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Thank you for your newsletter. I so much enjoy the New Age theme. The reason that I have subscribed to your newsletter recently is that I have heard through the Metaphyscial grapevine that you are soon to have an interview with my favorite Author, VICKIE L. HIGH, who wrote one of the best books I ever Read, HEART2HEART CONNECTIONS. Will the time be featured in your newsletter, if not, could you please let me know when it is so I can be sure to tune in...I missed her on Oprah and I want to be sure that I don't miss this one too. Sincerely Yours, ~ Leila Bronson

Thanks again for taking the time to reply and explain. Courtesy like that goes a long, long way. ~ Joe Ivory from Napa, CA

Thanks for providing BBS Radio. I've recently found it thru paltalk and your service is most dearly appreciated. Just listening to Jasmine's radio program that wrapped up a few minutes ago I've listening to Universal Spiritual Connection ... was out of the ordinary in a refreshing sort of way. The same is true of Michael Gogger's program which I've happened across in past... Thanks very much & I wish you and your team all the success in the world. ~ D'Arcy Emery"

Hello! I bumped to your site through Google, and want to tell you what a wonderful resource it is. It's a shame we don't have sites like yours anymore... I literally spent a hour reading everything in your site.. so much information.. lol. I'd be more than willing to contribute. Thanks and keep up the great work! God Bless ^_^ Love, ~ Wendy Smith

Thx for your quick reply. I really like what you are doing with BBS and appreciate your delivery of all the programming. Keep up the good work. I tell people to get on your webpage and listen in. I think we need more of this type of information. I do wish you were on satellite SIRIUS…as I think you would really offer the public a more “refreshing” perspective than all the “sugar coated” crap that is always airing. We Americans do need to wake up!!!! Thanks again. ~ Ethel Nelson

I am grateful for what you put out. I go to united fellowship chaple and am metaphysical. All I have to say is thank you, to all our sisters and brothers involved. I send healing and happiness to all. Peace and happiness be with you.... and within you. ~ Virginia known as 'gin46' on "TagWorld"

Hello everyone and blessings and love to you -- what can I say-- the energy today is just absolutely awesome -- so much opening, so much willingness, so much discernment coming in from the other dimensions. We have done an awesome job today as Light workers and humans -- thank you with all my heart and on behalf of Metatron and the whole universe. Have fun and relax now. Love and Blessings from, ~ Carol May - Sacred Voice for the Light

Great job BBS Team with the new Auto Archiving feature! This Auto Archiving feature is wonderful ... thank you don and BBS ~ Nima Baghaei

Thank you for writing back. I know I will really enjoy the shows. All the best to you and to BBS Radio. I hope we talk again sometime! ~ Ann Wilkinson

Aloha! I happened across your 24-Hour music channel and all I have to say is WOW!!!! I think I've found my place here. Wherever you find the music you use, whoever is talented enough to pick it and to whoever sits behind the mic, Thank You! Or in Hawaii, Mahalo, One Love, ~ Jennifer Tiernay from Honolulu, HI

Just to thank you and share the love and gratitude for you and all those who participated in this wonderful hour of Fire The Grid! Love,Light and blessings from ~ Bernice Baswell in Jeffersonville, IN

Hi my name is Steve and I am resident in United Kingdom in the town of Rugby. The music is terrific on BBS and the talk shows are great. ~ Steve Greenway from the UK

Hallo there! I am a retired woman with very low income, so I can not financially help, but since BBS Radio, which I look up every day, got me so very convinced with their writing about Ron Paul that he would make the right person to lead our country out of the MESS this administration has created, I certainly would like in some way to help and contribute with my time, writing letters. ~ Listener from WA State

Dear Don and BBS, So glad you're back on!! Missed you. More power to you. Your good work is appreciated. ~ Sita from Asheville, NC

Hi Team BBS- I wanted to acknowledge all the great work you do and the amazing growth in your station. I sense that big things are going to happen for the BBS plan during 2008. Thank you, Don et all for giving us the opportunity to reach out and share our worlds with each other. Is BBS going to be the next stop?? Many Blessings to you all and have a great New Year.~ John Campbell, Miracle Hour

Thank you so very much Mr. Newsom....we are blessed to know someone like you and your company...Have a blessed seasons to come for you and your entire company and their,light,peace. ~ Myra B.

Thank you very much ... I'll just let it go through... and get the following year are the best.. I love your station, mission for life. I hardly watch tv anymore... download the bbs archives to my ipod and I am amazed at how much I have learned, which applies to every aspect of life. I am applying to my life and sharing with others. You are truly making a huge impact on this planet ...
Love you and all the work you are doing for us. ~ Nancy M.

I really enjoy the music and artists that are on the 24 hour music, how do I get a playlist? Is it on the web site or does it stream while you listen? I have a PC and it does not show the current artist playing. My mac did show this in the past and I was able to explore the artists and their music if I liked something. Nice work on the programming keep the "commercials" to a minimum just let the music play! Thanks to all of your hard work. ~ Agamemnon from Los Angeles, California

Have really been listening this year since subscribing and just wanted to say that you are doing a fabulous job at getting this information out there!! Also very happy that a lot of the hosts do short readings for free -- as people on the fence can try it out and see how it goes and this is what sways them to consider different ideas. Good Job!! Keep up the great work! ~ Nancy from Carmen, Idaho

Thank you everybody at BBS radio for what you doing for us listeners! ~ Dagmar K.