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Dear Dr. Helvie,

I listened to your show on gratitude and it was fantastic. I enjoyed the positive subject and it was so uplifting. It helped me to keep focused on all I have gone grateful for!

I spoke with you well over a year ago while working for Priscilla Kapel at the Bioenergy Balancing Center of Palo Alto.

I am back in the office again and was talking with Priscilla about your show. I think she will enjoy listening to your radio program too. She hopes you are well!

Priscilla celebrated her 90th this year and is still working... I wanted to let you know we both were thinking of you and I am enjoying your radio programs.

All the best to you and your non-profit organizations. With much gratitude for all you do,


John Barbour is probably a nice man, and certainly lives in his own world. But when did he get the skills to actually do a great interview? NEVER?

He ask questions and then talks over the guest while they are trying to answer him. John seems to think that people listen in to his show just to hear his opinions and that may not be true!

In a great interview imo, the host speaks very little. John's intro takes 7 mins., its a good wait to even hear the guest. He doesn't seem to be prepared for the interview, he seems to bring opinion on all points. Sometimes even starts on topics himself that are unrelated to the guests topic, just goes on a personal rant. Isn't that what Facebook is for, John? Express your opinion on Facebook where people may care what your opinion is. I think people want to hear the guest while listening to bbs. Someone said John's interviews are as painful as getting a tooth pulled, but I say you get your gums numbed for that.....Johns interviews are more painful to listen to!

Thanks for the clarification.
I absolutely loved tonight's show. It was like you were talking to me directly and I really needed to hear that.
I AM whole and perfect as I AM right now. There are moments I find it very easy to experience that blissful expanded self. I just need to stay on my own path of love and light and let the abundance of the Universe reveal itself to me in divine order.
Thank you so much for these amazing seminars. I love you so much
Christmas Major.

I listened to your show last night and I am so impressed and inspired by your words. This is truly your calling. smiley

- Danna H.

Commander Lady Athena you are home. Much gratitude for your huge heart and truthful teachings.

Kathy Zappelli

Feedback Welcomed!

Doug I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the time you spent working on our project. Words can't express how I feel right now. The creation of the way you brought my vision together is priceless. Like it or not is BBS Radio #1 talk show in the making. The twins and I say this keeping it 100 are two Kings seating on one throne. Man you guys are true visionaries it's time to put a stop to all these internet radio shows who are trying to do what you guys started!!  I am a visionary as well and I have set my plan in motion. What I need from you guys is to believe, that's all I ask. I am about to do something that has never been done before on internet radio.

Mister Bonafide

Dear Richard and Carolyn,

I just finished listening to the replay of the Templar broadcast from year 2014 and was so blessed with the sweet and loving spirit of the soul of that Templar.  It made me think of a precious and close soul that I know in this current incarnation; one whom i have long thought of as a Knight.  When I first met him in this life I knew he was a close soul.  i have a deck of cards with lovely images upon it and so shuffled and asked how I should regard this soul.  When I turned over the card it was the card of a Knight.  And so he has been - a defender of many people.

The broadcast (or replay) was one of those that touched my heart deeply.

All blessings and health and a very long and productive life to you both.

With love,

Elaine B

Dearest Athena,  I am so grateful that you send these links to your shows to me.   You fill something in me that nothing else quite does.   Places in me just light up with dear recognition of what you speak.   It is such a fulfillment of a yearning. In deepest appreciation and loving. Noel     


My Dearest Athena, 

Wow, wow, wow, thrilling and exciting indeed - such a fabulous broadcast. So much resonance there and familiarity - where to begin! In response to some of the points you made:-
Knowing I’m from elsewhere: Up a tree with my cat as a child thinking what a strange planet this was the way people treat it like a garbage can, and treat each other so unkindly. I would run from arguments and dissension - still do, it knocks me sideways.
Manifesting: Finding things tiresome and frustrating here, knowing that I once had the ability manifest anything.
Off the Planet: I feel so at home when I am out beyond Earth looking back at it and wrapping it in Golden Light, and flying about the galaxies. Joyous.
Ashtar Contact: The ages that you mentioned were so accurate. I was riveted watching The Day the Earth Stood Still as a child. Then my love affair with Lord Jesus in the Church of England all through my teens and early twenties. Then the big karmic period. Then the Ascension tapes arrived in my early forties.
Lord Jesus in Rome: My goodness! I am travelling to Italy in August this year primarily to see Lord Jesus. I told a friend who is clairvoyant that I intended to go to Italy (but didn’t mention Jesus) and she saw a scene where I was sitting at a table with a man who has blue eyes, a gentle face, and pale skin. He was wearing the robes of royalty. She heard Him saying  to me, “I am always with you”.
Near the end of your broadcast, I had intense clicking in my left ear - I hope that was a decoding of some sort! As you gave the blessing from Lord Jesus, I had a blue light in my forehead.
A glorious broadcast in many ways. Thank you, blessed Athena.
Love and gratitude ~ Judith Coldwell.

