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Music Submission, Basil Babychan

Artist or Band Name: 
Basil Babychan

Hello, I am Basil Babychan, an international NeoClassical artist (composer and producer) from the Netherlands. My music carries powerful musical stories that have influences of the East and the West. My upcoming Single - Transient - is a melodic and contemplative piece that attempts to put the transitionary nature of life into perspective. I reach out to BBS Radio to explore if you would consider radio plays and/or interviewing me to help promote Transient. My story, music and what I stand for, seems to aptly suit the features of your audience. I’ve included my Single link for easy access. I have a small but growing fanbase so if you play Transient I’d love to know so I can promote it on my socials and get as many people listening and interacting as possible. Kind Regards, Basil

Music Submission, D2THEJ

Artist or Band Name: 

I am an independent artist with disabilities. I love making music. My cerebral palsy challenges me sometimes but I don’t let it stop me from creating. The music I create helps me express what I’ve been through. I like writing music to help other people not feel alone. I use music to motivate me. I hope when others hear it they’ll say “yes, he may have disabilities but he is trying to let us know something about himself.”

I’ve seen and been through a lot of stuff in my life. I’ve been through obstacles and now I’m trying stay positive and work through pain. I have a language barrier. I use the computer voice to make sure that lyrics can be communicated correctly. I can’t wait to show you what a disabled artist artist can do. I hope you like my songs. Feel free to comment or contact me.  Love, D2THEJ

Music Submission, arnold nelson

arnold nelson the creator of swang music
Artist or Band Name: 
arnold nelson

swang  music i ammthe creator  a fusion of pop techno rap rock and dancehall

Music Submission, HeavyIsThaHead

Artist or Band Name: 

My Social Platforms Are: YouTube, SoundCloud, Instagram, Spotify: HeavyIsThaHead, My Twitter: HeavyIsThaHead1. I Appreciate The Listen & or Play. Have A Good One. 

Music Submission, Ferg Ferg and Robert London

Artist or Band Name: 
Ferg Ferg and Robert London
This is the only way I could get this information to you. Feel free to contact me.  
SEQUI some call Se qui Ferg Ferg and Robert London     
Come listen on your favorite music app

Music Submission, Allan Price

Artist or Band Name: 
Allan Price

Hi, this is a one person does all venture. I am a fully paid up PRS Member and all songs have ISRC codes embedded.

A commercially released 5 track EP, :- pre order iTunes 1st December. Full release across all digital platforms 10th December.

All songs written, performed, recorded and produced by yours truly. Any help you can give one person v The World (lol) would be very much appreciated. 

A link to the full tracks is here....

Thank you in anticipation of your kind support.


Lady Bugs

Playing on BBS Radio between talk shows
Lady Bugs
Artist or Band Name: 
Lady Bugs
The Lady Buds are a travelling folk/roots and urban new age rock duo that met May 2018 in Liverpool, England. Joining forces from 2 individual solo artist backgrounds they roam around the world spreading their positive and chill vibes to all!
CD Information
Lady Buds, CD titled, From The City To The Shores
CD Name: 
From The City To The Shores
Song Names: 
Coming Home

Music Submission, The Modern Day Slave

Artist or Band Name: 
The Modern Day Slave

Rising from the deep caves of the South African music industry comes The Modern Day Slave with new age experimental rap instrumentals who many may call the future, he raps about social issues as well as self conscious raps about personal reflection and development. Whether it’s crying out “fear is the man in the mirror” or “me and my brain , living our life in vain just Hoping to gain , pretty b****es cash and pain” he uses clever word play and a smooth flow to please listeners ears. It’s only been months since I started producing and writing lyrics and I have to say I have found my passion. I’ve always had a soft spot for music at the age of 13 I played my first instrument a saxophone and I knew from then that I wanted to make music in my life, though certain life experiences lead me to different places , experiencing the world I learnt a lot about myself and how my destiny unfolds . 2019 I published a blog on the topic modern day slavery and so the journey began . The more I discussed about modern day slavery I was learning myself and it came to a point where I see myself as a slave to modern society April 2020 I started producing beats on my laptop that’s when I also started writing and reflecting on my own personal experiences I see music as the best form of expression for me it’s where I can explore the limitless possibilities of creativity.

Music Submission, Survibers

In Heaven
Artist or Band Name: 
SURVIBERS is a collective of like-minded creatives who live, love and work within music, yet they have found it necessary to create a space where raw and fertile ideas are allowed to flourish. 
The trio are ex Berklee students Francis and Katrina King-Smith and Aniff Akinola.
Aniff has been in the Manchester music scene since the late 80s (Voodoo Ray, Kirsty MacColl). Francis  went to the Royal Northern College of Music and Chethams. He met his wife Katrina at Berklee College of Music in Boston, MA
and they have been writing music together for the past 8 years. She is originally from San Antonio, TX. 
The Survibers sonic canvas can be described as 'a socialist/left leaning blend of vocally hedonistic space invading trance-like musings welded to 'trip hop' beats interspersed with galactic jazz.

Music Submission, Davor Jordanovski

Davor Jordanovski
Artist or Band Name: 
Davor Jordanovski

Davor Jordanovski has always known music would be his life; indeed, from his earliest recollection, it was his only choice. Fortunately, he was able to seriously pursue this path at the University of Music Arts (Saints Kiril & Metodij University) in Skopje. And while most musicians learn their trade by first listening to rock’n’roll records and then joining rock bands, DAVOR honed his already impressive skills in a full-blown 150-piece symphonic orchestra. By the time he was in his teens, he was already the featured keyboard player with Macedonian National TV network’s Big Band Orchestra, writing, arranging, performing and playing for some of the biggest and best-known musical acts in the country. This exceptional opportunity was not wasted on this extraordinary musician who was born with a depth of talent far beyond the range of many other artists.

DAVOR’s musical training was traditional: classical followed by pop and jazz, then branching out into film, mood, jazz fusion, ambient, dance, groove, symphonic, contemporary jazz and R&B. Now adeptly accomplished in all musical genres, DAVOR’s original compositions and arrangements display a rich level of sophistication while remaining simply powerful — yet never powerfully simplistic — and often served with wit and humour, as befitting the artist himself.

DAVOR grew up in Macedonia and has since made Canada his home, though he did spend a few years in Libya when he was a young child. The early impressions of living in a desert culture stayed with him as he grew and studied in his hometown of Skopje, where he was influenced by music from the Balkans and surrounding European regions. The synthesis of musical cultures has evolved into a unique style of world fusion, which successfully unifies an infinite range of disparate and varied sounds, instruments, arrangements and sensibilities.


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