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Hi Don. I am captivated as ever to this wonderful on-line resource at BBS. The shows are brilliant as ever with its knowledgeable and renowned guests, who provide a valuable link to the Ascentional societal awakening process now underway. The Music is great and the 24hr. stream provides great New Age stimulus in my world continuously. I have it in recorded format playing at my workplace, in the car and at home, as I have the shows in MP3 to listen to on Portable devices. I can say with certainty that this on-line resource has provided me with essential awakening stimulus to the calling within to actual activation of my higher faculties as I am no longer concerned with the 'up and down' trivulations of this illusionary world. Levels of identity and unification with the 'bigger picture' are active at this epoch in Spirtual evolution and certainly fill my life presently as is true with many others. The Internet provides a 'gateway' of total expression and a resource to attain much Esoteric knowledge from many sources 'out there'. Your site is an excellent example as it seems to be limitless with its credible quality quests and services providing answers to the haunting questions within us all, within these end times now unfolding. We have been encultured to believe that we are material beings having a spirtual experience but are spirtual beings enduring a material experience ... Now is the time 'reclaim our power and shine !' Love You all at keep up your excellent service ..~ Steve G.

Love many of your shows. I really enjoy the selection of music you play. Thanks to you I discovered Marcome and I keep listening to it! Keep playing this great positive music, she touches my heart and makes me want to be happier! Thanks again for your great shows. ~ Sue L. from New York, NY

Finally keep up the good work on BBS you are all percipitating in, on this magnificent endeavour contributing to the global awakening of all the 'sleepy heads' out there. You are succeeding admirably, as look at the eminent guests and the sheer size of the Archive BBS has ensured. LOVE YOU ALL and know that further awakening and reconition of this illusionary dimension is assured. ~ Steven from Rugby, in the U.K.

I love the Music too and have made tapes and CD's which I listen to regularly. In fact I have my Akia Reel tape machine spooling 4hrs of music which I recorded last night and into the early hours as I am typing this.

I am conversant with many of the guests on it as I have listened to them, on now less favoured talk shows. Its gives instant access to a lot of interesting topics not only metaphysical and esoteric but scientific and factual.

Still 'starstruck' with the discovery of BBS and the newly acquired wealth of information its archives provides.

dear bbs... thank you so much for all your hard work there. priceless indeed. ~ Michael Giffard

What a wonderful and trippy afternoon I've had! First time I've listened to bbs on Monday afternoon and I absolutely loved it - thank you!!! I loved Iris' show and Ron's show and the TNT show - all great and so very good for me, again thanks so much - loved it! many blessings and much love, ~ renee

Like your duo with Wyn Free on your complimation with him on the late show at the end of the week. Between both yourself and Wyns experience of the social memory Complex provides quite an evolved sole ''shaking' and is a definite awakening call to Society and definitely myself, to perceive beyond mere 'black and white' and accept responsibility of my destiny, and who I really am! Thanks to the inspired promptings contained in your shows, and sound esoteric truths, I am attuning to higher vibratory reality and reclaiming my true heritage and relationship with the 'All'. Donald you know the Synergy completion of creation and how we all contribute to totality, and are not insignificant or lesser than the whole! 'All it takes is LOVE ' .. Love and Peace Always .... ~ SteveG ..

Good Morning Don, It was truly a pleasure to speak with you yesterday. Since we last spoke, I had the opportunity to really scour your website and found answers to questions that I have been struggling to validate within myself. I was beginning to believe that I was going crazy. Having read your book, I was stunned at how similar that you address the areas that are now and have been gathering in my own life. I always knew that I have an empathic spirit and have for many years had a natural attraction to people who are seeking assistance. Working in my Hypnosis clinic, I addressed many areas of spiritualism with my clients. Each was seeking to find "something more" I knew that this could NOT be a coincidence. After speaking with you, I read another page on your site and had to continue reading to it's completion till late hours of the morning. I found myself within the writing of your book The Bible to Self Awareness. I awoke Javier (my partner) to show him that "I am not NUTZ" - others understand and have the capacity to offer me what I desire at a spiritual level. I had no idea that you are the founder of the BBSRadio. You are a hero to me as an indication and guide of what I have at my fingertips. ~ Rico Camacho

