Talk Radio Show Listener and Show Host Feedback on BBS Radio

Lady Athena,your message, SEEING & LIVING AS THE LIGHT OF SOUL-- is so incredibly beautiful! I have listened to it many times for it is so full of visions of the oneness we are. Simple yet vast, every word has a resonance that amplifies the very essence of all we are. Thank you always, Lady Athena. It takes the ones who have realized genuine unity to move the resonance we attune to. Our fellowship will part the veils of self in separation and change the world without from the perspective of our witness within. To advancing our pure love awareness and all its compassion. Starflower

Dear Lady Athena,

Your messages are so attuned to the expansion of one's clear understanding about truth and inner vision.Each touches me deeply and I feel answers to questions I have been mulling over surfacing while listening. I especially appreciate how you speak to the current struggles we become enmeshed in. 

Thank you, Ashtar-Athena Sheran. These broadcasts are a blessing and impact the whole planet spiritually. You are heard and amplified in my heart with unconditional love's unity and unlimited gratitude.


1/31/17 I am from Oregon and have listened to you for a long time. I love your Ascension teaching shows, and am so glad to be on your mailing list. Please to hear there will be more to come.
Dorothy - Tillamook, OR

2/1/17 Just to let you know, your Ascension I teaching class on “Let’s Find Out” was wonderful. Looking forward to more classes and information.
Robert - Alabama

2/1/17 I loved the teaching shows, especially the second one. I never heard of Earth Angels and feel that maybe I’m a walk-in Earth Angel. Thank you so much for all the information you bring through “Let’s Find Out.”
Mike - Washington, DC

1/30/17 I have my annual subscription for Psychic Visions Plus, but had not heard your radio show on Your shows are fabulous! Thank you for adding me to your mailing list. I love it when Frank St. James is on, and your teaching shows as well.
Rosella Davis - New Orleans

A very good morning to everyone, Listening to about 3 issues in the archive, was thinking to ask you to share some thoughts/ impressions/feelings on this radio program. I was completely overwhelmed by the powerful energies through the entire hour. I find that a) each second is empowered by an enormous vibrational intensity. The very first music sounds bring to a state of sharp awareness and expectation to the coming content. Lady Athena's voice vibrations are so powerful that they can transmute one in an instant to higher Pure Light dimensions. This is what happened to me remaining during each program in various dimensions of the Golden Empire Galaxy. b) Another fact was that this high info dimensional frequency was transformed in symbols, which ran in front of my eyes with the speed of each uttered word. I felt that I knew them though I could not recall where exactly. It was impossible for me to draw them or to make the effort to remember them, so fast was the speed, but they were clear. I think it was more of a language. Coming to think of this just now, they could have represented the Star Language Codex. c) I find that the transmitted info is so vast in knowledge and so powerful in its energy that it has to be re-listened to again and again in order to penetrate and grasp it. I understood it more intuitively than consciously. I would like to know if there might be a seminar on some subjects presented in these programs. I am waiting anxiously for you star seeds to write your comments. Blessings of much radiant Love ~ Dara

Dear Cmdr. Lady Athena:
I just wanted you to know how much I enjoyed your  broadcasts on BBS radio.  I have spent a lot of time investigating the field of Ufology where there is so much dis-information that is discouraging, it is so refreshing to hear from someone who is a genuine star person, such as yourself, whose goal is to teach and help humans learn to love again and realize their potential.  I am glad that I was able to find the genuine Ashtar Command.  
Love, Mimi

Especially enjoyed Lisa Renee, and happy to get her web info.  And to reiterate Lisa:  Thank you James for all you do!

~ Barbara H.

These broadcasts are immensely valuable, Lady Athena. Thank you for staying on Earth and speaking through these times. You make it easier to feel and remember the present divine harmony with your transmissions. May you enjoy the immanent grace you radiate into listeners.   


I love YOU and THANK-YOU for all YOU do...
~ Lynn

Thank you for your interesting program. I was distracted here briefly and missed the first nine minutes. Just as I finally got the sound, you were saying that that message was from ......  I'm so sorry to have missed the message and really did want to hear it.

