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Music Submission, Raspin Stuwart

RASPIN - A singer that sings to your soul ...
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Raspin Stuwart
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Eclectic Song Stylist  Raspin a singer that sings to your soul  

Raspin “WE DO WHAT WE DO” CD as heard at STARBUCKS  in store air play nationwide.

Raspin Stuwart who, on his CD WE DO WHAT WE DO, takes so many approaches in his song writing that critics have said, “His songs place a premium on intelligent lyricism, demonstrating a clear and almost writerly (as in print) sensitivity -  an all original catalog that bears an eye opening, ear opening blend of influences.”  The songs are perfectly suited to such environments as Los Angeles and New York, reflecting diverse cross-cultural song writing and performing – having a life outside of what could be contemporary.  Acoustic folk pop, jazz, R&B, even sprinkled with a touch of gospel – it is all in the music and is created out of a spontaneous energy that is very much Raspin’s stylized original vocal and performance trademark.  WE DO WHAT WE DO is a collection of lustful, political and often daring songs that seem to emerge from deep within Raspin’s soul.  Raspin boldly projects his ideas and sounds as his hypnotic and haunting voice carries over his hummable melodies and occasional key changes in a sublime balance that few musicians achieve, yet constantly strive for.  Critics have noted that he has a style all his own in a singing range that’s wide and varied.  He is truly an eclectic artist, who resides at that intimate place where the harmony of sound and the words mingle in meaning.  That is why Raspin’s adult contemporary music, that carries an offbeat twist, is very appealing and has a long-lasting impact on his listeners.

Press & Fan Quotes

"Raspin is an amazing performer and can really reach the crowd, a talented singer/songwriter who manages to address the big issues of life in songs that are moving and accessible.   He, and his songs,  inspire his fans to cry, dance and laugh. 

- Cheral Stewat, San Francisco


"Just saw Raspin at Lestats in "abnormal heights"! He is awesome. His soul is that of amazing energy, his spirit reaches into a unseen peace, his music and his dance makes you smile!”

Listen to Raspin ,...he has a message."   

-Donna Merghart, San Diego


“A tremendously soulful singer and songwriter  who has been described in recent reviews as a force ‘of nature’ who is ‘in the business of show stopping,”  by:Paul Zollo songtalk/blueline

"Bluesy, Jazzy, soul based music, composed with heavy-hearted messages" by: Music Connection   

Music Submission, Pat Kreisl

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Pat Kreisl
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both links are on my soundcloud page.

Thank you


Music Submission, WORLD5

Cover Album Heartbeat Of The World
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WORLD5 started with five close friends who were professional musicians. Although life and personal projects put them in different locations around the globe, they kept alive the desires of making music together. Realizing that very long distances separate them physically but not musically, they used the power of the World Wide Web to shorten the physical distance.
They recorded their first album "Global Experience" over 3 continents together, founding members were Raimund Breitfeld, Steffen Goeres, Don Bruner , Stephan Goessl and Roland Childs.
Texans Pat Hunt and Randy Miller, who produced the bands first album,  joined the band replacing Don Bruner and Roland Childs december 2012.
June 2013 brought the departure of saxophonist Stephan Goessl and the arrival of Texan guitarist Joe Gavito. And so, the current World5 lineup is once again complete.
Pat Hunt, Randy Miller, and Joe Gavito have played and worked together as musicians, songwriters and producers for 30 years in the music business.
Pat Hunt has opened for acts such as Al Jarreau, The Pointer Sisters, Patti Labelle, The Temptations, Willie Nelson, Merle Haggard, The Spinners, George Jones and many more. Pat has also produced CD's for the American country icon Mickey Gilley of Urban Cowboy fame as well as reggae legend Johnny Nash. Pat was a finalist on the original Star Search.
He has co-written songs for Jennifer Holliday "I Never Thought I'd Fall In Love Again", "After She's Gone" for Mickey Gilley, and with Randy "Con Todo El Corazon" for the Grammy winning double platinum, international group La Mafia. Pat has played and arranged on 5 Grammy nominated CD's and won a Grammy.

Randy Miller made his name as a producer for the Latin´s Super Group La Mafia, producing 4 Grammy Award winning albums and getting 16 Grammy nominations along the way. His client list includes Marc Anthony, Kings X, Destiny's Child, Goldie Hawn, Burt Bacharach and Laura C. Singer-songwriter Johnny Nash hired Randy to remix the classic 'I Can See Clearly Now' and is continuing to work on several new albums with him.

