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Music Submission, Melissa D

Artist or Band Name: 
Melissa D

Experience a coffeehouse vibe with Americana/folk-rock artist Melissa D! The New England vocalist has been described as having "the style of Karen Carpenter with whisperings of Melissa Etheridge."  Her music is relaxing with reflective lyrics, a hiatus from the hustle and bustle.

Melissa D is from the green rolling hills of rustic Vermont,USA. She is a classically trained vocalist and former rock front-woman for The Alley Katz and previous member of CHILL, a folk rock duo. She is currently a solo artist. She is passionate about animal rescue and humanitarian causes.

Chesney Claire

Chesney Claire
Chesney was born in Lake Charles, Louisiana in 2001 she is indeed, named after Country Music icon- Kenny Chesney, so she was predestined for a lifetime of music
Artist or Band Name: 
Chesney Claire
Playing on BBS Radio between talk shows
CD Information
Chesney Claire, song titled, 15 Candles
CD Name: 
15 Candles - single
Song Names: 
15 Candles

Music Submission, The Airwaves

Artist or Band Name: 
The Airwaves

The Airwaves, from Ljungby in Sweden, was formed out of the ashes of the act Swedish Whistler, a band that participated on Pink Floyd tribute discs and the 10 hrs Pink Floyd tribute concert at Brighton, organized by Pink Floyd’s biggest fan club in England (Neptune Pink Floyd). When the band changed line-up to Sussi Johansson (bass and vocals), Patrik Arvidsson (guitar), Jessica Lilleberg (vocals) and Ludwig Johnson (drums) they decided to change name to The Airwaves. In 2006, the band came in contact with Clive Jones from the occult 70s band Black Widow. Along with some friends, he had written a tribute tune to Abba titled “Hey You Ring Me Tonight” and offered the Airwaves the song because he thought the band with his two singers could sound like ABBA. Clive Jones also wrote two additional tracks for The Airwaves to use on “Release”, the bands debut album, released in the summer of 2014. “Hey You Ring Me Tonight” was produced by King Diamond guitarist Andy La Rocque who also plays guitar on the track while keyboards are performed by Paolo Apollo Negri (Wicked Minds, Black Widow). 1/7-2020 they released a cassette "Bob Dylan Blues" - including another song written by Clive Jones for the band: "I'm Happy"

Music Submission, Glen Foster Group

Not Far Away album cover
Artist or Band Name: 
Glen Foster Group
Glen Foster Group of Nanaimo, BC Canada has released a new Praise Song called Fruit Of The Spirit, from their album Not Far Away on Rescue Records.
We are hoping your praise and worship leaders will have a listen and consider using it in their worship services. The scripture reference is of course Galatians 5:22-23, and 1 Cor. 13:13.  
The Full Piano Score, Lead Sheet, and a Lyric page with Chords are included here in the original key of C. The key of A for easier singing is also available to you at no charge, upon request.

Music Submission, Flip Damon

Artist or Band Name: 
Flip Damon

*All selections were written by P.F. Damon & J. R. Matthews

*All songs are performed by Flip Damon on Isle Royale Records

Music Submission, Eddy Chapman

Artist or Band Name: 
Eddy Chapman

Eddy Chapman is an independent, young  and upcoming alternative rock artist from sunny South Africa. His sound is a unique blend of genre's including rock, folk rock to a modern spin on pop rock.

He released his debut album in 2020.
Eddy grew up in a musical family where the melodies of CCR, Roxette and Neil Diamond used to echo through their house. He played piano but showed his  interest in guitar when he stumbled upon Bon Jovi's "It's my life" on MTV at the age of 15. His love for music grew and he started playing guitar soon after. 
He wrote his first song at the age of 16.  

​After being home schooled, he knew that he wanted a career in music. He started a band when he  was 19 and they did very well, making entertainment headlines of many news papers and some radio stations, being labeled as trendsetters of Afrikaans Rock music in South Africa with their unique sound and song arrangements.  

Eddy wrote and arranged all the songs in the band and they played countless gigs and toured in South Africa. Unfortunately, the band decided to pursue different paths in 2009.