I enjoyed hearing your guest and the concept of attachment to a new soul that is completely new to me. I was shocked to hear that we are not all healed in Heaven! I thought we were.

It was good to hear Diana's message. I have been worried about the Queen since she had to stay in due to a bad cold. I felt like it was more serious than indicated.  I'm also curious to learn the truth of everything but not at anyone's expense.

I was listening to you and eager to hear more. Then all of a sudden I woke up to find that the program had ended as I was still holding the phone!  I'm so sorry to have missed the very beginning and the end.  What I heard was a good program. Thank you!

Is there a way I can catch a replay of the message I missed?

Have a happy new year!  It is something that you got to give your program on New Year's Eve!  

Have a good New Year's Eve.


Dear Doug and Don U2 are the sweetest most wonderful owners and producers I have ever known I'm grateful to have found you I wish you all the best in 2017 happy new year

~ Adena

Thanks for your program tonight. Rose sounds optimistic, doesn't she? It was good to hear both of you.

I know I have my plans for this year in terms of goals. Like you I share the perspectives of needs for peace and precautions. I also like Rose's relaying Diana's idea of following optimistic wishes and making a positive destiny. I agree that really we are all one in so many ways.

I wish people making decisions could realize that our water is all connected and that our land also needs to be preserved as does our air.

Just as you started talking, my cat jumped up on my lap. He listened for awhile.

I'll be interested to know what responses you have about the thoughts for our country.

I know I have my plans for here and hope to make steps toward accomplishing them. I have felt dismal about doing anything in the wake of drastic changes in our country.

One friend today sounded so joyfully full of belief in the county's future because she has a completely different perspective about the election from mine. Somebody last night made a comment to someone else and surprised me apparently with that friend's perspective. How could they!

I am especially thankful that you share many of my views.

Talking about the new year tonight was especially appropriate and welcome,not that I want this one to end by any means.


Dear One Commander Lady Athena,

I've been stretched -- in endeavoring to find my way to not break my commitments to God or myself, and still be in my Loving with those I am interacting with [and myself].    Then I lit upon:   Athena is the perfect model -- that it can be done !     Thank you for showing me so much. Your seminars are as a Light upon my Way.    I am sending you Love and Blessings --



hi lance,

i just want to thank you again for the work you do.  i found you with andrew and have been so impressed with your discussions and perspective.  and hearing you with aug tellez, once again i feel i want to reach out to you and thank you for sharing your understanding of the situation.  
nice work!! you have affected my life tremendously just by being you.  you are one of very few role models of the sacred masculine in my opinion.  it makes me breath easier knowing you never give up. 
keep doing what you’re doing and i hope you are feeling good and better each day as the dreaming of those of us who have courage unfolds in the beautiful ways we will start to experience more and more of. please know how beautiful your voice and being and clarity has been for me over the years.  
i am celebrating with some wine this eve and am more verbose than usual…. please forgive me.

beth meeker

10/31/16   Thank you for having Mary and Gary on your show with Dzar. His voice resonated with me deeply inside. Providing his contact information was such a gift for me. I treasure Dzar’s guidance as well as your Light leading us to this information on “Let’s Find Out.”
John T. - Santa Fe, NM

11/20/16   Let’s Find Out is exactly what you say it is. An information show on the current metaphysical happenings. Like what I learn, your graceful guests, and your accuracy. It is clear that you care about others. Thank you for making my Sundays comfortable, restful, and something to look forward to.
Jeanette Cheng - Los Angeles, CA

11/22/16   Especially liked your Thanksgiving Show this week. You always leave a beautiful message. This meditation was especially good. Thank you for all you do.
Cathy B. - Doylestown, PA

