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Music Submission, Cardinal Street

Artist or Band Name: 
Cardinal Street
Ontario based band Cardinal Street have just completed and are releasing a new original Christmas single entitled “Next Christmas Night”.  A tune about not being able to be with who you want on Christmas (a lot of people are experiencing that this season).  
We are looking for airplay.  
Would you be interested in playing this soon to be Christmas Classic?
Here is the link for the 3 audio formats of the song; mp3, studio quality WAV & CD quality WAV.  Also included is the single’s cover art.
I own all the rights to the feel free to make it available however you feel fit.
Thank you!
-PJ Gowan of Cardinal Street

Music Submission, The Krimsons

Artist or Band Name: 
The Krimsons

Mark, Sarah and Chris met in 2009 when joining Planet ALF, a 4-piece local band from South London.

Following several frustrating line up and name changes, in 2011 the band decided to disband, but not before playing to full houses at venues such as London’s Dingwall’s and the Kentish Town Forum, and recording their debut E.P. ‘Wasteland’.

Following an 8 year hiatus, in the spring of 2019, Mark and Sarah re united, continuing to write, compose and record their own material.

Chris joined up in the following months, and holding on to one of their previous names, The Krimsons, now operate as a 3 piece with additional musicians brought in for some live performances.

2020 has seen the band compose, record and produce several tracks forming two 5 track E.Ps. The darker 'Dancing On The Ashes' is set for release in mid December while 'The Awakening' is out now on all major streaming and download platforms.  (Both E.Ps can be heard at bandcamp) (The 'Coffee Lounge' mixes can be heard at Sound Cloud). 

Music Submission, The Human Wave

Artist or Band Name: 
The Human Wave

Dear All,

My name is Alex Gaudenzi and I am an author & songwriter.  In 2020 I founded a band called: "The Human Wave" to record a song that I wrote during the first Covid lockdown: "Butterflies and Drones".

We are going to release it on December 2nd on Spotify and other streaming/radio platforms. We would love to share it with you too, in case you would like to play it on your radio.

Please find attached the song mp3 file.

The song final master is also available on SoundCloud, for a pre-listening on this link:

 I am looking forward to hearing from you and thanks a million in advance for your time.

Best Regards


Mark Peters and The Dark Band

Playing on BBS Radio between talk shows
Mark Peters and The Dark Band
Artist or Band Name: 
Mark Peters and The Dark Band
Born in South London, Mark is a singer songwriter whose distinctive style and technique draws not only from classical and contemporary folk music but also from the genres of jazz and blues. Songs of soul, depth and creativity ensure that this is songwriti
CD Information
Mark Peters and The Dark Band, song titled, Us Against Them
CD Name: 
Us Against Them - single
Song Names: 
Us Against Them

Music Submission, Bowe

Bowe Beautiful People (Dutch singer songwriter)
Artist or Band Name: 

Bowe (Boudewijn de Jong) started playing the piano at a very young age. When he was a teenager, the piano was replaced by a guitar. Because he disliked music lessons he decided to teach himself how to play. To do so, he picked up a guitar from a right handed friend and tried to strum his first chords. For Bowe this didn’t feel right at all, so he simply turned the instrument around and learned how to play upside down. Later he found out that this way of playing has both advantages and disadvantages. He decided to benefit as much as possible from the advantages and take the disadvantages for granted. His playing style has led to a unique approach to writing songs.

Moving through the Night was his debut album which was released in 2009. Bowe was influenced by a wide variety of artists such as The Rolling Stones and Crowded House. The album got very positive reviews in The Netherlands. Radio icon Frits Spits called it a remarkably good debut and website described it as ‘John Mayer meets The Eagles’.   

His second album Nomansland was released in 2013. The album features twelve original tracks which were written by Bowe and his writing companion Ton Snijders and two monoPunk remixes.

Nomansland features special guest performances by Sandra St. Victor (The Family Stand and Prince) and Tollak Ollestad (Don Henley, Seal). Also many Dutch artists contributed such as Arnold van Dongen (Ilse DeLange), Jan Kooper (Doe Maar) and Thijs van Leer.

Bowe Has performed live with different musicians on Radio 1, Radio 2 and 3FM. His track ‘Tired of giving good things up was awarded best new track of the week on 3FM by Rob Stenders and Sander Hoogendoorn. Giel Beelen invited Bowe for his show in 2014 where Bowe played 2 songs including his second single Pretty Plain.

In 2016 Bowe released the track ‘Relax Relax Relax’ that was used in a commercial on Dutch TV and radio.

In 2017 his first single ‘Feel the Fire’ and its successor Sing for Love were released. Sing for love was DJ choice on NPO Radio 2.

In 2018 started making music with Dutch lyrics with producer Kevin Patrick. The first single Rum Cola ended up at more than 100 Spotify playlists. The second single premiered on NPO Radio 1.

In 2019 Bowe has released a single in Dutch that’s called ‘Laat me Leven’ with City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra. He’s also released an English track ‘Ghosttown’. Both tracks feature Wesley Nuis on guitar.