Eddy went solo and continues to entertain large crowds at festivals and gigs around the country. He writes and records his own music and is very excited about his upcoming album. Over the years Eddy was influenced by many renowned artists such as Bon Jovi, Coldplay, Oasis and Foo Fighters.

​As a musician Eddy is a dedicated and passionate individual who will rock your socks off during his shows. In his personal life he is grounded and coming from humble beginnings, he knows how to work hard, overcome obstacles and persevere to make his dreams come true. 

Eddy Chapman remains excited in regards to his musical and personal ambitions, hoping to leave his mark in the music industry.

Music Submission, Christopher Purple

Christopher Purple I Don't Love U Any More
Artist or Band Name: 
Christopher Purple







Available 1st April 2020 at all digital retailers and streaming partners.


I DON’T LOVE U ANY MORE” marks an exciting debut for this brilliant singer-songwriter, and showcases the writer/producer who wrote, produced and performed the track from start to finish.

 “I DON’T LOVE U ANY MORE” - laments the heart wrenching decision to end a relationship but hating the idea of hurting someone who still means so much to you.

 Its sombre pace and George Michael-esque vocals run over hauntingly beautiful strings.

 Christopher Purple – an accomplished live performer and seasoned songwriter debuts this track NOW!!!!

Music Submission, The Screens

Artist or Band Name: 
The Screens

When we decided to record a second album we set out two conditions.

  1. We were making for an audience and not just for us as a vanity project

  2. It had to have a story and a point and not just a pile of meaningless songs.

Three years ago a close friend of the band, who was 18 at the time, came out as gay to his mum and dad with the latter being unable to accept his son's choice. As a consequence the son attempted suicide several times before eventually being sectioned. It struck a chord with The Screens that family could be divided by a choice one member had no control over and the other suddenly felt a compulsion to put their opinions of sexuality ahead of their bond to their own flesh and blood. It became the beginning of a story that The Screens developed and which they also turned in a short novel called The Boy Who Waved At Trains.

The album of songs is a journey of a boy born in post war London who, as a teenager, discovers he is gay and is thrown out by his alcoholic dad. The boys is forced into a life of male prostitution, drugs, seedy sex parties, brutality......Its not a pleasant story but it highlights what life as a gay man during the sixties would have been.

As big fans of Quadrophenia, and Tommy we wanted to write the album so each song, in chronological order, tells a specific stage of the boys life and that might one day be the basis of an interesting film.

The first condition for making the album was that an audience wanted it and it wouldn't be a vanity project for us so we ran a Kickstarter campaign and invite people to pre order the album on vinyl and CD before we made it. We were relieved enough people stumped up the cash and it meant we could make it.

We plan to delay the album being put on Spotify because The Screens think it detracts from sales as well as radio. The Screens will eventually put the entire album on there but after radio stations have the option to play it.

So that's it. The album is out on 31stMarch 2020. We will service radio stations with a WAV or MP3 of The Boy Who Waved At Trains a week before.

If any DJ's want personal idents from the band please message the office at


Rick Young

Manager/ The Screens

Music Submission, Gabrielle DeRosa

Artist or Band Name: 
Gabrielle DeRosa

Gabrielle DeRosa (Full name: Gabrielle De Rosa) is an Italian singer-songwriter. She was born in Gallipoli (Italy) 14th June 1998.

At the age of 21 years old, she has released 3 singles, one album and two official music videos. In 2020 Gabrielle DeRosa continues to release her songs as an unsigned artist and her latest single is “Bluewolf”.  Music and art are not her only interests in life. She has always been interested in Science, and she is currently studying Environmental Sciences and Technologies in Italy.

Music Submission, Forest Hills

Album Art, Break Free by Forest Hills
Artist or Band Name: 
Forest Hills

Forest Hills is a rock band based in New York City. The duo was founded by Zero Surico and Jack Burton in October of 2018. Forest Hills released their first album, Break Free, in May of 2019. Their music is available on all major download and streaming platforms, such as Spotify, YouTube, Apple Music, Amazon, and more. 


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