Music Submission, Stevon

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Is a powerful singer, profolic song writer, recording artist, member of BMI, mentor and an inspirational and motivational speaker since 2007–usually expressing the testimonies of others as well as some of his own, telling how he has been a blessing to them as he shared gifts and songs of empowerment.

He has had a musical influence in his life since the age of five. Stevon will now use his diverse experiences from the music and entertainment fields to fulfill his vision by taking his career to the next levels —— “recording”, “releasing”, and “distributing” several songs from his debut album “Satisfied",  which he has been inspired to write and record. He knows that the best is yet come.

Currently living in Nashville, Tennessee, he likes to travel and speak sharing his testimony of how God has transformed his life from addiction and darkness into the sunlight of the spirit. 

Music Submission, Jesslyn McCutcheon

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Jesslyn McCutcheon

Jesslyn McCutcheon is a Contemporary Christian singer/songwriter from King NC. Jesslyn released her first studio solo album project November 2019, "On The Edge." Jesslyn started writing at the age of 23 after she was home bound for 2 years due to severe depression. At the age of 26, she was diagnosed with having bipolar disorder which she refused to accept at the time. Jesslyn now is no longer afraid of who she is or what she has to face having this disorder. She hopes that her music will help inspire others who walk through the darkness at times in their life and come out on the other side. Jesslyn has been a Christian since the age of 6 but her faith was shattered when going through her early/mid 20's and having to face all that she did. She struggled for many years with unspeakable pain and wondered where was God during all of this? Could He even hear her? Jesslyn wants the world to know that it is only because of God she is where she is today and her music will express just that. It took Jesslyn awhile to finally find her place in this world but she is on a mission that nothing can stop her now from sharing her story and the message of how good God is.  Her second album 'RUN' will be releasing February 5, 2021.

Music Submission, Sudhanva Sankirtanam

Artist or Band Name: 
Sudhanva Sankirtanam

I am Rama Rao Bijibilla is the Publisher for Sudhanva Sankirtanam (Devotional and Spiritual) Album written by my spouse Lakshmi Valli Devi Bijibilla. She is a Lyric Writeer and writen for Sudhanva Sankirtanam. We have got it composed by the Music Director Kanakesh Rathod at 'S; rec.in Hyderabad : Telangana State : India in 2014. At present, recently 25 songs Album/EP got it composed by Music Director Sri V. Sadasiva Sarma. He is the Music Composer and recorded at Nadalaya Digital Recording Studio : Rashtrapathi Road : Secunderabad : Telangana State : India : Presented by Bijibilla Foundation.

Music Submission, Herbwurm

Artist or Band Name: 
We are a 4 piece band out of Fort Wayne, Indiana. Our sound is primarily grunge/alternative rock, with a few other twists in the mix. The writing/lyricism is usually focused on the many hardships we face as humans, while overcoming it with extreme adversity and enthusiasm.

Music Submission, The Modern Day Slave

Artist or Band Name: 
The Modern Day Slave

Rising from the deep caves of the South African music industry comes The Modern Day Slave with new age experimental rap instrumentals who many may call the future, he raps about social issues as well as self conscious raps about personal reflection and development. Whether it’s crying out “fear is the man in the mirror” or “me and my brain , living our life in vain just Hoping to gain , pretty b****es cash and pain” he uses clever word play and a smooth flow to please listeners ears. It’s only been months since I started producing and writing lyrics and I have to say I have found my passion. I’ve always had a soft spot for music at the age of 13 I played my first instrument a saxophone and I knew from then that I wanted to make music in my life, though certain life experiences lead me to different places , experiencing the world I learnt a lot about myself and how my destiny unfolds . 2019 I published a blog on the topic modern day slavery and so the journey began . The more I discussed about modern day slavery I was learning myself and it came to a point where I see myself as a slave to modern society April 2020 I started producing beats on my laptop that’s when I also started writing and reflecting on my own personal experiences I see music as the best form of expression for me it’s where I can explore the limitless possibilities of creativity.

Music Submission, Michael J. Valentine

Artist or Band Name: 
Michael J. Valentine

Michael Valentine is a songwriter and musician /multi-instrumentalist playing acoustic and electric guitar, mandolin bass, drums, and piano. His distinctive style defies categorizing as it distills elements of a melting pot of influences from a life steeped in everything from rock to gospel.  Valentine’s focus is on timeless music that both uplifts the soul, and makes you think. He has taken his deep musical background steeped in church and spiritual music combined with his love for rock and modern music to create positive songs with a message of faith, hope, and love.  