11/23/16   Mrs. Joyce, I agree with everything you said in your blog. I didn't really know how to say much of it through email. I also thought you would think I was crazy to talk about the shadow government  so I didn't mention it.  I didn't think initially that Trump was a part of it until recently. I also know that the electorial college hasn't met yet but will on December 20th. I always knew the electorial college was meant for control of the people. It should not exist. I think our current system is changing. I feel God is shifting everything in a new direction Mrs. Joyce. Love “Let’s Find Out” and listen every week.
Niki - San Francisco, CA

Beautiful Ashtar-Athena Sai Vahni,

Wishing you continuing celebrations of your Divine Life! Thank you for blessing this planet, and everyone on it, with your Presence My heart overflows with loving for you. Namaste! Love XOOXOX,


Oh my Beloved One Ashtar-Athena,
words cannot express my gratitude for the seminars. A week seems an eternity as I watch my emails for the next  upgrading of my consciousness.
I loved the picture of a very young looking JR with Sai Baba and your sharings about  time spent with them both. Such a gift you are sharing with us.
I enjoyed very much your seminar about the different mantras and their meanings.
This last one, had me thinking.... I seem to remember from way back when (?) that each country was governed by a spiritual law, I think England was something like Ceremonial Law and Order and Germany Harmony through conflict, and that each leader would be working positive or negative within these laws..  With your explanation about the US election it  makes me stop and re look at the EU. I cannot know what is really the highest truth but it seemed that the EU was a good idea but somehow lost its way and its almost to be broken in order to build anew  so it does work for the highest good of all.
I was moved when you said the places that  had the most pain or wars would turn into the holiest places  it made me  understand more deeply why I was invited by spirit to do many of my workshops in these sorts of areas,  the last two I did were around the battle fields of the Somme and many other sites. We were guided to work on our selves and any karma or similar energies we had that were also held in the land, to accept them, forgive ourselves and all others and to hold the love for  all. When we did one in Poland we went to the concentration camp Autwitz and Birkenhau   (we had previously done a weeks retreat on conflicts within ourselves or beliefs connected with wars). Spirit cleared all the places we went, including the gas chambers.e side  We were able to plant light columns, chant, pray. It was peaceful it was mind blowing.We all were moved to tears by not the sadness but the joy of upliftment and freedom.
As we left I looked back and could see a Temple of Light over the camp, but between it and the ground was a grey mist. I asked why and my  inner response was because they are not ready to let go of the pain yet and allow this Temple of Liberation to fully descend.
Thank you for being in my life.
love and blessings to you,
Gloria SolarAn UK

Dearest Lady Athena,

What a beautiful show you conveyed this week!    I loved all you shared of Sai Baba.   And living the intention of 'seeing all in all'.    I had an overlay of having just been zooming in and out on a map for a while [trying to center on just a certain image] -- and somehow that infused the experience of "seeing all in all" as you shared during this show.    Zooming in and out seems to be an activator for me. 

Somewhere in the middle of your show, I had the experience that your consciousness had just gone to a much more expansive place, and that you just continued talking to us here -- but were also far away in consciousness.   I really couldn't tell if it was you or me, or both, [as 'One', "all in all"] that were having that experience.   
I loved how you evoked the experience of the Silence that comes when we rest in that bliss [God], as you presented through the bees.    
You make such a difference in what you share into this world.
Blessing and Loving you,

Thanks Lady Athena,

I listened to one of your seminars today and loved it. It was a meditation. I went right out. It took me somewhere. I remember you saying that it's not what you DO, but the general vibration of you. The essence, which is what people see and feel from you. I love that.. Thank you for it,

Blessings, Katherine

My dear Ashtar-Athena, Saivahni,
I love this show as I love them all.
When you chanted the various names of God it was so beautiful and I felt my very DNA changing and being revived.
Thank you.
Love, Irene xo
I heard it all... very nice
your voice isn't breaking at all.. and you were very relaxed..
he did a good job, but I wish you both would have gotten into the StG part sooner...
one has to remember that time flies on the radio too!
I was hoping to ask my question but not pressing = just to participate : )
the images above your site \, of Diana, John and M. Teresa are fantastic - who arranged that?
CONGRATULATIONS ! I hope St. G. is happier and that this connection will help many others and deepen your relationship w Dr. Werner.
you are so gracious
~ Catherine C.

