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Headed Nowhere

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Headed Nowhere
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Headed Nowhere
Headed Nowhere, If you've ever wondered what happens when you take a bunch of electronic genres like goa psytrance edm and many more and mix them up with alternative rock then you should give it a listen
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Headed Nowhere, song titled, On The Other Side
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On The Other Side - single
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On The Other Side

Music Submission, HeavyIsThaHead

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My Social Platforms Are: YouTube, SoundCloud, Instagram, Spotify: HeavyIsThaHead, My Twitter: HeavyIsThaHead1. I Appreciate The Listen & or Play. Have A Good One. 

Music Submission, SORRY IT'S OVER

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Music Submission, Cameron John and the Rosebuds

Running Out
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Cameron John and the Rosebuds

This band is a musical project by Cameron LeBlanc, a Boston born independent music creator/producer, who has been in a few different music groups, but decided to make a group only consisting of himself. The now San Diego based artist creates a blend of new and old with his debut single "Running Out" and has more content on the way.

Music Submission, jaxon martinez

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jaxon martinez

20 year old artist making independent music from ogden, utah. "garage demo sessions" is my first project & was made at home with various friends over the course of a couple months & was released at the end of december, 2020. 

Music Submission, Jakob Drummond

Jakob Drummond - Beating A Dead Horse (Single)
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Jakob Drummond

“Beating a Dead Horse” (BADH) is the newest genre-defying single from Alternative-Country musician, Jakob Drummond. 

Locked and loaded with Western imagery, Jakob tells the tragic story of outlaw “Addison West” as he roams the Great Plains with his band of thieves. 

BADH is a fast, pounding, experimental rock track featuring a unique line-up of instruments including high speed, slapped upright bass, pounding, gritty drums reminiscent of psychedelic garage rock and distorted, ethereal guitars that embody the depth of 90’s Post punk. 

The punchy verses of BADH are delivered quickly in a unique rhythmic formula that nods to classic hip-hop and is followed by a dream-like, atmospheric chorus that yields an intensely catchy melody that builds with each repeat. 

First Verse: 0:38

First Chorus: 0:58

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Official website:

About the artist: 

 “Jakob “Poukepse” Drummond is an Alternative Singer-Songwriter, Multi-Instrumentalist, and Producer known for his experimental and non-genre-restrictive approach to songwriting. After years of writer’s-block from “staying inside the lines”, he felt the call to make something new – something not restricted by the restraint of a single genre. By creating fusion’s of Country, Soul, Punk, and more, Jakob Drummond has created a sound that is truly his own.

Music Submission, ZinEgo

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Four piece alternative rock/indie band called "ZinEgo" from Newbridge, Co. Kildare, IRELAND

Debut Album due for release - The End of the Beginning

Music Submission, Dumbfox

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We are Dumbfox, and we are contacting you because we would love to be on your show! In short, Dumbfox is very new. It started off as a fun side project over quarantine and has turned into a full fledged band. Our style is somewhat difficult to pinpoint at the moment as we strive to not make the same song twice, however, if I had to specify us to one genre, I would say we are definitely more rooted in pop-punk with major influences coming from big names like Weezer, Beck, blink-182, and Green Day. I've attached a link to our band page which provides previews of all of our current songs.

Thanks, and hope to hear from you soon! -Asa (Dumbfox) 

Music Submission, Michael Jacob

Michael Jacob More
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Michael Jacob

For his new EP, "More", unveiled on October 15, 2020, Michael Jacob surrounded himself with a string quartet and Cuban musicians with the ambition to make those who will listen to him travel in so many musical universes that many songs, with the particularity of proposing for a title two versions with different melodies, with variations on theme around "I Live For You", its most complete composition to date, of "I Wonder (Where You Are) "illustrated with a music video with guest actress Athena Zelkovich, and the very personal" The Lonely One ", a track in which he talks about his fight against stuttering and how music helped him to make this handicap a force ...


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