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That was the most fascinating show I've heard from you so far (that I can still remember) and I am amazed by your still intact memories of the unbelievable life you've lived!!!! I listened to it going to sleep last night and will e-mail it to all people I know while listening to it again today and I know my family members will be interested so you may help me with them since they will find it hard to ignore my "conspiracy theories" when they hear it all from you also ~ who was such a close friend of Frank Sinatra and all those other famous peoples !!!! I've been talking about the JFK, RFK and MLK hits since 1973 and they try to ignore me but never argue about it, refute or investigate these things because it is not in their politically correct social circles. It will be interesting if your radio show finally opens up their minds now that they are so old in the tooth as I am getting and you were there and done all that !!!! I had no idea you knew Robert Kaiser and I'm sure I had his book 35 years ago but have lost most of my research from moving so many times through out the years and people not knowing the value and throwing away what they considered my "hoarding" !!!! That story about losing friendship with Sinatra is particularly intriguing since if you had stayed close to him imagine the insights you could have learned about the JFK hit (as well as others) from him in his later years !!!! When you complete your book you should have a best seller like Kitty Kelly if we still have anything left of a free media and decent pr assistants !!! I still have a few minutes of Sinatra's daughter singing on the Mall here in DC at the annual July 4th "RollingThunder" biker gathering if you want me to send that to you (from a few years ago). And is that interview you did with Jim Garrison still up on youtube? I wish you lived in DC since my friends at the Sara McClendon National press Club gatherings and the folks would love to have you attend those meetings sometimes !!! That interview you wanted to do with Sinatra should be done with YOU and I wish I had the where with all to arrange just that. Maybe that is a goal I should work on. Carry on and don't golf too much today Facebook friend and political activist icon from the 60's still kicking and raising hell !!!! Carry on !!!!!

- Phil on FB

Hi Lance,

I am new to your show and somewhat new to BBS. I have just finished listening to your interview with Simon Parkes and have to tell you it is outstanding. I learned so much. It is as if I am the closest I've ever been to the true knowledge of what is going on here.
I was really getting into it, when, as you know, it was cut off.
I would very much appreciate knowing when you can do another show with Simon. And especially if you can start out with the subject you left off with, which had to do with "magic," and "science," and the difference between the seen and unseen worlds, etc. and how that emphasis on the seen world may have come about.
Thank you so much.

Good afternoon. Every morning when I wake up I listen to your radio. It gives me energy and good mood for the whole day. Now I can not imagine my normal day without your radio. My whole family also listens to your radio. With thanks and best wishes your regular listener. ~ Alina M. from Russia

Greetings Bbs Radio! what a wonderful site! thank you for what you are doing may Truth Love Simplicity & Divine Justice Prevail! through selfless service to humanity and the Universe!!

Hi Wynn this is Edgar from the Bronx NY, the words really cant  formulate  to express the love and appriciation i have for you and your work. Just alone the impact that this has had on my life, i have never believed in any religion even thoe i went to catholic church with my grandmother as a child. There i was able to start my research of truth and i feel in my heart that the search for truth stops with you, my Elohim and my Ra. Wynn for some reason in my heart my Christ was always there, but not in the way that the catholic church had presented him but as a part of me. I found that my heart had a voice and started to follow. I follow your work not because i need something to believe in but because its the truth, i am a logical thinker like yourself and follow "cause and effect", which will not let me fall into any pattern related to religion. I love every single thing that you put out, being the wellness pendants to the Reincarnation of Edgar Casey to the Graduation audio. I feel your intuition in the way things are presented which assures me that we are connected consciously through the calls which i don't miss one. The energy on the calls is real and i feel it and it shows in my body. My hair stands straight up and it goes from my toes to my head, its really something amazing. Wynn i could be doing something and then  think of you and the source and take a few deep breaths and all that love energy rushes into my body, little be little i am able to feel it on demand, its becoming me. I would love to meet you some day or maybe we already have. Its so beautiful to see us evolving as a group and i say you have great intuition because for example all of these amazing people that keep joining us that you seek like Trina Brunk. Wow Wynn she is really something, its amazing to see how words cans have sort of a resonance of life and love, her music is really beautiful and has the power to shift life energy's , it feels like it has zero distortions, so clean.

Much love light from the East coast to all!

BBS, thankyou for taking on Kevin's show, "Radio Free Kanata"!! I have renewed my membership and look forward to hearing his show!