Orlando-born Valentine’s musical journey encompasses a lifetime growing up in a close family with diverse tastes in music and a respect for musicianship.  From an early age he immersed himself in rock, soul, folk, Motown, funk, blues, gospel and R&B. Early concerts solidified his will to play and his father obliged his interest by providing a piano and drum set. After years spent mastering the drums, he switched to guitar quickly adopting acoustic and electric guitars as his main instrument.  Influences include Lindsey Buckingham and Fleetwood Mac, Pete Townshend, Led Zeppelin, Jeff Tweedy, Steve Wilson, Prince, Jackson Browne, Beatles, Crosby, Stills Nash, and especially Neil Young who Valentine admired because he could play a beautiful acoustic song and then also play blistering distorted chords that would be music to his ears.  Their musicianship was good but songwriting was always key. 

Valentine’s first foray into forming a band began after dropping out of college after one year, restless to play music full time.  That band, called Valentine, was formed in 1986.  The band played the club circuit and toured across Florida for two years playing five hour long sets with a mix of original and cover songs.  Meanwhile Michael would also play guitar and sing in his church choir. Many nights spent in clubs until 3AM in the morning inspired him to take his art to the next level and he enrolled in Full Sail University in Orlando and studied recording arts.

Valentine moved to Los Angeles in 1989 landing his first job at Devonshire Recording studios where he worked with artists, producers, and engineers such as David Crosby, Stephen Stills, Graham Nash and Ozzy Osbourne among many others. He joined several bands including Faultline and another incarnation of the Valentine Band over the next couple of years. He realized the most important thing for him was writing good songs with a deeper, thought provoking meaning and uplifting as he was honing his songwriting skills performing stripped down acoustic solo gigs at coffee houses and café’s. 

Valentine’s passion also lies in documentaries and after 13 years of filming, he produced and directed Comix—Beyond the Comic Book Pages—an Indie Fest and Los Angeles Indie Film Award-winning film showcasing the  creators, writers, artists and publishers and most importantly, the fans in the world of comic books which was released in 2016.   It’s also his first foray into film soundtracks as Comix features the original track “Everyday Hero.”

Throughout, Valentine has been writing and has amassed a wide-ranging repertoire of over 100 songs. Recent songs like “Believe,” “Thy Will Be Done,” and “Light From Light” focus on solid themes such as an individual’s spiritual calling, inner strength through God’s will and the energy of positivity.  He also writes and is pursuing Sync / licensing opportunities and recently recorded a song called “Dreams Come True” with Lourdes Mae on vocals, that is a perfect fit for a Disney project.

Music Submission, Tegdra Samuel

Prayer Christian Music Gospel Pray
Artist or Band Name: 
Tegdra Samuel

With smooth celestial vocals, Tegdra Samuel delivers a powerful message of hope and inspiration in her songs. Her style is a combination of Christian, gospel, smooth jazz, and international sounds. Tegdra’s desire is to use her gifts to share the good news of Jesus Christ and bring her listeners to a place of worship in order to experience His peace, joy, and love.

Music Submission, KCO

Artist or Band Name: 

The goal of my music is to inspire change and motivation for anyone who can relate to the message. I am reaching out to people on ALL walks of life – poor or rich, believers or non-believers, young or old – it doesn’t matter who you are or where you’ve come from. What matters is where you’re going.

Music Submission, Michael Georges Jr.

Artist or Band Name: 
Michael Georges Jr.

Michael Georges Jr. is a musical phenomenon that has emerged as a renewed yet refreshing voice of reason.

The eldest of seven siblings, at the early age of 3 years old, Michael discovered what would become his lifelong passion; MUSIC. A child prodigy, Michael began his musical odyssey as a percussionist at a very young age and over the years has added multiple instruments to his arsenal.

A local resident of Durham, North Carolina, He currently serves as one of the Worship Pastors at The Summit Church where he leads, mentors , instructs, & develops worshippers throughout the Triangle area and around the world. He is a devoted Husband to his Loving Wife Amber and together they have 4 children. Several years ago, Georges founded & formed his band, "Anti-Gravity”. Adopting the name "General" for his drive, military like discipline, and work ethic, General & Anti-Gravity began to see meteoric rise in their region and beyond. Infusing elements of rock, heavy metal, funk, and soul into their high energy and vocally aggressive presentation, Michael Georges is taking music to new and unseen dimensions.

His fresh, new, and innovative style of “organized noise” is reaching beyond traditional walls and limits and is hitting home with a new generation of individuals seeking the face of God. He’s A Multi-Instrumentalist, A Singer, A Songwriter, A Producer, A Speaker, & A Big Heart!! He lives by the code 8:28 (Romans) “And we know that for those who love God all things work together for good, for those who are called according to his purpose.”


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