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Jessica Leia
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Whether Jessica is courting you with a ballad or rocking you to your feet, you will hear a musical style that is a fusion of genres: with strong elements of Pop, Blues, Rock and even Funk.  It’s a music that captures the essence of what Jessica calls all the “good ol’ stuff”, but that also appeals to a modern world of music listeners who have acclimated to digital sounds and the SHUFFLE option on their music devices.  

You will hear many different musical styles and themes come alive in the original music of Jessica Leia, but the common thread you will notice, as you experience Jessica’s work, is the authenticity and insight that goes into every single one of her heartfelt compositions.  

What Jessica does in her songwriting can only be understood by listening, but can be rather succinctly summed up in the words of Best-selling Author and Motivational Speaker, Patricia Cori who states that Jessica Leia’s music is “…some powerful, soulful music!”