Tune in and share your thoughts!

Alan I totally enjoyed your show last night with Kasey, Brad & Julius.  I stayed up late(get up for the gym @ 4am) because the show was so awesome I didn't want it to end.  You helped with the questions and ideas that you expressed.  I will be tuning in again to your radio show.  Please have them on again it was AWESOME!!!

~ In love & joy, Judy

I wanted to say thank you for your wonderful soul reading. I had just discovered you and the day I called had just woke up from a nap. In my groggy state felt like listening to some of your radio shows. I had the perfect timing as you just started a show and I was able to call in.  Anyways, I felt guided to you so thank you so much.


Your beautiful messages and teachings resonate with me very deeply and I am so grateful you are offering your knowledge to the world. Your radio show topics have almost mirrored exactly what I had / have bee feeling in my life. It truly helps to offer reassurance to that little voice of knowing inside that I can't quite articulate so well but is growing stronger day by day.

Life feels like a growing pressure cooker these days but deep down I know it is time to pop the balloon sort of speak. Just not sure how . You words are guiding me so again thank you from the bottom of my heart - Amanda

Dearest Sri and Kira,  I listened to the radio show again and was so amazed

that the mini readings for the other listeners were so relevant in my life

also.  After my mini reading  it feels although the angst has completely

evaporated and there is a serenity in my heart that is new - I am renewed !!!

Know that you are truly a gift to all.  Much love and gratitude for all that

you have done and more importantly shared.  Love and Light


Dear Sri and Kira,

I want to express my gratitude to both of you for the help I received any time I connected with you. For example, in the last radio session on Sunday Jan 31th, 2016, you told me that Shiva was inspiring you while doing my soul reading for my 55 birthday.  The phone line that "happened" to be on was the line # 5. You said that the energy around the planet was/is very powerful these days.  Yes, its true , because for the first time teachers in my yoga school I belong to for more than 20  years are holding a 5 days event-training for international teachers of Shivaism (Jan 29 to Feb3th).  What an integration and synchronicity! Divine alignments like that makes my life...  And a few hours after talking with you I felt that something has been removed from my troth chakra, a bad entity left me FREEEE... I felt back to my own self and to life in a new clarity and vitality.  Yes, Shiva took care of it and HE still does it ince ... Thank You, Thank You, Thank You... I asked Shiva to give you both something in return for the help I received and all the sudden I saw Sri bathing in a golden-white bright light up above my head, facing a pure blue sky, meditating in a total peace... It was very powerful and the vision pulled me out from my meditation, feeling for a while a void within and around...  I didn't quit understand what was it about; just the adored Shiva I guess:) :).   Sending you lots of blessings and pure divine inspiration and protection in all the dimensions you work with us and for the Planet.  May Angels be always with you.  Love, love, love and gratitude again and again...  Laura from California

OMG!  I just heard Sri speak of not having his authentic partner and that
there was nothing really wrong with his marriage but his partner was not his
spiritually authentic one. That has spoken volumes to me!  Thank you sooooo
much!  It gave me the answer that I have needed for a very long time!
 - Karen Overholt

Sri and Kira...

Again,  thank you so much for reading my email on last week's show. With the combination of your daily reflections, practices, the self ascension mantra,  and your wisdom from Sunday. ..I reached an entirely new state of BEING during my most recent meditation.  I truly connected with the pure stream of source energy and was just able to bask in the feeling radiance and knowing without trying to analyze what was happening.  I've always thought my mind was still during meditation but now I see that even more stillness and magic is not only possible. ..but inevitable.  As Kira said

...I'm baking!! So I can finally relax now and KNOW that I will KNOW what I need to KNOW precisely when I need to KNOW it:)

Love you both...


Dear Athena, I thoroughly enjoyed this weeks broadcast as I related to things that you shared. I received a heavy fine for driving an unregistered vehicle. I was not aware that the vehicle was not registered as I had not received the notification from the department. My dear brother and his wife sent me a cheque for my birthday which  almost covered the cost of the fine! I was so grateful for the grace that had been given me through them.

Also, while feeling myself as energy, I began to tingle all over and that in turn changed into bliss. To be able to maintain that awareness and feeling is something to strive for.
Loving regards,
Judith Coldwell.
I absolutely loved tonight's show. It was like you were talking to me directly and I really needed to hear that. Thanks for the clarification. I AM whole and perfect as I AM right now. There are moments I find it very easy to experience that blissful expanded self. I just need to stay on my own path of love and light and let the abundance of the Universe reveal itself to me in divine order.
Thank you so much for these amazing seminars. I love you so much.

Dear Sri and Kira,

Just listened to the replay of last Sundays program. Felt compelled to communicate that you answered my call at 3:33pm EST on line 3. Knew that my call (Ann from New Hope, PA) would be taken and that I would hear exactly what I needed to hear from you(in that moment). Love that Expansion was the choice/given word for me. Still unclear of what it means for me exactly, but, sure is fun exploring the possibilities.Thank again for your teachings. Love and Light, Ann