Lady Athena, What a perfect show today! if we just live that ;all is well. Exactly what I was sharing with a friend yesterday. I send you LIGHT for all levels. xxxx healing vibes to any physical upgrades x!  Love you, Irene

Dear Kira and Sri,

Thank you so much for my reading on air after reading my email.  I'm comforted by such wise and loving guidance and will move forward now with a vibration lifted into greater integrity and beauty.

Thank you,


Dearest Kira
Sending you so much love and gratitude to you on your Birthday. How lucky the planet is to have your beautiful presence and your  big bright light shining here at this time. And thank you for coming to be in a dream recently, you told me you were healing my left leg. Interesting as over a year ago just after I discovered you and Sri I had shared my success re blood clots on left leg. Maybe energetically there was still some healing needed there. Am enclosing an old Irish prayer as Birthday blessing which you might enjoy.
May God give you for every storm a rainbow
For every fear a smile
For every care a promise
And a blessing in each trail
For every problem life sends, a faithful friend to share
For every sigh a sweet smile
And an answer to each prayer
Many happy returns

Dearest Sri and Kira, 

Thank you so much for reading my email! After yesterday's show the capacity within me to Trust has increased immensely. I also feel this resurgence of inspiration towards taking on a greater level of responsibility in my life and my actions which I think I've been avoiding for some time. Wow, you are both such a gift. Thank you so much and Happy, Happy Birthday Kira! Sending you lots of love and hugs, Sheena

Dear Sri and Kira,

I just wanted to send a personal note of thank you

for reading my email on the radio show yesterday.

The whole show was so very powerful-every letter you read

was addressing concerns I have,

I was really moved by the letter of the woman who had two readings which left her

feeling defeated. I am so glad she had the courage to ask you two for help-

and your answer was an answer for myself as well. A very long time ago

I had a comment made to me by someone I looked up to and trusted, under the guise of a spiritual balancing session. What he said to me has been in my

consciousness all this time and I am afraid I have given it power by believing it. Even when I decided not to believe it I still couldn't disempower the thought.

I can't help but think it was a part of my "identity theft".

I am so grateful you addressed my email - I went and read Lesson 5 of the Lost Books of the Essene as you suggested. I saw the energies the lion meets when it walks out of the woods. To have the visual of the lion is so helpful-

I am at times in fear as I work through the identity theft- I have felt everything from nausea to anxiety to cold fear. It is that I don't want to stay locked into those energies which I have done in my past.

Thank you so very much-I will listen to the show again (and again) as soon as it becomes listed in the archives.

I am giggling at the idea of being the most exotic person in my area- I love it!

And I hear you.

Thank you so very much.

Much Love and gratitude,


Namaste ! Whoa what a show, Lady Athena ! Loved it. Received clarity on some areas I wasn't sure about involving immortality and immortalized masters~ the beauty of a day with sunshine and a taste of spring warm and fresh and devas dancing, a cat listening in .. simply loved it .. from one Maharani to another LOL LOVE XXX Irene

Thank you so much for my beautiful mini soul reading! I was so excited when I heard you read my mail and give me the reading on the show. I actually had tears in my eyes it was so beautiful:) thank you!!! I'm super amped for the next four years to unfold as I step into my true self and let go of fear- thank you :) it was so perfect! As you spoke of roses I looked next to me at my bottle of rose geranium oil and couldn't help giggling- I will now wear it with even more intention! 

Sending all my love and blessings!

Olivia xxx

 Beloved Lady Athena,
I have just listened to the last answered or made clearer to me and brought me into a greater acknowledgement and acceptance of what is going on in my life. I spend most of my time alone and in silence or chanting not outwardly doing much yet within that I most time feel a great sense of peace, just now and then that little voice says you should be doing something.

