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Music Submission, cole son

Artist or Band Name: 
cole son

Would like you to play some of my songs.THANKS ❤❤❤

Music Submission, Shipyard Wreck

Artist or Band Name: 
Shipyard Wreck

Shipyard Wreck is a blues-rock band out of SouthCoast Massachusetts and has had a long list of band members over the years. The band was founded by James M. Gagne in the year 2000 shortly after graduating high school along with bandmates and has carried the band's spirit until current day. The band revolves around excellence in musicianship amongst all members, having fun with music, crafted lyrics delivered by a soulful, powerful voice and striving to always entertain no matter what it takes to get it done. 

The band has evolved into what it is today performing covers and original songs to many public venues & private events. In 2005, "Reflect & Shine", a ten song original album was released and spurred on  the beginning of SW's real creative spirits. In December of 2017, the band released nine brand new songs and one remake of an older song called "Lighten Up" on the album entitled "Lucy Goosie" featuring the hit ska-rock song "Can't Take It No More". October 2019 will debut BIG BAD MAN, a 13-song album produced by James Gagne and Jon Evans at Brick Hill Studio, that is sure to be a hit with songs like "When Beauty Can't Fade", title-track "Big Bad Man", heavy-sounding "Nine Shots of Death" and the acoustic-jazzy "The Two of Us". 

Currently, the band is consisted of James M. Gagne on lead vocals/guitar/harmonica and a revolving cast of excellent musicians usually ranging from Thom Hiller on guitar/vocals, Rob Massoud on keys/bass, Nick San Filippo on keys, Dan Rapoza on drums and Geoffrey Fortin on drums. Studio engineer of "Lucy Goosie" joined in on the band's latest recording on guitars. 

The band continues to entertain people all over and hopes to gain national & international success one day. 

Music Submission, Emmet Michael

I Feel Like I Just Woke Up cover art
Artist or Band Name: 
Emmet Michael

Introspective and enthralling, with equal parts grit and grace, Emmet Michael is a musician who was built on his trials. Turning to music in his darkest times, he found solace in his ability to share his heart with others through his lyrics. Drawing on his experience of transitioning from female to male, living with mental illness, and battling addiction, his songs carry a tone of desperation and sorrow. With soulful melodies and heart wrenching lyrics, his music conveys a message that is both powerful and vulnerable. Entirely unique, yet familiar. 

On his ground-breaking debut EP "I Feel Like I Just Woke Up" Emmet invites us in to experience the world with him. Ever reminding us all of our shared desires to love and be loved - just as we are. An ingenious mix of intimate and explosive, tender and wild, this EP will take it's listeners on a journey through the all too real feelings of love and loss. Accompanying the poetic lyrics are layered harmonies, striking guitar solos, melancholic strings and more. There's something in this album for everyone.

Music Submission, Jonathan

Artist or Band Name: 

I am an experienced Math Olympiad Coach and Teacher. However, I have written a few  songs locally in Malaysia   in the English Language. The Genre is PopRock or Rock. So, I am looking into venture into the Music Industry as it is my passion. I sing, compose the music & lyrics and play the acoustic guitar, electric guitar and also the bass guitar as well.

Music Submission, Gemini Enigma Edward Wainwright

Gemini Enigma Edward Wainwright
Artist or Band Name: 
Gemini Enigma Edward Wainwright

Gemini Productions in conjunction with Bubbler Sound presents Edward Wainwright, a South Florida musician, first EP release called “Gemini Enigma.” The word ‘enigma’ can be defined as something puzzling, mysterious, or hidden. The “Enigma” EP demonstrates a mysterious musical pop versatility by showcasing a combination of several distinct musical styles that includes: dance, new age, jazz, easy listening and devotional.

“Enigma” opens with “If You Don’t Want Me” best described as an urban fun party track. “All I Want Is” is a great feel good love song. “It’s All About Love” is an euro style romantic love song perfect for the ride home. “Lies” is a light rock song for the ladies. “7” is an emotional jazz instrumental best left for the unfretted drive – keep an eye on that speedometer! “Wisdom” is a devotional song biblically based in a reggae style. “A Rose My Love” is an adult easy listening song that has a sober opening that brings the listener to a new brighter future.

