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Guest, Karen Kataline The United States is rapidly turning into “free states” and Dem controlled states. Columnist and talk show host Karen Kataline cautions this is a “Berlin Wall scenario that could destroy the country. Plus we didn’t watch the Oscars and apparently no one else did either!
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Talking Points Radio Toni – Insight Making Sense of Sexual Assault with Michelle Sleight Show 6 Today’s guest is the beautiful Michelle Sleight who as you can see is right here in the studio with me! This is the second of 6 shows having an open discussion about sexual assault. TONI - An Empowered Survivor, Michelle knows the difference between being empowered and just surviving. Michelle was the victim of 6 rapes and one sexual assault beginning at 5 years of age, has experienced the persecution and challenges of her permanent pain work-related injury, has been stalked and powerless, and has lost some close to her to domestic murder. Now Michelle helps people to stop being at the mercy of their trauma and triggers. Michelle is an advocate for change in sexual assault culture, and for those who have experienced sexual assault, and in 1997 set a legal precedent around sexual assault. Michelle authored: “Insight Up Close and Personal Profile of Sexual Assault” for communities to better identify sexual predators and respond in a more resourceful way to the trauma of sexual assault. Michelle has the processes and knowledge that set her, and clients, permanently free of trauma, triggers, and PTSD. Today’s topics are of a sensitive nature so please reach out and connect and talk to someone if you experience and pain listening to us today. Why are we talking about sexual assault - Sexual assault is a major health and welfare issue in Australia and worldwide. For many victims, the effects can be wide-ranging and lifelong. They can experience physical injuries, long-term mental health effects, and disruption to everyday activities such as eating and sleeping habits (ABS 2017; Cashmore & Shackel 2013; Hailes et al. 2019). Today is out last show together and we are going to do a “wrap” of all our discussions and then Michelle is going to explain how she helps people but before we do so I want to touch on the Judicial system The judicial system and what to expect, why its important to report, healing, outcomes, Michelle’s empowerment of those coping with the judicial system Wrap up of book Topics we have covered – sexual assault, predators, trauma of sexual assault, consent, education, having a plan, How Michelle helps with Angel insight Coaching – website, book a call,
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