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Submitted by Douglas Newsom on 19 April 2021

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Experience Live Talk Shows Done Right

Experience Talk Shows (Radio and Web-TV Talk Shows) Done Right!

Why Choose BBS Radio TV?

We're reliable, well established and extremely knowledgeable. 
We have the sophistication, the resources and the experience. 
Our service, our website and our software are legendary!

Professional Live Broadcasting and Global Podcasting 
Worldwide Marketing and Global Syndication 
for Radio and Web-TV Talk Shows!

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BBS Radio TV can be heard live on over 190 of the World's largest live Broadcast Stations, the five largest Social Networks and the biggest Podcast Stations on the planet! We are worldwide! When you broadcast and/or podcast with BBS Radio TV you're exposed to an audience of millions of people all over the world! Why go anywhere else! BBS Radio TV Distribution & Syndication locations.

What broadcasters and podcasters most want and need, we offer, and far more! In fact, no other company in this industry can offer what we can, and we excel at it! Furthermore, no company can match our prices (not even close)! We are one of the very first companies to remotely engineer web media! We love radio and tv, and we know you will be extremely satisfied with our Diamond level platform, our services and capabilities! We are dedicated, personable and always available! There really isn't another company that has the ability to perform at our level, and getting started is easy, painless and fun! We do almost all the work on our end and then provide you with the keys to kingdom (on the house)! Aside from that, we are one of the two oldest Internet Talk Radio Networks in existence, and extremely well-trafficked! Over the years we added full video/tv production and distribution services and fulfill the needs of any sophisticated broadcaster.

Here's why you should choose BBS Radio TV.

BBS Radio TV is genuine and authentic, and we absolutely know what the heck we're doing! We've pioneered the industry of Remote Engineered Talk Shows, being one of the first companies in the world to do so! In fact, BBS Radio TV is so vast it has its own Culture! We remotely engineer live talk shows (Worldwide Radio and Web-TV) better than any company in the industry or anyone else in the world! Nothing compares to our services and support! We create your talk show universe and then basically do everything for you. If you wish to do a professional web radio tv talk show, broadcasting at the best possible price, then you came to the right place!

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Discover the premier podcasting experience with our media company, designed to elevate your talk show to new heights. Our comprehensive services ensure top-notch quality, advanced marketing, and global accessibility. Here are the key reasons why partnering with us is the right choice for your live broadcasts and your podcasts:

 - Exceptional sound and video quality: We record audio in lossless wave and 128kbps stereo mp3, and video in High Definition (HD) without compromising file size. Our podcast productions are delivered in high quality across all platforms. 
 - Comprehensive audio and video editing: Our team professionally edits both audio and video files for every single live production, ensuring polished content for your audience. 
 - Expert audio/video engineer support: A dedicated "live board operator" manages your entire production in real time, handling callers, commercials, and technical adjustments, as required. 
 - Free audio-to-video conversion: If you choose a radio (audio) program, we can automatically convert it into a video podcast (mp4) with an image of your choice, upon request. 
 - Advanced marketing and promotion: We provide free promotion for upcoming shows and guests, featuring them prominently prior to live broadcasts. 
 - Global syndication: All broadcasts are syndicated globally to live broadcast portals, stations, and major podcast portals such as Google Play, Apple, and iTunes, ensuring worldwide accessibility. 
 - Seamless call management: Our system offers toll-free call-in numbers and six dedicated phone lines, as well as Zoom and Streamyard integration, allowing smooth caller interaction. 
 - Unique call separation and conferencing: Each participant is connected individually to ensure optimal sound quality and clear interactions, even with varying communication devices. 
 - Flexible payment options: Pay as you go. No setup fees. 
 - Enhanced SEO: All content is optimized for search engines, making it easy for listeners to find your podcast on our network. 
 - Comprehensive statistics: Access your talk show's performance metrics through our free statistical dashboard. 
 - Social media integration: Our platform is connected to major social networks, ensuring automatic promotion and syndication of your content. 
 - Customer support: We offer toll-free customer service lines from 10am to 10pm Central, providing prompt assistance with a smile. 
 - Custom program inserts: We create professional INTROs, OUTROs, bumpers, liners, and commercials to promote your show, products, or services. 
 - Sponsor and advertiser benefits: Enjoy advertising placements on your station pages and your podcast episodes, as desired 
 - Unlimited capacity: We accommodate any number of callers, listeners, or viewers without restrictions. 
 - Flexible recording options: We offer free pre-recording of shows for guests with scheduling conflicts. 
 - Royalty compliance: We are fully reporting and handle all music royalties for your broadcasts. 
 - Quick turnaround: Within 24 hours, your broadcasts become globally syndicated podcasts with all necessary data. 
 - Free access for listeners: Our content is accessible globally without membership fees, and our custom smartphone apps are free to download. 
 - Guest leads: Receive a steady flow of interview requests and access to our extensive database of potential guests. 
 - Comprehensive setup: We create and manage your biography, program, podcasting, and syndication pages, granting you full control over your content.

Partner with us and enjoy a seamless, professional, and globally accessible podcasting experience that puts you in the spotlight.

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Don't miss out on the ultimate podcasting experience! If your current network isn't providing these exceptional benefits, it's time to make a change. Discover web radio TV engineering done right with us, and we guarantee you won't look back! We're committed to earning your trust and satisfaction at every turn.

We pride ourselves on transparency and expertise. Compare our prices, services, and offerings with any other professional web radio TV talk show provider, and you'll see why we stand out from the rest.

At BBS Radio TV, there are no hidden fees or additional costs – just exceptional service tailored to your needs. To learn more about hosting your own talk show with us, explore the links below and join the ranks of satisfied podcasters who've already made the switch!

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