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I truly appreciate BBS Radio as a "Beacon of Light" in our wild'n'crazy world ... Thank you for being of service to the "well-being" for all us listeners ... Love'n'Light ~ R. K. G.

Just want you to know how much I appreciate your radio station. I love the quality of the programs you air. It's so different from the regular programs offered in ordinary venues. Thank you for being open enough to bring forth spiritual and metaphysical programs such as those that Tara & Rama have. Sincerely, ~ Magic Mary M.

I visited your web site earlier today and firstly wanted to congratulate you on the appearance, excellent content and accessibility I discovered there. It is not often I come across a web site that offers such a positive user experience and great information too. ~ Mandira B.

I am so grateful to have BBS in my life, and this year, that is the gift I would like to give to my good friends. ~ Rohini

Thank you so much! I loved doing this show... I am very honored to be on BBS, and I must say am very pleased with the way the station itself runs, along with wonderful hosts! ~ Mona D.

Thank you so much for all you do to keep the radio programs running smoothly. Thanks so much for creating a unique platform which welcomes alternative voices in a world so heavily dominated by mainstream media. You rock! ~ Veronica M.

Oh thank you so much for this, when good souls such as yourselves are bringing out the truth, the powers that don't want that, get vicious in their attacks. Yours is such a great online radio. Many blessings to you for all that you do for we are a listening audience. Much gratitude to you and your staff! ~ Linda B.

I was able to get to my favorite shows today. I love my shows, especially Zany Mystic, ET Healing and X-squared radio with Bruce Agnew. I listen to others also, but I can't live without my favorite people.

I always enjoy your info. as well as Coasttoc.... Well wishes ever, ~ Bill W.

Thank you BBradio, for giving a new artist a chance To be Heard. You are a blessing to the airways! ~ John Coleman & The Messengers, With love and Respect!

THANK YOU, Doug, for your patience with my inquiry ... truly appreciated.
And THANK YOU BBS for a most generous policy change.
Joyous Regards

"I can't say in words how wonderful that makes me feel to know that I have the support of yourself and the staff of BBS Radio. I think all of you are awesome and I look for many more of these days. Your support made this show happened tonight. I say this because you were absolutely there walking me through everything and not one time did you allow me to feel discomfort. I truly believe that I would have never done this show if it was not for your support. I am grateful to be apart of the BBS Radio family. I have no reason to go else where because BBS Rocks. Thank you for the wonderful recording of introduction. I loved it. It was so amazing. Thank you also for just believing in me."

"Thank you and Doug for your kind hospitality in patiently answering my questions today. You both were so pleasant to speak with. And I learned a lot. It really rung a bell with me when you and he emphasized that you do everything for the budding host. Thus, all I have to do is 'show up,' and, as Doug said,  perform good radio."

"I reviewed the sample profile you sent, Debrah. It looks very professional. You and Doug and your website impress as top-notch."

Hey - love your show. Love the stories you all tell and the music reminds me of my old neighborood piano bar thats not around anymore sadly. Anyway, just wanted to compliment you on your playing and all the terrific songs you do - never had heard "Spring can really hang you up" - I liked it and "Slow boat to China" .

I want to thank you so much for your “Valentine” special this past week. I listened to your show this weekend from the BBS archive and it was great! It was so enjoyable to hear your playing and your wife Janis has a great voice alone or with harmonies with you. I especially enjoyed your rendition of “Days of Wine & Roses”. Until I heard you recite the poem  I always thought the song was written for the film. Once again thank you so much for your weekly show - I look forward to it!

that was a beautiful poem Dr. Love - there are tears in my eyes as I hear you speak it...


I have been listening to your show on BBS radio and just wanted to send you a quick note to say how much I enjoyed hearing your poetry.

Thank you so much for the touching story before you shared the poem Hunger. More especially is the poem itself. As a widower myself I was deeply touched by the poem.

Once again, thanks.


to Steve and Janis,

You guys are so great - I missed your show on Valentine's Day but I caught it tonight, Saturday, Feb. 15!  I made a nice pasta dinner, lit a fire in the fireplace, poured myself a glass of wine and sat down to listen to your show Golden Memories - and what a treat that was!!!! Steve, thank you for playing my request, The Shadow of your Smile - and especially for playing the intro written for that song - gave me goosebumps - as you never hear that beginning - thank you!!!!

And your reportoire is excellent for love songs! Both of you together bring a warmth and sincerity to your show every week, but tonight when I was listening it was so clear that the two of you love each other - it truly comes across - so Happy Valentine's Day to you too!

I love the part of the poem you read before The Days of Wine and Roses - a little piece of information I did not know!  And Janis always gives us little tid bits and I so enjoy them - keep it up Janis. The two of you are not only talented, but deliciously entertaining, warm, funny and just plain awesome!!! I like nothing better than to sit back at night and tune into your show - very relaxing and I feel like I am spending time with old firends and the music I love to hear played and sang!

You truly bring the warmth and joy of a piano bar to the living rooms of all your listeners - what a gift you give!