Selections from Enigma are being played on 88.7 FM KAZI , 98.3 FM WHAY,  107.7 FM KNYO, WLMW  (as well as having an on air interview at 90.7 FM WLMW with Richard Girard), WUNH, AM 1100 Atlanta’s Sport and Entertainment Radio Network, NYCS Radio, KZUM, Manchester-Boston Regional Airport, WYE Creek Music (UK), MUZAK (where music is delivered on premise to people throughout the world, including North and South America, Europe, Asia and on Direct TV music channels), xsiteradio, The Tony Radio Rebel, Alexiou Show, TACD Radio Network. WTFE, PharaohShus, The Living Voice, UnderWorldMixRadio, UnsignedRadio, Rdio, Xsite Radio, Indies in Motion with Rick Mizuno, KSSU- Radio, American Musicians Radio, scatterradio, W.G.I.R, Pure Volume, Christian Originals Radio, Last FM, Speaker Radio, Scrub Radio, Song Writer’s Radio, After Work Program, Durham TV and Radio Station, Awesomeradio, Indie Showcase, Tribe of Noise, tweewoo, Frank The Unicorn Show, Jango, Underground Music.FM, Up and Coming Radio, Hello Music, University of California, Ambient Dream, 1FM, Director's Cut Radio Show (broadcasted across the country on 16 different FM, HD, and internet radio stations), Darrah Visions, Platinum Mornings, by DJ Octoon show on UCLA radio, by Richard Kolp on TDS stations, on the playlist and rotation on Soulful Radio Network, on the Soupy Gato Show on SCE Stations, IMRadio, Indie Music Radio, Radio SC, Cheeses Factory Radio, Indie Life Radio, by DJ Scorpia on Unuradio, by Tanner K. Blackart of Radio X Network, on RJA radio, by Mark Lamdanski of Butterflies Radio,  StudioRadio, and by Xander DeLuca on Radio Art in Athens Greece, to name a few.

We currently are working on compiling a long play CD. Please consider taking time to listen this innovated musical compilation. We know that both you and your musical listening audience will enjoy hearing this fresh exciting musical style. Thanks for your time and consideration.

Music Submission, Goodspace

Artist or Band Name: 
Hello we are Goodspace: a 3-piece band from Auckland making lo-fi, indie rock with hints of hip-hop and songwriter sensibilities

--and we have just released our first EP.

In a few words, we make music that makes you feel present. 

But it’s pretty hard to explain.

So have a listen for yourself.  

Music Submission, Jesse Brennan

Artist or Band Name: 
Jesse Brennan

Central Michigan Rocker. Singer-Songwriter. One Man Band Recording Artist. Available Wherever You Listen To Music.

Music Submission, Thomas Velites

Firestorm by Thomas Velites
Artist or Band Name: 
Thomas Velites

Most of my songwriting years have been for my own personal edification. But more than that. Music is a very powerful fragrance and for some it can become an obsession. This was for true me. In the early days I wrote a song titled Pioneer. An artist of years past, Terry Williams of the First Edition, heard my song and wanted to see a live performance of my trio. So, the three of us drove down to Miami and played for Terry, Kenny Rogers and his band in a hotel room near their Venue. Shortly after that I found myself playing in a country rock band with Kenny’s nephew Danny Rogers. Even more years past and I released a couple of CDs from my band, Poisonous Aluminum Badger. Our songs played on college radio stations and charted in the top 40 of several of them. Though I was a Christian at the time, my lifestyle and music did not reflect a good witness to God. One day I realized I was placing more emphasis on my music than God and abandoned song crafting. Fast forward to the present. I have developed a unique songwriting and vocal style and I’m using that talent to give my God inspired testimony. So here I am at your doorstep.