I started to detach from my family although we all live together. I am not through that completely yet as I find in certain situations I get involved. You mentioned attachments to grandchildren...ooooh...I have the most adorable little grandaughter who is such a joy and inspiration. I love this star child so much. I am concerned about her upbringing but I know the time we  have together is important for both of us. She already recognises Sai Baba,  Jesus, JR, JM, Babaji, and Mother Meera from pictures I have. She chants Ani Hu with me and I have now explained to her she can chant it silently inside when others are around  She announced to me the other day that she chants it while she is sleeping!!!.  She now has all she needs to remind her of who she is I know. Yes, I see that now so I can detach and just enjoy her presence. Wow.Thank you again for these enlightening seminars.
Gloria Carter ( from the UK)

Dear Cmdr. Lady Athena,
You outdo yourself every time! I do not know how that's possible, as each "seminar" teaches me SO MUCH, consoles me and puts LIFE in PERSPECTIVE. This Sept 7 'cast IS RIVETING; I keep spreading the WORD about your 'show' -- Your delivery and REAL-NESS, the INTENTIONS are an IMMENSE BLESSING; THANK YOU, THANK YOU. AIMEE p.s. You truly have saved me from despair and self loathing. LOVE to YOU!

My Dearest Loving Spiritual Family Shepherded by Sri & Kira,

Namaste wishes above and beyond words ...

We will all get through this time together ... in bigger and better ways than one can imagine at this time because the One was already imagined it.

My truth that I wish to address at this time may seem nit-picky, but it won't stop bugging me.  Perhaps writing about it will de-bug it.  My concern appears to be a world-wide occurrence at least online not just on your website.   I, personally, can be both an auditory and a visual learner ... but not everyone else can be both.  I can make automatic adjustments when needed ... but not everyone else can.  My mind keeps racing beyond today ... to tomorrow, "the future today" for so many others.  Being impeccable with our words especially in writing, i.e. closed caption /cc, is of paramount importance for both our present and our future todays.  Please excuse any  grammatical or other faux pas on my part in this email ... and in general.  Boy this hole is getting deep ... it's time to  lightly lovingly laugh at myself to float up and out of the mess I seem to be making of this message.

Love & Light ... Joyce ... Always & in all ways


P.S. I am in complete awe of the awesome things you do and the ways you do them.  I especially appreciate your archived materials and your diversity of presentation ... Thank You for all you do!!!

Namaste Kira,

Thank you so much for the beautiful gift of your loving response...I so appreciate the way you radiate love and joy and kindness!

Big hugs back to YOU!

Love, Susan

Namaste  Kira and Sri,

Thank you, thank you, thank you for so kindly giving me answers to my questions regarding my mini soul reading on air last night.

I am so blessed and so grateful.  I love you both, you are truly awesome, inspirational and dedicated. Thank you for the beautiful answers and for giving me the time. Your radio shows, courses and videos are pure bliss. You are both such a gift to everyone.

I greatly look forward to participating in your course in a couple of weeks. I already know it will be magical.

Much love and infinite blessings to you both,  :)

Rebecca (UK) 

Dearest Sri and Kira,

    I just wanted to take a moment and thank you SO much for your mini-soul reading on yesterday's show.  I just had a chance to listen to it again (I got on around 36:00 minutes in) and tears began to stream down my face with so much love and gratitude for the beautiful affirming messages.  You have both been such a potent, positive influence in my ascension and have been the greatest mentors in my life.  I am deeply honored to connect with your energies.  Whenever I listen to the both of you, I am instantly uplifted and I can feel your warmth and wings around me encouraging me on my path of mastery and healing.

  Thank you for attesting for my previous trip cancelation as the trip was a HUGE week long event (which I have gone to for the past 2 summers) that brings together my friends from all around the world.  I love how you mentioned the ego because in that cancelation decision, I really put my ego aside, went into my heart-space and there I found the choice to not go this year.  After I officially canceled, the Cards of Clarity really put me at ease with my decision. Instead, I will be spending intimate time with my husband on a trip and then we will be attending a retreat together for this upcoming weekend.  I am looking very much forward to all the inner work and transformation that will take place not only for myself, but for my husband.  This also made me feel at peace with my choice as it will expand the sacred relationship I hold dearly with my husband in ways that will bond us even further into oneness.  At the end of the day, friends may come and go, but the sacred union with my partner extends beyond the cosmos and this lifetime in a very profound ways. 

