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Homeless Radio

Homeless Radio is a Ukrainian rock band formed in 2016. The band mixes indie rock/garage rock/alternative rock and pop music, sometimes adding features of other music genres. Homeless Radio is composed of Andrew Yampolskyi (vox/guitar), Fedir Orlov (guitar), Stepan Tkachuk (bass), Ihor Pankieiev (guitar), and Ivan Orlov (drums).

During 2017-2019 the band in their first lineup with the bassist Ivan Trikoza, had active concert activity, especially in the Kharkiv district. Homeless Radio has been participating in the 'Kharkiv Music Day' open-air festival since 2017. In 2018 Homeless Radio released their 2 demos I Don't Care and Cackler on Soundcloud.

In 2021, Homeless Radio became a part of the Sunset Alliance label and released its debut EP The Truth on May 18.

In 2022, the band released its new single About You on May 3. Due to the Russian invasion, the band became separated across Ukraine for an undetermined time. The lead singer Andrew had been living in the occupied town of Izyum for three months without any electricity, gas, water, and standard comforts. The release of the song is aimed at supporting him. At the time, Ihor Pankieiev joined the band and helped Andrew escape the war zone.

After a prolonged hiatus, the band is back with their brand new single Submarine, an energetic tribute to Richard Ayoade's film and Joe Dunthorne's novel with the same title, which will be released on January 9! The team was updated with a bass player from Kharkiv Stepan Tkachuck, while Ihor joined the Ukrainian army. The latest single will be dedicated to him!