I was gazing at the BBS home page tonight, and hadn't realized HOW FUCKING MUCH you guys have accomplished!!!  OMG.  BBS is THE radio station to be on, to listen to, to find out the truth from, and I'm deeply grateful and honored to be among such wonderful company.  The design is clean, professional and enticing.  I am checking out the websites of some of the headlined guests NOW!  If you can get me to be motivated, and that takes a LOT these daze, you're really GOOD.
Many thanks,
"Zany Mystic"

Thank you for the interview with Dr. Steven Greer. He is one of the most intelligent men of our time, no doubt!

Hi guys -

I was poking around on the new BBS site, and thought, "I'll see what they say in the About Us" link...

I got CHILLS by the time I got to the bottom, with your joint (no puns intended!) picture, fading into the snow and road, "Keep heading in the right direction"...  awesome.  No, beyond awesome!  You two are truly pioneers that are also "ahead of your time".  I'm so grateful for being part of your/our world, in shifting into a higher, more rational, intelligent, caring and loving vibration!
And so it is.
Warm and bright wishes,
~Lance W.
PS:  It's fun to see what Seth and all look like too!  Very nice work...beautifully done.  And that IS a huge compliment, coming from a nit picking Virgo!

Last night show with my guest Joe Nunziata had a load of great information's. If you are not sure is Life or Business coaching for you, you want to check this replay and learn more why is beneficial to work with a coach and you may learn about your may suprice you.

Hello Doug and Donald. Thank You, again, for the NEW Statistical Analysis OPTION for Hosts. It has really been useful and handy. Thank You!!! Thank You!!! It is WONDERFUL!!! ~ Joel A.

We had a great conversation about the after life topic and connection with our loved one from other side.Why we feel separated from the source ,why do we now have to work on cooperation if we want to make as species and much more ....

Having Tom today on the show as my guest was a wealth of information .From planets, cycles and benefit of astrology in presonal life and business.About tthe new childern coming in bringing totaly new energy and delighted to hear that astrology can be benfitial for childern especialy who are sensitive by understanding they chart that can bring great help to can find out more by listening  to the show archive and you can find out more about Tom also by going to his website

I love your BBS radio and all the interesting viewpoints you give a voice to.
A big thank you for answering the phone, too.~ Linda

Please bring back George Smith from Scotland to be interviewed by Maarten, again? George Smiths interview is the BEST & most believable interview Maarten has done! I have been harassed & defamed by the Swedish FACIST-POLICE-STATE, the same way as George describes it. Because of my revealing/popular videos about CABAL operations here in Sweden:

Best regards, Russell Lambert

I just found your link and have added it to my ALTERNATIVE RADIO website.
Thanx for all your great broadcasting!


Jonas the Prophet
Colorado USA

Doug, the Archive setup is absooooooolutely great!!! Thanks for the effort.
Anndell V. Banks
Host, "Wish Upon A Star"

Dear Kira, In my heart and Soul,I am with you. In March 2013, I began my waking up to the signs of a break down of my health, a deep fatigue came over me that would not go away. Even though I would go to bed early I would wake up tired. I have been in the field of holistic health for near 30 years. I began my learning steps way back in 1968. I, too,was urged into a western medication program. It caused symptoms, rashes. I was too sensitive,it was 'no go' for me too.I had to withdraw carefully. Now, I am on a herbal program and seeing a energy practitioner of Resonance Repatterning --I am blessed to have her her in my residence town. Thanks to God! Blessings and much love to you both. Christy

Sri and Kira,

I send this message to you today with a heart that is full of love,gratitude and light. And I arc this energy to you both from my Holy Christ/Buddha Self. Count thy persecutions for joy knowing that as the Master was persecuted so shall those who truly believe in the Light and have desired to share this Light with the rest of the world be persecuted. But know this that for each persecutor there will be at least 10 if not more lifting up their heart in gratitude for the ministry and service that you both give everyday through your Authentic Selves.

Love and Light- Namaste, Karen

I just downloaded the new app on my iPod Touch and just had to send you a quick THANK YOU for a simple, easy to use app. (I will also do a glowing review on the App Store, for sure.) I have a lot of apps, and more and more it seems the user interface is overdone.  I used to work in IT, and know first hand how developers can get out of control; just because you CAN do something doesn't mean you SHOULD!  Your app is a refreshing return to the old axiom, "KISS" - Keep It Simple Stupid!  I'd like to give you and your development team a big hug and kiss!  Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!!!

~ Katie F.