   The footprint in the sand analogy was extremely touching for me and I really, really needed to hear that from someone outside of myself.  I do try to remind myself of that daily as I hold a big audience through social media advocating the importance of nourishing our light bodies with raw, plant based foods and how they can act as a catalysts to awaken us back into our Divinity.  It was really such a blessing to hear from you Kira that my intentions and energy are impacting others even if I am not always fully aware of who it is.  So thank you!

   Your words about waking up in the morning thinking about how would a queen talk and handle certain situations allowing the ego to drop and be of service was so incredible and so spot on, I've been trying to do this daily from the divine goddess perception but again, hearing it from you is just so encouraging and inspirational and I just wanted to take the time out of my day to thank you again with so much love and appreciation.

Again, thank you so much and I love you both with my whole-being!  Thank you for all you do and for all the AMAZING courses you put on regularly as it is so needed on the planet and you are both hold such an incredible radiance of crystalline light.  I LOVE YOU and THANK YOU again!   Namaste

Much Love & Many Blessings,

Jenna Davila

Spiritual Guidance, Health and Wellness Coach

Photographer & Food Blogger

Beloved  Lady Athena,
I cannot thank you enough for the amazing seminars you are ding each week.  When this last one started I was immediately in pale blue light which gradually turned into a silvery blue. It must have lasted for about half of the seminar.
You spoke about Babaji, He gave me the name Kailasha and when I was arranging to visit his ashram in Herakan he told me to first go to see Sai Baba and then on to his ashram. Eventually following spirits direction I am then led to John Roger and then meeting you and Solariel. It is amazing to see how my path, though difficult at times has always led me to where I need to be. God bless you,
Love, Gloria (SolarAN) UK

Thank you so much Kira ans Sri for the encouragement and insight for me to return to Los Angeles! It was a brutal first go around where I stayed at 33 different Airbnb's in 6 months but I know I was adding light to the grid all around LA. It's no surprise that I'm being aligned with Elon Musk to find backing for this cosmic insight that I'm being downloaded with since he's "obsessed" with I am not to patent the cosmic insight but to open source it and make it affordable for all those who are of the Light. It is time for miracles again. People need hope when their reality is falling apart.
Here's to a peaceful n loving paradigm!

"Ellie Arroway"

Thank you Kira for talking about the ascension escalator. You said if you have found a step stay on it and you will be just fine. I have felt that nothing much is happening in my life. i will stay on my step and I am where I am supposed to be. Much love to you both and thank you for all you do. I love you so much.


Namaste Lady Athena! Whoa what a show. ! Loved it. Received clarity on some areas I wasn't sure about involving immortality and immortalized masters~ the beauty of a day with sunshine and a taste of fresh spring warmth and devas dancing, a cat listening in .. simply loved it .. from one Maharani to another LOL LOVE XXX Irene

8/8/16    Loved your show on Auras last night, and your guest was very knowledgable. Thank you for taking the fear of our natural abilities away. I will be listening every week to "Let’s Find Out.”
Marlene, New Mexico

8/8/16    I am so glad Let’s Find Out has returned to BBSRadio. I have read many of your books, and work with your Chakra meditation recordings. The information is spot on. Thank you for your show and the weekly astrology report on You Tube.
Always a listener, Chae L. - London, England

8/8/16    Your show, "Let’s Find Out,” is very interesting Elizabeth. I was listening to the show before you and decided to stay on because I was curious about auras. Now I have many excellent refrence points where I can receive credible information. Thought your guest Dimitri was very knowledgable. Please add me to your mailing list so I can keep up with your show. BBSRadio is great!
Keisha M., Chicago, IL

