It All - Indie, Music, Pop
The Magnettes
The Magnettes - CD: Young and Wild acoustic - single - Songs: Young and Wild acoustic - Acoustic, Indie, Music, Pop, Singer/Songwriter
Stevie Jean
Stevie Jean - CD: Graduation - Songs: Stress Me Out - Alternative, Hip Hop, Indie, Music, Pop, Rock, Singer/Songwriter
Steve Michels
Steve Michels - CD: Never - single - Songs: Never - Alternative, Electronic, Indie, Music, Pop, Rock
Starry Skies
Starry Skies - CD: Do It With Love - Songs: Loves River, What Will They Say - Americana, Folk, Music
Skinshape - CD: Arrogance Is The Death Of Men - single - Songs: Arrogance Is The Death Of Men - Alternative, Folk, Funk, Music, Reggae/SKA, Rock, Soul
Shaw Davis and The Black Ties
Shaw Davis and The Black Ties - CD: Tales From The West - Songs: Tales From The West - Blues, Hard Rock, Music, Progressive, Rock, Roots
Sam Dielle
Sam Dielle - CD: Half A Cent - single - Songs: Half A Cent - Music, Singer/Songwriter
Rogier van Kralingen
Rogier van Kralingen - CD: Slowest of Falls ft. Marianna Kocsany - single - Songs: Slowest of Falls ft. Marianna Kocsany - Alternative, Americana, Electronic, Folk, Indie, Music, Singer/Songwriter, Soul
Rikardo - CD: Thinking Bout You - single - Songs: Thinking Bout You - Electronic, Music, Pop
Paul Alexander Low
Paul Alexander Low - CD: Hell Yeah the EP - Songs: Autumn Breeze, Feel Your Heart Come Alive, Hell Yeah - Acoustic, Blues, Folk, Jazz, Music, Pop, Rock, Singer/Songwriter
Paperwing - CD: Dedicated - single - Songs: Dedicated - Alternative, Music, Pop
Muse - CD: Mysterious ft. Bulgarian Voices - single - Songs: Mysterious ft. Bulgarian Voices - Dance, Electronic, House, Music, Pop, World
Monsieur Minimal
Monsieur Minimal - CD: Release Me - single - Songs: Release Me - Electronic, Indie, Pop, Singer/Songwriter
Meilir Tomos
Meilir Tomos - CD: In Tune - Songs: It Begins, Next, Ydy'r Ffordd Yn Glir - Alternative, Contemporary, Electronic, Experimental, Fusion, Music
Martin Fletcher
Martin Fletcher - CD: Dance With Me - single - Songs: Dance With Me - Dance, Disco, Music, Pop, Singer/Songwriter
Mark Peters and The Dark Band
Mark Peters and The Dark Band - CD: Us Against Them - single - Songs: Us Against Them - Blues, Contemporary, Folk, Funk, Jazz, Music, Pop, Singer/Songwriter, Soft Rock
Kusko - CD: Falling - single - Songs: Falling - Dance, Electronic, House, Music
Korky Buchek
Korky Buchek - CD: Holdin On - single - Songs: Holdin On - Music, Pop
Jess Lee
Jess Lee - CD: Stay In Your Heart - single - Songs: Stay In Your Heart - Country, Music, Singer/Songwriter


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