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Submitted by Douglas Newsom on 19 April 2021

Produced and Delivered Web-TV Programming

Guest, Joseph T. Bonanno, FDNY and USAF Veteran and Firehouse Cuisine Chef and Cookbook Author
Title: S2 EP17 | Empowering Girls and Women in Ghana - Changing the Culture and Futures of Women with Gifty Volimkarime

Gifty Volimkarime works for Crossroads International and is a country manager for Ghana. Together they are making lasting changes for girls and women. They work with local partners who are at the grassroots level and can influence girls and women at an individual level.

They are educating the communities so that their initiatives are accepted, adopted, and can last. The wisdom of the leaders of these organizations is inspiring. We discussed 4 areas that they are currently at work on:

- keeping girls in school so they can be properly educated
- developing female leadership
- reducing gender-based violence
- protecting and dignifying elder women in the community

Crossroads International is looking for people who are called to human rights and making a difference. You can donate time and/or money to their organization by going to

Please spread the word about what this amazing organization is doing for girls and women. I am so impressed by their leadership, wisdom, commitment and results.

Thank you, Gifty, for being an inspiration.

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