7/31/16    OMG your show was awesome. Niki and I listened with the IPhone in our car, and then at home got it up on the internet without a flaw. BBSradio must have some great output equipment for us to do that. Loved your take on the US Presidential election. Wish we could all have that kind of an open heart and understanding. Thank you do much for your detailed and thoughtful shows.
Michael, Atlanta, GA

7/31/16    I am so pleased you have your own show, Elizabeth. After hearing you on Coast to Coast, I have become a true fan!  Your show and information is invaluable to the world.  Please keep it up.
Roche, Australia

7/31/16    From author to author, your work and your show are mind blowing. How do you do it? I admire your art and the way you present your show on BBSRadio. It’s different, delightful, and for me, healing.  Thank you.
Mike C., Scotland

7/31/16    Elizabeth – Where did you come from?  I have just ordered ALL of your books, and love your writing. It really pierces the veil and shows us so much about the unknown and untried. I have also had many psychic experiences, but you help everyone understand that’s it’s a natural part of us. I am so glad that I can receive BBSRadio over here.  
An avid listener, Frank B., Cork, Ireland   

7/18/16    Thank you and Chiron for helping me to work with patience and timing. I love “Let’s Find Out,” your weekly You Tube astrology report, and all the work you do.
Pamela S., Sacremento, California

Hi! I didn't want to stay on the line to allow for others - but I wanted to give Kira a connection for the tapestry comment! Kira, you mentioned seeing my fingers weave.... I am a nurse and integrative practitioner at a major hospital in Boston Ma. I have been working with a team of like minded people for the past 11 years and I literally said at the meeting this past Thurs that "it is time for us to take our silos of individual practices and begin to weave the tapestry" ! 

So fun that you tied in the language! 

Thank you for the work you do and do hope to connect again some time in the future! 

In Gratitude, 


My Dearest Sri and Kira,


    Thank You for reading my July 6, 2016 e-mail on your July 10th radio show.  Thank youu for addressing and answering both my written and unwritten questions.  Your response to that e-mail was proof of the power & speed of manifestations on Earth today.

    I enjoyed hearing your joyful Loving  inner children get passionate and excited about sharing information and caring about us.  Your presentation was not only uplifting but it was also "Inspirational".  It was like I could see Divine Loving Information Fountains sending mini Violet Flame Sparks into the Earth's Planetary Thought Body transmuting fearful thoughts into Loving thoughts.  The Planetary Thought Body was originally meant to be composed of an equal number of Loving and fearful thoughts.  Perhaps as of today we've found a way to recalibrate that existing thought imbalance and at the same time aid Souls in their Ascension Process.*

        A New Age is dawning slowly ...

        Slowly out with the old and in with the new.

        Possibilities are limitless and we are too.

Why not give those who choose a 3D existence a True 3D world of equal dualities as it was meant to be with equality of choice and equality of influences where Humans can use their Free Will Choice to choose from an equal numbers of both Loving and fearful experiences across the playing board.  This would also allow 4D to exist and grow into various levels of awareness of the daydream/sleeping dream Dreamland playground where Humans learn to experiment with their emotions and experiment with their God given powers as well as connect with their Spiritual Guides, Teachers, Assistants, etc. before physical manifestations occur.  4D was meant to be our passionate path/journey to open and expand our 4th chakra, ie. our Heart.   4D is the bridge connecting a Human being's physical body and Spiritual Body.  Why not undo the choke knot that was killing both the 3rd and 4th dimensions?  All it takes is one new intention with follow through instead of foul-up to birth a whole new world.

    In closing I'd like to say "Thank Hu" for your lovely Loving lightly veiled comment and your high-5 good wishes in case I needed a heads up about my potential future Higher-Self Walk-in experience.

                                      Remembering sure can be helpful.


Love & Light ... Joyce ... Always & in all ways


P.S.  Thanx for the closing reminder about Spiritual Hygiene procedures and processes making us happier, healthier, safer, and more secure feeling humane Human Beings.  

