Music Submission, Tom Lindh

Don't Quit
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Tom Lindh

I am a musician from Stockholm in Sweden

(quite far away but music is without bounderies, so...I try anyway).

In the days, has released an album, Don't Quit. Proud. Think that the album is really good. Is a messy classic rock, like a bit of The Stooges, Modern Lovers, Saints, Wire, X-ray, Johnny Thunders and Killing Joke but mostly myself and my story

Don't Quit

14 songs


Can send you a CD or single songs or the entire album as mp3 or wav.

Contact me by mail



A biography, must say that there is not much to say about me.

Actually only when I play music that I get really nasty and want all in MY way. And thinks life is really fun.

If - which does not happen often - I get invited to a party, then people politely say hello to me. Then it happens that I sit quietly in the corner and do not talk to anyone and wait for me to go without anyone noticing me.

Some of my best friends usually lend a guitar and lock me in another room, where there are no others. Then come and visit sometimes. Play a little with me and give me a beer or two. Maybe a little wrong with me? Or am I just me?

Parents of a wonderful daughter Emma 11 years old who is all I am not. She is also on Spotify. https://open.spotify.com/track/5vp79ZFRid5Gq4Fqm6vBHm?si=4ubosmWBQwmuVkhGO-g_AA

Forced her once (for a little money bribe) to sing on a song I didn't make. Clearly more beautiful voice than the dad then.

Have a good time!


Music Submission, The Filthy Lowdown

Artist or Band Name: 
The Filthy Lowdown


Asila is a female fronted alternative rock band originally from Johannesburg, South Africa - Formed early 2013 the idea was to create a band with no genre specific boundaries. A dynamic band!
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Playing on BBS Radio between talk shows
CD Information
Asila, song titled, Paranormal
CD Name: 
Paranormal - single
Song Names: 

Music Submission, The Zero Men

Artist or Band Name: 
The Zero Men
There is a realm that exists beyond the Living. Our known laws of energy and matter do not apply to this realm. However, it is possible to create a link between the worlds through sound vibrations and mind waves. The Zero Men practice the art of Realm Fusion through the use of music, which touches not only our physical domain, but also connects to the vast unknown which shifts and flows in a perpetual conflict of positive and negative. Good and Evil, if you will. James Masters, Steve Radel and Johnny Iverson were swept by one of these space and time flows to an area known as "Phase Point One" to begin their special task of illuminating the path between the known and the secret distant. As you listen to the sounds they create, let yourself become liquid and electric, feel the connection to the amazing unknown that lies somewhere in the fluid forever, and also in the center of your spirit. The Zero Men. Brave pioneers on a sonic journey to bind the physical world to the great beyond. Thank You BBSRadio for providing an impressive Vehicle for Indie artists to put forth thier music.

The Zero Men.

Music Submission, Bodoni

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Too young to attend Nirvana concerts but too mature to forget the twin towers, it is in this period that the four boys from Ferrara, near Bologna, Italy grow. Inside their domestic walls, listening to 90 minutes long mixtapes with titles written on paper: alternative rock songs that rarely were played on radio or shown their videos on MTv.

These fuzzed and distorted sounds, screamed but melodic voices is where Bodoni get their inspiration.

It starts like this, an excuse to leave the house and to drink some beer together, that this adventure starts. Since January 2017, Bodoni meet in a rehearsal room to create new songs until June 2018, where they start recording their first EP – liveb, published on November 29th in all the most common digital stores and available on the widely known streaming platforms.

Music Submission, The Fall Affair

Artist or Band Name: 
The Fall Affair

The Fall Affair is an indie pop punk band from Orlando Florida. Currently working on a full length cd. Our singles The Same Mistake and When It's Over can be found on itunes, spotify, google play and amazon! 

Music Submission, Playing Dead

Playing Dead - The Inevitable
Artist or Band Name: 
Playing Dead

Playing Dead is a New York based punk band that just recorded the first full length with a new lineup. Our roots are with Long Island punk bands like Iron Chic, but our new album also combines the soaring melodies and dual guitar attack of bands like Superchunk and Hot Water Music.  

Us As Fighters

Us As Fighters
Music for the loners. For the down-and-outers. For the ones who didn't believe they had it in them. Because they do!
Artist or Band Name: 
Us As Fighters
Playing on BBS Radio between talk shows
CD Information
Us As Fighters, song titled, Trapped Reliving You
CD Name: 
Trapped Reliving You - single
Song Names: 
Trapped Reliving You

Music Submission, Us As Fighters

Artist or Band Name: 
Us As Fighters

Hey BBS Radio!

My name is Riddle. I'm the lead singer from a band called Us As Fighters. We have a few new songs I'm linking with this message I'd love for you to check out! If you like either of them I'd love to hear them air on your station!

As for why I believe you should play this song, there's a multitude of reasons.

Firstly, my band put hours into making sure this song came out top quality.

Secondly and most importantly, our music has a message. While we do play music for the love of music, we also play music to help our listeners realize that they're not alone. Whatever the listener may be going through, there is someone out there who has been through it and can be your support if only you reach out. You are not alone and you are stronger than you realize as long as you believe in yourself.

Our music is for the loners. For the down-and-outers. For the ones who didn't believe they had it in them. Because they do. You do. You have it in you. If you believe in yourself and that is what these songs represent. So why should you play these songs? To let others know that if we, in Us As Fighters, can make it, you can too. Just have faith

Please share our message.

Excited to hear back! Please let me know when you plan to air them so I can have my followers tune in!

Thanks in advance,
Riddle Anne

Music Submission, arvin

share chat song by arvin
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Dashing 5-year-old singer Arvin is youngest in the 'Singing Industry' .He is youngest singer in the history of singing.When Shakti Rajpoot ,Film  Director asked Arvin what you will do if you gets 1 million views.He responded adorably 'UM, i don',t care that much.i just want to sing for everyone and make them happy.Watch the 'SHARE CHAT' performance video above .Arvin, you are the officially youngest ever 'singing sensation' . It is so strange that you are singing,I'm even saying that because you're only five.ARVIN you are the pure gold.your voice is so melodious. Arvin your voice have it's own charm which no one can own.you are so such an original and a fantastic singer.your voice is mesmerizing and moving.I felt your word's go through as your voice echoed the feeling's the song Writer had meant for the listener to feel.Listening to you will be a trescending experience for everyone and Rajpoot Film Production's hope to hear much more from you in the future.For RAJPOOT FILM PRODUCTION'S it is truly a pleasure to release your song worldwide


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