Originally a drummer, guitar has been Joe Gavito’s weapon of choice for virtually all of his professional life. Joe has been associated with Randy and Pat for years on the stage and in the studio, playing on projects by Mickey Gilley,  Johnny Nash, Randy Miller, Pat Hunt, and many more. Joe has also performed on stage with The Original Texas Playboys, Ezra Charles and The Works, Charlie Pride, Mason Dixon, Frank Martin Gilligan,  Larry Gatlin, Johnny Nash, BJ Thomas, The Platters, Israel Houghton and songwriters Alex Harvey, Whitey Schaffer and Freddie Powers.
WORLD5´s first new song , "Man Of Action " with Pat and Randy - released on the label MondoTunes - made it to the National Top 100 Airplay Chart shortly after its release.The 2nd single "Maybe There´s A Way" has been released in June, followed by "Heartbeat Of The World" and "I Promise You". Pat, Randy ,Steffen, Joe and Raimund are looking forward to presenting to you their brand new album.

Pat Hunt: lead vocals, keyboards
Randy Miller: bass, vocals
Steffen Goeres: lead & acoustic guitars, trumpet, flugelhorn
Joe Gavito: electric guitars, vocals
Raimund Breitfeld: drums, percussion


Music Submission, Vicki Kiely

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Vicki Kiely

Vicki Kiely (AAA, AC, Pop):

Vicki comes from a musical family, where singing and playing instruments was very much a part of her upbringing. From an Irish family; but born and raised in Canada; her culture was nurtured in her by her fathers love of singing and playing guitar to her from birth. Rebel songs to Rolling Stones to The Beatles were all on the usual set list.

Vicki had voice coaching and was part of her school choir from the get go. She picked up a guitar when she was 13. This was the start of her passion. Playing at school, and writing songs even back then. Her biggest regret is not concentrating as devotedly to perfecting her guitarmanship as she did her vocal skills.

She studied Drama and Theatre in College, but eventually realised her talent was in fact with her voice, and with her song writing. She formed a band with some friends and started gigging in different venues around Dublin at the age of 23. At 25 she joined a band with 4 of her guy friends, and they called themselves “The 42s” (a fun high energy punk band with a sense of humour!)

After this band split Vicki pursued a solo singer songwriter path for a while before moving to Hong Kong in 2006.

In Hong Kong Vicki started her own performing arts school called “Fusion Academy”. She started playing gigs again, and writing more songs, with the aim for an acoustic album. Her style is singer songwriter stuff that is rocky, edgy, and has a little flash of folk thrown in for soul!

Parallel to this singer songwriter work, Vicki is an animal rights activist, and a Cove Monitor for The Ric O’Barry Dolphin Project. She goes to Taiji, Japan, to document and share with the rest of the world, the slaughter and capture of 1000s of dolphins every year. She trains new Cove Monitors there, and also runs a very special program for children who want to speak out for and protect dolphins. These kids come to Japan with Vicki as under the Mini Cove Monitor Program and they learn how to monitor the cove, just like the adults do. Their voices ring the loudest and her work with the kids and Dolphin Project has become a major part of her life; so much so that she is writing her debut album for Dolphin Project and majority of the proceeds will go this organization that she is so deeply involved with, and believes so passionately in.

She created a Facebook page and a hashtag Peace to the Big Blue. This allows her to share her passion for the ocean, and all its creatures with her followers and friends alike. She will start to make tee shirts, bags, and jewelry for this future brand of hers, with proceeds also going to Dolphin Project. The shop will be available on this website, and other online stores to, like Ecojoia and Dolphin Project.

Vicki also works with animal rights in Thailand and Asia, setting the stage for a hopeful captivity free Asia one day. She works closely with an elephant camp in Khao Sok, giving them alternative ideas to the “Ride on Elephants” or “Elephant Trekking” tours, promoting more animal welfare friendly options, such as “Walking with the Elephants”, “Feed the Elephants” and “Shower the Elephants”. These are more up close and personal encounters with these amazing animals, and allow the elephants to be free of the horrendous seats they have to wear for trekking, and is a far more informative and educational way to experience these majestic beasts.

Vicki has now completed her debut album simply titled “Vicki Kiely” and recorded in Phuket with Gary Crause, at legend Studios. 

Music Submission, Vicki Kiely

Music Submission, Simon Dabbicco

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Simon Dabbicco

Pain By Simon Dabbicco (   

Songs For Freedom - Album for Animal rights and Animal Welfare to Benefit the Big Cat Rescue Bill (June 7 Release/Street date)

Music Submission, Marco Russo

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Marco Russo
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Marco Russo is singer, songwriter and music maker influences Pop/Rock 60's/70's/80's


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