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Lets recap on the first show and talk a bit about you before we get onto the rest of the show? I started business in 2016 when I started coaching. I wanted to get into work. I have a Bachelor of Science and a Masters of Business Administration. I have been National Sales Manager with a lot of responsibility, but I could not find a job because of my caring responsibilities. Too qualified for a routine job but not available enough for my old job. I knew that I had skills & abilities just not the traditional 9 - 5 time that employers expect. I wanted to use my skills and help others so I did a coaching course. It was not until I wrote Grants Made Easy that I realized that women had passion & purpose but were not quite finding a way to Ignite that Passion to Bring their passion to life. So Ignite Your Passion was born Tell me all about Grants Made Easy, how it started, what it started as and what led to the program that is Empowering Women This program takes you through the steps you need to step out of your ordinary life in Corporate Arena and Unleash your Passion. Services include: Empowered Women’s Summit Project for a Cause Pinpointing Your Power The Power of Your Strategy Money Magic 101 Three Steps to Successfully Apply for a Grant For Not for Profits, Community Organizations and Community Projects: Finding funding through grants, fundraising and sponsorships. Lets talk about Transferable Skills – what does that mean for man women? What is you mission? Light up the Pathway to Ignite the Passion of 1000 women in the next 5 years! To see women find their gifts and use them to realise a profit so they can live the life of their dreams, so they can afford those little extra luxuries, take the kids on a holiday, help them buy that house or buy that nice dress you wished you could always afford Who do you help? How do you help? Tell me about your big vision? Next week we are going to talk some more about Christine’s, programs and coaching.
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The Metaphysical Hour with Julia Cannon and Tracie Mahan and guest Tamara McGillivray
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