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My name is Leyla. I am OWL. Singer/songwriter out of the NYC suburb of Norwalk CT. I write and play everything that you hear on this and most of my tracks. I am starting to make an effort to get my new alt rock songs out there. In the process now of mixing and mastering a few tracks.   Please share your thoughts on if this would be a good track for your air play.   If you like if maybe I would like to submit more.
The Dissidents

Growing up In Campbell Hall NY, Clarence "Felix" Nyiri searched far and wide for years, tirelessly pursuing his dream of achieving recognition for his music, and spreading a message of unity through music to all of his audiences. On the way, he formed "The Dissidents". After years of lineup shifts and countless hours of songwriting and performances, Clarence partnered up with New Lewi and Sam West to bring his vision to life.
Angry Saints

Angry Saints were kick-started in 2015 and have been roaring along ever since. An international band, half of the members from the Madrid hotbed of rock, Alameda de Osuna, and the other half from Australia (New Guinea) and the northwest of England, the band plays a powerful alternative rock with many twists and turns along the way. Sometimes primitive and visceral, other times twisted – but always satisfying.

ometimes poetic, sometimes ironic, but always something for the rock connoisseur!

Hailing from the South San Francisco Bay’s underground music scene, Quigs Music, interweaves melancholy harmonies with eclectic songwriting.  The songs presented in the 90s rock style are crafted to confound and mystify fans and casual listeners alike. 
Hello!  This is my best song, I hope you enjoy it and appreciate you taking the time out of your day to listen to and play my music.  Thank you so much and I wish you the best in your near future.   --Brendan
The Jetsuns

The American Drug War: The Last White Hope Soundtrack CD (All Genres/All Formats):