In 2020 Bowe returned to Dutch with a new single that’s called ‘Voel!’. In summer 2020 Bowe released a remaster of his single Tired of giving good things up, that hit the charts in The Netherlands, being playlisted on the leading Dutch radio stations.

In November 2020 Bowe released an new track called Beautiful People that was co-written by Niels Geusebroek. Sandra St. Victor did a special guest performance.


Music Submission, Soft and Dumb

Artist or Band Name: 
Soft and Dumb

Soft and Dumb is an indie anxiety rock duo comprised of Elena Buenrostro and Travis Newgren: two quasi-Chicagoans who met at college in Urbana, Illinois. The band combines love for dissonance and noise to create distinct panic-fueled songs on their new EP. Written and recorded entirely during quarantine, “Out of Bed” reflects not only the collective stress of life in the wake of a pandemic, but individual worries like familial trauma, performance anxiety, and entomophobia. In writing, they attach these fears to concrete instances of assholes (like wasps and playground bullies).

With a bassist for a father, Elena grew up in a household where gigging and cluttered music equipment were the norm. On the other hand, Travis didn’t know who Sonic Youth was until 2019. But the two come together to pull music out of each other in a quarantined creative space, each playing every instrument at some point in the project. Some of the songs are just arguments, but on occasion, the two channel the distress away from each other and recall some bad moral actor from childhood. Beaming, Soft and Dumb holds up a middle school lens to their early 20s, noting the stark lack of difference. 

Music Submission, Donnie Dynamite

Artist or Band Name: 
Donnie Dynamite

Donnie was born on an icy ridge south of the South Pole. His love for music developed at an early age. There was not much more to life than creaking ice and howling seals. But that all changed when he found an abandoned mp3 player. Donnie learned to speak and he breathed melodies. Dancing Queen, Don't Stop me Now, Camarillo Brillo, Billy Jean, London Calling...

Calling? London? London!

Donnie kissed his home goodbye, saddled up his seahorse and set course for London.

There's a rhythm, a melody everywhere. Donnie taps his feet along the sound of passing trains, he crinkles his sandwich wrapper in time while he sings along to the lady rapping about the gap. He finds fellow musicians and plays them his tracks asking them to join him. Donnie eventually starts to look beyond London, and encounters fantastic like minded artists. It takes Donnie years to finally finish his first track, but he does so with amazing musicians that put in spectacular performances. He is proud, he is proud to present... Challenge!

The concept for Challenge was recorded in a tiny bedroom in the UK. It didn’t become the song it is now until years later. By the time it started taking its final shape, it had travelled to bedroom studios in the Netherlands, Germany and Czech Republic. Fantastic musicians left their marks on it, resulting in the mix of 60s pop and electronica it is today.

Music Submission, Jane Honor

Deer in the Road - Jane Honor
Artist or Band Name: 
Jane Honor

Jane Honor is a 19-year-old singer/songwriter born and raised in New York City. When she was 18, she moved to Los Angeles to pursue a music career and study music industry and songwriting at USC Thornton School of Music. She has been singing and writing music since she was 8 years old, and has performed at various venues including: The Berklee Performance Center at Berklee College of Music, Ashford and Simpson’s Sugarbar, Prohibition, and the world famous Apollo Theater. Honor writes all of her songs herself, and her music is produced by Jed Elliott of The Struts. Her music consists of genres such as Pop, R&B, and Folk music; gaining influence from artists like Fleetwood Mac and Regina Spektor.

Music Submission, Three Years Apart

Artist or Band Name: 
Three Years Apart

Hello my name is Chandler Powell lead singer of Three Years Apart and I would like to share with you our new single! We are a new band trying to get started and would love to hear your opinion on our song! Below is a YouTube link and a link that leads to all music streaming services!

Music Submission, Cypress

Artist or Band Name: 

Cypress is the indie folk, singer-songwriter project of Ben Higginbotham. Born in Dallas but based in LA, Ben was inspired by his childhood spent glued to the piano and listening to the crooning voices of Texas singer-songwriter legends like Ruthie Foster and Lyle Lovett to pursue his passion for music early on. 

Shortly after graduating from Berklee College of Music in 2017, Ben created Cypress — a soulful, emotional solo project reflective of his personal and professional growth. Evoking artists like Ray LaMontagne, Ben Howard, and Hozier, Cypress’ indie folk/folk rock sound is rich and textured yet melodic and straightforward — often weaving lyric-driven stories of relationships, family and coming-of-age with a reflective and nostalgic tone. With crisp, powerful lyrics and relatable, universal themes underlying each song, Cypress’ music shines in its smooth approachability and ease of listening.

Released in November 2018, Cypress’ first EP A Fine Line was recorded and produced in Austin, TX by longtime collaborator Taylor Tatsch. Cypress’ most recent single “Take Me Back” was produced by Floyd Fuji and released in August 2020.


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