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Brian Gallagher has been writing and recording original music for just over a decade. The upcoming single "Company Man" will be released worldwide on February 20th, 2021 and will be followed by a full length album - his 8th to date. His first three albums were with the Canadian band Happenstance from 2008 to 2015. After that working as a solo artist performing here in Canada and he has also produced two collaborative albums with Canadian and American musicians in 2016 and 2019.
Peter Kleinhans

Peter Kleinhans (whose first album, "Something's Not Right," was hailed as "thoughtful, engaging, and refreshes older styles in a bold new fashion," by Neufutur Magazine) has just released his second album, "I Was Alive Enough."
Wilful Dream

We are two Italian multi-instrumentalists; in the last couple of years we released five songs from our bedrooms and they all got at least 40.000 views on YouTube.

In October 2018 we released a song called “Wake Me”. The song was written, performed, recorded and mixed entirely by us.

Two months later, we were invited on RAI Radio 1 (RAI is the Italian State RadioTelevision) for an interview.
Cardinal Street
Ontario based band Cardinal Street have just completed and are releasing a new original Christmas single entitled “Next Christmas Night”.  A tune about not being able to be with who you want on Christmas (a lot of people are experiencing that this season).  
We are looking for airplay.  
Would you be interested in playing this soon to be Christmas Classic?
Here is the link for the 3 audio formats of the song; mp3, studio quality WAV & CD quality WAV.  Also included is the single’s cover art.
I own all the righ
The Krimsons

Mark, Sarah and Chris met in 2009 when joining Planet ALF, a 4-piece local band from South London.

Following several frustrating line up and name changes, in 2011 the band decided to disband, but not before playing to full houses at venues such as London’s Dingwall’s and the Kentish Town Forum, and recording their debut E.P. ‘Wasteland’.

Following an 8 year hiatus, in the spring of 2019, Mark and Sarah re united, continuing to write, compose and record their own material.
The Human Wave

Dear All,

My name is Alex Gaudenzi and I am an author & songwriter.  In 2020 I founded a band called: "The Human Wave" to record a song that I wrote during the first Covid lockdown: "Butterflies and Drones".

We are going to release it on December 2nd on Spotify and other streaming/radio platforms. We would love to share it with you too, in case you would like to play it on your radio.

Please find attached the song mp3 file.

Bowe (Boudewijn de Jong) started playing the piano at a very young age. When he was a teenager, the piano was replaced by a guitar. Because he disliked music lessons he decided to teach himself how to play. To do so, he picked up a guitar from a right handed friend and tried to strum his first chords. For Bowe this didn’t feel right at all, so he simply turned the instrument around and learned how to play upside down. Later he found out that this way of playing has both advantages and disadvantages.
Soft and Dumb

Soft and Dumb is an indie anxiety rock duo comprised of Elena Buenrostro and Travis Newgren: two quasi-Chicagoans who met at college in Urbana, Illinois. The band combines love for dissonance and noise to create distinct panic-fueled songs on their new EP. Written and recorded entirely during quarantine, “Out of Bed” reflects not only the collective stress of life in the wake of a pandemic, but individual worries like familial trauma, performance anxiety, and entomophobia. In writing, they attach these fears to concrete instances of assholes (like wasps and playground bullies).