Music Submission, Tom Lindh

Don't Quit
Artist or Band Name: 
Tom Lindh

I am a musician from Stockholm in Sweden

(quite far away but music is without bounderies, so...I try anyway).

In the days, has released an album, Don't Quit. Proud. Think that the album is really good. Is a messy classic rock, like a bit of The Stooges, Modern Lovers, Saints, Wire, X-ray, Johnny Thunders and Killing Joke but mostly myself and my story

Don't Quit

14 songs

Can send you a CD or single songs or the entire album as mp3 or wav.

Contact me by mail


A biography, must say that there is not much to say about me.

Actually only when I play music that I get really nasty and want all in MY way. And thinks life is really fun.

If - which does not happen often - I get invited to a party, then people politely say hello to me. Then it happens that I sit quietly in the corner and do not talk to anyone and wait for me to go without anyone noticing me.

Some of my best friends usually lend a guitar and lock me in another room, where there are no others. Then come and visit sometimes. Play a little with me and give me a beer or two. Maybe a little wrong with me? Or am I just me?

Parents of a wonderful daughter Emma 11 years old who is all I am not. She is also on Spotify.

Forced her once (for a little money bribe) to sing on a song I didn't make. Clearly more beautiful voice than the dad then.

Have a good time!


Music Submission, No Serial Killer

Artist or Band Name: 
No Serial Killer

What does the name ‘No Serial Killer’ signify? 

It refers to the fact that as a 46 year old, I am happy to have not turned into a serial killer. By 2019 standards, I’m doing pretty well. If any of our listeners is a serial killer, you’re not welcome to be one of our fans. We only want ‘no serial killers’ to like ‘No Serial Killer’. Killing people due to one’s own inadequacies we find deeply offensive. Don’t hurt others is the message. 

What does ‘Bass Piano’ mean? 

All of our tracks use piano as the bass guitar in the song. There is no bass guitar in any song. 'Yes I do' has no piano at all though. 


Sigue Sigue Sputnik. Rock and roll of all eras. Any music with a good vibe. We take influences from music, TV, movies, video games, life in general etc. 

Why is the group faceless? 

This is a one-off project so our personalities are irrelevant. I wanted to make a great album and we've achieved that goal. The album is entitled ‘The Greatest Music Album In Recorded Human History’. It’s our way of saying we think the music is quite good. :) 13 tracks, all classics in their own right. How many albums do you know of where there are absolutely no filler tracks? Every song is fantastic! 

When will the album be released? 

May 2019. 

Who are you? 

I am AKM. I wrote all of the songs, played the bass piano on all tracks and offered vocal direction to the singers. I have used a variety of professional singers and session musicians on the album. I’m British. The vocalists and session musicians are American. 

How do I contact you?  

Music Submission, Bodoni

Artist or Band Name: 

Too young to attend Nirvana concerts but too mature to forget the twin towers, it is in this period that the four boys from Ferrara, near Bologna, Italy grow. Inside their domestic walls, listening to 90 minutes long mixtapes with titles written on paper: alternative rock songs that rarely were played on radio or shown their videos on MTv.

These fuzzed and distorted sounds, screamed but melodic voices is where Bodoni get their inspiration.

It starts like this, an excuse to leave the house and to drink some beer together, that this adventure starts. Since January 2017, Bodoni meet in a rehearsal room to create new songs until June 2018, where they start recording their first EP – liveb, published on November 29th in all the most common digital stores and available on the widely known streaming platforms.

Music Submission, Playing Dead

Playing Dead - The Inevitable
Artist or Band Name: 
Playing Dead

Playing Dead is a New York based punk band that just recorded the first full length with a new lineup. Our roots are with Long Island punk bands like Iron Chic, but our new album also combines the soaring melodies and dual guitar attack of bands like Superchunk and Hot Water Music.  

Music Submission, OWL

Artist or Band Name: 
My name is Leyla. I am OWL. Singer/songwriter out of the NYC suburb of Norwalk CT. I write and play everything that you hear on this and most of my tracks. I am starting to make an effort to get my new alt rock songs out there. In the process now of mixing and mastering a few tracks.   Please share your thoughts on if this would be a good track for your air play.   If you like if maybe I would like to submit more.  People usually compare me to the Pixies or Breeders

Music Submission, The Dissidents

Artist or Band Name: 
The Dissidents

Growing up In Campbell Hall NY, Clarence "Felix" Nyiri searched far and wide for years, tirelessly pursuing his dream of achieving recognition for his music, and spreading a message of unity through music to all of his audiences. On the way, he formed "The Dissidents". After years of lineup shifts and countless hours of songwriting and performances, Clarence partnered up with New Lewi and Sam West to bring his vision to life. By combining an endless amount of influences, ranging from alternative rock, to hip-hop, to progressive, The Dissidents hope to once and for all end the "genre gap" created by the segregative nature of genre restraints. They do not believe in being "boxed in", and with this band nothing is off the table! With an unmatched live energy, a true passion for artistic expression, and an endless hunger for success, The Dissidents look forward to playing a venue near you, and getting one step closer to world domination.

Music Submission, Angry Saints

Nothing New In The Human Zoo cover
Artist or Band Name: 
Angry Saints

Angry Saints were kick-started in 2015 and have been roaring along ever since. An international band, half of the members from the Madrid hotbed of rock, Alameda de Osuna, and the other half from Australia (New Guinea) and the northwest of England, the band plays a powerful alternative rock with many twists and turns along the way. Sometimes primitive and visceral, other times twisted – but always satisfying.

Angry Saints have a lot to shout about in their songs – love, drugs, cars, beer, fear – all against a backdrop of varied landscapes – the sea, the desert, dreams and nightmares; your apocalypse of choice.

Vesper Green

Vesper Green
Brisbane’s unsparingly raucous alt-rock/ grunge outfit, with loud, tight, raw and technical alt-rock tones that are highly reactive, fueled by angst and emits attitude
Artist or Band Name: 
Vesper Green
Playing on BBS Radio between talk shows
CD Information
Vesper Green, song titled, Innocent Illiterate
CD Name: 
Innocent Illiterate - single
Song Names: 
Innocent Illiterate

Tired Eyes

Tired Eyes
A bold four piece alternative rock outfit from Brisbane, Queensland. Truly amazing, in your tired face music that you will LOVE!
Artist or Band Name: 
Tired Eyes
Playing on BBS Radio between talk shows
CD Information
Tired Eyes, CD titled, A Place, A Space, A Symphony
CD Name: 
A Place, A Space, A Symphony
Song Names: 
A Place, A Space, A Symphony
Outta Sight

Music Submission, Quigs

Artist or Band Name: 

ometimes poetic, sometimes ironic, but always something for the rock connoisseur!

Hailing from the South San Francisco Bay’s underground music scene, Quigs Music, interweaves melancholy harmonies with eclectic songwriting.  The songs presented in the 90s rock style are crafted to confound and mystify fans and casual listeners alike. 
Hello!  This is my best song, I hope you enjoy it and appreciate you taking the time out of your day to listen to and play my music.  Thank you so much and I wish you the best in your near future.   --Brendan


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