Donald - many, many thanks. I am a cheer leader for, and your prompt assistance only reinforces the fact that you folks are a class act. ~ Stan Hughes

Hey Don, Just wanted to say I appreciated the show on Monday night. Interesting perspective on the parasite issue, never heard it before. Keep up the good work. Regards ~ Fran

That was hilarious!!! Loved that! That woman who wanted the psychic . . .send her to hay house . . .with all of their posers. She didn't know what to do, LOVE YOU GUYS! So appreciate you being REAL!!!!!!!!! You guys are the best!! Love you so much! Wynn and Don show - thanks for the laughs, I need them and enjoy you both immensely! That was so funny! she wanted to be led by the nose . . .sad. Psychic reading . . .funny! Love you guys! Thank you for this show, I love it on Saturday night and you better bet I Am listening!!!! Don't ever ever ever short change yourselves - you listeners love you and enjoy this and need it. It's FUN!!! FUN FUN FUN - thanks for the FUN, that is sometimes very hard to come by . . .you both do a great service to all of us!!! Hi Don. Thank You So Very Much!!!!!! Thank You for being such a dear friend and very "SPECIAL SOUL" I just want you to know you are so appricated by me and I am so grateful for all your kindness and help... getting me out to the World with all of these awesome people with their profound messages. Here is a beautiful Angel, just for you! ~ Renee Martin

Dear Don, It was wonderful talking to you, a fellow believer of Almine's capstone teachings. You are a Master - as I can feel from your energy - frequency vibrations of your voice - you are already doing the momentous work anyway by starting BBS Radio and taking such a wonderful stance on helping those who are in need. I'm truly grateful to have your generous heart giving me access to dear Almine's archived shows, some of which I found to be hard to keep up with, being in the Far East's time zone! I thank you, Don from my heart! And now I can truly look forward to catching up with those shows of hers that I'd missed. Bless your heart! Broadcasting her teachings worldwide had helped spread the Infinite Mother's Words far and wide making it available to the haves and have nots, you're truly assisting with humanity's wakening. May we flow effortlessly into Mastery and Ascension! Thank you! With Love, Praise and Gratitude, ~ Chooi

Hi Don, Thank you very much! Always free Radio! All the best also to your station. ~ Nicolaus

I love that FAB day! Thank you! What a great TNT show, don't ya think! Loved it!!! Clinton hitlist . . .I'm hoping Fulford gets on the ball or others like him and take all these people OUT!!! And, we prevail & rule!!! Wow - wouldn't it be a wonderful world . . . just think about that if LOVE prevailed. Take good care! oh, and you too, have a FAB day - I think I'm going to start using that - FAB and the oldie but goodie, let your freak flag fly!!! yaahoooo, ya big freak!!!! (major compliment) ~ Renee

Hi: You have great shows archived, and I love to listen to a lot of them, but wondering if you could find an organic gardener to do shows for those of us who are trying to grow our own veggies. appreciate all your work. Glad you survived the fire up there. ~ Dee

Hi Don, I love BBS radio! thanks for your levity and humor with such grisley things going on today... everytime I think of your comment on your hair I just burst out loud laughing several times today ... it was great, sure to be a classic. Thanks so much, ~ Nancy

Thanks for such a wonderful radio station to feel so personally involved with. best wishes ~ Dominic in London

Love you Dear Heart . . .keep on keepin' on . . .you're doing great things for so many of us and speaking for others (now) we sincerely appreciate it! Again, thanks for BBS and for all that you do we aren't even aware of -- need heros out there - I sincerely appreciate it! missed tnt yesterday . . .you do bring comic relief too, if I may say so, and I REALLY appreciate that! We so need to laugh . . .I don't know if you're aware of that, but things you say on tnt and the 6pm Sat. show - funny. Gotta keep the Happy -- Laughing -- Joy quotient up right now - need it to get through all this other stuff. Hhope you'll do tnt again. Did you know you were funny . . .??? In a very good way - takes really really really smart people to make me laugh . . .so thanks very much for that too. Many blessings and much love to you and yours! ~ fran