Music Submission, SIVLE

Artist or Band Name: 

Welcome To Our SIVLEization

SIVLE (Elvis spelled backwards) is a versatile Classic Rock and Vintage Pop band from Brantford Ontario Canada bringing together legendary tunes combined with masterful vocals & musicianship.  

SIVLE features Joan Minnery on Lead Vocals, Bill Minnery on Guitar/Bass/Vocals and Brad Bridges on Drums/Backup Vocals. SIVLE has recently added Bob Minnery aka bigEZbob as a special guest on rhythm guitar and look forward to future shows with Dan Taylor on bass and as an occasional drummer while Brad works on other projects.

We are PROUD to announce that we were selected out of over 450 bands to play the 2019 WTFest Rock Festival, one of Ontario's Largest Music Festivals.  We are honoured to have garnered one of 5 spots on July 27th, 2019.  

*We have released our debut new original singles  "What Would Walter Do" -- our salute to Walter Gretzky and "Whatever It Takes" our explosive Rock Anthem.  Both are now available on ITunes, Spotify, and 25 Music Platforms* 


Fan Quotes: 

"As always -- SIVLE is a must see live! You can't see the energy this band gives off until you see them live. They connect with their fans and our energy feeds their energy.  If you only see their show once,  you have to return to a number of shows to witness the change from show to show, its an absolute delight! While contemplating SIVLE, I couldn’t help but think of the Grateful Dead who were one of the early pioneers of direct relationships with their live show fans and renown for fusing many different styles together. SIVLE is the Grateful ALIVE.” ~ Ken Shipman, Brantford ON

 "What a range of talent and genres! From Elvis to Van Halen they have it all. Perfect harmony, teeth shattering guitar solos and heart pounding drum solos! An excellent group of very talented people and awesome performers/musicians. The power in Joan's voice is undeniable as is the music accompaniment by Bill & Brad. From Elvis to Robert Plant--a wide variety of music was played and the quality of the music and the energy of the band are superb.” ~ Nancy Sherwood, Woodstock ON

 “The standard of musicianship was fantastic, unleashing their full charge of extraordinary talent. Their fiery performance hit the audience roaring with committed versions of songs people wanted to hear. Transformed in time, this band captivated the swaying crowd with their exuberant enthusiasm, explosive energy & vocals that propelled the show to epic levels." ~ Anna Fornella, Brantford Ontario


SIVLE was the opening act for the 2019 WTFest Rock Festival.  They were the featured entertainment at the 2019 Mayor's Levee at the Brantford Armouries.

They also headlined the 2018 'FIND YOUR SPIRIT FEST’ and the 2018 'Downtown Music Fest' both at Harmony Square in Brantford. They have packed rooms at the Sanderson Centre, Corktown Pub, Delhi Harvest Fest, Jeffery’s Lounge, Manny’s Place, Branch 90 Legion, Tansley's, Upper Thames Brewery, the Norfolk County Fair, the Polish Hall, Frankies Hometown Tavern, the St. George Legion, the Honest Lawyer, the Dairy Capital Cheese Festival and has a heated schedule at a variety of festivals, fairs and local establishments. 

They have a very loyal following which they call their SIVLEization.  

SIVLE is a refreshingly youthful band combining two generations of musicians while bridging the age gap through likable tunes and interactive dynamic stage showmanship.

SIVLE --- Rock Anthems and Pop Favourites from the 50s - Today!!!

Are YOU Ready To Be SIVLEized??!! 

Music Submission, MODS 4

Pop Acoustic
Artist or Band Name: 

Mods 4 is a musical project found in Surakarta, Jawa Tengah, Indonesia in June 2013. This musical project has influenced by many 80’s British post punk, such as The Smith, Duran Duran, The Police and 90’s alternative rock band such as Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Stone Temple Pilots and many others. 
Mods 4 is musical project and its music is a mix of pop, new wave, jazz, folk and rock. There are many musicians involves in this project, but the original member is 
• Anton Agus Setyawan (Keyboard, Piano, Guitar, Bass Guitar, percussion Lead&Background Vocals)


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