              Isn't "re"-membering fun and a great cause for greater and greater celebration? 


*P.P.S.  Playing your archived videos and radio shows over & over ... again & again is not only a fantastic way to support the Way-Showers & all Spiritually Evolving/Ascending Souls, it it also helping to recalibrate the Planetary Thought Body of our Beloved Planet Earth.  After I began doing that, I had some challenges getting any of your archived radio shows to play on my computer.  But after some Divine Universal Assistance adjustments, all is working just Divinely fine again. 

Ashtar-Athena SherAn's / Commander Lady Athena's timeless wisdom inspires and encourages and reminds us in each week's radio seminar. I encourage everyone to tune in on Wednesdays at 8 PM PDT and also to access the 9 years of archived seminars. 
Christmas Major

This show is consistently offering such pertinent information for times like NOW when so many HUmans are in deep pain and self suffering ... projection is everywhere and the LIGHT is much needed. As Ashtar-Athena, Commander Lady Athena  always reminds us,  IN  HIGHEST TRUTH WE HAVE NEVER LEFT THE HEART OF GOD!

( May we all have the courage to fully realize this!)

I know I say this a lot but this is the one of the best shows - I guess, as we ascend, they just keep getting better!  Cmdr Lady Athena/Ashtar-Athena Sheran's shows are always enlightening as she speaks from her own inner wisdom and shares her joy and laughter over the radio waves. If you haven't heard any of her shows yet, then please tune into my favorite Cosmic Cheerleader! Love and Light to all,
Christmas Major

Wow! Loved your book! I look forward to your next one. I'm not much of a reader but felt compelled since I listen to your show  weekly. Could not put it down. I finished it in a weekend. So brave of you to be so honest. Your truly an inspiration. God bless!

~ Patricia K

"Our company, Bridgeport Strategy, has used the services of Sister 2 Sister.  I found Barbara Sayers copywriting to be stellar and very "thought out".  I would definitely encourage any perspective customer to seriously consider using Sister 2 Sister, in any area they serve."
Brad Climer

President - Bridgeport Strategy
Corporate and Business Coach

"Bizz Buzz is a show that provides a fantastic foundation for people who want to learn more effective marketing strategies. Marketing is the life blood of any organization and this shows aims to showcase people who are absorbed in creative tactics and building compelling marketing platforms for their business ventures and can impart a lot of practical and useful tips to audiences. It was an honor to be invited on the show as a guest and I look forward to checking out each and every episode of this show, in future".

Thanks much!

I heartily recommend listening to The Voice of The Ashtar Command. This radio show and all Ashtar-Athena (Cmdr. Lady Athena) presents is of the highest and purest information out there.  Christmas Major

Hello Ashtar-Athena, my Dear friend,

 As I was listening to your seminar yesterday, you hit it right on the dot! I was realizing I had done the Visualizations you were speaking of. I Last year before we had sold our home in Wisconsin I was 'seeing' myself as I went into the stores I was  familiar with, since I was raised in this part of Ohio. I could feel how nice it was to be back in my hometown again and be able to see the friends I have had for so many years.  

As I was in the grocery stores, I let myself smell the produce, feel the cold of the walk in freezers.  When I was ' looking' at our possible new home I could feelthe carpet under my feet and heard the birds singing.

THIS was what got me through 2 years of our home sitting on the market up in Wisc.  I never gave up the idea that we WOULD be back here with family and that I would once again be Home and show Tim how we live in Ohio, as apposed to Wisc.-- he had never lived here before.

You always make me feel elevated in my spirits and give me hope that all we are going through is God's way of getting us ready for such a New and Beautiful new life. Love you!


In the current moment of NOW, this information is as timely as ever considering the level of inner aggravation that exists in the hearts of the collective and the direct awareness required to purge this misqualified energy from our 5 lower bodies (our SOUL has never experienced the fall) ...

it is my desire that you INjoy Ashtar-Athena Sheran's discourse ... i KNOW i have ...







~ Ashley